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NASDAQ feared. Time now for Newswatch.


Welcome to Newswatch. On this week's programme, see you in court,


viewers can watch proceedings and the Court of Appeal but the ball


that benefit either the law or the `` TV journalism?


Saint Jude's storm hit southern Britain on Sunday night but was the


BBC coverage behind? Changes for sentencing of dog


owners. Half staff being getting a rough deal from the BBC?


A Halloween horror show for the more traditionally minded Newsnight


viewers. Before St Jude storm hit, they were widespread predictions


that being a UK's worst for over a decade and there was considerable


damage with hundreds of thousands left without power. Many viewers


felt BBC News exaggerated its impact. Was that connected to how


BBC forecasting had underestimated the storms of 1987?


We asked another viewer who contacted us to go on to go into the


studio together give us her reaction. At least four people have


died in one of the worst storms to tear through southern parts of the


UK in recent years... The extent of coverage was too much and too long.


It was hyped as one of the worst storms since 1987 is a lovely one


was on cue ready to do a report on the storm. I wonder if there was the


better of a bias for the South getting those extended views. With


the same have happened in Scotland, would it have been covered in so


much debt? `` depth. I think some of the reporting was a bit trivial


especially when you have in areas like Syria children dying daily and


then you have a woman being upset because she could not boil her


kettle that morning. There was no value.


We asked BBC news for the response and we were given this statement.


From dangerous weather to dangerous dogs and news of tougher penalties


for orders whose animals seriously injure or kill. Some felt it was


unfair to suggest only certain breeds were involved. One said...


There were more complaints earlier in the week about a story on the BBC


News website on the allegedly tapping of Angela Merkel's forum. ``


phone. From 1925 until this week, it was an


offence to sell or take photographs in court in England or Wales. Even


sketch artists have had to drop from memory but on Thursday that changed


with the first broadcast from the court of appeal. Is this a slippery


slope? We the jury find the defendant, OJ Smpson, not guilty.


Live trial is broadcast around the world have become familiar to us and


Scottish courts have been open to Canada since 1992. I sentence you to


life imprisonment... In England and Wales, apart from the Supreme Court


they have been banned up until this. Strict rules governing the broadcast


which are jointly made for the BBC, ITV, sky. There will be a 72nd delay


before the material is transmitted and judges can exclude cameras if


they think it is in the interests of justice. `` 70 second. One viewer


was less than grep CN... `` gripped saying... Others saw it as a step


forward for justice and journalism but only if it eventually led to the


broadcasting of criminal trials. What do you hope to gain from the


start of cameras in the Court of Appeal? What we hoped to gain was


that we felt that in the 21st`century where pictures are


everywhere and it is an important way of describing things that it


would be useful in terms of showing what open justice means. It is a way


of opening up the courts and increasing people's understanding.


Given all the restrictions some people are saying it is pretty dull.


I have a lot of sympathy for that viewpoint because it was a fairly


dull case and we were doing it just because we could but we will pick


cases on their merits. This could be a bit compromised if you're having


to negotiate all the way through the coverage? It is not so much


negotiating with the courts as with other broadcasters. There is a


presumption they will open themselves up to having covered


whatever we wish to cover. I do not think our editorial and turf ``


editorial control will be interfered with. You ultimately what criminal


trials? It is a sensationalist way of putting it. Long`term, we would


like to be in the crown court doing criminal trials. I can understand


the anxieties that go with that and some of them are absolutely


legitimate, such as the fear that will put off witnesses from


appearing. It is an ordeal enough to go in. We're not talking that. The


legislation does allow that some point for potentially the crown


court to be opened up for sentencing and no more than that, so we would


not see anything like the OJ Smpson trial that the Americans had.


Damon Kennedy `` Dame Kennedy said she is worried that it is ultimately


a slippery slope and you have people that are innocent until proven


guilty. We are allowed to report on what goes on at the moment and what


I would say is that already the public can go in and watch a case.


They are already a lowdown. `` allowed in. Is that not the


difference? Reading it at that removes is different to picture is


being broadcast in every home and the potential media circus there? As


you saw from the case we filmed yesterday, the idea that there was


anything like a media circus surrounding that, that is not going


to happen. It was incredibly polite and arguably through dry and dusty.


I believe we are in the business we are in and that people should be


able to see what it says that we are already using a journalist to report


on. People have what is going on in court reflected through somebody's


perspective. This way they could see for themselves.


Before recall, Halloween on Thursday night was marked by Newsnight in


what is becoming an increasingly attention grabbing style.


That is just about all for this Halloween night. Be careful out


there. MUSIC: "Thriller" by Michael


Jackson. Many viewers went Twitter to see how


you use the wearer by that but others are clearly tiring of these


stunts. One thought it was a case of...


We've invited Newsnight's editor onto the programme to discuss his


approach. He has been unable to join us so far but we hope he will be


here very soon. If you want to share your opinions or volunteer to


appeared, you can contact us on the above.


That's all from us, back to hear your thoughts next week. Goodbye.


Jumped the shark with more wet and windy weather to come. `` it feels


about like the weather has jumped the shark. In the north, clear skies


are you `` a low fog to form. A mild night with temperatures in double


digits in the South. Quite chilly for the North with some frost in


rural areas. A bright start in the north`eastern corner of the UK but


cloud in the West and a wet morning for Northern Ireland.


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