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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello, I'm Ros Atkins, this is Outside Source.


Donald Trump has given his first press conference


He took the stage, gave a statement, and then took questions


on Obamacare, conflicts of interest, his proposed wall on


the Mexican border - and whether he is vulnerable


I saw the information, I read the information,


it's all fake news, it's all phoney, it didn't happen.


If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a


liability, because we have a horrible relationship with Russia.


He finished by using a phrase we all know.


They do a bad job, I'll say, you're fired.


We'll take you through all the key moments of that press conference.


And then we'll turn to the confirmation hearing


of Rex Tillerson, who Donald Trump wants to become Secretary of State.


We will play you clips and schedule analysis.


We've correspondents in New York and Washington,


plus the BBC's North America editor Jon Sopel will be live with me


And across the hour, if you have questions on what Mr Trump said, you


can use our hashtag, my contact details and the e-mail address are


on screen. Send as your questions, we have live reporters through the


hour to give you some answers. Every part of Donald Trump's


successful journey to the White House has been passionate,


abrasive, different and divisive. The same can be said


of his first press conference. This was from Mr Trump's


opening statement. Thank you very much, it is very


familiar territory, News conferences, because we used to give


them on an almost daily basis, I think we have probably maybe won the


nomination because of news conferences, it is good to be with


you. We stopped giving them because we were getting quite a bit of an


accurate news, but I do have to say, and I must say, that I want to thank


a lot of the news organisations here today. Because they looked at that


nonsense that was released by, maybe, the intelligence agencies,


who knows? Maybe the intelligence agencies, which would be age Mendis


blot on their record if they, in fact, did that. A tremendous


blotter. What Mr Trump is talking


about there are reports that Russia's intelligence agencies hold


compromising personal They come in a dossier believed


to have been written by a former CNN reported that US intelligence


had shown a summary of the dossier And Donald Trump


is furious with both. As you'll see in this next clip


from the press conference. I think it was disgraceful,


disgraceful, that the intelligence agencies allowed any information


that turned out to be so false and fake out. I think it is a disgrace.


And I say that, and I say that, and that is something that Nazi Germany


would have done, and they do. I think it is a disgrace. But


information that was false and fake that never happened got released to


the public as far as BuzzFeed, which is a failing pile of garbage writing


it, I think they will suffer the consequences, they already are. And


as far as CNN going out of their way to build it up, and, by the way, we


just found out, I was coming down, Michael Cohen is a very talented


lawyer, a good friend, he has just reported that it was not this one


they were talking about. All night long it is him, I said, I want to


see your passport, he brings it to my office, I say, wait a minute, he


was not out of the country. They said that he was in Prague. It


turned out to be a different person with the same name. It is a disgrace


what took place, it is a disgrace. I think they ought to apologise to


Michael, to start with. REPORTER: President-elect, since you are


attacking us, can you give us a chance? Not you, your


organisation... Go ahead. Quiet. Go ahead. She is asking a question,


don't be rude. Don't be rude. Don't be rude. No, I am not going to give


you a question. You are fake news. The reporter not being allowed


to ask a question by Donald Trump "Fortunately ABC's Cecilia Vega


asked my question about whether any Lots of people were upset by the


nature of that exchange. Trump also says the incoming


White House press secretary Sean Spicer threatened to kick him


out of the press conference I apologise, Jim Acosta from CNN


said that. What about BuzzFeed? It editor Ben Smith said the decision


to publish the dossier is, and this is from the statement he tweeted,


our presumption is to be transparent in our journalism and to share what


we have with reasons, we publish the dossier so that Americans can make


up their own minds about allegations that Donald Trump... About the


president that have circulated at the highest levels of the US


government. He also mentioned the media and went


on to say, publishing this document was not an easy or simple call and


people of goodwill may disagree with our choice.


It is fair to say that Donald Trump disagrees. It is worth emphasising


that the story is not so much about the allegations, the BBC and other


organisations have been aware of them and we simply can't verify


them, the story is that US intelligence, having got this


dossier, decided it was sufficiently important that they gave a summary


bid to Donald Trump and Barack Obama, that is the story that the


BBC is focusing on. -- gave a summary of it too.


