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These are some of the main stories. The German and French leaders have


defended Europe against remarks by Donald Trump who praised Britain's


voted to leave the European Union and said he believed other countries


would follow suit. In Kurdistan the death toll from a Boeing 747


aeroplane crash has gone over 30. It crashed into a village close to the


airport where it was trying to land. We will have some of the best squash


action from New York and we will have astonishing footage of the solo


race around the world. And we have got a report from South Korea about


an effort to rehouse dogs who have been bred for eating.


If you are a regular viewer, you know you can access everything


coming through the BBC newsroom via our screen. Some important breaking


news coming from Turkey. This is writers quoting a newspaper website,


and elsewhere in Turkish media, the new year's Eve Istanbul nightclub


attack, or the suspect, has been caught in Istanbul. You will


remember the attack on New Year's Eve, 39 people lost their lives and


over 600 were in the nightclub that was attacked. Since then there have


been huge efforts to find the chief suspect. There is speculation he may


come from satchel Asia, although that has not been confirmed. He has


been found according to the news media. I will bring more


confirmation when we get it. In the meantime, that Donald Trump


interview with The Times newspaper. Let's focus on what he said about


Brexit. I thought the UK was so smart in getting out. You were there


and you guys wrote it and put it on the front page. Donald Trump said


that Brexit was going to happen. Yes. Right? And it happened and


everyone thought I was crazy. Barack Obama said, they are going to the


back of the line. Now we are at the front of the cube. I think you are


doing great. Countries want their own identity. The UK wanted its own


identity, but I do believe this. If they had not been forced to take in


all of the refugees, so many of them and with all the problems that


entails, you would not have a Brexit. It probably would have


worked out. A lot of you have seen that clip and noted what my


colleague, Tom Baker men, notice, it is Donald Trump seems to be


confusing refugees and EU migrants regarding the Brexit vote. Britain


was not forced to take any refugees in the last 12 months. While Michael


Gove was doing the interview for the Times, he was the senior member of


the government who decided to campaign for Brexit in the spring of


last year. After David Cameron resign he announced he would run for


the leadership of the Conservative Party, but he did not win and he was


sacked from the government by Theresa May. But he remains a


Conservative member of Parliament. Here he is today discussing the


experience of interviewing Donald Trump. He managed to generate from


him compelling news on a variety of issues, including the commitment to


a rapid trade deal with Theresa May. Do you trust that? Even if you take


Syria, he was praising Russia by getting involved in the Syrian


conflict because they were bashing Isis. Now he has said it has helped


cause a humanitarian crisis. Which is it? These are diametrically


opposite views. When he says he wants a quick trade deal, do you


trust him? President Donald Trump will be different from candidate


Donald Trump. Some people might say that is a good thing or a bad thing.


Some people say it is a dangerous thing. Some things he said as


candidates are deeply worrying and I hope he rows back from some of the


things he said. Brexit inevitably featured in the interview with the


President elect and it will be a central issue of the major speech by


Theresa May on Tuesday. Some analysts think that speech helps us


understand what has happened to the pound today. It has reached a


three-month low. It is lower than it has been for three months. We cannot


be sure that the connection is exact, but lots of analysts are


saying so. The Prime Minister cannot promise to get into talks on trade


deals with the President elect yet. That process cannot start until the


UK is out of the European Union. He is Rob Watson, our political


correspondent. It depends on what you mean by the word quick. It is


absolutely true, until it has left the EU, part of the rules of the


membership of the EU is you cannot cut a trade deal until you leave the


EU. We are talking about two years in the shortest. But nonetheless,


some people will like the tone of Donald Trump. I am going to be crude


about this. There is one school of thought and summer assay it is


brilliant, it strengthens Theresa May's hand in the negotiations with


the EU because she can say, I will get a trade deal with the richest


country in the world. The diametrically opposed view is what


are we doing? What is Britain doing getting too close to someone like


Donald Trump? He is a person that many persons were describing as


unfit for office. It cuts both ways. Is this a bit delicate? Theresa May


has not met Donald Trump yet and already somebody she defeated in the


leadership race has. Yes, it is. A lot of people where I work are


saying there is something awful about the British Government having


to suck up to Donald Trump because it has burned its bridges with the


Brussels. Some people are saying it is shameless and queasy. Lots of


other people on the Brexit sides are saying, come on, of course we have


got to do deals with the US. A word about the speech, we are short on


details, will that change? It is amazing. The referendum was only six


one thing for sure, and that is she one thing for sure, and that is she


once this process to begin before the end of March. What we will learn


is that tomorrow she favours a hard Brexit. She will say something like


we are not going to stay in a little bit, we are going to get out. There


will be extensive coverage of that speech. You can get it on the BBC


News channel or on BBC world News outside the UK. We have got a lot of


sport to get through. We finally know who will replace the Formula


one world champion. The replacement is Valterri Bottas. It is


significant because he will be alongside Lewis Hamilton. Yes, it


will be interesting to see how that relationship unfolds in 2017 when


the season gets under way. It was a name in the frame when Nico Rosberg


surprised many five days after winning the number one spot,


announcing he was going to retire. Valterri Bottas has always been


linked with that vacancy at Mercedes. He has had relative


success with Williams, the team he has been with until today. He picked


up his first podium finish and since then he has finished on the podium


nine times. He has never actually won a race. When he links up with


Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes that will be the first thing on the


