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Welcome to news watch. Coming up in a few minutes, why this provoked


the ire of our viewers. The Euro 2012 football tournament in


Poland's keeper of a week ago. Much of the news coverage focused on the


behaviour of fans from the to host countries. Here is the Sports


Editor from the news that six last Friday.


Under way, but overshadowed. Euro 20 tour opened in Walsall with a


colourful ceremony. After so many problems organisers, it was a


relief to see the first game between Poland and Greece -- Warsaw.


It is still racism that is dominating the agenda.


Should it have been dominating the BBC's agenda? There were monkey


noises by fans directed towards Dutch players. They have been


clashes between Russian and Polish fans. Several news watched the was


thought that the BBC was taking things that a proportion. Two of


them joins us now. Aggie Pretka and Karolina Zaleska. Karolina Zaleska,


what did you not like about the coverage about the pre-tournament


games and activities? I did not like the fact that BBC was looking


for a sensational before anything happened. I do not like the fact


that they were scaring people off from coming to Poland. They made


the whole nation look like a nation of racists an his amateur its and


people who were not welcoming towards other nations. -- anti-


semetics. Every country has a problem of racism. A handful of


people should not overshadow the whole country. It was a fantastic


welcoming. Aggie Pretka, what do you think about the coverage?


imagine if someone in Poland decided to do a document or decided


to start news slowing -- showing the riots in London. It can had a


lot of incidents. People are damaging property, cars on fire,


houses on fire. People being injured. It does not say that the


whole of England is like that. It does not say that it is unsafe for


people to come for the Olympics here. That would not be before


Peter, would it? James, what is your response to viewers. -- that


would not be truthful. This are serious and major issues. It does


seem that There are, admittedly small pockets, but the Manly race


since -- the Manly racist fans. It is an issue that we should tackle.


-- vehemently. We had not betrayed pollens as a whole like this.


certainly gave it a lot of prominence -- Poland. We did give a


prominence. The issue deserves prominence. It is right that we


give it that attention. It is not disproportionate attention. We


would cover events similar early in this country. Racism is a serious


issue in this country. We have covered this issue in our country.


The audience takes the seriously. I take the point that if you're here


and you're Rigside in Poland, you are not pleased to see your country


held in that light -- your Origin is in Poland. Was it an issue that


deserve to receive attention? but polisher parity should do


everything to punish people who were involved in it. -- the Polish


police. The only news I could hear on the radio or television was


about the few stupid people, hooligans, not the majority of


football supporters who should be ashamed of their behaviour. Dg note


that there were thousands of people wearing orange T-shirts, supporting


the team as well? No-one could see that he could they? Karolina


Zaleska, what do you think of what you have heard? One thing is to


President facts the way they are. The other is to ask questions to


footballers, are you going to go into the street? Are you afraid? We


take your family or rye you're afraid they will end up in a car


then? The Russian and Polish fans did not be paved the way they


should. But the issue is focused on one country -- One nation. -- did


not behave the way. Hopefully, the tournament will progress in an


entertaining and successful way if the host countries do well, it


looks possible. The event may well move on from this. We will cover


that as well. We will cover the exuberance and excitement. It would


be wrong not to cover this. I take what is being said, we risk


diminishing and downplaying something that is a major issue. It


is not the whole of the Polish population, but it is a major issue


worthy of news coverage. Thank you to Aggie Pretka and Karolina


Zaleska. They have been other Euro 22 of related complaints. The


televising of matches on BBC One has led to schedule changes. --


Euro 2012. -- schedule. The news appeared later and their wares more


annoyance when the British team played them that. This was the


half-time update. Typical England, we have had the smiles and the


tears. Friends equalised a few minutes later. Let's get the


people's verdict. Had you think we went? The response, how is the


English score breaking news? We have matters and highlights on BBC


One. That's his way to stay. There was an equally frosty response from


this piece at the funeral of the singer and The Bee Gees Robin Gibb.


We are remembering someone who has been a member of this committee for


30 years. We are remembering one of the greatest songwriters. When will


someone a rainy and the ridiculous behaviour of your reporters? There


was another reporter centre-stage this week following flooding caused


by persistent rain in England and Wales. This is how the news that


seeks reported the story. Where joined from West Sussex. It


has been particularly bad? -- we are.


The best thing we can say is that rain has finally stopped.


If you're in melds: -- a viewer e- mailed: The prime minister has had


a challenging week appearing at the Leveson Inquiry and facing


considerable embarrassment over the story.


David Cameron is distraught after he had realised he had left his


daughter in a pub after a Sunday lunch with friends. Downing Street


described the incident as a mix up because he and his wife were


travelling in separate cars. Our correspondent is there.


A viewer e-mailed this: thank you for your comments.


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