Donald Trump also spoke about those allegations that Russian hacking


attempted to influence the presidential election.


Here he is on matter. I think it was Russian, but I think


we will also hacked by other countries and other people -- we


were also hacked. I can say that when we lost 22 million names and


everything else that was hacked recently, they didn't make a big


deal out of that, that is something that was extraordinary, probably


China. We had much hacking going on. That's the first time Mr Trump has


explicitly said that Russia carried out hacking


during the presidential election. Which led him on to talking


about his potential relationship If Putin likes Donald Trump, I


consider that an asset, not a liability. We have a horrible


relationship with Russia, Russia can help us fight ices which, by the


way, is, number one, tricky. This administration created Isis by


leaving at the wrong time. The void has created, Isis was formed. If


Putin likes Donald Trump, guess what, that is an asset, not a


liability. I don't know that I will get along with Vladimir Putin. I


hope I do, but there is a good chance I won't. And if I don't, do


you honestly believe that Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me?


Does anybody in this room really believe that? Give me a break.


Let's bring in the BBC's Anthony Zurcher from Washington, DC. When


Donald Trump won, the media in the US did a lot of hand-wringing about


not seeing it coming, it has had quite a few weeks to get ready for


this press conference but did not land many punches? It reminded me a


lot of the ones he had during his primary campaign, all over the


place, occasionally acrimonious, he would tend to pick out an enemy and


beat that, in this case the enemy was CNN, BuzzFeed and other members


of the press, as well as calling into question the intelligence


community, but part of the nature of these kind of conferences is it is


very difficult to follow up questions, very easy for Donald


Trump to turn those questions back on the questioner, to dodge or evade


whatever he does not want to answer, particularly if the question is one


of these four or five multipart questions that reporters like to do


when presidential press conferences, Donald Trump would just pick the


question that he wanted to say, answer that and let the rest slide.


I think we learned some interesting things about what Donald Trump


intends to do with his business empire, some of the things about


health care policy, a timeline on Supreme Court nominations, a little


bit more on how he will try to get Mexico to pay for the border wall


through taxes, not some sort of check up front, but other than that,


lots of it was sound and fury. When he was going for the nomination we


sometimes discussed how things would change if he became the nominee.


When he was the nominee there were suggestions about whether he would


change as President-elect, it seems he is not changing at all, this is


the man as he has always been a dozen Americans voted for him? You


are right, I think the talk of a Trump pivot, whatever it was, we


never saw that. Donald Trump is who he is, he has been the same Donald


Trump on Twitter over last few weeks as he was when running for president


and even before he entered the political arena, that is Donald


Trump and he will not change for better or worse, we will have to


adjust and react to it. For the next four years, I think. You mentioned


policy details, let's work through some of the more significant ones,


what did you pick out as being, we did not know that before and we know


now? The top line was what he said about the business empire, that he


would hand over control of his sprawling financial domain to his


sons, but he would not divest himself of ownership nor would he


set up some sort of blind trust, he brought on a lawyer to talk about


the details of this and she said that Donald Trump can't really


forget that he owns Trump Tower, which is a ballad point. He knows


where his golf courses and real estate holdings are so it'll be hard


for him to operate without that knowledge, but lots of critic said


he needed to take more steps to make sure he had no appearance of


conflict-of-interest when he was taking actions for his presidency,


and the things he announced, I am pretty sure they will not satisfy


those critics. I mentioned the Mexican wall, he said that instead


of having some sort of upfront payment from Mexico that there might


be some sort of tax or border levy installed, maybe within a year, that


there would be negotiations. The other key thing that he talked about


was health care reform, talk about delaying and repealing ObamaCare, he


wants to see some sort of action unappealing ObamaCare, which he says


is ruinous, in the next several weeks after his human health and


services nominee is confirmed, and as soon as it is repealed a


replacement has to be brought up almost instantaneously. That is the


heavy-lift, legislatively, and people in Congress are probably


getting nervous that Donald Trump is setting that deadline, it looks like


that is what he will push for. Thank you, Anthony Zurcher will be


back with us later in the programme. Now let's talk about the dossier is


a more. -- some more. The BBC's Paul Wood has spent


several months looking into this now-infamous dossier that has


so angered Mr Trump The BBC has known about it for some


weeks but we have not been able to publish it or verify its contents.


