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Welcome to news watch. So many people have turned out here at


Land's end, many people really proud that Cornwall should be the


place that the torch starts this relay, they have loved it here. Not


everybody loves watching the progress of the Olympic torch


around the UK. All the rest of the build-up to the Games. Soon will --


we will do Beijing, whether the BBC News should be the cheerleader for


London 2012. -- BBC. Safely delivered from Greece to Cornwall,


the flame that the cauldron with the assistance of David Beckham.


The following morning, the moment many but not everyone had been


waiting for. The start of the 70- day journey dominated that day's


breakfast, eliciting this response from these two viewers. The only


story of the day was the Olympic torch relay. What incredibly


leafier coverage was delivered by That was very much a minority view.


Most other news items and programmes such as news watch fell


by the wayside in favour of this first leg of the torch relay. Mike


Hughes e-mailed : Linda Hughes was Despite those views, and you will


see plenty more of the torture and hear plenty more about the Olympics.


How much should any sports event even one as big as this displace


the normal news agenda? Is BBC News effectively acting as a propaganda


machine for the Olympics? To give me their views on that, I am joined


by the head of the BBC new rooms - by the head of the BBC new rooms -


a news room and two viewers. What do you make of the Olympic coverage


and the build-up to the Olympic Games as the BBC is telling it?


would like a more balanced view. A non- excepting view of everything


that the committees and Sebastian Coe says as fact. I would like to


know from Mary, can she guarantee, at some point in the month or so


during the Olympics, I would like some haven of sanity, where there


is millions of us who do not like sport, do not appreciate the


Olympics coming to our fair cities, to retire to and have some sanity.


I am worried and have been since January 1st, when we started


getting the propaganda rammed down our throat by the BBC and other


outlets, there is going to be no haven for us people who despise and


detest the obscene amount of money the Olympics makes. Before we go to


Mary, I would like to go to our other viewer. You are not so anti-


the Olympics, what is your concern about BBC coverage? Principally, it


is the balance between the Olympic coverage and the news. On Saturday,


for example, the Breakfast Programme was the Olympic torch and


nothing else except for a brief mention of the military parade in


winds are. I got so fed up watching that, not knowing what is going on


to the world, I swapped over to Sky news. The BBC is the host


broadcaster of the Olympics and see it as their job to promote it,


which hit is not. Plenty beer from our viewers. Propaganda, too much,


be collecting proper news stories? The decision for breakfast on


Saturday morning was to recognise that in terms of world events, the


torture and the beginning of its journey was the live event of the


morning, with amazing pictures. And the was an amazing turn out by the


public. That is one thing I would like to focus on. You may be


worried that we are promoting something because of the Olympics


Committee, we are responding to what has emerged as a big news


event where they have big palpitation by the British public.


One of our viewers is claiming that this is propaganda? We do you like


it or not, this is it a big news event happening in Britain this


summer. He raised an important point about the range of coverage


and voices in the proper scepticism. We have done a lot of reporting on


the Channel and the bulletins around issues of the ticketing


process, the cost, reappeared the issue of a Ukrainian Olympics


official being accused of ticket touting, we have looked at the


transport issues, the security issues, the possible destruction,


we will continue to look at those aspects. Has Mary gone any way to


convince you, and the? After a fashion. But you should stick to


news items. People can go and watch other sports channels. For us, who


do not like the Olympics or any form of sport, keep the news to the


news and keeps bought to its sections within the news spots.


What is your response, Andrew Taylor? It was a important to show


the departure of the torch from Land's end, but there was enough.


We did not have to have a presenter on the ground for an hour talking


about something that had already happened. The club level the same


criticism at the previous night, when a reporter was waiting for a


British Airways Airbus. As far as the Olympics are concerned, it is


important, it is a national event, but I think it comes to the fore at


the opening ceremony. Moving on, to the news coverage around the time


of the Olympics. Can you assure viewers that they will be half an


hour of news at one o'clock, six o'clock and ten o'clock and the


programmes like Newsnight will not disappear? I can assure you that


news will be a big part of the BBC's offered through the Olympics.


BBC One becomes an Olympics and a news channel. Most days, the news


will be at the time so you normally get it. One or two days, it will be


a different fires because of sporting events. Everybody will


know and see when the news will be. You point about a haven, I can


reassure you, up to a point. I'm not able to Tully that the news


will be an Olympics resign. They would not be the right thing to do


from a news point of view. If you want to complete haven you will


have to not read a paper, not to look at the television. Power, -- I


can assure you you will get a good dose of other news and there will


be plenty of scope for none Olympics programming across the


portfolio of BBC channels at the time. Thank you. And thanks to our


viewers. Let us look as some of the other issues that have been


concerning news Watch fears this weekend. The priority given to the


deaths of pop stars and others in the entertainment business is often


controversial. So it proved last Sunday, with the news that Robin


give from the BG's had died. This is our view. I was appalled that a


pop star was all over the news. That this was the main news of the


BBC. He plenty of reporting on the eurozone wallows. The tone of the


coverage ING has been bothering this viewer. He said he was


appalled by the sensationalist has been you put on the Greek euro


Eight trend that has been annoying Here is another viewer : Neil


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