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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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motive unclear at the moment as are the sequence of events confusing.


Coverage of this unfolding story continues here on BBC News. We have


a developing story in Paris where there has been a shooting on the


Champs Elysees. This is from a French news agency


stating that one police officer has been killed and over the wounded by


the shooting in the Champs-Elysees, and we are told by the French


interior ministry that an attacker has been killed. Next I can show you


live pictures coming into the BBC newsroom. You get an idea of the


operation underway in the city. Let's bring in Christian Fraser from


the BBC who is in Paris. What have you heard? Funnily enough Ros I


started broadcasting with the one hour ago, I saw the police and I


knew something was wrong, I did not know where it was but I know there


was a commotion. We are broadcasting here, that is Etoile behind us, the


traffic is being redirected away from the Champs-Elysees, it's being


directed towards Concord and the street is empty, they have pulled


back the cordon towards Etoile and the helicopter is basically making a


grand circle around the Champs-Elysees. It is going back


down towards us. Police cars are still moving around, just after we


had spoken to you clearly the message had gone out on the radio


that one officer had been shot and they were coming from all


directions. It was bedlam. There was one unmarked police car that came


tearing up the Grande Armee desperate to get to the


Champs-Elysees because they did not know what had happened. The street


was full of people as it is on beautiful nights like this, people


walking up and down a very busy street, maybe we passed some of the


people who came under attack, there is a visible presence of armed


police on the Champs-Elysees as always. Before we keep talking,


Christian, let me bring in further developments. The Reuters news


agency say that three police sources say the shooting in Paris could have


been an attempt at an armed robbery. Writers have also put out a tweet


from a police source saying it is probably a terrorist attack. Which


highlights the fact that we don't know who's responsible, we don't


know what has happened yet. And as ever with these situations you have


to be careful about what conclusions jump to. The city is on a high state


of alert. We are three days from a general election and there are


plenty of people in France who would like to disrupt it, so serious is it


that the police are bringing in private security guards to help man


some polling stations. We are still in a state of emergency in France,


it has been extended and they will be on the highest state of alert


particularly after what has gone on. You are right to put caution on it.


It is a busy street, lots of jewellers shops on that street, it


could easily have been an armed robbery as well as it could have


been a terror attack. Stay with us peace. We will highlight where the


attack took place. If we go in closely you can see the


Champs-Elysees is marked. I can see one eyewitnesses quoted as saying


that a man got out of a car and began shooting with a Kalashnikov.


The BBC can't confirm that at the moment. Let's bring up the


newswires, which are coming through. Apparently one shot was fired as the


car stopped at a red light. All the latest news reports coming in. Let's


listen to a police warning to people on the Champs-Elysees. You have to


stay back. Please stay back. Ladies and gentlemen, stay back, please. I


mean, look exactly where this attack will have taken place. This is the


Champs-Elysees, one of the most famous roads, not just in France, in


the world. We are still getting more details on precisely where the


attack happened. Let's speak to James Reynolds who is monitoring


this story from the BBC newsroom in Paris. What information do you have,


James? We are keeping an eye on the French channels. They suggest


something similar to what you have said, there was a car, in which


there was an attacker, these initial reports say he got out and fired


towards the police. There are other questions to be answered, were the


others in the car, what's happened to that car, with the police


targeted, remember there are lots of police on the Champs-Elysees. Our


colleague Christian Fraser has brought these pictures. I was on a


side street possibly moments after the shooting happened, my colleagues


and I were simply walking towards the Champs-Elysees, we saw a small


group of people running towards us, we from the Champs-Elysees, looking


panicked, one woman said that had been a man with a gun, we could not


get much more information from her. And then we saw the police taking


control of the small side road from the Champs-Elysees ordering people


to stay inside. This evening all the main residential candidates, all 11


of them are taking part in a big television event. If that's


continuing? Have they commented on this? They have been commenting on


Twitter. I haven't followed the progress of the debate, I did manage


to watch the first three or four segments including one where Marine


Le Pen talked about the issue of what she called terrorism. Clearly


this news has dominated and the candidates have wanted to express


themselves and get their points of view out on Twitter. If you are just


tuning in, that has been a shooting on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. We


