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this. Now it is time for Newswatch. This


week, by Prince Philip interrupted a inspirational speech by the


president of the United States has been interrupted mid-sentence by


this? He is walking steadily across the pavement. How are you, sir?


Did Andrew Neil give the EDL leader to harder time on the Sunday


Politics? And is Russell Brand the right sort


of person to invite on Question Time?


There was considerable excitement in Belfast on Monday as President Obama


arrived on his first official visit to Northern Ireland for the G8


summit. His first appointment was addressing a -- an audience of young


people and dignitaries, a speech shown live on the news channel.


In today's hyper connected world, what happens here has an impact on


lives far from these green shores. If you continue your courageous path


are just going to leave Belfast and take you to London, where the Duke


of Edinburgh is leaving hospital ten days after he was at miss it. Our


correspondent there is Peter Hunt. He is walking steadily across the


pavement. Into the car. He is carrying a book. How are you, sir?


And so came them none, but several channel on Monday morning was Simon


Waldman, he joins me now. Explain to me why you make that decision to cut


away from Obama's speech. One of the purposes of the news channel is to


bring breaking news and live pictures to the audience. I think


that the departure of the Duke from hospital tick the box in both those


categories. It was both breaking news and it was live. Technically,


yes, but it was very small news and everyone knew he was going to be


leaving. Nobody expected him to say anything. We still don't know what


his condition was. The commentary: The door is closing, the traffic is


resuming... Is that really more important than the president of the


United States? It was a half-hour speech which we have been trailing


heavily all morning because he thought it was an interesting event


for the viewers. Bar the 92nd in the middle of it when we showed that


Duke leaving hospital, we took the whole speech. But there you have the


disjointed viewing experience that people complain about. Either you


will give them the event when watching this speech is part of it,


or you are not. He is 92 years old, it is his third trip to hospital in


the last few months, he is worried to Monaco of the realm and there


have been bit concerned about his health. -- in Monaco of the realm. I


thought it was justifiable to break in briefly to the live event of


Obama's speech, which was a fascinating and lifting and


inspiring speech. It was not new policy. But you even interrupted him


in mid-sentence. The Cavalier lead cut away for something which view is


regarded in comparison as not very important. It could have been


scrawled as a piece of information. Clearly, it created a disjointed


viewing experience, for which I am sorry. We try to make it as smooth


as possible by splitting the screen so that you have Obama on one side,


but we show the door with the Prince walking out. We went to it and we


judged this very carefully, and at the last possible moment, so as to


be away from Obama for as little time as possible. These


technicalities, but the bigger concern is that they -- viewers


think you are devaluing the concept of breaking news by cutting away


every time something happens. something that we do consider and


think about, and there is a much deeper debate about what constitutes


breaking news, what constitutes something that you will break into a


live event for that you will interrupt your preplanned series of


stories for, you're running order, four. We think about it carefully


and I think there is a danger that the currency can become devalued. If


you should a red strap on the screen saying breaking news all the time,


you do devalued the currency, but I think fine breaking news is


something that is still happening absolutely now. I have a rule of


thumb, I'm not sure if it is policy or not, but if something is not


worth reporting in some form in an hour's time, then it's probably not


worth breaking now. I'm sorry, but the Duke leaving hospital at 92


years of age, was, to my mind, breaking news. Simon Waldman, thank


you very much. Do tell us what you think of the


news channel's policy on breaking News or any other issues that catch


your eye. Details of how to contact us at the end of the programme.


The G8 meeting, for which President Obama visited Northern Ireland, gave


rise to another set of complaints on reported in the press was not


confirmed or denied by the BBC. A spokesman did respond that staff at


the summit were reporting for a wide range of outlets and audiences on


this globally important story. Last week I spoke to Andrew Neil


about criticisms of a discussion he chaired for the Sunday Politics, and


this week, another interview on his programme with Tommy Robinson of the


English Defence League, was in the firing line. You always claiming


that the ADL is not racist fascist. -- EDL. Racial epithets have been


slung all over the place. No, they don't... You intimidate ordinary


Muslims. He behaved like fascists. After what happened in Woolwich, we


could have chosen to go into East London... More than 200 viewers


contacted the BBC to say they thought that the baby -- the


interview was too aggressive. We asked one of them to go into our


vetting studio to explain his reaction to Andrew Neil's line of


some sort of outburst. As the interview developed, rather than


Andrew Neil actually taking on board Robinson's responses and then


dealing with those, he seemed more concerned with his own agenda and


the points that he wanted to get through. Following the Robinson


interview, Andrew Neil moved over to interview the gentleman from the


Muslim Council. I felt he conducted that in a very dignified and benign


way. He allowed the gentleman to complete all of his responses before


moving on, and that really was in complete contrast to the way in


which she handled the interview with Robinson. I do think that sort of


unbalanced interviewing actors give people like the EDL the opportunity


which they shouldn't have two cry out that they have been treated


unfairly. -- to cry out. We asked Andrew Neil for a response,


moved on from Northern Ireland to Berlin, where, on a hot day, he gave


a speech. Afterwards, the 6pm news turns to its man on the spot.


North American editor was watching North American editor was watching


and he joins Some people thought that Mark Mardell's on-screen


appearance left much to be divided increasingly putting celebrities on


that panel. Last Thursday's position included bigger media and Russell


Brand. The Augean of anchor bashing is what we are in for. An old of any


kind would be great, but one that focuses on banker bashing would be


the best kind or GI could imagine. What you said, mate, was wicked,


saying that the system encourages that kind of behaviour.


Some people thought he was not a suitable contributor to the


programme, with Pauline Findlay week. If you want to share your


opinions on BBC News and current affairs or even appear on the


programme, you can call us on the telephone or e-mail us. And you can


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