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Welcome back to Outside Source. These are some of our main stories.


Donald Trump is furious. He has been denying claims that Russian


intelligence as compromising information about him. In his first


press conference since becoming President-elect he said the claims


are entirely fake. That was the beginning of a statement in which he


attacked the news, attacked the agenda of the media and generally


pushed back very hard at suggestions the Russians might have anything on


him that he believes is true. His nominee for Secretary of State has


been before the Senate. This is Rex Tillotson. We look at what he has


been saying and target through in just a couple of minutes. In Outside


Source sport we talk about Fiji and their incredible victory at the Rio


Olympics. The country took them to gold has been talking to the BBC.


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One fear has messaged and asked if we will talk about President Obama's


debate speech. We will play some part of that with the help of Nick


Donald Trump's press conference was in New York.


In Washington, the Senate has been holding confirmation hearings


for some of the nominees for the Trump administration.


Nearly all cabinet positions need Senate approval,


but rejections of major appointments are rare.


Senator Jeff Sessions is on his second day of questions.


Elaine Chao is nominated for Transport Secretary.


The focus though was on Rex Tillerson.


He is Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of State.


He would have expected questions about Russia.


In his capacity as the head of Exxon Mobil, he's had


He was given Russia's highest award for non-citizens.


He told Senators that Russia poses a danger,


but he urged for cooperation on common interests,


calling for an 'open and frank dialogue'.


He was also asked about Russia hacking allegations.


Based on your knowledge of Russian leaders and Russian politics, do you


believe these activities could have happened without the knowledge and


consent of Vladimir Putin? I am not in a position to make that


determination. I know there is classified information. You have


engaged in significant business activities in Russia, so I am sure


you are aware that very few things happen without Vladimir Putin giving


his permission. Based on your views and experiences of Russian politics,


is it possible for something involving the States election to


have happened without Vladimir Putin knowing about it and authorising it?


I think that is a fair assumption. We will get into the detail in a


minute, but this is a man who has been hugely successful in business


but he has not been a politician or a diplomat, how can you measure his


performance? I think he came across with a very good knowledge of


international affairs and world leaders, which is how he had been


presented any way. He had a clear grasp of Russia and its strategy,


which would be expected because he has had close ties with the Kremlin


for years, so he knows the Russians well. That is something that many


senators will appreciate and he also showed a fair amount of knowledge of


other of the main hotspots. He spoke about China, wanting to cooperate


with China but taking a more muscular response to its building of


islands in the South China Sea. All things senators will be glad to


hear. There were questions about the transition between being a


businessman who is negotiating for his profit with international


bidders and representing American interests, which are much wider and


include things like values and the pursuit of democracy and good


governance and so on. He did talk about the importance of these


values. It is not clear whether he has met those concerns, but it is


something that was put to him. I just wanted to play another clip of


Mr Taylor said. Mr Tillerson was also


asked about Exxon mobil's I am not asking you on behalf of


ExxonMobil, I am asking you whether those allegations about your


knowledge of climate science and decision to fund and promote a view


contrary to its awareness of the science, whether those allegations


are true or false? The question would have to be put to ExxonMobil.


Do you lack the knowledge to answer my question or are you refusing? A


little of both. He is not being frank, Barbara?


He dodged the question and said he dodged the question. They are


talking about research ExxonMobil did that indicated the fossil feels


damaged the climate and they suppressed that information because


it hid their bottom line. They are being taken to court for it. I think


he was not the head of ExxonMobil at the time. He has acknowledged the


damage that fossil feels good to the climate. It has come out in support


of the Paris climate treaty and he said to the Senate rethink that he


felt action needed to be taken because the risk was high enough,


although he didn't say what the action was. Healing him down on this


particular issue, he clearly wasn't ready to publicly accept


responsibility for the earlier position of this company. Help me


out with the practicalities, how long do the hearings take and do


they have to be done before Inauguration Day? If the Senate says


OK, is that the end of the matter? The hearings take as long as it


takes for the senators on the committee could ask all their


questions. They will continue tomorrow. They don't have to be done


by Inauguration Day, but if they are not done then there is a delay in


the appointment of Cabinet members so that this a Dong of the new


administration being able to take on its responsibilities. We appreciate


you explain that. Speak to you soon. Let's break away from US politics


and talk about sport. One of the stories of last year's


Rio Olympics was the Fiji Rugby It was the first gold


medal the Pacific island Now their story has been


made into a documentary. It has been really tough. You get


knocked down twice or more times than you can count. Easy people with


their houses destroyed. Nothing left. They still had their TV on and


they are still cheering. Fijians consider the second to religion.


