19/04/2017 Outside Source

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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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This is Outside Source. These are some of the main stories. First of


all, the British Parliament has voted to hold a general election on


June the 8th. The ayes have it, the ayes have it. Theresa May is making


the election about Dexit. Jeremy Corbyn is asking if she can be


trusted on anything. Donald Trump has ordered a review


of the Iran nuclear deal. Even though Iran is meeting


all its commitments. We'll be live in Washington


with our State Department. Plus, a week ago Donald Trump


boasted of sending an armada We've now found out it


never made it that far. And we will hear why demonstrators


in Venezuela are putting more pressure on President Nicolas


Majuro, with a march they are calling the mother of all protests.


And you can get in touch, the information is on the screen


throughout the programme. Let's pick up on a story I just


mentioned. Donald Trump has ordered a review of the Iran nuclear deal.


We already know what hit thinks of it. In one to eat he called it


terrible and he has described it as that and many other terms multiple


times. The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has just been speaking in


the last few minutes, we have had wire copy coming in from Reuters,


telling us he has said this. America opposes all threats posed by Iran,


and it is clear there are many. Barbara, you were listening to Rex


Tillerson. What did you make of it? It was interesting, he's speaking


off the back of a statement he put out yesterday in which he certified


that' Iran is keeping its commitment to the nuclear deal. He said yes, in


that case the Iran deal is working. What we heard was a litany of


complaints about Iran, that it posed a threat in the region, that it was


backing militias there and that it has continued testing missile


technology, violated UN Security Council resolutions, that it was a


state sponsor of terrorism, and so on and so forth. Then he said there


would be a review of the nuclear deal, which he said only delayed


Iran becoming a nuclear power, did not end the possibility of it. And


he said you could not look at the issue of the nuclear deal without


looking at all of the other things as well, which is something the


Obama administration did, focusing narrowly on this one issue, which is


how they were able to get the agreement. Rex Tillerson saying this


will not be the approach of the Trump administration. They will look


at all these other things they find troublesome through this review and


come up with a response based on that. But he didn't suggest in which


direction the Trump administration would go, on specifics. Let's pick


up on that a bit. I'm listening to all of this and thinking, what is


the plan here? The Trump administration will know this deal


is a multi natural deal, it is going to be in credibly hard to unpick,


some say impossible. The Americans could pull out of the deal but that


would destroy it because there are five other world powers who signed


on to it. What they could do instead is just implement it very strictly


to the letter, not giving the Iranians any leeway at all, and some


of the approach is being discussed are perhaps looking at the


interpretations of the deal that would allow them to put as much


pressure as possible on the Revolutionary guards in particular,


then alongside that, suggestions in Congress for legislation that would


impose new sanctions on Iran, not because of its nuclear programme,


separate from that, but because of all these other things that Rex


Tillerson just spoke about, support for terrorism, missile tests and so


on, which would also increase pressure on Iran and perhaps


ultimately have the same result in the end of scuppering the deal,


especially if Iran decides that the Americans are not in compliance with


the deal. Please stay with us, there is another story I want to talk to


you about. This was Donald Trump a week ago. We are sending an armada,


very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful. Far more powerful


than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you.


The "armada" he mentions is a reference to a US strike group


led by the US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson.


Here's a press release from the US Navy three days earlier.


It announces that the strike group has been ordered to MAP sail


It announces that the strike group has been ordered to sail


north from Singapore towards the Korean peninsula.


After that release, but before the President spoke,


US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was asked about that order


He replied, "She's just on her way up there because that's


where we thought it was most prudent to have her at this time."


When Secretary Mattis says "at this time" it was widely taken


as reference to increasing tension with North Korea.


But that strike group didn't sail north.


A week after the order was made, the warships


In fact, they were sailing through the Sunda Straight.


We know this the US Navy released this


photo of the Carl Vinson in the Sunda Straight on Saturday.


It says the warships did training exercises


But Barbara, bringing you back in here, that isn't what the president


said. No it isn't, and there has been great confusion. When it was


announced the strike carrier had been ordered to move north, they


didn't announce that it would in gauge in these exercises with the


Australians, but the president jumped onto the conclusion that this


was going to happen imminently and that it was in response to tensions


in the Korean peninsular that were mounting ahead of the weekend, it


was thought that the North Koreans might have a possible nuclear test.


By the end of the week, that was the White House line, that the strike


group was being deployed as a show of force and signal of deterrence


and so on and so forth, and then it became clear that it wasn't even


within thousands of miles of the Korean waters and would only have


been able to get there next week anyway. There has been a remarkable


disconnect. It's unclear why the Pentagon and the Navy did not step


in to clarify earlier what the actual course and timing of the


strike trajectory was. Let's just pull up a couple of tweets on this


story. The global Times is a Chinese


newspaper, state run, saying it deals a blow to Trump's presidency.


