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Hello, I'm Ros Atkins, this is Outside Source.


If you did not see Donald Trump's press conference, it is worth your


time. I inherited a mess. Put it out before the American people, 306


electoral college votes. This administration is running like a


fine tuned machine. Passionate opening statement, sliding from


topic to topic. Followed by questions, no subject is off-limits.


Wait, I know who you are, wait. The story that has dominated this week,


the resignation of the President's National Security adviser, so be it.


The leagues I absolutely real. The news is fake. A lot of questions


were answered, a lot more were raised. We will take as many as we


can get across the hour. There is a strong argument we have


seen the most remarkable press conference ever given by US


President. Lasting well over one hour, it painted a dystopian vision


of America, and a world in a mess. That now has a president offering


reassurances, taking care of it. The familiar but potent cocktail of


attacks on the media, boasting about the election result, promising to


heal the country. That last one is looking a long way off. As always,


when Trump speaks, a number of statements which were demonstrably


untrue. We will look at this onto Dave's Outside Source. Mr Trott


takes America, its presidency and its place in the world is new


territory, just as he said on the campaign trail. Let's start with the


President's staunch defence of his performance so far. To be honest,.


Is the leaving out with the least cost that is what I think I'd have


thought, engine six electoral college votes. I turned on the TV,


and then this administration is running


like a fine tuned machine. Keeping me company Anthony live from


Washington. We will have time to get into specifics. Your general


thoughts after that hour and a half? Like you said, unprecedented press


conference. For a sitting president. For Donald Trump, we should not be


surprised. It is the Donald Trump we have seen through the campaign. They


were common early in the campaign, until his staff started to reel him


in during the general election. Donald Trump, they have decided to


have him unleashed. That beginning opening statement, airing his


grievances, painting a dark picture. That was scripted. He seemed down.


Once he got into the give-and-take with reporters committee seemed


animated, comfortable. He needed to get up there take the slings and


arrows from the media, show he is not afraid of them. The White House


had been in a bit of a bunker until now. He mentioned several times he


will hold a campaign style rally in Florida on Saturday. They are going


back to the script that worked for them. Donald Trump, off-the-cuff


comment being few years. He won the presidency that way. It seems they


have made a determination to reboot themselves, reboot the campaign.


Using that winning formula, we will see whether that works. Thank you.


You will be or bust through the hour. Send your questions our way.


We heard he returned to a script we heard many times on the campaign


trail. He attacked the media for the coverage of him. He did lead. I will


play this clip, attacking one particular CNN show. I watch it, I


see it, I am amazed by it. I think you would be a lot better off, I


honestly think you would. The public start throwing their placards at


CNN. I think you would do much better by being different. Take a


look at some of your shows in the morning in the evening. If a guest


comes out and says something positive about me, it is brutal.


They will take this news conference, I'm having a very good time, they


will take this conference. That is the way I wanted. I used to give you


one every time made a speech, every day. That is how I won with news


conferences, and speeches. Certainly not by people listening to you


people. I'm having a good time. Tomorrow they will save Donald Trump


ranting and raving at the press. I'm telling you you are dishonest


people. Dishonest people how he describes those working in CNN. When


he says he won the election with press conferences committee did not


give one during the campaign. He stopped giving press conferences for


a stretch of time. He turned to the big story of the week, the


resignation of his national security adviser Michael Flynn. The


resignation connected to a conversation general Flynn had with


the Russian ambassador to the US before Mr Trump took office. Claims


that sanctions against Russia were discussed. Mr Flynn denied it, then


said he could not be sure. In the process he gave Vice President Mike


pence incomplete information, which was why he had to go. This is Mr


Trump's take. I was surprised. Did not sound like he did anything wrong


there. He did something wrong with respect to the Vice President. I


thought that was not acceptable. As far as the actual making the call, I


have watched various programmes, reading various articles where he


was just doing his job. Very normal. Donald Trump did not think Michael


Flynn had done anything wrong. Here was the response when he asked


whether he had directed general Flynn to communicate with Russia


Christmas did you direct Michael Flynn to discuss sanctions with the


Russians? No, I did not. Excuse me. I fired him because of what he said


to Mike pence. He was doing his job, calling countries, his counterparts.


It certainly would have been OK with me if he did do it. I would have


directed him to do it if I thought he was not doing it. I did not,


because I would have done, because it was his job. Allen says the man


with the most votes won. He had the most electoral college votes, which


is why you up correctly point out he's the president. He did not get


the most votes, Hillary Clinton did, but not in the right states. That is


why Donald Trump is the president. What did you make of the President's


count of Michael Flynn's resignation? Interesting, never


really answer the question about why he waited several weeks before he


fired or asked him to resign. After he found that he had essentially


misled or misrepresented to Mike Pence, hanging the vice president at


to dry. He learned he did something wrong, he let the vice president,


the sitting vice president go out and say that something he thought


was true was not. He stood by Michael Flynn yesterday. He said he


was a wonderful man, to he said he had been misrepresented by the


media. He said he would have told him to talk with Russians about


sanctions committee thought that was worthwhile. That makes you wonder


why the administration were so defensive about it. It is mixed


signals, contradictory statements from Sean Spicer, the press


secretary and Donald Trump to date on the subject. Hard to find out


where they're going a game of it. One message posted online from a New


York Times reporter, saying the president is consumed by, and acting


in response to media coverage. One person saying he wants fighting with


the media, they are responding by fighting back. That makes a


spectacle more than discussing specific policies and actions. That


is exactly right. That is the way I felt watching the press conference.