Sevens is the number one game. We prayed for the Fiji team. Every man


woman and child, they all know everything about the team because


they follow it so fanatically. We are so unpredictable to other teams.


You will be chasing shadows when we are on form.


The team had a British coach, Ben Ryan.


It has been an amazing journey and there are so many stories that


aren't in that movie. Literally daily therapy something there would


be a curve ball thrown at you. Such an amazing journey we have been on.


29.9% of the population would watching and the team does well and


we get by colleges when we do. Fireworks go on, fireworks are sent


off. They are so passionately loyal about the team. There is a registry.


The guys who wear the shirt are keen to not let anyone down. The village


feeling, the team is very tight and very close and it is like being in a


family. Genetically, they are just so gifted and so talented and so


humble that the pressure doesn't really affect the team. They will


rise to it. Kelly Smith is England's all-time


leading scorer and she's She scored 46 goals for England here


she is on why it's time to stop. It just feels like the time is right


now. I think I have had a very good career at international level and


club level, I have travelled the world. At the age of 38, the body is


telling me that it needs to stop. I have had if you injuries along the


way. It just feels like the time is right. The game is in a magnificent


place and it is good to step away at this time.


Let's pick up on this with Ollie Foster. She did struggle an


extraordinary shift in the game. She absolutely did. The success of the


women's game, not just in Britain but in the world, she will be in the


top 20 of all-time players for what she has done for the game. Her


success is even more remarkable because in the early days she played


in some very dark days. She battled alcoholism that was brought on by


some serious knee and leg injuries. She came through that, straightened


herself out. 125 goals for Arsenal during three spells at the team. She


won 20 trophies with Arsenal. She was the first English player to


become professional when she went and spent time in the US where the


women's game took off in the early days. She is going into coaching.