"If it is a lie, we will not trust Trump". Barbara, what is your


assessment of the consequences of this issue? Officially in Japan and


South Korea, and even from the Foreign Ministry in China, there has


not been a response. You've got the quotes you mentioned there and there


have been jokes about it on social media in China, there has also been


some muscle flexing in North Korea, saying this is a rustbucket facing


our revolutionary power etc. So it doesn't make Americans look good. It


could undermine their tougher approach, especially if that tougher


approach and rhetoric is supposed to be backed up by a credible threat of


military force. I think also alongside that it has been


unsettling for US allies because they would want to know why is the


president weighing one thing and his military forces doing and saying


another? So that is also a big question mark as well, I think.


Thank you very much, Barbara, speak to you soon on outside source. While


that story was escalating, American Vice President Mike Pence has been


touring a different aircraft carrier that has docked at a Japanese naval


base. The sight of the US vice president


on board a nuclear-powered aircraft even more so when it's


sitting in Japan. Was this an elaborate piece


of theatre, or a sign America is really preparing for action


against North Korea? We will defeat any attack and meet


any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming


and effective American response. The United States of America


will always seek peace, but under President Trump,


the shield stands guard If President Trump is planning


some sort of military action against North Korea,


there is no sign of it here. This is the USS Ronald Reagan,


the flagship of the Seventh Fleet, but it won't be ready to leave this


port in Japan for at Figuring out what the jump


administration is planning for North Korea is not easy, perhaps


deliberately so. -- the Trump administration.


Rupert Wingfield Hayes, BBC News, at the Yokosuka naval base in Japan.


Let's bring you some of the main sports stories of the day. We begin


in America. The Former NFL player


Aaron Hernandez has He was 27 and was serving a life


sentence for murder. Marc Edwards is at


the BBC Sport Centre. What more can you tell us about this


man's death and also the crime he had been convicted for? Sad news


from Massachusetts where he was found just after 3am local time.


Prison guards tried to revive him but he was pronounced dead about an


hour later in hospital. The 27-year-old former New England


Patriots tight ends. He entered the NFL in 2010 and in his second


appearance became the youngest player in five decades to surpass


100 receiving yards in a game. He subsequently signed a five-year, $40


million contract with the Patriots in 2012. In 2015 he was convicted of


killing a man who was dating his fiancee's sister. In 38 career games


he had a total of 1956 yards, a total that would have been much


higher if not for a series of injuries. As we said, he was serving


a life sentence in jail in Massachusetts but just days ago he


was found not filthy of a separate double murder.


-- not guilty of a separate double murder. In terms of what happens to


his conviction now, I heard some reports that that might be revisited


now he has lost his life? I just misheard that. That's absolutely


fine, I was just going to argue about where we go with the legal


proceedings, he was not convicted of other crimes, but presumably the


investigation now sees that he has lost his life. That is perhaps... He


was in jail for a separate crime as well. As we said, his fiancee's


sister, a person who was dating his fiancee's sister, who of course in


that time, he was also a former friend of his, who had committed the


crime. I assume we will hear more in the coming time. Thank you very much


indeed for your update on that story.


Aaron Hernandez played for the New England Patriots.


And today his former team has been visiting the White House.


Here they are at an official function, attended by Donald Trump


of course. Six Patriot players weren't there, they are boycotting


the occasion, saying they don't feel welcome while Donald Trump is


president. They include the tight end Martellus Bennett and also the


defensive back Devin McCourty. He said this.


Those who did go a long look like they were having a good time. John


Spicer was doing his daily press briefing and one of the players


showed up. What pans out in the negotiation. Can I just? I think I


got this, but thank you! Need some help? Thanks, man, see you in a


minute! Thanks, man, see you in a minute! All man, see you in a


minute! Thanks, man, see you in a minute! Thanks, man, see you in a


minute! All right, that was cool! The squad for the British


and Irish Lions has been announced. They have the hardest


of rugby assignments. First - they must fashion


a team very quickly out of players who normally play


for their respective countries. And second - they must try and beat


the All Blacks in New Zealand. Here is what their coach Warren


Gatland said earlier. I don't think we should get on the plane unless we


think we have a chance of beating the all Blacks. One of the


challenges is that you try to play against the All Blacks and they are


human and capable of making mistakes, they have frailties and


you but them under pressure. The pleasing thing is that a lot of


those players can believe it now because they saw some of those


frailties when Ireland beat the All Blacks in Chicago. On the BBC Sport


website you can get the full squad and plenty of analysis from my


colleagues too. One last bit of sports news -


Serena Williams appeared to announce She posted this picture


of herself on Snapchat, posing in a mirror with the message: "20


weeks", before deleting the post. There's been no official


confirmation from her team but if true, it means she won her


record-breaking 23rd Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open


in January when she was pregnant. But we will have to wait to hear


from her to find out if that is definitely the case.


We've been following the Jakarta local elections for some


The elections have played into local and racial tensions. We will get a


report on that from our correspondent.


