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Now on BBC News, it is time for a Newswatch. This week, should


Newsround have been dropped from Hello and welcome.


Breaking news, David Bowie has released a new song. Is that news


or just a man out to sell the world a single?


First on BBC One, John Craven's Newsround.


Newsround, along with other children's programmes, is no longer


shown on BBC One, only seeded cygnet -- CBBC, and not everyone is


happy with that. It deserves to be celebrated and one way of


celebrating his to give it a It was another busy week for news


with the debate over welfare changes, wildfires in Australia and


violence in Belfast, Afghanistan and Syria widely reported. But on


Tuesday, according to some, the BBC seemed most excited with this.


years after Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars and 10 years


since his last single, David Bowie has released a new song. It is his


66th birthday and an album is to follow. BBC News came under


pressure from viewers for featuring the new songs so prominently.


Several directors say its release had no place on Radio Four Today


programme where it was relieved, or national news bulletins. We asked


one of those viewers to go into our Oxford studio to explain why.


think the problem is that there was no journalistic content at all. The


way that the Today programme covered it was a bit gushing, as if


Mr Bowie was royalty and they were quite excited about it. I'm sure


they hoped he would come into the studio to talk to them. It didn't


make it news. David Bowie could have gone into a radio 1 studio and


other programme on it, I'd have had no problem with that.


# Where are we now? All this was was a beautifully placed plaque by


the Bowie publicist, who did a fantastic job. -- plug. Just


releasing a record, Madonna has done it, bucket loads of the


slightly ageing pop fraternity are releasing records. It is not news.


You have to add a magic ingredient of to make it news and that story


didn't have it. Wednesday brought more complaints


about some pictures shown at the start of the report on Newsnight.


Should we brace ourselves for another flood of migrants from the


EU or are things very different What followed is described by Pat


Watson as the killing of the pig They were among scores of viewers


who complained to the BBC about the footage. We asked Newsnight for a


Another objection this week came from Martin Webb in any melt on


Newsround has been a staple of the BBC One schedule since John Craven


first presented it in 1972, but this week it no longer appears in


its traditional slot on that channel. It and all children's


programmes are confined to CBBC and CBeebies. The move hasn't gone down


well with some of those involved in children's TV, such as the co-


creator of Teletubbies. To take it off mainstream television rather


suggests that the status and profile and the investment they


making children's programmes is not as equally valued as other genres.


If you forgot multi- genre channels, children's should be, in my view,


an=genre. I was disappointed. For the BBC, this is their point of


difference. They lose that point have different if they take


children's programmes off mainstream. It deserves to be


celebrated and one way to celebrate it is to give it some profile on


the mainstream channels as well as on children's alone. The perception


of children's work on the mainstream is cities of equal


status. Good morning. I think it is a great pity that Newsround... It


was one of the pioneering programmes, one of the pioneering


children's programmes. Children perceive the world in a particular


world and if you make a news programme for them, you were trying


to show the world from their point of view. We are losing something.


We are losing something by not paying more attention to what


children have to offer us. We asked Newswatch viewers on Twitter if


Let's hear the response from the Director of BBC children. Can you


sum up why the decision was taken to take it off terrestrial? Several


reasons. The view was made the decision for us in a way. Although


the BBC made a formal decision a year ago, most children are


choosing to watch Newsround and there are the favourite programmes


on specialist, dedicated digital channels like CBBC and CBeebies.


The number of children watching children's programmes on BBC One in


the afternoon was very low. Mostly we are just doing what the audience


has already done. What about the point that it is a downgrading of


news and children in a way. You stop thinking about children's role


in society and in news, and that is a BBC responsibility. Part of the


problem with that is they are confusing a few things. Middle-aged


people getting nostalgic about when they were kids and what the


services for. Principally, for services I run of four children.


They are unique, they are unique BBC propositions in that they are


only channels making factual programmes in the UK which speak to


the lives of children in the UK. That has not gone away. The idea


that CBBC is not a mainstream channel would make children laugh.


CDC is the most watched Channel by children. -- CBBC. Older children


might not think they will watch that Channel, they are watching the


same channels as adults and they will not be able to access that


programme, which they should be able to. Well, they do. We know


from research that a lot of older children and young teenagers do


watch CBBC. They might not tell everybody, but we know they are,


particularly dramas. By putting a new Newsround bulletin at 6:55pm,


at a new slot, we are sure some of those older children will come and


watch. What we also know it is the Newsround website is a huge wave


that young children and older children can seem the news. That is


their 24/7. I am not worried that we are reducing provision for


children and young teenagers. There's an idea of the BBC offering


something different as the state funded broadcaster. A lot of adults


found Newsround a way into news stories. But it is about children


being part of news coverage in a way they are now shunted off to a


ghetto. Why throw that away and why not keep it as part of the share?


Do if children are not watching, we are not doing our job. It doesn't


matter if adults are watching it? Not many were. A lot more are


saying what a shame than actually watched it. Coe is a bit of


nostalgia going on. Personally, I believe it very deeply that what


Newsround does for children is of huge importance. For me, the main


thing is to get as many children to consume it as possible. BBC One at


5pm is not the place to do it. 6:55pm on CBBC is the place to do


it. Thank you. You're often write to us about


freezes or practices used on BBC news bulletins which annoy you.


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