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Al-Hoceima Hello and welcome. Later on the programme... Jeremy Corbyn


comments went down well but was that because the audience was not well


represented or did the BBC handle the programme Rob Lee? And where


these pictures worthy of the attention they received? First,


election campaigns are often defined by actual or perceived blunders but


politicians caught on camera and microphones replayed endlessly


increasingly so in the media social media age. Jeremy Corbyn had this


encounter on Tuesday. How much will it cost to provide a means tested


childcare for 1.3 million children. It will cost... It will obviously


cost a lot to do so... I presume you have the figures? I will give you


the figure in a moment. You do not know it? You are logging into your


iPad. You're announcing a major policy and if you do not know how


much it will cost. It featured on BBC but many viewers felt that too


much was being made of a memory lapse...


Another few recorded her thoughts for us on video. On Tuesday, we had


the perfect illustration of the differential treatment of Labour and


the Conservatives. Headline News on all the broadcast media because


Jeremy Corbyn forgot her figure. Compare that to the treatment of


Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, who on the today


programme got his figures out by ?20 billion. It might have been balanced


if they mention that Labour had a fully costed manifesto whereas the


Tories manifesto was totally uncosted. Another election


controversy followed on Wednesday after a debate featuring


representatives of the seven main parties, including Amber Rudd and


Jeremy Corbyn. I was thinking how chaotic it would be if they all got


together... It felt by some viewers that it fell into chaos at times.


One told us she found debates like that...


More contentious the reaction of the audience put together by the polling


company who were commissioned by the BBC. Have you seen people sleeping


around our stations... CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Have you seen the level...


Jeremy Corbyn can you respond to that point... I am proud to lead


this party and I was a late did. -- elect did. When Amber Rudd spoke,


the audience responded in a less enthusiastic way. We have made it


clear decision to make sure that we protect the poorest in our society.


You have not. The pensioners will be protected. Judge us on our record...


LAUGHTER. The following morning, the Daily Mail front page screamed of by


yes and the Foreign Secretary called the audience the most left-wing he


had ever seen. It was a yammering cacophony of views, many of them


left wing. Even by the BBC standards, he would agree the


audience was notably to the left of many people in this country. What


did Newswatch view is think? One joins me. I was actually shocked by


the audience reaction I thought the jeering and sharing of some people


but the jeering of others was unacceptable. It seemed to be that


the audience was, at least 80%, left of centre in its buyers and I


thought that was completely unrepresentative of how the country


votes. You raise the issue of whether the audience was unbalanced.


The company said this earlier in the week. The reality was, the audience


was scrupulously put together, select it and verified and I think a


politician's clapometer is not the best way to judge how the voting


public is, to open the bonnet and understand how the audience was put


together. It is like constructing a giant 3-D jigsaw. You have to look


how representative is... Making sure it is a conservative of the 2015


result, the current voting tensions, the people who voted remain, until


you it absolutely was. You raise concerns about the panellists. What


was your concern about the way they came across and the way the debate


worked? I do not understand why there were seven speakers and a


number of them are from very small parties. If you look at the way


people voted, one got .6% of the vote in 2015 or stop they all got an


awful lot of air time and I do not know whether the audience... They


say everyone was represented, was the Conservative audience of 40


times... I just do not believe the audience was representative of the


country. You also spoke about the sense that five leaders were


essentially ganging up on Amber Rudd stop what could or should the BBC


have done differently? It was very difficult. It is send it into chaos.


It was shouting match. I thought Amber Rudd actually did very well,


under a lot of aggression. I think that the presenter should have


stopped some of these shouting. I think perhaps the BBC should have


thought about the format. Seven speakers is too much. Perhaps two


presenters. Ground rules at the beginning about not making personal


attacks and not shouting at people. Basically it was a complete turnoff.


I know a number of people who turned off the TV. At think it put most


people off politics. We asked the BBC to come and talk about the


concerns. No one is available at we do have a statement... -- but.


That is what the BBC have had to say. A final word to you. I do not


think that is correct. I do not think... I think the militant side


of the audience hijacked the programme. I think it is happening


more and more and I think if they were... If there was more central


right wing viewers perhaps they did not want to speak up and be


subjected to a barrage of abuse. Thank you very much. Finally, the


aftermath of last week 's bomb attack in Manchester continues to


attract headlines. CCTV footage of Salman Abedi Salman Abedi heralded


as a feature. Contact a Mac a young man in a hooded top, on his own on a


Sunday morning shop. In this footage obtained by the BBC, he looks


relaxed as he is captured on CCTV browsing the shelves. He spent a


pounds 74 and bought armaments, tuna, scouring pads and air


freshener. Staff in the shop believe this was Salman Abedi Salman Abedi.


Some viewers said they found this for you we stick and lacking in the


news value. One recorded her thoughts on camera. I simply could


not understand why that was considered to be major news and to


warrant the main spot. Of course, such a great event needed extensive


coverage but the coverage it should have been in use and not


sensationalism. So many other things happened that week which were not


mentioned or received a very scant coverage, to name one, 26 people


were killed on a bus in Egypt and yet it was hardly mentioned. I felt


really sad that taxpayers money is used to fund public broadcasting


that sometimes sinks to the level of tabloid journalism. Thank you for


all your comments this week. If you want to send us your opinion, call


us on the telephone number on the screen. You can also e-mail us. Post


your comments on Twitter and have a look at how website. -- our website.


We are off air next week in the aftermath of the general election


that in a fortnight we will be looking back at the campaign


coverage. We'll do the easy bit first and then


I'll give you the forecast, which is probably the bit


you're after, anyway. A mixture of sunny


spells and showers. Friday was not just


as straightforward.


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