This document has circulated for some time in Washington, it was


known about in the congressional leadership, senior intelligence


figures, in September and October. Some of the big American papers got


hold of it, as did we in the BBC, in the last week of the election. Many


people felt they could not publish it because they did not know if it


was true. I managed to pass on questions to the CIA officers, or


some of them, dealing with the case file. It would be illegal for them


to talk to me directly but I got a message back from them saying it was


more than one table, audio as well as video, in more than one location,


not just the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow but St Petersburg as well, more than


one data, material of the sexual nature which they regarded as


credible. I spoke to a retired spy in August to tilt me quite


independently of the MI6 officer, the only source in the American


media, that he had been informed by the head of an Eastern European


intelligence agency of blackmail Tate possessed by the Russians with


material of the sexual nature about Mr Trump. None of this is to say


that anybody is endorsing these claims, but there are certainly --


there is certainly sufficient credibility for the intelligence


community to pass them onto Mr Obama, the congressional leadership


and Mr Trump, who is angry. Some viewers would say wouldn't Russia


have an interest in Mr Trump thinking they had this kind of thing


on him? They're all sorts of explanations, one of which, I spoke


to an expert on Russia who said that FSB officers like to boast that they


have compromising material, they make a lot of use about as part of


the tradecraft and they are always boasting about this or that public


figure possibly being the subject of blackmail, we do not know unless we


see the tape at the Russians will not release it, so it comes down to


whether these FSB officers are credible, we are getting it second


through an MI6 officer who everybody says is credible, has long


experience in Moscow, but these are allegations and hearsay evidence,


nobody has seen the tape. That said, the allegations about the


tape are not coming out in isolation, there has been an


interagency task force comprising the FBI on one hand and the CIA on


the other, looking at allegations that money was passed to Mr Trump


was my campaign through some of his associates, a secret court warrant


was granted a couple of weeks before voting, again, these are


allegations, nobody is saying they are proven, but I would not be


surprised to see congressional hearings on this. Want you in the UK


sees it -- says that if these tapes were known about months ago, why was


that not released? -- one viewer in the UK says. I can only speak about


the BBC, we were aware of the dossier but could not verify any of


the allegations in it, which is why the story was taking a little while.


CNN has reported the fact that US intelligence showed a summary of the


dossier to Donald Trump and Barack Obama. As to why BuzzFeed published


the editor of BuzzFeed who took a decision and has dealt with that on


Twitter throughout the day. Later we will talk about Donald


Trump Usman business interests with the help of the mirror Hussein. We


will look in more detail about the measures he has taken to put


distance between him and his businesses once he is in the White


House. The former British ambassador


to the United States, Sir Christopher Meyer,


says Trump's rocky relationship with the intelligence agencies -


even before he's taken office - is concerning for both US


and world security. In this press conference, although


he did not exactly underlined this coming hugely suggested that the


intelligence agencies might be behind the publicly King of these


allegations, such that they have appeared in certain news agencies --


the public the king. You might say this is a renewed war between


himself and the intelligence agencies, you are quite right to say


that for a president to start his term of office on bad relations,


very bad relations, with the intelligence agencies, it is not


brilliant for American security and not brilliant for world security or


the security of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.


This is Outside Source live from the BBC newsroom.


Donald Trump gave his first press conference as President-elect -


facing questions on Obamacare, conflicts of interest


and whether he is vulnerable to blackmail by Russia.


It was his first press conference in almost six months. Some of the main


stories from the BBC World Service...


BBC China report that Taiwan used military jets to monitor a Chinese


aircraft carrier as it sailed close to the island.


China has said it was carrying out a standard naval drill


Tensions between China and Taiwan have been running high


since Donald Trump chose to take a call from the Taiwanese


A cold snap across Southern and Eastern Europe is now thought


to have caused 30 people to lose their lives.


Many of those who've died were migrants living


We have a report from Greece on this story later in the programme.


Donald Trump knew he'd be asked about possible


He took it head on - even had a huge pile of paperwork


relating to his businesses up on the stage with him.


Here he is explaining what he will do.