don't know the circumstances, we don't know the motivation. We have


had contradictory claims on that. We are best not going down the road of


speculation. What we do know is that it has happened on the


Champs-Elysees. Confirmation from the French interior ministry, they


say that police officers were deliberately targeted. Let me bring


up another piece of information, police sources say that two


attackers were involved and one was killed. I was just speaking to my


colleague about that important TV debate in France, we have heard that


has been suspended. Each presidential candidate was going to


be quizzed in front of a sizeable audience across the country but that


will not be continuing as normal because of what is happening in


Paris. The police, as often happens in these emergency situations, are


using social media to communicate, one tweet recommends that you avoid


the area of the Champs-Elysees and as James and Christian have


explained they had to move, because of the police coming in again,


police intervention under Way, avoid the sector, follow the instructions


of the police forces. Let's speak to Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, a


journalist who often joins us here. You don't live far away, what have


you heard? I heard it on my computer before I looked outside but I was


wondering why helicopters were in the sky because they are flying over


Paris and normally that's forbidden. I live at the corner of two streets,


one block off the Champs-Elysees, and I could see police cars in my


street, and it was very obvious that it was to get on the street to go to


the Champs-Elysees, so the whole thing was being cordoned off. And


then of course I got the news by television and Twitter. And they


talked about and attack, announced by the interior minister who said


that there had been a deliberate attack against a French police


officer and that the assailants were both dead. What I did not know, and


had only recently, is that one of the policeman is also dead. This


happened in a segment of the Champs-Elysees we have many


shoppers, many tourists, many restaurants, and that would have


been a place where at any time of the evening, especially the early


evening, you would have close to 100,000 people between the top on


the bottom of the street so potentially a place where you could


have a disaster. I was going to ask you, even at this time of the


evening it would be a busy place. Hugely busy. It's the time when it


is most busy in the day. Early evening, people are about to go and


see movies at the second show or they are just coming out of movies


and there are lots of restaurants and many shops and open in the


evening. That would be more of an incentive. If you think of something


that would be a combination of Leicester Square and Oxford Street


in London, that is what it is. Anne-Elisabeth, can you give us an


idea of the scale of the operation that is underway at the moment? The


incident itself didn't involve many people but now you've got police and


Stanley Avenue, police in the side street and helicopters overhead. --


you've got police along the Avenue. Every president, every mayor in


Paris is aware that everyone in world knows about this Avenue so it


is the place that is the most protected, it has Brazilians and


people from outside the city and tourists, and weekends you have one


third of a million people there every day. And you have the Ely is a


palace which is just behind a row of trees just up the bottom of the


Avenue, so that's many reasons for the place to be protected.


Anne-Elisabeth, thank you very much, for the moment. We appreciate your


help in covering this story. A couple of other things to share with


you. A French Interior Ministry spokesperson said that the motives


for the shooting are unknown. Bear in mind that message from the French


interior ministry when I show you this wire that has come in from


Reuters, President Trump has offered his condolences after the killing of


a police officer, saying it looks like another terrorist act. Let's


bring in Christian Fraser of the BBC in the Champs-Elysees. Just to


reiterate, we don't know how to describe this at the moment, do we?


No, we don't. I did see mobile phone footage from the Champs-Elysees,


somebody running this we showed me and he showed me shots on the mobile


phone because he had recorded them, I could not hear the sound because


of the traffic that people were running in all directions, and as


Anne-Elisabeth has just described, the police were on the scene very


quickly. I can see just at the top of the Champs-Elysees armed police


on both sides of the road. Hotels are just down that side of the


Champs-Elysees is presumably people are being kept indoors. They are


still making sure that there is no one out there. We see the helicopter


going round the Champs-Elysees, just moments ago they turned the


floodlight on the helicopter and they were pointing it down onto an


area to the right-hand side of the Champs around the area of the George


V Metro station. Police down the side streets, not all the side


streets but keeping a wary eye on what is going on in this part of


town. It is much quieter than it would normally be. It would be quite


busy in this area, eight o'clock local time, and now you can only see


a smattering of traffic which is normally very busy at this time is


right. Please stay with us. Some other elements, CBS News has quoted


President Trump saying this looks like another terrorist attack but


we've had no confirmation from the authorities that it is.


A counterterrorism office has opened an investigation but it is an


investigation and no more, this is particularly relevant to those of


you watching on the BBC News Channel, the British Embassy is in


contact with local authorities and is seeking further information


following the reports of this shooting incident in Paris.


