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work that Republicans are doing as being blessed by affinity. We will


go through some of the latest developments in the hour. But first,


let's turn to what Theresa May has been saying and bring in Laura


Trevelyan from Washington, DC. The Prime Minister's spoke about the


efforts to place on the nation state but also the importance of being an


internationalist. Yes, she was walking quite the tightrope there.


She acknowledged great change had been made in both countries with the


Brexit vote in Britain and the election of Donald Trump here, and


she was making a plea for the continued importance of


internationalism. I was very struck by the way she gently reminded her


Republican audience, and by association Donald Trump, that it


was Britain and America at the end of the Second World War that created


the United Nations, that helped create Nato, the underpinning of the


global Alliance. President Trump has been rude about both of them. She


was pointing out that these institutions, although they may be


imperfect, they can be reformed. But this is the basis of what has been


our world order. I was struck by the line that our two countries have a


joint responsibility to lead, because when other step up as we


step back, it is bad for America, Britain and the world. It was a


believer joint leadership in uncertain times. There were a couple


of other phrases. The Prime Minister said we will rediscover our


confidence together and we will lead together again. Both suggest that in


different ways these countries have not been at the peak of their powers


in recent times? Right, and I also took that to mean that as President


Trump is outlining his America first policy, which many have read as a


retreat from American leadership and the world, and America looking


inward, and as President Trump has said, focusing on ending what he


calls the American carnage of the rust belt, of where factories like


shuttered and so on and so forth, but Theresa May pointing out this is


a very uncertain world. She drew attention to China and Russia,


countries without traditions of democracy and liberty. She was


reminding everyone of what British and American leadership of the world


has achieved and what it could achieve again. Laura, you are


staying with us for a few minutes. Just encase there are some you


tuning in and you did not see the whole of Prime Minister may's


speech. Here are some of the key moments. We have the opportunity, in


deed the responsibility to renew the special relationship for this new


age. We have the opportunity to lead together again. Because the world is


passing through a period of change. And in response to that change, we


can either be passive bystanders, or we can take the opportunity once


more to lead, and to lead together. Yesterday, we got an awful lot of


questions from you on the Trump residency and the issues relating to


it. We will keep doing that today. The hashtag is on the screen


throughout. Ben is watching the Londoner says how can Theresa May


going discussing a trade deal in the next two days bearing in mind


Brexit? We can talk about negotiations in principle but you


are right to highlight that until Brexit has been completed, the US


and UK cannot conduct negotiations formally to begin a new trade deal.


Let's turn to another issue we covered yesterday. Donald Trump said


he condones water boarding. That is a form of torture.


He said we have to fight fire with fire. We are not playing an uneven


field. Theresa May said -- Laura Kuenssberg


said that Theresa May condemns torture and says guidance that


prevents the UK sharing intelligence with those who use it went change.


This is what two senior Republicans said today when asked about the


water boarding comments. I think the director of the CIA has made it


clear he is going to follow the law and I believe all my members are


comfortable with the state of the law on that issue now. And torture


is illegal? Torture is not legal and we agree with that. That is very


clear. Let's bring Laura back in. I guess this is one of several issues


in which Theresa May has to tread carefully with reference to what the


Prime -- president said? It is. President Trump seems to be at odds


with his own party and indeed with his appointees. One of his big


applause lines in the campaign was when he talked about torture working


and bringing back water boarding. Theresa May has very clearly made


the point that Britain would probably not be able to participate


in some intelligence sharing with America if torture was brought back


into the American Army Field manual which is a manual governing the way


US operatives conduct interrogations. Clearly, there is a


big difference there. Also the point with Donald Trump is he says to his


base that torture works because he knows that what they want to hear,


but also in the ABC interview he had a big caveat and said he would rely


on the advice from those around him. We already know that General Mattis


said a cup of coffee and a cigarette can be more effective. Theresa May


of having to tread a careful line coming here wanting that trade deal


above all. Run through the chronology tomorrow. They will meet,


the pair. Theresa May made a joke on the plane and she said, sometimes


having to heard that opposites attract? The bigger's daughter and


the recount -- reality TV star -- the bigger's daughter and the reed


talent -- reality TV star will meet. Then they will get gifts. Will it be


a Tiffany box? There was the big one given to the Obamas and they did not


know what to do with it. Have you seen the film Love macro actually?


There was a press conference in that. We will see what will happen


tomorrow. That will be live on BBC news wherever you are watching in


the world. Tensions between Mexico and Donald


Trump are escalating - fast. The Mexican President


has cancelled his visit He wasn't left too many


options after Mr Trump If Mexico


is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall,


then it would be better to cancel The president of Mexico and myself


have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week.


Unless Mexico is going to treat the United States fairly, with respect,


such a meeting would be fruitless and I want to go a different route.


We have no choice. So there is the president saying he wants to go a


different way. We don't have a huge amount of information about what


that would mean. We can bring in our BBC correspondent. For some people


that would cause concern? He said he would take a different way. From the


Mexican government perspective, that was the country who invited him to


Mexico City when he was still a candidate, at great political cost


to President Enrique Pena Nieto. And the tweets you mentioned on both


sides ultimately culminated in the fact that the summit has been


cancelled. In terms of how it goes from here, the latest we have heard


this from Sean Spicer, the White House prosecco Terry, who said they


could be a 20% tax on all Mexican imports into the United States, an


extraordinary measure given that Mexico imports $300 billion worth of


imports into the United States every year. It is one of the key trading


partners. In terms of attitudes towards America, clearly Mexico and


American society is clearly intertwined, our attitudes harden in


towards the Trump administration? Certainly on the streets they are,


if they can get any harder. People are already taking a dim view of Mr


Trump before he took office. Now he is in his fourth or fifth day, they


still don't feel any better about him being there, most Mexicans. That


is because they see the war as a symbol of a broader policy that is


anti-Mexico, antique centre of America. There are lots of other


things they need to talk about beyond the wall. The cross-border


security issue, the guns used by the drug cartels in Mexico generally


come from the United States. The money for the drugs that go north


also comes back from the United States. There are questions on both


sides and I think this impasse, Mexicans are worried these issues


cannot be dealt with if the two leaders cannot speak to each other.


Thank you. We'll grant live from Mexico City. Now as we go into the


second half of outside source we will update you on every single


major development to do with the Trump administration today. You can


e-mail us your questions and use my social media contacts as well. First


of all... That clip of Mr Trump that


I played was from a speech We can speak to Anthony Zurcher who


is live from Washington. Just a quick word about the repeated


references to divinity that Mr Trump is using. He said Republicans are


doing work lest by divinity. It seemed like a striking phrase. Does


seem like that way but Donald Trump did have strong evangelical support


in his win in the recent election, more than Mitt Romney before him,


said he wants to reach out to religious voters and this is a way


of showing them. Anthony is our go to man for questions on the Trump


presidency so keep them coming in and we will work through them in a


few minutes time. I will speak to you then.


Good evening. Coming up over the next few minutes, news of cold


weather arriving in Western


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