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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Well-to-do Outside Source. A few hours back Donald Trump gave a press


conference. He was on the attack from the very beginning. I inherited


a mess and got 306 electoral college votes. This administration is


running like a fine tuned machine. It was bothered opening statement


which covered a huge number of topics but then there was an


extended Q and A and there were no subject is off-limits. Wait expect


light! I know who you are, let me tell you about the travel ban. In


terms of the National security of Isa, this was the verdict. The leaks


were real. You saw it. The news was fake. Lots of questions are coming


in and if you use the hashtag they come straight to the BBC screen as


well. We will play you more clips of that almost hour and a half long


press conference. Let's turn to the issue of Mr


Trump's connections with Russia and alleged contacts with Russia of his


campaign team during the election. This came up several times during


the press conference on the president was very clear on the


issue. I can tell you, speaking for myself, I own nothing in Russia, I


have no loans in Russia, I don't have any deals in Russia, President


Putin called me up very nicely to congratulate me on the wind of the


election. He then called me up next grimly nicely -- extremely nicely to


congratulate me on the inauguration, which was terrific. But so did many


other leaders. Almost all the leaders. Russia is fake news. This


is fake news that out by the media. There were so many sound bites in


this press conference, rush of being fake news was another one. He was


pushed again by other journalists at this press conference. When you


aware that anyone in your campaign had contacts with Russia during the


course of this election? General Flynn, but he was dealing as he


should've been. During the election? Nobody that I know. So, you are


aware of anybody during the election? Russia is a ruse. I know


you have do get up and ask a question, but Russia is a ruse. I


haven't made a phone call to Russia in years. Live from Washington, DC,


the president is genuinely exasperated at that point. Guess. He


has been asked about this before. The reason is because his answers


are not definitive. You know it is very clearly that he said that there


were no contacts that he knew of, that is a big escape hatch if need


be. We saw an article in the New York Times just the other day saying


that there were contacts between people in Trump's team during the


campaign and Russia and intelligence operatives also did Trump know about


that or not? We don't know. Whether those contacts amounted to anything


sensitive, we also don't know that. That would be a big area of concern


of either of those things were true. -- substantive. He's going to be


asked about that, as the FBI investigation keeps going on. That


is not going to go anywhere anywhere soon. I want to play everyone now a


question from the BBC's North America editor Jon Sobel. Here is


how John got on with the president. Where are you from? BBC. Here is


another beauty. It is a good line, impartial, free and fair. Just like


CNN. On the travel ban, would you accept that that was a good example


of the smooth running of Government? I do! Weight! Weight! I know who you


are, just wait. Let me tell you about the travel ban. We had a very


smooth roll-out of the travel ban. We had a bad court. We got a bad


decision. We had a court that has been overturned again, I think it is


80% of the time, I maybe wrong. A lot. We had a bad decision. We will


keep going with that decision, we will put in a new executive order


next week sometime. Let's bring in the BBC's Acehnese against. We mind


which way it is, but it does not seem particularly accurate of the


president to say that roll-out is moved. I don't think he can say that


with any kind of justification. He says the court made a bad decision.


That lower court level didn't happen until later in the week. What


happened when he first imposed that travel ban was a lot of confusion on


the part of the implementing agencies that weren't informed about


how to put it into effect, whether to allow green card holders into the


country or not. You saw conflicting messages, people coming to the


country thinking they would be admitted but then being detained for


hours, sometimes even longer. Sometimes put back on planes and


sent back to where they came from. That is not an audibly


implementation of the travel ban. -- orderly. Geoffrey would like to ask,


what is this rally in Florida? What is it and who is paying for it? It


is a rally in an aeroplane hangar near new Melbourne Florida which is


in the upper area of Florida, even with Orlando, he had a campaign


event there that I was actually at earlier this year. Last year in


October. He pulled up in his the aeroplane and gave a speech to


adoring crowds. About 10,000 people there, through popular there. That


is why he's going back there probably. Who is paying for it, that


is interesting. It is the Donald Trump for President 2020. This is a


campaign event for a presidential race that isn't going to happen for


more than three and half years. You serious? That is a fact that I


didn't know. We are already on to talking about whether Donald Trump


will be re-elected. Remember, we are still in February and the president


was inaugurated in January. Anthony was live with this in Washington,


DC. They say it is hard to find in Government diplomacy in DC. ... Mr


Trump would say he's not interested in Washington, he is interested in


the country who have selected him. Michelle has asked other polls,


investigations into grassroots supporters beyond Twitter to gauge


their thoughts Post investigation miss these are approval ratings.