Christian, to come back to you, can you give us an idea for the viewers


who are not watching about an hour ago of the sudden influx of


emergency vehicles? It was very quick. We work broadcasting at about


ten to eight. Suddenly from all directions police cars were coming


towards us, unmarked police cars as well. The most dramatic moment at


the foot of where we are broadcasting is that there's a sort


of traffic light and a pedestrian crossing and a pedestrian almost got


hit by a policeman who was driving as quickly as he could to get to the


scene. Clearly a message had gone out on the radio that they needed to


respond, we have seen the helicopter overhead for about the past hour,


and very quickly as well. And also at the underpass. It is an area that


people use to get to the other side of the Champs-Elysees. The policeman


I spoke to, I said, what is going on and he didn't want to talk at all,


you was very jumpy so obviously he knew something serious had happened


to one of his colleagues. We were talking about terrorism as we would


do in the context of like this. We were whether former Europe minister


tonight. He came to do an interview with us for 100 Days. I knew his


background, he was on the intelligence committee that wrote


the intelligence legislation and I asked if he thought it might affect


things this weekend. He said it certainly in the minds of some


voters the terror threat is there and it might encourage some people


to vote from Marine Le Pen but in the context of our question I am


always intrigued about how severe the terror threat is. He said that


from what he had seen there was something like 15,000 people in


France that the security services need to watch. Not saying that they


all severe threats but 15,000 people at any one time that have to be


watched. And he said, whatever happens the other side of this


election we need to step up our security and resources we have of


the intelligence agencies so that they can keep track of these people.


Christian, thank you, we will come back to you within the hour on


Outside Source. If you are just joining us, there has been a


shooting on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, one police officer has been


killed, we don't know the motivation behind this incident. The reaction


from Marine Le Pen, leader of the National front in France, one of the


four main candidates to be the next president, she says in motion and


solidarity for our security forces, again being targeted. In the most


famous road in Paris, the Champs-Elysees, there is the Arc de


Triomphe which we saw just behind Christian as he was talking to us,


it runs away from that. The newswires are giving updates all the


time on this story. APR says one police officer has been killed and


another injured, and one attacker has been shot dead, according to the


police. This is really important. The French interior minister says it


is too early to say what the motive is for this attack. We are busy


working on this story in the BBC newsroom in London, James Reynolds


is in Paris, what else can you tell us, James? To recap what you have


just said, Ros. Metro stations along the Champs-Elysees have been closed,


entirely understandable, given the police presence on the


Champs-Elysees. Like Christian Fraser we have heard the police


helicopters overhead. We know that the police are in control of the


roads next to the Champs-Elysees and to reiterate what Christian said,


this still feels like a live operation. They need to identify who


the attacker was. Was he known to the police, was involved in other


activities? Were there any accomplices, this activity will have


to go quickly before they can reassure people that this live


operation is over. Would it have been normal for police officers to


be on the Champs-Elysees on a regular evening? On some regular


evenings, yes, given the context of the last few years, if you go down


the Champs-Elysees at any point in the last few years you might well


have seen police officers and possibly soldiers as well, this


morning I saw police officers blocking one particular pathway down


from the Arc de Triomphe. I have seen soldiers in camouflage on one


side St today. You see them so often that you barely notice them any


more. As I was out early in the evening and seen people running


away, already in the distance I saw what looked like two sirens, just


reiterating what Christian Fraser said, although he was in a different


location, the police were on the scene quickly because they had been


deployed along the Champs-Elysees in case anything like this happened.


James, I want to bring up one newswire that has come into the BBC


Newsline. Reuters is quoting a police source saying the gunman


killed in the shooting was known to the security services. We have no


more information on that but it is interesting, as the different


politicians respond to this even before we know what has happened, it


is becoming inevitably politicised. It is in the first few minutes when


we were still not sure what was happening.


As far as we can say, the politicians believe this was a


terrorist attack. We need to be cautious and work out what the


motivation is. I think it might be significant, especially of the


police knew who this person was. The police have had a lot of people in


France under surveillance for different reasons. They did know who


this person was they might have been able to identify the motivations and


importantly for French people, whether that person was connected to


a wider network of people. I just want to show a couple of stills that


have come into the BBC newsroom. This gives an idea of the operation


taking place on the Champs-Elysees. We cannot emphasise this enough. It


is too early to identify a motive in the Paris attack, although if we go


back to the newswires, Donald Trump has been offering his condolences,


after the killing of a police officer, saying that it looks like


another terrorist attack. We have a clip of President Trump responding


to this which I can play you now. Our condolences from this country to


the people of France, again it has happened, I saw it as I was walking


in. It is a terrible thing, a very very terrible thing going on in the


world today but it looks like another terrorist attack and what


can you say? It just never ends. We have to be strong and we have to be


vigilant and I have been saying and for a long time. Back to James


Reynolds in Paris. Just for people joining us are we certain that one


police officer has lost their life? Off that is what the authorities say


at this stage. In terms of what the authorities are saying, this is what


they are broadcasting to the media, to the people in France. The picture


that is being painted by the French interior ministry spokesperson is


that there was a shooting near the Champs-Elysees, targeting lease


officers, that needs to be confirmed, one officer was killed,


we understand from broad reports broadcast on French TV that the


attacker was killed. Recent reports suggest that the attacker was known


at the police. That could be very significant in helping police


analyse the motivation and the network, if any, of the attacker.