agenda, to get that first Formula one top spot under his belt.


Interesting to hear what Lewis Hamilton said on Twitter. He said,


welcome to the team. Perhaps the relationship between them will not


be as combustible as it was with Nico Rosberg last season. Toto


Wolff, the Mercedes team chief, has said, it is time to see how he can


step up to challenge for wins and championships, Valterri Bottas. He


will be expected to challenge for those big wins when the season comes


around. It has left a vacancy at Williams. Felipe Massa will go into


a fourth consecutive season with Williams. He had announced his


retirement at the end of last season, but he is back in the with


Williams. A hugely experienced driver and he is alongside a


relatively inexperienced driver because Williams have announced


their line-up. He is an 18-year-old Canadian, he has been a test driver


with Williams and he has now got the top job alongside Felipe Massa. It


will be interesting to see how he fares because he comes with a huge


amount of money behind him from his father, a Canadian businessman, who


is estimated to be worth 2.4 billion on the Forbes rich list. He has been


instrumental in his son's career and they have moved around the circuit


There is Michael Gove popping up in looking for that


There is Michael Gove popping up in the sport section! But I do not


think it is to do with Chinese football.


Teams in the Chinese Super League will only be allowed to play


three foreign players in the upcoming season.


It says the changes are aimed at addressing


irrational investments - we'll see if they work.


Some of you will be saying, my football club does irrational


investment is no matter what we tell them to do. Carlos Tevez is


reportedly on $740,000 a week. You heard that right. We can hear from


an academic in Massachusetts, but he also writes about Chinese football


for a football blog. Here he is talking about whether he is


surprised at this new rule. I am surprised in some ways. The focus is


you still have five foreign players on a match day squad, but only three


can play. In the past you had five persons at camp and three plus one


in terms of who could play. You had three players from Europe or South


America and one Asian player. It is surprising perhaps, but the goal is


to eliminate some of them, rather than to eliminate the top talent.


Does this mean they are intending to try and win the World Cup? They


realise ultimately the World Cup requires Chinese players, so it


gives more chances for Chinese players to develop their game. It


also requires each match day squad has one player under 23 years old,


so this is a focus on bringing through the youth talent. In the UK


there has been speculation about Diego Costa and whether he will go


to China. Will this new rule affect the kind of money being splashed on


marquee players? It is meant to give a hint to clubs that they should


invest with rationality in mind, whatever that means. But I do think


it is more targeted at limiting races rather than top players coming


to China, so I would not be surprised if Diego Costa made the


move. You have watched Chinese football for a while, is the


standard going up? It definitely is. One thing to emphasise over the past


year is they reward parity. So you have teams like Shanghai who have


great players, so it is not just a power has, it is hopefully more


spread out now. It's a nonstop solo yacht race -


and the Welsh sailor He may have just


broken a world record. It's yet to be verified


but his team says he travelled The race is reaching the sharp end -


there are only a few days to go - Armel Le Clee is leading but that


lead is coming down and down. Hello, everybody, a new 24 hour


record. It feels like a long time coming. I should have broken it two


months ago. Well, I almost did, but less than by one mile. So very happy


about that. Really it is about trying to get as close to our man as


possible and I am struggling a bit and I am not catching him up as much


as I would like. The race is expected to finish on Thursday on


the Atlantic coast on France and all the organisers are predicting a


tight finish. Let's switch from France to New York because squash is


hosting the champion of champions. Grand Central Station with the


squash court right in the middle of it. This is the best rally from over


the weekend. Now the grunting is coming! Wow! The


rocket is going around the court! He will take off in a minute, surely?