Memory the sixth was when the poll was conducted. Republicans are 87%


in favour. Independents 37%, Democrats 11%. At least 41% -- that


leads to 41% approval rating which would at this point be considered


low. Here he is talking about the media. I never get phone calls from


the media. However they were right a story like that in the Wall Street


Journal without asking me or in the New York Times put it on the front


page? That was likely story they wrote about the women and me,


FrontPage. The massive story. It was nasty. They called and said we never


said that. We like Mr Trump. On that particular issue as to whether


journalists are asking Mr Trump about the stories they are covering,


the moment he stepped back, many, many completely reliable journalists


queued up to say that we do this every time. This is Maggie Hagerman


from the New York Times saying... I can really many, many e-mails from


other journalists saying they have the call records and journalists to


say. Dot-macro I think we can see the president is not sharing with us


the truth. It was an astonishing achievement that the election


result. We talked about the scale of it with Benjamin Netanyahu. It did


so again today. I put it out for the American people. I got 306 electoral


college votes. I wasn't supposed to get 222. They said there was no way


to get you to do. 230 is impossible. 270 is what you need and that is


laughable. We got 306 because people came out and voted like they have


never seen before. That is the way it goes. I guess it was the biggest


electoral college win since Ronald Reagan. That is Ronald -- Donald


Trump Social Democratic and the biggest electoral college win since


Ronald Reagan. Remember that each state gets a certain amount of


electoral college votes. The first one to get the clear majority


becomes president. Unfortunately, the president told you something


there that was completely untrue. As he was in a room full of


journalists, it was unlikely that he was going to get a way with not


being picked up on that. You said that you got the biggest electoral


margins and Ronald marking of 304 and 306. In fact, President Obama


got 365. I'm talking about Republican. Jos Buttler 426 when he


won as president. Why should Americans trust you? I was just


given that we got a big margin. Why should Americans trust you when you


are providing false information? I have seen that information. Thank


you. If you want to watch back some of these clips from the press


conference, you can find them online from BBC News. Probably the most


single most controversial action that Donald Trump is taken as the


travel ban. In a while, I will play you a report about the Somali


American communities get their response to the proposed ban. A deal


reached two weeks ago which promise to help end the country's rail


strike has collapsed raising the prospect of more industrial action.


Leaders of the train driver was Mancunian Asef said... For nearly a


year, nearly -- many users have had strikes and delays. Thanks everybody


for coming. After two weeks of talks hosted by the TUC, it was thought


that the deal had been done. We are pleased to announce that Aslef and


Southern Rail have reached an agreement. Now that deal has


unravelled and for commuters in Brighton are unhappy. I'm not happy.


It is wasting my time. It is terrible. What can we do? It is a


lot of money on Uber, isn't it? Around 900 Aslef drivers voted on


the ballot. There was a turnout of over 72%, nearly 46% voted in favour


of the deal, but over 54% voted against. This is an embarrassment


for Aslef, a deal negotiated by their leadership has been overturned


by rank and file membership. The general secretary of Aslef says we


understand and support the decision arrived at democratically by our


members. The dispute is over how many members of staff should be on


every train. Can there be driver only trains or must they are always


be a second person, a conductor on board? Aslef said they had got a


deal where there would always be to staff on the train with some


exceptions. Southern's parent company Govia said in the statement


that we are disappointed... The RMT has already scheduled


another 24-hour strike on the southern network next Wednesday and


the same distribute about driver operated trains is breading to other


parts of the country. Ballots are being sent out today to staff on a


Riva trains north, there is also the prospect of industrial action on


Merseyrail. We live on the BBC newsroom. Our


lead story confirms Donald Trump's press conference which was arranged


at the last minute. According to multiple sources, at the behest of


the president. He took many questions across an hour or more.


Let's come back to the outsize source screen to talk further about


this conference. The covered a lot of ground. He did not leave out the


economy. He has plenty of to say on business, jobs and fair trade. Their


response abilities will be ending the bleeding of jobs from our


country. And negotiating fair trade deals for our citizens. Fair trade,


not free. Fair. If a country is taking advantage of this, it is not


going to happen any more. Every country takes advantage of this. I


may be able to find a couple that don't, but the most part, that would


be a tough job us to do. Michelle, this message that America needs to


realign itself economically with the world was one of the reasons Mr


Trump got the presidency. It certainly was. It is a claim he said


talking about the bleeding of jobs. On balance, it is very say that is


not quite true. If you go back to the height of the recession, what


happened afterwards, unemployment peaked at 10%. Now we're back down


to 4.8%. We are talking about an unemployment rate in the country


that suggests America is close to full employment. Where Donald Trump


is referring to is specifically the manufacturing sector, there can ever


since 2000, it is fair to say the manufacturing jobs has been falling


in declining at a faster rate. They did not decline between that period


between 1994 and 2000, the reason I mention those dates is because the


North American Free Trade Agreement was introduced then. He has


criticised that in asked to roll it back. If you look at manufacturing


jobs immediately after that came into effect, you don't see much


change until as I mentioned 2000. I would like to play a couple more


clips of the press conference. Here is the president talking about the


car industry. Jobs have already started to surge since my election.