Very early on, Donald Trump talked about the dishonest media, taking


swipes at them. He seemed to want to take them on. Media representatives


asking about how unfair it was to call them fake news. Donald Trump is


more than happy to engage them on that. The general public does not


probably care about media grudges, media feelings about being


disrespected by the present. They care about policy issues, and other


things. The media is focused on that specific angle. Donald Trump enjoys


this particular kind of sparring. It does not get that what his


ministration is trying to do, it changes the subject and the nature


of the scandal, to the nature and coverage of the scandal. One step


removed from anything that can get him in trouble. Would any policies


on North Korea and the Middle East be published? We got Trump looking


for a grand deal in the Middle East beyond Palestinians and Israelis. He


said it could be a two state solution, could be 1-macro. The


media needs to call him out on his statements. We are doing this entire


addition on Outside Source, going through all the areas he covered,


plainly the clips, giving you analysis of what he said. We will


fact checked some specific claims made by Donald Trump during this


extraordinary press conference. Including one which said he won the


presidential election by a record margin.


Here in the UK, the Business Secretary Greg Clark says he has


held constructive talks with General Motors. It emerged the owner of


perjury, the PSA group was involved in a possible takeover in Vauxhall's


European operation. The general secretary of Unite says he's not


prepared to accept job losses. We have made the call, we want the


government involved in the issue General Motors. The French


government own a stake in Peugeot, they will be arguing and fighting


for French jobs. Basically I'll be saying to the government, that is


what we need to do. We need to work together, the government needs to


make it clear we are not prepared, in the event that Peugeot five


-- are buying Vauxhall, we're not prepared to accept a single job loss


in Britain. I am Ross Atkins with Outside


Source. Our focus in this programme is a last minute press conference


organised by President Donald Trump. He covered a range of issues,


defending his presidency so far. We will keep going through what the


president said as we move through the programme. One of the things


driving the issue, the connections, if any, between Mr Trott's team and


Russia. Some media, for instance the New York Times, has been publishing


leaked material. Mr Trott is serious about these leaks, he has been all


week, turning to the issue. When I was called out on Mexico, I was


honest, really surprised. It does not make sense. That was not that


important the call, I could show it to the world, he could show it to


the world. The present is a very fine man, by the way. The same thing


with Australia. I said that is terrible, it was leaked. I said to


myself, what happens when dealing with the problem with North Korea,


the problem of the Middle East. Are you folks going to be reporting that


very confidential information from very important? At the highest


level. Are you going to be reporting about that, too? I don't want


classified information getting out of the public. That was almost the


test. I'm dealing with Mexico, dealing with Argentina, we were


dealing, in this case, with Mike Flynn. This information gets put


into the Washington post, the New York Times. I'm saying, what is


going to happen when I'm dealing with the


Middle East, important subjects, like North Korea. We have to stop


it. That is why it is a criminal penalty. That statement begs one


question, is that Mr Trump confirming the information in the


leaks are true? What he was talking about where reports he had


complained to the Mexican president about Mexico's handling of what he


called tough hombres. All the reports he hung up on the Australian


Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. This is the leaks real leaks. The


news is fake. One thing I felt it was important to do, and I hope we


can correct it, nobody I have more respect for than reporters, good


reporters. He says leaks are real, the news is fake. Let me bring you


in on this, the president is perfectly within his rights to be


furious about this. Important confidential information making its


way into the public domain? Absolutely. Leaguers have agendas.


Putting this information out there, asking their name is not attached to


it. Sometimes because they could be in legal trouble. They feel it has


to be reported on. Other times they have a grudge, trying to gain power


within the bureaucracy therein. Every president has had to do with


this at one point to another. Donald Trump is trying to set up an


explanation why he is upset about these particular leaks. They are


embarrassing. He said they could lead to other leaks that could


impact national security. People will have to draw conclusions, valid


justification. Something every politician has two deal with. To


acknowledge they are truthful, to save the media reports based on them


are false, fate. That is cognitive dissonance. He's not acknowledging


that right now. How does this President compare with other


presidents, in term of keeping his promises, asks Jay? I would answer,


he is doing pretty well, doing the things he said he would do. He was


boasting about that today. People criticising him for the immigration


ban, cracking down on undocumented workers. Those are all things he


campaigned on. Very clear about it. They believe is accusing him of


trying to pass a hidden agenda. That is not something, of the many things


people have accused him of, that he's guilty. Now doing some of the


executive orders, making motions to doing things, that is different to


getting them accomplished. So far, not a whole lot of legislative


success. The appeals in Congress are grinding slowly. The Obama


administration had signed a massive infrastructure spending and


financial recovery bill. It is compared to past administrations,


he's making motions to keeping his promises. Doing things within his


particular power to keep those promises. The jury is out on how


much you will be able to accomplish. For the moment, thank you very much.