James, for the moment, thank you. We will come back to you in the next


few minutes on Outside Source. That has been political reaction to what


has happened in Paris, the Socialist candidate says, my thoughts are with


the family of the policeman, Benoit Hamon using the word terrorism.


Marine Le Pen saying, emotion and solidarity for our security forces


again targeted. Back to Christian Fraser. Some newswires say there


have been further gunshots. What more can you tell us? More shots


have been fired near the Champs-Elysees, see news reports,


although we have not heard them here. Francois Hollande has been in


the presidential headquarters, wanting to call his senior ministers


to talk about what has happened. The French newspaper Anne-Elisabeth


Moutet says the attacker stopped near the Champs-Elysees, got out,


shot at the police officers and was shot as he ran away. As James said


we still get the sense, watching the helicopter and the activity around


the area at the moment that there still is a live police operation


under way. I am not sure that they are certain that there isn't someone


else they are looking for. If those reports are true, and do bear in


mind that people are pretty jumpy up the moment, so any loud noises


people might well jump to conclusions about, but according to


Reuters there have been other shots fired near the Champs-Elysees. And


sifting through the information coming in. It's difficult to work


out if we are talking about one person acting alone or two or three


people. What have you heard? Only what you are hearing at the moment,


which is that one police officer may have lost his life and another may


have been injured. One of the attackers may have been killed. Let


me show you something that we witnessed when we were standing here


broadcasting with you a little earlier. Can you see this on the


computer? This was a bus parked on the other side of Etoile. It was


going around the roundabout and suddenly the police cars surrounded


the bus and stopped it. I don't know what they thought was on it, there


were plenty of buses around but this one they had a particular focus on.


They pulled everyone who was on the bus off. They had their body armour


on, they were armed police, heavily armed police surrounding it, and it


was therefore probably about half an hour to one hour before the bus


moved off. Does that tell us that they were looking for someone else?


I don't know because they had shot the attacker on the Champs-Elysees


according to the reports we've heard but if they stopped this bus is


possible they thought that someone else was on the run and maybe that


person had got onto a bus at the top of the Champs-Elysees and was trying


to get away from the scene, it was interesting that they picked on that


particular bus. Thank you, Christian. There has been a shooting


on the Champs-Elysees in the centre of Paris. These are live pictures.


The Reuters news agency says shots have been fired at a new location


near the Champs-Elysees. That's according to a police source. The


police have said that one police officer has lost their life and


another has been injured. The French interior ministry has emphasised


explicitly that they do not know the motivation behind what happened on


the Champs-Elysees. Just to highlight to those of you watching,


many of you will know this very famous avenue, right in the centre


of Paris with the Arc de Triomphe at one end of it. Let's speak to


Christian Fraser again. We talked about the political context of this,


the other context is the fact that Paris has experienced many traumas


involving attacks in the last 18 months. I think it has an


accumulative effect on the population in Paris especially on a


night like this. It was interesting as an observer to watch how people


reacted to what was going on. As soon as police started going in one


direction, we saw a group of youngsters who had come to look at


the eternal flame and they were told to clear Etoile as quickly as they


could and immediately they panicked. Maybe the rumour of gunshots had


gone around, but they started running everywhere and it was


difficult for the police to control them and keep everyone calm.


Everyone jumps to the same conclusion because they have bitter


experience of previous attacks. It is not only the Charlie Hebdo attack


and the Bataclan attack which were horrendous, but peppered through


those months there have been countless attacks on the police. And


according to the French media wires that I can see, they claimed the


police were specifically targeted in this attack. We've seen policemen


before stabbed from behind, in La Defense, while protecting the


public, they are conscious that they are targets for someone who might


come up behind them and they don't expect it to try to hurt one of them


and kill one of them. It sounds as if it might have been the case


tonight. Christian, thank you. For those viewers just joining us, let's


remind ourselves of what is happening. There's been a shooting


in the Champs-Elysees in the centre of Paris, one police officer has


lost his or her life, the authorities say another has been


wounded. There are other elements to the story which we can bring you.