Ford also be will -- Ford say they will invest in Michigan. Ford the


Lima Chrysler say they will invest in Michigan, they were with me a


week ago. General Motors committed to invest millions of dollars in its


American manufacturing operation. Keeping many jobs here that were


going to leave. If I didn't get elected, they would have left. These


jobs and things that I am announcing would never have come here. What is


your assessment of the President's description of his impact? We know


this is a president who likes to talk things up and I think that is


perhaps what is going on here. These investments, if you look at


businesses, they planned years in advance. When you are talking about


a car factory, plant, something that is going to cost them millions if


not billions of dollars. This is not a decision that they just took


overnight. In response to a tweet from the president. Many of these


were carefully planned for months, perhaps as long as years. But


perhaps they did time the announcement or rush it out to carry


favour with the incoming administration, with the new


president and also for Donald Trump committee gets to call it a win. It


is something we have seen again and again from American companies. It is


a win-win for both sides, American companies gets to say they have


created jobs, carry favour with the incoming administration, Donald


Trump gets to claim a victory. Very useful. Next, Mr Trump focused on


two other companies, Intel which makes microchips are very


successfully and the retail giant Walmart, have listened. Intel just


announced that it will move ahead with a new plant in Arizona that


probably was going to not be moved ahead with. That will result in at


least 10,000 American jobs. Walmart announced it will create 10,000 jobs


in the American A E United States -- United States because of our


various plans and initiatives. There will be many, many more. These are a


few that were named. You can talk to me about those big deals. How


involved is the president getting in these corporate decisions? I hate to


sound like a broken record, but I think it is a case of these being a


long-term investment. Companies can't spend that kind of money


overnight. Intel, it is not false or true, it is more complicated. Intel


actually planned on spending $7 billion, that is the announcement


that Trump was referring to. That was a factory in Arizona. That


factory with actually started in 2011, it was announced under


President Obama and the reason it was not completed was that there was


a lack of demand for the product. That isn't and we have not heard


from Donald Trump that economies to Lee E but economists worried about.


Where is the demand coming from? As the Walmart? Again, the company in


its press release did not mention Donald Trump, but did say it was


increasing jobs, go back to 2015, they cut as many jobs as they said


they were going to add when they closed about 154 stores. It is a


mixed picture, many people are excited about Donald Trump's tax


policy, they are excited about what he's doing about regulation and that


is something that you do uniformly hear from the business community.


For the second time and final time, thank you for joining us from New


York. Let's finish the programme by looking at Donald Trump's travel


ban. It is suspended at the moment, but most polls suggest Americans


supported. Or the majority of them. One of the countries it targets is


Somalia and the BBC has visited a Somali American community in


Minneapolis. An event to teach


people their rights You should take a second look


if they ask about your Organisers say it was badly needed


after support groups were inundated with calls


from anxious American Muslims. Those in Minneapolis


mainly have roots in Somalia, one of the country


is the president named in the ban. Donald Trump talked


of Somali Americans as There are tens of thousands


of people of Somali origin in Minneapolis, many came


over as refugees but others were born here and some


of them tell us this is the first time they feel


the For some, that has happened


in face-to-face encounters. This woman is a fashion


designer, make-up artist and She says women like her


who are visibly Muslim because of the hijab


are having a tough time. She herself has had


in cells hurled at her when Things have changed since


the election because people are openly racist,


people are not scared They tell us to go


back to our country, In his music Mohammad talks


of the tough problems people have. He thinks the president


could have made He is not keeping America


safe, he's giving It will make them


harder and anger them because some people do not


want to go to school no more because they feel there is hate


there, at workplace, There have been cases


of young Somali Americans being convicted of trying to go


abroad to join militant groups, but there is an overwhelming feeling


here among that score that the Presidents actions


are counter-productive. You are helping groups


like Isis and Al-Shabab and Passing the message


America does not want you, you do not belong


in the The same message Isis and al-Shabab


used to recruit young men. Around the country, many think


Donald Trump is doing the right things to counter extremism but


people here warn he is only sowing the seeds of more


alienation and hatred. Before I finish the programme, one


more message coming in. Why is the BBC assigning so much time to Donald


Trump? Wood ignoring and not attending his events be an option to


science? We're not interested silencing Donald Trump we are


interested in reporting and analysing and in terms of why we


give so much time to one press conference, by the accounts of many


people who were there and who watched, it was one of the most


extraordinary press conferences and American president has ever given


and also Donald Trump is reshaping the American presidency and


America's role in the world. It is really important we understand that.


Thank you very much for watching. See you next week. Goodbye.


In a moment, I will take you somewhere that is about to get more


rain than it can handle. Some of us have a wet day on Thursday, there


were showers in Scotland. Here is a view of a rainbow looking out over


Perth. Parts of south west Scotland have been