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Welcome. Objections that the BBC's coverage of the plane crash in


Ukraine has been insensitive and intrusive. It is going to be a


festival of sport that will be enjoyed and watched by millions


around the world. The Commonwealth Games is not enjoyed by every viewer


of the Commonwealth Games is not enjoyed by every viewer of BBC News.


The crash of flight MH17 has been fully examined over the past week or


so on the BBC News. Some of the images showed made for strong


feeling. Here are some other excerpts from the output from us


weekend, which some viewers might find distressing. Off`duty miners


were searching for more bodies. Each is marked with a makeshift stick


with a white rag tied to it. In some cases, there is a forest of markers,


indicated that struck indicating where passengers alive. There are


around 100 bodies that are still missing. Scattered across the


ground, the wreckage of flight MH17. This, the cockpit of the plane. And


here, the belongings of the travellers. On holidays, business,


moving home. The end of all plans and possibilities. Finally, the


first international investigators to arrive. The scene of so much death,


and a grim task for forensic experts from Holland regarding `` guarded by


rebel gunmen. The idea is to move all the bodies to Holland for


identification, but for now, just moving them out of the war zone


would be good. Two of the viewers who contacted as this week about the


coverage join me now. Sue is in our Birmingham studio and Gary is also


joining us. Can you sum up your concern about the coverage of this


crash? It was the fact that it was personal belongings being shown on


television, and I've felt that I was very distressed, I cannot imagine


how anybody who was directly involved in that situation must have


felt. I've felt that anything of a personal nature, whether it be a fax


or themselves, it would be a terrible thing for those people to


view. What about for you? Aerie similar to Gary. I'd just felt that


the whole `` very similar to Gary, I just thought that the coverage


showed a total lack of respect for the dads in the bereaved families.


Did you have an issue with the showing of the hand? I thought that


was in bad taste and overstepped a mark.


Syria and other places. There is a a few times, and the coverage


sense that they express, that it feels like a free for all at the


scene, and the coverage was pushing further and further into going close


on possessions and showing parts of bodies. First of all, this was a


horrible and terrible event, and the feelings of the families and the


wider audience are in our thinking as we cover the story. At the same


time, we do have to cover the story, and we have to convey impact in the


terror of what happened in eastern Ukraine, and that is why we deployed


highly experienced correspondents and reducers, and we have programme


editors back in London you are very experienced in getting the balance


right between the language, the pitches that we show, and what the


audience is able to stake in a story of such


you are put in a position, where I've felt it was bordering on


voyeurism, and I think that is totally unacceptable. There might be


cases where war has a lot of horror, but let's bear in mind that


a picture speaks a thousand words, but only if those words were worth


saying in the first place. This idea of this lack of respect. We know


that one reporter had to apologise for touching object that he had


found, and it is the sense that the camera has gone into close, and that


is part of the reason why viewers feel it is distressing. In terms of


the site itself, BBC correspondents stuck to the permitted roads and


routes and were not interfering with evidence there, and that would


actually say that teens across the `` teams across journalism and did


an important job there in terms of telling viewers and audiences in the


UK and around the world that this site was unsupervised and was not


being regulated, and it did not appear to be handled in the right


and proper way, and they need to find out what happened there and


they need to do the right thing by the people and families who were


involved in that terrible crash. Some of the specific images which


have raised complaints, with the benefit of hindsight, do you think


we would show them again? I think our imagery through the coverage has


been discussed and carefully considered, and I think this was an


unprecedented story in terms of its shock in the trauma around it, and


I'd think that we were well judged, but I will accept that some parts of


the audience will think that maybe there was something we should not


have said or shown. Thank you all for joining us.


Let us know your thoughts on the coverage of the plane crash in


Ukraine or any aspects of BBC News. After a brief rest in sports related


complaints, you have also been sending us your views about the


extent to which the Commonwealth Games have fissured the structure of


`` had featured on the news channel. This is where it will all kick off,


Scotland's biggest football stadium, with what promises to be a


spectacular opening ceremony in the presence of the Queen. The and


higher South stand has been transformed with a giant screen. ``


the entire. They are calling it Glasgow's we know on the


Commonwealth. The eyes of the world will be on this CD as Glasgow


Commonwealth Games in history. `` on Commonwealth Games in history. `` on


this city. A graphics extravaganza, but some you beers `` viewers


wonder... On Wednesday, the Games got


underway, and that evening, while the opening ceremony was being shown


on BBC One, and the news channel, the paper review was about to come


to a premature end. We think it is high time that interest rates


started to rise. I am sorry to interrupt you, but we have got this


Commonwealth Games ceremony going on and we just want to take a look at


it. Terrific to see him here... In fact, it was more than an hour


before the channel returned to the studio, punting a number of


complaints. Firstly, a question about the caption at the bottom of


the screen `` the screen there. That was not the end of the Games


related objections. Breakfast has decamped to Glasgow for the duration


of the Glasgow games. Here is Adam Church Hill.


We put that point to the breakfast show and were told...


Because of the coverage of the Commonwealth Games, this week in


Mexico's programme will not be repeated as normal on BBC One, but


we are back at 845 on Friday evening on the BBC News Channel, and you can


always watch us on the I player. Your opinion could feature on that


programme, just call us or e`mail us. You can find us on Twitter and


have a look at previous discussions on our website. That is all from us.


We will be back to hear your thoughts about BBC News coverage


again next week. Good evening. The storms we had in the southeast of


England have faded away now, and temperatures are going to


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