Some of which are confirmed, others not. This is the Reuters news agency


picking up on what Christian said. There are reports that shots had


been fired at a new location near the Champs-Elysees, according to one


police source speaking to Reuters. Know the political reaction as well.


Remember it is round one of the French presidential election on


Sunday. His use of the word terrorism is


significant because over the last hour, the French Interior Ministry


has emphasised we do not know the nature of this attack. I want to


bring up a couple of other newswires coming into the BBC newsroom.


Reuters quoting a police source, say a second policeman has died from


wounds of the Paris shootings. We knew that one person had lost their


life. According to Reuters, we do not have this confirmed, but they


had been correct on all the other elements of the story so far,


reporting a second policeman has lost their life. The nearby stations


to the Paris Metro had been closed and we can bring in the BBC's


Christian Fraser again. In terms of what is happening in and around...


Hi, Christian. I am just watching the helicopter. Apart from the


Champs-Elysees itself, are people able to move around within the area


quite easily? Yes, but there are not a lot of people. A public


announcement has gone out, urging people to stay away from the


Champs-Elysees. That seems to have been led by people in this area.


There are very few people on the pavements at the moment. The people


are being directed from other areas, directed away from the


Champs-Elysees. I can still see, down the Champs-Elysees, there are


armed police in prominent positions up and down the Champs-Elysees, near


some of the restaurants and hotels. What I do not know is whether people


have been allowed to leave restaurants or whether they had been


kept in place until they are absolutely sure there is no one


still out there. But still a lot of police activity going on. You can


probably see some of the flashing blue lights. They moved from the


underpass, they have left the scene at the moment, maybe they had been


moved forward onto the Champs-Elysees, but generally it is


reasonably quiet and secure now. The helicopter appears to have moved to


a different part of the city, it is not circulating around the


Champs-Elysees for the moment. All the while we are talking, more


information is coming in. Let's bring more of that for you.


According to a police source talking to Reuters, police are searching the


home of the person who carried out the attack on the Champs-Elysees. We


have also seen wire copy coming in that the authorities are saying this


person was known the authorities. This is also relevant, this from


Reuters will stop the counterterrorism office open an


investigation into the shooting, one of the gunmen was killed in the


attack was known to the security forces. That phrase, one of the


gunmen, is interesting because there is a huge amount of uncertainty


around whether this attack was carried out by one person or more.


Some reports have said one, other have said more. They cannot be


certain at all at the moment. If you are just joining us, many of you


watching will have been to Paris, and you will certainly have been to


the Champs-Elysees. We have the Arc de Triomphe and the road comes away


from that to the east. It is one of the most famous roads and do world.


One journalist who lived closest to the Champs-Elysees, they said even


in the evening this would've been incredibly busy. Let's update you on


a couple of other elements to the story. We have heard Francois Fillon


paying tribute to the security forces. As we were discussing, even


though we do not know the very nature of this attack, already it is


becoming politicised the different candidates for the presidency


offering their condolences and, in some cases, their thoughts about


what has happened. Let's bring in a security expert. Thank you for your


time. With a story and situation unfolding like this, what will be


the priorities of the security forces on the Champs-Elysees? One of


the key issues will be to try to control information that will be


circulating around, and it will be to try to gather as much evidence as


they possibly can, again in peace times when most of us will have some


kind of camera within our phones. They will try to get as much


evidence as they can, particularly as reports are led to believe. One


of the gunmen potentially is on the run. In terms of communication with


the concerned public, presumably that has to remain a priority, even


though the police may not know exactly what is happening? No,


absolutely. They're in mind what a cosmopolitan city Paris is, much


like London when we had the Westminster attack recently, there


will try to get the that not only to the local residents, but also all


foreign visitors. The Champs-Elysees is such a representative sight of


Paris, and this is the ideal target particularly by some terrorist


affiliated groups because it is the capital and internationally


recognised. Police will control this local area as much as possible,


particularly as there may be other strands to this. One cannot presume


there isn't these days. They will control people indoors and the local


areas and then ultimately making sure other people do not come into


this catchment area. Stay with us. Earlier, I mentioned that we had


potential reports of another shooting close to the


Champs-Elysees. Paris police have confirmed to the BBC that that


reporter for the gunfire was a force report. People were claiming there


were further gunshots. Since we have contacted the resume police who have


said that was a force report. Will, it highlights the amount of


disinformation and in misinformation the authorities are sifting through.