She was to stay in the game and that will benefit Arsenal who have given


her a full-time coaching job. Kelly Smith is certainly the greatest


player that the women's game has produced. She came through terrible


adversity in her early days but at the ticket she says the time has


come for her to stop. She was struggling with knee injuries and I


am sure she will be a great coach. She will be going to Arsenal, you


mentioned. And we compare the men's and women's game? To what degree is


the women's can expanding? Still expanding and not happy about that


comparison. They are on their own trajectory. In the English game they


have been mucking around with the schedule of the calendar. It is


going back to mimic the men's game. They tried super league, it didn't


quite work with calendar clashes and conflicts. They have this mini


league coming up in the spring before everything starts again with


the rest the world and the Wicker men's lake. The women's game doing


well. Crowds are growing, not as quickly as they would like, but it


is in a healthy state. One career comes to end,


this one doesn't seem He turns 50 next month and he's just


signed a contract extension with the Japanese football club


Yokohama FC. He made his pro debut


in 1987 in Brazil. That's when Lionel Messi


was born by the way. He did retire from international


football just the 17 years ago, Well, I was mentioning if you're in


Ireland was asking why we haven't mentioned President Obama. We are


going to talk about him and his farewell speech in just a few


minutes. There he is coming out to deliver it. We have a report on how


it went. The mounting pressure on the NHS has


been underlined by the head of NHS hospital trusts in England,


who's told MPs it's time to stop pretending the NHS can afford to do


everything with the money it's His was one of a number of stark


warnings today, as our If there's one story which sums up


the current state of the NHS, it's Pat's, she couldn't get a local


doctors visit and fearing she had pneumonia had


to go to her local A, but once she got there she had


to wait 19-hours for a bed. I were crying, weren't I,


when we are were sat Through tiredness of, you know,


being there as long as we were. Pat has this message


for politicians. There's loads of hospitals that's


in the same position - go and see them and then say -


right, we'll sit down and see The local Hospital Trust said


on the day in question the pressure was higher than usual,


but safety was monitored closely. Some hospitals are managing


better than others. Here in Exeter, senior consultants


are at the front door of A, ensuring only the sickest


patients are admitted. They can send some straight home,


keeping beds free for others. As soon as you admit an elderly


patient to hospital, there's a risk that they are going to deteriorate,


they're going to lose muscle power and also they might get


into the system of doing more and more investigations


which actually doesn't necessarily There's no doubt of the huge


strain on the NHS. Figures leaked to the BBC showed


a big increase last week in the number of patients in England


waiting 12-hours or more on trolleys because hospital


beds weren't available. Several hospitals fell far short


of targets for A waiting times, and medical profession leaders


are warning that lives are at risk. Our council members specifically


have said to me that this The main representative


of England's hospitals had a stark warning for MPs


about the longer term implications. I think the biggest concern is,


to be frank, if we carry on on the current trajectory,


I think what we begin to bring into question is the entire


sustainability of the NHS model. The NHS is always very busy


early in the new year, The question is - will the pressure


ease off any time soon? A burst of cold weather or,


for example, an upsurge in flu cases could add to the high levels


of pressure being Some say the NHS is in perpetual


winter, with patient demand Today's problems


could yet intensify. Our lead story is that of Donald


Trump has given his first press conference as President-elect to


questions on a range of subjects. Central to his message was a


rejection of the idea that Russian intelligence holds any compromising


information on him that would allow them to blackmail him. He said it


was fake news. If you are outside of the UK it is would his American


next. It will have a story of a painter he made a single image for


every day President Obama was in office. That up to nearly 3000


paintings. Here in the UK it is the news at ten next. We will have more


on the financial markets and the story we were talking about, the


FTSE 100 continuing its record-breaking streak.


Here is a tweet from the account used by President Obama. He said


that last as is the same as the first, believe that in my ability to


change, but in yours. If you were watching this time yesterday we were


looking forward to his farewell address.


He is one of the most gifted speakers ever


The poet laureate of his own presidency.


And his farewell words were uttered in his adopted city of Chicago,


where he worked as a community organiser where he celebrated


He came here to define and defend his legacy.


If I told you eight years ago that America would reverse


Shut down Iran's nuclear weapons programme without firing a shot...


Take out the mastermind of 9/11, you might have said that our


There were no direct attacks on Donald Trump,


but much of the speech read like a rebuttal to the


billionaire's campaign to the President-elect's Twitter feed.


Democracy can buckle when it gets into fear.


That is why I rejected discrimination against


APPLAUSE CHEERING Who are just as patriotic as we are.


Seldom has there been such a photogenic presidency.


It has had the luck of a black Camelot, and the thank


you to his wife Michelle left him struggling to contain his emotions.


You took on a roll that you did not ask for.


The great wordsmith rendered speechless,


And, he ended with three famous words which brought such hope that


It was a presidency which began with a mountaintop experience


of becoming the first black man to live in a White House


But it ended in the valley, with the knowledge that Donald Trump


will try to strangle his signature achievements, and tried


I just hope that President-elect Trump will take on some


of his pointers and carry the torch of being fair to all people.


But I know that will take some work, so we will wait on it.


Barack Obama is a leader who will have the word "era"


attached to his name, but some will see it as a great


That the name "Trump" now looms so large.


You can see clips from the speech and Donald Trump's press conference


they are on the BBC website. The winter freeze in Europe is


hitting migrants particularly hard. In Greece, temperatures plummeted


to freezing levels not seen since the 1960s,


with rare snow falling The BBC's Howard Johnson has


travelled to a refugee camp Now, there's not water,


nothing inside. I have just arrived


at the Malakasa refugee camp. There is an impromptu demonstration


here against the conditions We would have a look


inside ourselves, but we Apparently there is a blanket


ban on media filming The containers, they didn't have


a door, they didn't have windows. It's not like people didn't


know winter was coming. You know, just like


clockwork, winter hits. In this particular camp,


the only winterisation that has been done as far as infrastructure has


been done by us. The first floor, so we could move


the family is in from the tent. And, basically, none of the large


organisations could manage to do Girls and boys fighting


with the snow. We've time just before we go


to bring you some of the key moments earlier today


in President-elect Trump's first There was a time when it was assumed


he made changes ways. There is an assumption that when he was the


nominee that if you were to win the election he might approach matters


in a different way. It is becoming very clear that Donald Trump is very


much the same month we have always seen.


I think it is a disgrace and I say that and that is something that Nazi


Germany would have done and did do. It is a disgrace that information


that was false and fake and never happened but released to the public.


If Putin likes of Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a


liability, because we have a horrible relationship with Russia.


Russia can help us fight Islamic State. As far as mothers feed, which


is a Philip Ryan of garbage, I think they will suffer the consequences.


As far as CNN going out of their way to build up. Quiet. Quite. She is


asking a question. Don't be rude. Don't be rude. I am not going to


give you a question. You are fake news. Trump becomes president on


January 20. I will see tomorrow at the same