Prince Harry opened the London Marathon Expo today,


his first public appearance since he spoke out about coming


to terms with his mother's death, earlier this week.


Harry and his little helper Melissa, getting the London Marathon


It's a race which, this year, has a special focus


on a princely passion - mental health.


Prince Harry has attracted widespread praise this week


for his honesty when he spoke of the anguish and the anxiety


he suffered for years after his mother's death.


It was only right to share my experiences and to help,


to hope to encourage others to come forward, and sort of reduce


To make it easier for them to talk about their own experiences.


No, I mean, look - when you've heard so many stories


from so many other people, and if you can relate to that,


then it's only right that you talk about your own experiences.


But all the experts you've met will have told you one


of the key issues is funding, and that there isn't enough


That's not for, as you probably know, that's not our mission.


Our mission is to remove the stigma of mental health


a platform for people to be able to discuss it.


But the risk is you could be encouraging people to seek


No, and that's something that we've been completely aware


of over the last year, but the fact and the reality


is that, as I said, the appetite is there.


Once the appetite is there, things will change.


It's not my position and it's not our position


So we will do everything that we can to encourage the conversation,


remove the stigma, so that everything else then can take place.


Opening up about the past is a brotherly trait.


In a BBC documentary, Prince William has provided


an insight into the trauma of his bereavement.


The shock is the biggest thing, and I still feel, you know,


20 years later, about my mother, I still have shock within me.


People go, "shock can't last that long", but it does.


It's such an unbelievably big moment in your life.


An upbeat Harry believes their campaign is at a tipping point.


The UK, he hopes, will lead the way in the world,


by removing the taboo surrounding mental health.


Our lead story is that Britain's parliament has


backed Prime Minister Theresa May's call for an early general election.


Every day on outside source we bring together the main global stories of


the day and we turn text in -- turn next to Venezuela.


There have been massive anti-government demonstrations today


People are angry over the state of the economy


and hugely critical about the nature of President Maduro's leadership.


On Monday, 11 Latin American countries called on him to prevent


any violence against protesters - and to set a date for new elections.


The opposition are calling these marches


We also spotted this from the Reuters Venezuela feed, that the


opposition is beginning marches, but also that one protester has died


after a gunshot to the head, that is after security sources, and we don't


know who shot that person. We should mention there is a rival


demonstration as well, in support of the president, but it was nowhere


near as big as the protest is against him.


Vanessa Herrero is a journalist in Caracas.


We talked to her earlier. This is actually a big protest. It was


different from last week's, which saw the movement of a lot of people,


but nothing like this. It's the first time this year that both the


opposition and forces of the government meet each other on the


streets. But can these protesters do anything to force the president to


stand down or at least to holding your election? Before, we've seen


really big protest in Venezuela. Everyone thought that the government


was going to be more passive in measures against the opposition. But


unfortunately, that didn't happen. It is actually getting worse. This


year a lot of journalists have been arrested and there were at least 500


protests this week. If the protesters are struggling to


pressure President Maduro, we have now got this group of Latin American


leaders calling on him to call an election. Do you think they can


pressure him in a way that the protesters can't? That is a


different issue, yes, that may be more effective. We have seen that


with the government of the United States. Even though the government


released a statement saying rejecting what the 11 said, I think


they will keep protesting. The government every day is trying to


show that they are strong. Let's turn now to Indonesia, because


elections have just been held to choose Jakarta's new governor.


Exit polls suggest this man - Anies Baswedan - has won.


Whatever the result, it's been a campaign that's raised


significant religious and racial tensions.


Rebecca Henschke has more in this report.


In conceding defeat, the governor widely known... Called for unity.


TRANSLATION: We are all the same. We want to Jakarta to be good, we want


it to move forward, because this is where we all live. Celebrations have


already begun here at the supporters's home of Anies Baswedan.


Anies Baswedan, a former education minister, has been criticised for


running a very divisive and dirty campaign, capitalising on the


blasphemy accusation against the governor and highlighting religious


differences, the fact that the governor is a Christian and not a


Muslim. But it has been a very successful campaign and these people


say that he is a leader that they want, to bring Jakarta back together


after this divisive election. TRANSLATION: He is a smart leader


with a low profile, and he is close to the people. Anies Baswedan's


campaign heavily capitalised on the blasphemy case against the governor,


to harness the Muslim vote. Today, right after the election, the


governor is back in court. He faces jail time if convicted of blasphemy.


Very unlikely he is to be acquitted, very likely he is to be found


guilty. It means it can be easily politicised dissent your enemies,


anyone you don't like, to prison. The Jakarta election was widely seen


as a proxy for the next presidential poll in two years' time, with


supporters of Anies Baswedan crying out that their party win back the


presidency from Joko Widodo. I should quickly mention


before we finish, if you have a smartphone and you don't have the


outside source app, you are missing out on a huge depth of stories. --


the BBC News app. If you just go to your App Store, you can find the BBC


News at that. Thank you for watching this edition of outside source.