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Sunday Politics invites a shock jock onto the programme and has problems


shutting him up. We have an idiot on the programme today! You will not


stop the Republic! And if robotic cameras are taking over, are they


really meant to appear in shot like this? ! Last week, Watford hosted


the Bilderberg Group, a gathering of influential people from the world of


politics and is missed. This is an organisation that does not court


publicity or host news conferences. Media coverage is minimal and that


the conference was the Sunday Politics which invited on an


American radio host Alex Jones. His discussion of the group with David


Aronowitz provided a lively encounter. The BBC got the documents


decades ago that they helped found the Europa which was the Nazi German


plan to take over countries economic leave. Let him speak.I saw one of


your ministers say this. I am here to testify your head was not cut


off. The problem is conspiracy theories are believed. Mac I am here


to warn people. You keep telling me to shut up. We have people


disappearing, arrest the public safety, life in prison. You are the


worst person I have ever interviewed! It is off with their


heads! You are watching the BBC Sundays. We have an idiot on the


programme. Do not stop! You will not stop the Republic! The interview


went viral with the programmes presenter and editor pointing people


towards it on Twitter. Many watched presenter were to blame, Gordon


Andrew Neil is with me. A lot of viewers said wide to invite this man


on, his reputation is known, you knew he would behave this way. He


regards himself as a leading expert on the Bilderberg Group. He was


therefore the meeting during she and he has many people who follow him


and he says he knows what he's talking about. We wanted him to put


his case. In the terms of a live programme, given he had also gone


off the rails on another show, it looked like it was six minutes of


great TV, people would watch it on YouTube again but there was no


revelations. No one I have interviewed, he is not the only one,


they have lots of conspiracy theories, they may or may not be


true but they have not presented the evidence. He is regarded by many who


believe it is a conspiracy to be the spokesperson. I knew it would be


hard to make sure David Aronowitz who was also on the programme would


get a fair hearing. I thought my job as a presenter was to make sure both


sides had a fair say. That proved to be not only to difficult to succeed


because he kept on shouting David down but I had not anticipated he


would turn on me as well. And that took us into interesting uncharted


territory. I watched it and both you and David are knowing, David starts


of quite calm, you join in. You say is it a conspiracy? And then you


have to call him an idiot and tell him to shut up. Some complaints were


specifically about the fact you use that language which looks like


sneering. The interview began with legitimate questions, could you


explain why it is a conspiracy and what has it done question mark we


continued in that vein but got nowhere. He went off a rant which


had nothing to do with the Bilderberg Group. He ranted at David


and ranted over me. I tried to link to the programme. I was quite


worried it would turn very very nasty. He was turning very hostile


and aggressive and so I kept smiling throughout and tried to make a joke


of it. The gestures... He was off-camera and his microphone was


shut off but he was shouting so much they picked it up on my microphone.


I thought the best way to handle it was to make light of it.


gestures offended many people. say they offended people, I'm sure


they offended some and some people like to be offended. I have never


had a reaction to anything I have broadcast in my life like this


positive reaction. You do not think it was a problem? It was an attempt


to keep it light and not let it go heavy. Charlie Skelton wrote a piece


saying before the show I told the producers what would happen, this is


sport, not journalism. He thinks it was an attack on measured thinking.


All programmes have a range of people they think of inviting on and


they decide. Once were not can sometimes be disgruntled and I file


him under that. And there is nothing in hindsight you would change?


not something I would like to do every week and I would not like to


see Mr Janes in a hurry but every now and again programmes take risks.


You take risks and judging by the people who watched it, it was


different, it was interesting and it shows you what can happen in a


culture where people shout at each other and so much of American media


now is people shouting at each other and if you want a lesson of a road


we should not be going down, that is a good six minutes to watch. Andrew


Neil, thank you. Please tell us your thoughts about that interview or


anything on BBC News. Details are coming up later. Before that, the


announcement Prince Philip was going into hospital for an operation was


followed on Saturday by News Nelson Mandela had also been admitted to


hospital. What followed prompted devastation in parts of Germany and


Hungary and some viewers feel they have not been adequately represented


on BBC News. Colin Thomas is one of on the news at six, a report on


Wednesday about Heathrow airport scheduling time to resurface the


runways and Thursdays peace which fitted cameras onto 50 cats to find


out what they get up to. Following the latter, Sophie Raworth told


viewers... If you want to see more about cats, watch the Horizon


programme on BBC Two. Mark sent us the new look BBC News moved into


central London in March and it's proved controversial. Notably, the


newsroom is visible behind the presenters. This can lead to also of


distractions, sometimes royal ones in the background. One viewer has


called ass about another aspect of the new studio. I have noticed every


time the new starts you have no cameraman behind the cameras. Do you


use robotic cameras? Well, we reassure Robert that as well as


robotic cameras, including this one, there are real human cameramen and


women at work. As for the robot cameras, Chris Eakin found out they


do not always do what they are told. In a moment, we will be joined by


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