Absolutely. One only has to look at Twitter a look at the various


reports coming in from different sources. Even the BBC will resort to


Twitter to try to gather as much information as they can. News


agencies like yourself has a bigger job as the police do, sifting


through information, following up on reports, and it is not uncommon that


we will hear of simultaneous attacks or other reports of attacks within


proximity or possibly close by, and again this could be from a variety


of different elements, it could be from individuals who heard the


initial attacks, and particularly in a city where sound can travel


extensively, it can be leading to greater levels of concern. This is


why the authorities will need to come up with a formal statement


pretty quickly to again reassure the general public that they have


control of the situation. One further question, we all being told


this attack was known to the authorities. In those circumstances


presumably they are able to move much faster in investigating.


Absolutely. The French had been playing catch-up game since some of


the earlier attacks, particularly Charlie Hebdo, which was a wake-up


call for them. But because quite a few of the notable attacks in the


last year or so have come from a variety of different areas, the


concern right now is that ultimately, they need to have


immediate triggers of any particular names to ensure that if they do


recognise is a perpetrator's name, they can follow that lead very


quickly. We appreciate your time, thank you very much for joining us.


In the last few minutes, I have brought you there is political


reactions. The far left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon saying, my


thoughts to the police and their families. Jean-Luc Melenchon


describing this as a terrorist act while the authorities are saying


they did not know the motivation. Let me check again, the news wires


coming in here. President Armand is holding a crisis meeting with the


Prime Minister and interior Minister as you would expect with a situation


like this unfolding. Here is what one eyewitness had to say. We were


moving towards a car and then I heard two or three shots but I did


not realise they were shots to start with. Then there was panic all


around, everyone started running down the Champs-Elysees by instinct.


I did not stop to work out what was going on, I just ran. Police were


already in place, blocking the road with the trucks, I took shelter


behind them. I did not have time to do anything other than just run


away. The French Interior Ministry... It is saying they are


assessing the vehicle of the assailant with regards to the attack


on the Champs-Elysees. It can also show you some of the Stills coming


in of the police operation underway. Particularly because of what has


happened in Paris over the last couple of years, the response to


this incident has been considerable, as you would expect. Let's bring


back Ken James in Paris. Please bring us date with what you have


got. I want to repeat a report on the Reuters news agency, suggesting


police are carrying out a search at the attacker's home east of Paris.


In the last 30 or 40 minutes, we have brought you those reports,


suggesting they knew who the suspected attacker was. Those


reports have developed and suggest the police are carrying out a search


of the person's house. It is important because they will want to


work at exactly who he was, why he might have carried out this attack


and whether or not he was working with any others. In that last


question is critical, as the police try to work out if it is over or if


there are other people they need to go look for. We had this interesting


situation with the police are saying, we did not know what is


behind this attack, the already very high profile politicians are calling


it an act of terrorism. Yes, and you can almost imagine politicians


thinking there is no harm in condemning terrorism as soon as they


hear of an attack on the police, it does them no harm even if it turns


out the attack had other motives. Very early on after we had the


report, there was one initial report from the police suggesting it was a


terrorist attack. There are suggestions it might possibly be a


robbery. We have not seen anything further than that because at the


moment, there are reports that the man was known to the police only.


Let me bring you another few updates. The Prime Minister has


taken to Twitter to pay tribute to the policeman killed in the attack


tonight, falls to his family and solidarity with the injured


colleagues and relatives. To reiterate to you, we have heard from


Donald Trump as well, who was offered his condolences to the


people of France after the killing of the police officer in Paris,


saying it looks like another terrorist act. Donald Trump has been


meeting the leader of Italy. We were expecting to be covering the joint


press conference but that's not happened for obvious reasons, but


Donald Trump is offering his condolences to the people of France


because of a terrorist act let's bring in James again. We talked


earlier that the authorities had said one person had died, Voigt is


then carried a report saying a second police officer had died, are


we able to confirm that yet? I am reading something I have seen on


social media. Second police officer has succumbed to his wounds. Those


reports coming from various police federations, saying there is a


second police officer who has been killed. We have not yet heard that


from the government, the Interior Ministry, and as French people know


all too well, it is the Interior Ministry to whom they have to turn


the term for updates on nights or days like this. Tell us about the


Champs-Elysees. If anyone wants to drive up it, can the? They can.


Earlier today, when I was coming in from the airport, it was very


difficult to get down from the Arc de Triomphe. We had to use side


roads because the police had blocked off one Particular Rd heading down


from the Arc de Triomphe which caused a lot of traffic jams. It


would not have been easy to get down from one side to another but later


on, I saw traffic going in both directions and I did not notice...


