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Now it is time for News watch. Hello and welcome to the programme.


This week now let's could live to our reporter on the spot, in the


dark and in the rain. But why? A court`martial of three Royal Marines


heard about the death of an Afghan insurgent. Was it necessary to play


it? If all your old girl is killed in an attack by a dog, but what type


of dog? `` a girl aged four. If you watch television, you will regularly


see correspondence doing a live introduction. They will often speak


to the presenter and it has become part of the grammar of TV. But many


viewers wonder what it adds and it was a question posed with extra


force will be restored correspondence were getting drowned


out by rain. It has been over a year since Andrew Mitchell fooled his


bike... `` would. The News at ten turned to a political correspondent


who was providing the latest on the plot gate affair. It was not clear


whether the Prime Minister was in residence behind him, but at least


he had an umbrella. In the same programme, the rain in a


pre`recorded report risked distracting the viewer from a


serious news story about two teenage girls who died after being hit by a


car. Talk us through the background. Later in the week, we saw Clive


Coleman seeking shelter while speaking live on the News Channel


from the rain. Many viewers questioned the value of these


contributions. To viewers who feel enough is enough to now. Says flatly


and fellow player Jonas. Philip, can you tell me Friday you were worried


about this? I often questions need to send a reporter out on a dark on


a windy and wet night to report from a location, be it Downing Street or


the House of Commons. It does not bring anything to the story itself,


I do not feel the stop. They could equally be in the studio itself,


with a picture of the building as a drug. There is also the cost


implication. `` as a backdrop. I wonder what the rationale is for


this. What does the outside interview bring to the story itself?


Say, there are types of reported location pieces. Some feature the


reporter live for a bulletin for nothing made be happening. Some


reporters actually coming out of an ongoing trial. Some are part of a


filmed report, a piece to camera, because them. Do you think that


sometimes you may need these different types or do you think we


should not be doing them? I think there are occasions when it is


valuable. Perhaps, than it is pouring with rain, it might be


suitable if it is a weather`related reporter referral was a flood or


something like that. I do not have a problem if they are coming out of a


courtroom and giving an update on what is happening. But I think that


in reporters standing outside Downing Street at 10:30pm at night


with an umbrella is useless. He could have been anywhere. Let me


read you both a statement from the BBC. The asked someone to come and


discuss this but they said there was no one available stop the editor of


the Six O'Clock News and Ten O'Clock News says we often cross to


correspondence on the ground and berries locations, so we can provide


audiences with the latest news where and when it is happening. On this


particular evening our political correspondent was crossing to the


studio from the scene of the incident. He is one of a number of


journalists based in offices at Westminster, enabling us to be close


to the action and report live in the latest political news and


developments. Obviously we asked them particularly to respond to that


report, but the idea that being that Downing Street says something to the


bureau about being a part of the story. Does that convention? Not


really. If Parliament or the House of Commons in session, then yes.


Similarly if a reporter is covering a story, yes, coming out to give us


the latest is justifiable. But, Nicolas Witchel at Buckingham


Palace? Do not see the need for that. It is television and if you


look at broadcasters all over the world, they use these kind of pieces


because they feel it adds something. You think the worst thing different


league where do you think some viewers appreciated? There are


occasions when it is valid, but on this occasion, Ben Wright was


outside Downing Street and this incident was weeks and weeks ago so


they did not seem to be any reason for him to be there at that time of


night. Thank you both very much. We are interested in your views and


on any aspect of BBC News. Stay tuned and how to contact us. What


else has caught your attention? The News at six o'clock on Thursday led


with a disturbing story about the court`martial of three Royal Marines


then standing accused of executing an Afghan insurgent. The audio has


been made public. One soldier can be heard offering to shape the man in


the head. A gunshot is heard. Since then, in Royal Marine has been found


guilty and two others acquitted. The report that followed from the


defence correspondent contained a warning, but the decision to


broadcast it upset some viewers. This reporter wrote, I am disgusted,


`` then wrote. Keep us up to date, but the words telling that the


incident are shopping enough without the graphics sounds and pictures.


Wednesday brought comment about a website report about the theft of


catalytic converters from cars. Midnight on an industrial estate in


Nottinghamshire and criminals are at work. In less than four minutes,


these thieves hacked the catalytic converter from this fan and woke up.


They would have sold it for around ?50, the cost to the motorist was


more. Of your round is with this response. The BBC that to think


about the message they are putting out. They have done is how late to a


lot of people that might not have been aware of it, that catalytic


converters have precious metals in and they are easy to steal, so maybe


the BBC that to think about things before they broadcasted. Last week


with featured complaints from owners of step which terriers that there


are dogs were victimised in reports at about the penalties were serious


programmers. It follows the death of a four`year`old girl after she was


mauled by a family pet. The reports were along these lines. Pictured


here with another family dog, this girl was mauled by a French bowl


master. Later on in the day, that report... Another's desperate


attempts to save her daughter from being nailed to death by the family


bulldog. The information that the dog was a bulldog came from the


police but it did not satisfy this year he felt that English Bulldogs


were being unfairly maligned. Shame up this comment. `` she wrote. There


were also more complaints that pictures of Staffordshire bull


terriers were used in the context of this attack and objections about the


`` aspects of the report. The little girl was attacked in her home in


Leicestershire at around lunchtime yesterday. Although she was taken to


hospital, she died a short time later. Neighbours say the community


is shell`shocked. This view all responded like this. `` humour.


Finally, the biggest postbag this week had a familiar feel. We


discussed what many feel to be the inadequate reporting of a protest


march during the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. On


Tuesday, there were demonstrations in 100 cities around the world. One


of the largest of these was in London, but you would not have known


it from watching the news, according to hundreds of viewers. Among them


was this lady. She commented... Thank you for that and for all of


your comments this week. You can share your opinions by worldliness


bonus number and e`mailing us. You can send us a message on Twitter.


That's all for now. Thank you for joining us. Goodbye.


It is a fairly mixed picture weather`wise. We will see some


showers and some blustery winds. Eventually the weather will settle


down and by Sunday, it will be lovely. Saturday night looks like


being particularly frosted stop there will be a touch of frost


across parts of Scotland tonight. There will be some showers,


particularly in the West. By the end of the night, they were moving


across the South West. At the other end of the UK, there will be a


bright and sunny start across eastern Scotland. Yes, the Fed blobs


indicates no. A


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