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Now on BBC News it is time for Newswatch. Samira Ahmed hears your


reactions to BBC News viewing over Christmas and the New Year.


Happy New Year. Welcome to the first Newswatch of 2013, with me


Samira Ahmed. Since we were last on air not everyone is gripped by


financial Armageddon in the United States. Some were concerned about


hearing the Queen's Christmas Message before Christmas. Others


have complained there were endless reviews of the year. First, much of


the news coverage focus odden the need to stop a crisis in the United


States. The fiscal cliff was a cliff as far as the media were


concerned. One last session of Congress. One last day of


negotiations and America is staring into the economic unknown. The deal


was, as we know done, cue sighs of relief from the financial market,


which some believed this mattered hugely to the world economy and


therefore to Britain. Several Newswatch viewers were less than


gripped, including Guy Foster, who James Kay e-mailed on New Year's


More complaints came in the later part of the week about this story.


Jim Davidson is the tenth person to be questioned as part of Operation


Yewtree. While he was being interviewed at a police station in


London, officers were taking away items from his home in Hampshire. A


second man was arrested at another address in the county, also on


suspicion of sexual offences. Nash contacted us, asking why


should you be able to identify one person and yet leave the other


One staple of news bulletins elicited reaction. Judith Moritz at


the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds. Whilst some shops started


their sales some time ago and some websites saw massive activity on


Christmas Day, there is affection for the national Boxing Day


Now, talking of regular TV festive features none comes more so than


the Queen's Christmas Message. Started by her uncle in 1932, they


have been on television since 1957, reaching an audience peak of 27


million. The latest had nine million viewers. Here is Nicholas


Witchell in a report shown on Christmas Eve.


At the end of a memorable year for Britain and the Royal Family, the


Queen's Christmas broadcast this year is expected to look back at


the highlights, from her Diamond Jubilee, when crowds celebrated her


60 years on the throne and to the London Olympics. The report showed


some from the Queen's Christmas After the broadcast had gone out,


several viewers made a point, articulated here in a Boxing Day e-


We asked BBC News to respond to those points and no-one was


available to in person. They gave Well, one viewer who contacted us


about the Queen's message was Susan Sommerville and she joins me from


our Edinburgh studio. Thank you for speaking to us. Can you sum up your


key concern? Yes, it was the fact that we were being told what she


was going to say and there was an extract of the actual speech. I


really like to watch it on the day and hear what she says fresh rather


than have it preamleed the day before. The BBC has explained the


palace release these clips in advance, in a way they want us to


use them in the way the Prime Minister's speeches are released in


advanced. Isn't it the BBC's job to give this as news. Now I know that,


that is very interesting. Obviously it would be the BBC's job to report


that. I think it is rather sad though that we are told what is


going to happen. It is like news is news before it is news. I would


prefer to hear it on the day. It is a shame the palace are doing this.


Is this a trend then? Do you think, as a viewer, it is not helpful?


me, it was the icing on the cake, this particular broadcast on


Christmas Eve. I have been worried for a while, that we are constantly


hearing what will happen. It has been irritating me and my husband


for some time. This, for me, was the last straw, which is why I


wrote in. Another question may be how far the Queen's speech is


relevant now. Not everyone sits down to watch television at 3pm and


there is a question of whether it should get news coverage it does?


For me and my family it is an important part of Christmas Day. We


spent it with friends. Our plan was to listen to the Queen at 3pm and


then we sat down for our lunch. That is a pattern we follow every


year. For me it is the only time we hear the Queen say what she wants


to say. So aefpb she says nothing or is speaking the words of our


Government. I like to hear what she has to say from her personal point


of view. You will hear some complaints was the concern that the


summary ignored the Chris yas message. Is that a concern --


Christmas message. Is that a concern for you? For me it is


important that I hear it in her speech and that perhaps whether the


BBC needs to report that beforehand, I think most of us that know the


Queen, know that is important for her. Certainly, it is a difficult


balance because there are so many different multi-faiths in our


country. For the Queen it is a very important thing. Therefore, for me


it is important. What if anything would you change about BBC coverage


of the Queen's speech, knowing that the palace encourages an tis pay


Tory coverage of it? If they are encouraging you, that puts you in a


dilemma. I think perhaps say report, the content -- say report the


context of the speech. If you know it is about to happen... A look


away now thing? Like the sports results. Susan Sommerville. Thank


you very much. Thank you. Just time for a couple more of your comments


on BBC News. Although having watched programmes


like this over the holiday period, some viewers were left asking, what


Finally, one story that was covered just before Christmas was the end


of the world, or at least the non- arrival of the apobg ka lis as


predicted, according to some in the mayon calendar, as as marked in a


series of ceremonies in Central America. It is relief that we are


all here, of course. David Johnson was not happy with the coverage, e-


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