That was a very tough rally for both guys. Nicolas Muller against Simon


Rosner. They are training partners. It is the quarterfinals today and


tomorrow we will bring you the best rally at the same time tomorrow. I


want to go back to the story that we broke a few minutes ago about


Turkey. The man widely suspected of being the attacker, in the Istanbul


nightclub were over 30 people lost their lives. There are multiple


sources in Turkish media are all saying the same thing, that the man


whose images have been circulated by the Turkish authorities, there were


suggestions that he may be connected to a central Asian country, and


another said he was connected to China, we do not know, but according


to many sources in the Turkish media, the man whose image was


shared widely by Turkish authorities as they sought the attacker behind


that horror on New Year's Eve, he has been picked up and we expect to


get more details on that perhaps this evening, certainly tomorrow. In


a few minutes I have a report to show you about race relations in the


US. Also what President Obama has achieved. We will play the report in


full in a minute. A year and a half ago 30 British


tourists died in an attack in Tunisia and an inquest said some of


them might be alive if security forces had acted more quickly. Let's


quit more details from Daniela Ralph.


As the hearing began the names of those who died were read out,


followed by a minute's silence, 30 British tourists murdered on


holiday. They included three generations of one family, married


couples and a teenager. The inquest heard they had needlessly lost their


lives. Mobile phone footage shows the chaos and confusion during the


attack. Families watched it in court, listening to the sound of


gunfire and the sense of panic. The gunman was a 23-year-old who was


eventually shot dead by the security forces. But he had been intent on


killing tourists. The inquest also watched CCTV footage from around the


resort, the lone gunman on the beach armed with an automatic weapons and


explosives, and also roaming around inside the hotel, looking for his


next victims. The British police team put together this map of his


movements. The red arrow indicates where he started shooting near the


sun lounges, before moving to the terrace and outdoor pool area and


into the hotel. He killed everywhere he went. There were no clear signs


of police or security guards tried to stop him. The council to the


inquest referred to a statement from a Tunisian witness. She told the


court, he said the security units that should have intervened in the


event deliberately and unjustifiably slowed down to delay their arrival


at the hotel. They had the ability to put an end to the attack before


the police arrived, but wasted a considerable amount of time in


getting to the hotel. These inquests cannot lay blame, but they can offer


guidance. The family is here just want to know how their loved ones


came to die in such a horrifying way.


We are alive in the BBC newsroom, our lead story is that German and


French leaders have responded strongly against comments that


Donald Trump has made praising Brexit. He said the European Union


is a vehicle for Germany and other countries may follow the UK out of


it. It is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in


the US when the civil rights struggles of the 1960s are


remembered. In the final week of the United States' first black


president, how much leeway as Barack Obama made?


There were civil rights battle ground of course across this


country, but few as lethal as those in this state. In one of his last


acts as president, Barack Obama has designated certain sites here in


Alabama important in the civil rights movement as national


monuments and they include this motel which was used as a


headquarters for some time by Martin Luther King. Around the corner


stands a church that was bombed by white supremacists in one of the


pivotal moments. President Obama has now made this a national monument as


well, in honour of the four young girls who were killed. 11-year-old


Denise McNair was one of those who died in the bombing, an event that


sparked national outrage. A church is supposed to be your sanctuary, so


for that to happen in a church, I think those who may have been on the


side of segregation had to take a second look. During his presidency,


Barack Obama paid tribute to the historical events that helped pave


his own way to the White House. He concluded by inviting the McNair


family to Washington. I gave him a big bear hug when I walked into the


room and then he hugged me later on before leaving. But it is for other


reasons that they feel strongly he has lifted up other African


Americans for so years. So long the perception that black was bad. Black


people are not smart enough or kind enough and he dispelled the myth of


all of that. He is highly educated, he is kind and respectful, there


could not have been a better first black American president. Of course,


many others here have been counting down the days until Barack Obama


leaves office and Donald Trump takes over. I believe Barack Obama is the


most divisive president in well over a generation. Why? I believe he


played the race issue. Man should not be judged by the colour of their


king, but of the content of their character and Barack Obama reminded


people of the colour of their skin and forced it to be a racial issue


and that was negative for our country. Bryan Stevenson is one of


the most prominent civil rights lawyers in America today and he is


perplexed by that sentiment. I think he tried really hard to counter the


idea that he was there just for people of colour and his policies


reinforced that. I do not believe you can point to many things that he


did that would be, quote, racially divisive. We had moments in this


country, police shootings being dramatic, that were polarising to


people, but I cannot find much that he did that any other Democrat would


have done. Many of us think he encountered hostility and obstacles


and challenges that he might not have intended. Many others feel


Barack Obama was not given a chance by some simply because he was black.


For a lot of African Americans it is important that race is constantly


being brought up in this country. In spite of the inspiration President


Obama may have provided, and it seems practical inequalities remain.


We are going back to the story that has been breaking. This is a tweet


telling us that the terrorist who attacked the nightclub on New Year's


either in Istanbul has been caught. It was a major police operation and


the man was found with his four-year-old son in a flat. More to


come on that. It looks like our weather will not


be making any headlines


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