It would been unheard of to have checkpoints on either side of the


Champs-Elysees. If there was an attacker who wanted to drive along


the Champs-Elysees and then find police officers on either side of


the road, that would've been doable. In terms of how many people carried


this attack out, one person was involved, do we have any indication


as to whether they acted alone or with help? We do not we will


remember what you were speaking to Christian about, when he was talking


about the police surrounding a bus. That gives you an indication of the


instinct the police will have on the minutes after an attack, where they


will not just think this person was alone, they will look anyone in the


area and try to identify the person and find out who his network of


people, supporters, may have been. We do not have any indication do at


this stage whether or not the attacker was driving with anyone


else or whether he was alone. James, for the moment, thank you very much


for your help again. I'm live in London, where a story has been


developing over the last 90 minutes or so. Let me reiterate where we


have got to. There has been a shooting on the Champs-Elysees in


Paris, the city's most famous street and arguably France's. One police


officer has lost his life. We did have a statement from a police union


and there is a separate police source saying a second police


officer has lost his life but we're not able to confirm that at the


moment. High-profile politicians and France have referred to this as an


act of terrorism, however the French interior minister is saying, we do


not know the motivation behind this attack. There is one person involved


that they have been reports of extra people being involved. However,


quite often in developing stories like this, you get reports of extra


people being involved and it does not prove to be the case, so we


cannot confirm if anyone was involved beyond that single


attacker. If we go in closer, we can see the Arctic Triomphe where we


were talking to Christian Fraser, and the attack took place in the


Champs-Elysees to the east. Throughout the hour, more


information has been coming through. We have plugged back into the BBC


newsroom to access all the latest information. All the stations nearby


to wear this attack is taken place have been closed. Police are also


warning people not to spread any misinformation that has not come


from a trusted source save the authorities. Also, the


counterterrorism officers have offered an investigation into the


shooting. You will notice this wire from Reuters talks about gunmen,


we're not sure whether it was a gunman or gunmen, but one person has


been killed. According to a police source, speaking to the authorities.


A couple of other things to mention here. Donald Trump has come out and


offered his condolences to France over what has happened, saying, it


looks like another terrorist attack. James has been helping us from the


newsroom of the BBC in Paris. Christian was just by the


Champs-Elysees. We spoke to him on Outside Source when it was not clear


when this story was developing, but we are clear now it has happened. Is


is still ongoing? Do we know if this is a live situation? There are a lot


of conflicting reports so I do not want to put information at the that


might not stand up but there are reports quoting police sources that


there is another attack of are looking for. I have just seen


footage sent to me by people who are in Paris of what looks to be the


immediate aftermath of the shooting, and you can see the police van in


the car that was pulled up right alongside it, and what you picture


in the image is a police man putting his gun down on the pavement as if


they just just killed the attacker had just literally come upon them.