I was going to say let's take a brief break from politics, maybe I


am, maybe I'm not. The Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has


released a manifesto. Talking about a huge range of issues. The issue of


globalisation, he says there are people around the world who feel


left behind by it, and the rapid changes that have happened. There


are movements, as a result, to withdraw from global connection. He


discussed the concept of fake news. Facebook has been caught up in this.


He said misinformation is a beginner undermining the common


understanding, so does sensationalism, and polarisation.


Let's speak to our economics editor. You have been speaking to Mark


Zuckerberg. Is he stopping being a businessman, becoming a politician?


He insists he's not. We had rumours, would he run in 2020, he said no. He


told me in the BBC interview that he did not want to be a politician. Not


now, he said. He did not say not ever. He is the leader of the


biggest businesses in the world. Frankly, he is as influential as


he's going to be as a politician, leaving Facebook. What is


interesting about what he told me, what he put out in this 5500 word


post on Facebook tonight for me talks about globalisation, fake


news, he talks about people not getting upset, but fighting back. A


call to action. He said the way to fight back is built connectedness


across borders, bring down barriers. What an opposite tone to the tone of


President Trump. Very careful with me not to bite, on any of my


questions about Donald Trump. He does not agree with you, are you


going to meet him? He did not go to the round table that other tech


leaders went to. Nevertheless, it gives an alternative view, over


thousands of words. Well thought through, whatever you might think


about the legitimacy of someone like Mark Zuckerberg talking about this.


It was a well fought through from a 5500 word piece of work. In the


present fee bra environment, it will be seen as an alternative manifesto


to what we're seeing in the White House. This was quite a shift, when


the fake news controversy surrounded the election day, he said it was


nothing to do with us? He knows he called that wrong. The problem with


a lot of these companies, Facebook, Google, they have a philosophy of


put out product first, then if it goes wrong, call it iteration, we


will change things. Here the technology has run ahead of the


editorial skills are Facebook, to control material people are getting


in their news feed. Mark Zuckerberg when interviewed by me, and this


huge manifesto has said they need to do more to control fake news. What


he said was interesting, it is not about banning fake news, it is about


making it clear this piece of news is disputed. Very much against


taking things down where possible. He's talking about more new ones to


make sure good quality journalism gets to the top of people's news


feed, rather than any journalism. You said it is a call to action, but


what action does he want to call? Sometimes we find this Silicon


Valley wording of it or getting connected. He's talking about


building communities, he wants people to use Facebook, obviously,


he's a businessman in the end. About how Facebook allows church groups,


religious groups, civil society groups to work together within


countries, across borders. How it can be used to create safe areas, if


there is a natural disaster, to report on how people are responding


to that. Really about building a digital infrastructure, to take the


place of governments, that he says people are losing faith with. That


does not mean globalisation has left people behind. If the


infrastructures and the ways of working are not used, people will


withdraw. He says making a direct connection to people in different


countries, the European Union, what is going on in America, pulling up


the drawbridge, he says his manifesto is part of that manifesto.


Thank you for explaining that. If you want to read the manifesto from


Mark Zuckerberg, not hard to find on Facebook. Let's return to that


extraordinary press conference from Donald Trump. About three hours ago


he gave one that went well over one hour. There was an extended


question-and-answer session. We will fact checked some of the statement


is the president has made. First of all, how much he has done since


taking office. This last month as represented an unprecedented degree


of action, on behalf of the great citizens of our country. There has


never been a presidency that has done so much in such a little period


of time. We have not even start of the big work, that start early next


week. Some very big things will be announced next week. The president


saying no other has done so much in so little time. A lot of executive


orders, we have discussed them on Outside Source. You can see them


listed on the White House website. These are not laws. Mr Trump has


signed three laws, a waiver to allow James Matthews to sign as Defence


Secretary, a rollback and regulations in terms of what oil


companies have to disclose to foreign governments. If we making a


comparison to President Obama, he has signed three laws, one of them


was the American recovery and reinvestment Bill. That was in


response to the global financial crisis, many analysts credited with


restarting the American economy. Hard to quantify which president has


done the most in their first month. Hard to say definitively Donald


Trump has done. More fact checking in the second half of Outside


Source. Any particular issues you want to pick up on can get in touch


by e-mail and social media, if I cannot answer them, Anthony


definitely will be able to. I will speak to you in two or three minutes


time. Plenty more on the forecast in the


UK before the top of the hour. Right now, whether stories from elsewhere


around the world.