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Welcome to Newswatch. Coming up, the BBC has announced was ?15 million of


cuts to its news budget. What effect will that have on the services it


provides for its audiences? As a corporate director of news heralds a


digital transformation, I will be asking him about the budget cuts. In


these days of this territory, BBC News is by no means the first


organisation in the country to have to deal with the big budget


reduction, but how does it advocate its resources and in a fast changing


media landscape, it is a matter of great controversy. The need for the


BBC to save money is clear after the licence fee settlement made in 2010.


There were suggestions that cap back news might cut a hole channel, but


instead, savings will be found from job losses and efficiencies.


Panorama will lose all those dedicated reporters. The BBC threes


news bulletin will be scrapped and the BBC News Channel will switch


from two news anchors to a single presenter. Well audiences suffer as


a result Mr Mac? Daschle will audiences suffer as a result?


Traditional TV and radio bulletins are not exactly on their last legs,


although 5 million people watch BBC News at certain points of the day.


Some people are not interested in the digital revolution.


The BBC's started radio in this country and then television. The


forefront of online news and now new technology means it can lead a


fourth revolution in use, but if the audience ready for that and if that


is a gain from this week's announcements, what are the losses?


I have been speaking to James Hardie and Aston if he looked seriously at


get reading an entire service channel rather than slicing lots of


different budgets. Yes, we looked very seriously at that. We looked


very seriously at that. We're talking about the BBC looking at 26%


in its resources, nearly ?50 million out of BBC News. We did look at


that, but when we looked at it, it was clear we would meet to small


saving for too high a price for our viewers and listeners. To give you a


sense of the scale, we could have taken out the real cost of the news


channel, taking news out of five live, closed down for five language


services, put an end to radio current affairs specials and read a


number of other savings and all of that wouldn't have been sufficient


to meet that ?40 million savings target. What will you achieved by


doing it this way? What we have achieved is I hope that where we


have money to invest, we are investing it, in original,


distinctive journalism at the BBC, we keep on investing in local


journalism and prepare for the digital transformation of news. A


world where people don't just get their news on television and online,


but increasingly in the power of their hand. After the Jimmy Savile


scandal, the BBC had to rebuild its reputation. How does losing all the


dedicated reporters from Kalorama do that M `` panorama. The fact is that


we want to make sure we get the story from the people who have real


expertise in those stories. Some of them exist in her newsrooms, some


work outside the BBC. I don't think that Panorama's work, which is


challenging reporting, that is going to change. If anything, it will be


more enabled by these changes. If you look recently, we have had


really powerful films. Just last week, you sort and in ``


extraordinary brave correspondent explaining ices from the front line


in Iraq, in Syria, in Turkey. I think those kinds of films are


extremely important. We have seen it done at home as well. I think he


will see more of that. On the news channel, viewers will get more


cut`and`paste reports from agencies. If that is the case, we have not


done a good enough job of explaining what we're doing. We're making


changes that will the news more immediate and distinctive. For


example, I'm extremely excited that Victoria Derbyshire will have our


own show. Victoria has a singular ability to get to the issues that


really matter in this country and she will be doing that on weekdays


on the BBC News Channel. It is those kind of changes that will make the


news even more meaningful to people watching at home. Growing audiences


are watching the traditional bulletins. Viewers CV jeopardise


that by putting the focus on digital content when these are quite early


in development. We live in a world that is changing very rapidly in


news, but nothing is more important than what we put out every day, the


actual reporting at explanation of the news. Purists will wonder how


the prestige programmes could possibly be made to the same


standard on these much smaller budgets. That would be the case of


we didn't understand quite how important those programmes are, and


that is the reason we have gone out of our way to protect, and in some


of the important flagship programmes, invest in them. You will


see investment in a bit programme like Today. A number of politicians


want to see the BBC made much smaller and the new service, which


is the heart of the public service broadcasting remit, it can't go on


at the same scale and size, it is going to have to get smaller. I


previously worked in newspapers, I have only been here for a year. When


I joined the BBC, people said to me I would find an organisation that


an organisation that is extremely an organisation that is extremely


clean and effective. If people watching thing about all the


different ways they can get news, and they get that for just 7p a day.


They get that without necessarily seeing all that is done


internationally. The question was not about whether the BBC is lead


now, it is about whether the BBC news department will have to get


smaller. My understanding was you were saying that BBC News is going


to have to keep on being cut. I would like to make the case the unit


that is not true. I think we should be investing in BBC news, because it


delivers an service. It instructed `` it is trusted and relied on by


people in this country and around the world. An issue that has caused


a lot of controversy is news coverage of events in Gaza. Viewers


say they feel the coverage is hugely asymmetrical in favour of Israel,


given the scale of casualties on the Palestinian side and that is not


reflected by the BBC. That is what being `` that is what is being


reported by the BBC every day. The reality is that we have, unlike most


news organisations, made sure we have kept people both in Israel and


working in Gaza. We have a whole team in Gaza and we report, not just


the numbers, but the stories about what is happening. We have been


really committed to getting out the story on the ground. In addition to


that, we are always extremely keen to give context. It is not just


about what is happening today, it is about explaining the frustrations


that exist among people in Gaza and the concerns and anxieties of people


who live in Israel, and to explain that context as well as reporting


vividly and accurately what is happening on the ground. What would


you say to the people who have been complaining? I think it is extremely


important that people on all sides unable to voice their views on our


coverage, and they do that to me directly. We referred to the protest


on air and online, because the public needs to know there are


strong feelings about this. We need to do everything we can to get the


best coverage on the ground and get voices on`air that reflect the very


different views around the issues in the Middle East. Thank you. Thank


you for all your comments this week. If you want to share your comments


on what's been said or any aspects of BBC News, you can call us or


e`mail us. Catch up with previous editions of the programme at our


website. That's all from us, we will be back to hear your thoughts about


BBC News coverage again next week. Goodbye.


Tonight, the thunderstorms maybe even


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