We are also hearing from various news reports, unconfirmed, two


policeman had been killed but they are also saying the third one had


been injured. Maybe there were three is part of a small group. But it is


halfway down the Champs-Elysees in a very busy area of the street. We are


also hearing as you confirm the night that this attack was known to


the intelligence services. If they are known to them, then we are


starting to move toward someone to would've been known to the


anti-terrorist police, and it is a very strange thing to get out of a


car and start shooting at police officers if you will carry out an


armed robbery, said this might be why politicians are starting to step


over to this area that this might have been a specific attack aimed at


police officers. There are also reports focusing on the TV report,


they are saying that there was social media from the gunmen, saying


he wanted to attack police officers. All of that will be part of the


focus in the next 12 hours. But as James said, this will be an ongoing


police operation right up until the election now because, whether or not


there is one attack or two, that person would be known to other


people, that is why they are searching the property and they will


want to know who that person has been in contact with over the last


few days, and is the threat from the people but that person new? If it is


not focused on the other attacker that might have got away. It is


worth reiterating that the reason Christian is in Paris is to cover


the French election. It is the first round on Sunday, and Christian is


there, but as Christian just pointed out, the remainder of the campaign


is likely to be dominated by what is happening in Paris. A little while


ago, I was talking to James, we were both saying we have these


unconfirmed reports that second police officer had lost his life. We


have been cautious about that because even though news agencies


were putting out there, we were not able to confirm that. The reason we


were being cautious is because the French Interior Ministry


spokesperson said a second police officer is not dead, they are


telling us that two police officers are seriously wounded, and this


highlights the amount of information flying around on how you have to be


cautious about it. The French interior Ministry saying a second


police officer has not lost his life but that two police officers are


seriously wounded. One police officer has died. I also want to


show you this. A spokesperson saying they cannot exclude that there were


one or more attackers but again that comes back to what I was saying. We


have had multiple reports, some saying it it was someone acting


alone, some saying there were more than one person involved, nor it


seems at the moment, can be Interior Ministry be sure. Let's go back to


Christian. You know Paris very well that many people watching will not


been to Paris. What is the Champs-Elysees like at this time of


the evening of people been doing the? They would be going on a


promenade. People come out to walk up and down the street and take on


the sites and meet people, go to the shops. The people who have never


been here, it is very much like Oxford Street or Regent's Street. It


is a very big pavement. You could have 20 or 30 people deep at any one


time. I walked up there the night and it was really busy because it is


that sort of night where people can sit out on the terraces of cafes,


bright blue skies, everyone was enjoying the sunshine this evening,


and at that time in the evening when it happened, at around 8:50pm local


time, that would be peak tourist time, but just how quickly the


situation changed was extraordinary. We will broadcasting at the foot of


the building here, talking to you. First one police car and then


another, and then they came from all directions. Where to go out on the


police radio, it was police cars and ambulances, an unmarked police cars,


in such a tearing hurry to get to the Champs-Elysees to find out what


was going on and perhaps helped colleagues, they almost knocked down


pedestrians, it was bedlam for five or ten minutes. I sure do those


pictures. This picture of the bus that was suddenly surrounded on the


12 by probably seven or eight police cars. Armed police jumped out. You


can see them with their prizes on. They got everybody of this boss and


it was clear to me they thought someone was on that bus who might


have got away from the Champs-Elysees because there were


other buses going around but this particular boss was a focus for


attention. I do not know why, but it suggests to me they thought there


was somebody who might have been connected to the attack on that bus,


trying to leave the scene. Right now, it is reasonably quiet. We are


hearing some reports there is an ongoing operation around the


Champs-Elysees. The focus seems to be in eastern Paris in a building


they know to be connected with this attacker and they will hope to glean


as much intelligence from that as they can over the coming hours to


avoid any repeat of what has happened this evening. I have one


more question for you about politics. Let me show everyone


watching the response we have seen from the four people who have a


realistic chance of becoming the next French president. There are 11


candidates but realistically only four have a prospect of getting


through round one and into the final round which is a head-to-head. We


have heard from awful. Emmanuel Macron says, I want to show all my


solidarity with our law enforcement. Francois Fillon says, the picture be


to the security forces who give their lives to protect ours.


Jean-Luc Melenchon said, thoughts for the police dead and injured,


terrorist acts never go unpunished. And then Marina pen, who has been


leading the polls for the last few weeks, says, emotion and solidarity


for our security forces again being targeted. That phrase from Marine Le


Pen highlights a big issue she has emphasised throughout this campaign


which you feel that front is not getting it security right. A lot of


candidates will focus on that and the need for more resources for the


intelligence services. I was talking to a Europe Minister tonight, and


outward looking liberal guy, who is supporting Francois Fillon, he says


the threat is severe in France. He says there are 15,000 people in


France that need to be watched, and clearly you cannot watch all those


people were any one time. So, yes, there will a debate in France about


providing more resources for the security services, but surely there


also has to be a conversation about the division in French society. They


talk about the gulf between inner-city Paris and the urban


centres like this, and its housing and opportunities and opportunities


for migrant communities that underscore and create this division


in French society, and that has to be looked at as part of the


political debate as well. Christian, thank you very much for your help


over the last hour. Let's recap what we have learnt in the last hour. One


police officer has lost his life after being shot in the


Champs-Elysees. The person who carried out the attack has been shot


dead but it is not clear if he or she was acting alone but the French


interior ministry is denying reports a second police officer has died,


but they are telling us two police officers are seriously wounded.


These pictures are live from Paris at the moment. You can see various


personnel going over that particular vehicle in great detail. That


matches what we were told a few minutes ago, that one particular


vehicle was being focused on. Let's check on one last time nor the


latest information coming in to the BBC newsroom. Very interesting from


Reuters. Police have issued an arrest warrant for a second suspect


in the shooting who arrived from Belgium by train. If that is true,


that changes the nature of the story we are talking about. That is just a


police source speaking to Reuters. Then we have the French interior


Ministry spokesperson saying that they cannot exclude that there were


one or more attackers. While there is more and more information coming


in as to what happened in central Paris this evening, a lot of things


remain unknown, not just the journalists covering the story, but


the authorities as well. This is a developing situation in Paris and


you will get the very latest from all of us here in the BBC newsroom.


Coverage continues over the next few minutes. Goodbye.