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Now it is time for Newswatch. Has the coverage of the Euro 2012


football tournament focused too Welcome to NewsWatch. Coming up,


why this piece to camera and this one provoked the ire of viewers.


The Euro 2012 football tournament in Poland and Ukraine kicked off


all week ago. Much of the coverage focused on the behaviour of fans in


the host countries. Here is the Sports Editor last Friday. Under


way but overshadowed, Euro 2012 opened in Warsaw with a colourful


ceremony. After so many problems for the organisers, a relief to see


the first game between Poland and Greece. But it is racism which is


dominating the agenda. But should it racism have been dominating the


BBC's agenda? Some spectators were recorded making monkey noises at


the Dutch players and there were clashes between Russian and Polish


fans. The allegation of racist abuse during the matches was made


against Spanish spectators. Several viewers thought the BBC was taking


things out of proportion and two up and join us now. With me is a James


Stevensons, the editor. What was it you did not like about the coverage


of the pre-tournament games and activities? I didn't like the fact


that the BBC was looking for the sensation before anything happened.


I didn't like the facts that they were scaring people off from coming


to Poland. They make the whole nation looking like a nation of


racists and anti-Zionist -- and it could not be further from the trees.


Some fans were recorded making monkey noises. Yes, it is true


unfortunately, every country has problems with racists. It is not


much different here. The handful of people should not overshadow the


whole country. A fantastic welcoming that most of the nation's


got from the Polish fans. What do you think of the BBC's coverage


before the tournament started? Imagine if someone goes... If


someone in Poland started the news showing last year's riots in London.


You can have lots of videos and incidents of people being


aggressive and damaging property, cars on fire and houses on fires.


People being injured. Does it say the whole of England is like that,


does it say it is not safe to come for the Olympics here because that


would not be the full picture. James, respond to the viewers and


the facts What You reported may have happened and is given a false


impression. I understand the concerns, is Poland or the Ukraine


painted as a racist country when we are focusing on specific incidents


but having said that, these are serious and major issues and it


does seem that there are small pockets of racist fans in Poland


and I think it is an important story we should tackle. I


understand the concern about does it portray the whole of Poland,


that is not the intention, it is not what we have done but it is


something we will seek to avoid. You sexy gave it a lot of


prominence and do you consider changing the nature of British


society, there are hundreds of thousands working and living here,


your viewers. Yes, we did in its prominence, deserves prominence. It


is right we should give it better attention. I do not think we are


giving it disproportionate coverage. Would recover events in this


country in a similar way, I think we would. Racism in this country is


a serious issue and racism around football is a serious issue which


we have covered in this country. I feel it is something the audience


takes seriously and I take the point if you are here and your


roots are in Poland, you're not pleased to see your country held up


in that light but it was an issue we needed to tackle. An important


story that was news and deserve to receive that attention. Fair enough


we should focus on incidents, they should not happen in the first


place and if they happen, the Polish authorities should do


everything to punish people who were involved. But there was 20,000


people supporting the team and the only news I could here on the radio


or TV was about them few silly stupid people, hooligans, not


football supporters who were -- should be ashamed of themselves.


Did you know there were thousands of people wearing orange T-shirts


supporting the team as well? No one could really hear that here. What


do you think of what you have heard? One thing is to present


facts how they are but the other thing is in the meantime asking


questions like, some footballers asks if they would go on the street


or are you a friend, are you afraid you will end up in a coffin, or if


the fans did not behave how they should. It only seems to be focused


on one nation and there is never any mention of the positive side, a


nobody says anything about it, only looking for the holes. Two negative


over all? I do not think so. I hope it will progress in a success away


and if the host countries do well and the event may move on from this


and we will cover that and to cover the exuberance and excitement. It


would be wrong not to cover this and I think while I take what is


taking -- said, we must not diminished downplaying something


which is a major issue, it is not the whole of the Polish population


but it's a major issue worthy of serious news coverage in my view.


Thank you. There have been other Euro 2012 related complaints in the


postbag, the televising of matches on BBC One has led to schedule


changes with Isobel Morrison e- The News at Six appeared at 7pm and


there was more annoyance when the English team played his first match.


The news channel carried this update. Yes, typical England, we


have had smiles and cheers when England scored and a few minutes


later France equalised and the fans had their heads in their hands.


Let's get the people's verdict. Johnny, how did it go?


Clearly not a fan. There was an equally frosty response from this


piece to camera David Sillito at the funeral of the singer Robin


Many are remembering summer he was a member of the community for 30


years. But the fans are remembering one of Britain's greatest


songwriters. Michael had this There was another reporter centre


stage this week following flooding caused by persistent rain. Here is


how the news at six reported the story.


Our correspondent joins as from West Sussex. It has been


particularly bad. Really bad. The best thing we can say is the rain


is finally stopping. Keith Rose e- Finally, the Prime Minister has had


a challenging week appearing at the Leveson Inquiry on Thursday and


facing considerable embarrassment over the story.


David Cameron it is distraught after realising he accidentally


left his eight year-old daughter in a pub after Sunday lunch with


friends. Downing Street design -- described it as a mix up because


his wife and the Prime Minister were travelling in separate cars.


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