What I'm going to be doing is that my two sons, who are right here, Don


and Eric, will be running the company. They are going to be


running it in a very professional manner, they will not discuss it


with me. Again, I don't have to do this. They will not discuss it with


me. And, with that, I will bring up Cheri Dillon, these papers are among


many documents I have signed showing complete and total turnover of


control to my sons. Samira Hussain has been looking


into those conflicts in New York Can you explain blind trust? Mr


Trump has said he will turn over the management of the Trump organisation


to his two sons and another trusted advisor and he will completely step


away from any sort of business decisions. In addition, he has said


that the Trump organisation will not have any international deals as long


as he is in office, and with regards to domestic deals, that will be


subject to the approval of their own appointed ethics advisers, so the


ethics adviser will say to the Trump boys whether or not the deal could


go through and whether it is upholding the standards of ethics


here in the United States. Is that satisfying people concerned about


this? That is the question. Likely it will


probably not satisfy everyone. There are a few problems with what he has


already established. First, he has divested anything. Because he has


not divest did anything, he still has a vested interest in how the


company is run and its success. In that way he is not really providing


enough distance between himself and the Trump organisation. It is not a


blind trust, because he has given management over to his two sons, the


truest sense of the blind trust would mean it would have to be an


outside adviser, someone that the Trump organisation does not know


what all, but that does not really exist with his two sons. Finally, it


is really hard to say that you don't care how well your sons do, it is in


his interest that they do well, and the sharing of information, it is


such a slippery slope. Thank you for taking us through


that, we appreciated. Mr Trump has interests in 144


companies operating in 25 countries. We were talking about the FTSE 100


yesterday. Yesterday the FTSE 100 index -


the UK's leading measure of share prices - closed at a record high


for the ninth day in a row. As you can see, it continues to


increase, in part related to the value of sterling, companies that


operate abroad can make more money when they turn their foreign


currency into sterling. Let's get the analysis of the BBC's


North American editor Jon Sopel on what we saw earlier from Donald


Trump. He was on the front but, he was


going to come up fighting, you would not have expected anything


different. Even from the extraordinary standards that one


accepts as the new normal from Donald Trump, it was that on


something beyond. -- and something beyond. What came out of it was the


really fraught relationship he will have much as with the media, we


expected that, but the intelligence services. It almost seems in the


news conferences that he thought the word of the CIA and the FBI were


somehow worth less than the word of Vladimir Putin, he quoted


favourably. That will be a fraught relationship going forward. My other


takeout was that Donald Trump was the genius jury the campaign of


using social media to bite, to hit at opponents, and whether this news


is fake or not, you felt today that he has been bitten and you had his


supporters and him saying that this fake news is a disgrace and


disgusting, you heard less of it when it was Hillary Clinton on the


receiving end during the campaign. I know you expect a tough relationship


between the media and the president when he takes office, nonetheless I


can't recall a press conference where a figure of the seniority in


US politics was quite as abrasive with a couple of journalists. Maybe


you have been an press conferences where you have seen something like


that? Good god I have been an endless rallies where at some point


during Donald Trump 's Mike 's speech he says, the media, have you


ever seen such a bunch of liars? A mole dishonest group you will never


meet. I guess I thought it would be different. Why, this is how he


operates. An awful lot of the American public distrust and dislike


the media. Among his core supporters it will not make a lot of


difference, but remember what Donald Trump said when he won, I will unite


the United States of America, bring people together and be a healer. I


think the people who love Donald Trump will still love him at the end


of this, I think the people who hate Donald Trump will still hate him at


the end of this. I think America remains as polarised on America's


45th president has ever before. He set out a very ambitious timetable,


I will do this on day one, this update two, does he have the support


on the hill to get those measures through? I think he probably will. I


think Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate,


which is what we mean by the Hill, are scared of him, I think he is


using that to great effect. I think he is very powerful in a legislative


position. He is not omnipotent, he has to watch his step. If the


perception comes about that foreign policy towards Russia is in any way


being dictated by something the criminal Matt -- Kremlin might have


over him, dangerous. Jon will be back in Washington soon


continuing his coverage of Donald Trump. I will speak to you in a


couple of minutes.