17/05/2017 Outside Source

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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello, I'm Ros Atkins, this is Outside Source.


The pressure is mounting on Donald Trump as he faces


the most serious allegations of his Presidency.


He's accused of trying to stop an FBI investigation


into links between his former National Security


But the President has come out fighting.


No politician in history - and I say this with great surety -


has been treated worse or more unfairly.


Leading Democrats are now demanding an independent commission


into the Trump team's links with Russia.


TRANSLATION: We are prepared to provide the Senate and the US


congress with a transcipt of the conversation


between our Foreign Minister and President Trump.


It is reasonable to say Vladimir Putin enjoyed making that offer.


That offer comes on the back of claims that Donald Trump leaked


classified information to the Russians last week.


We'll be live in Washington for more on all those developments.


Any questions you've got, the hashtag is #BBCOS.


US soldier Chelsea Manning has been freed from jail.


We'll report from the military prison where she was held for seven


years for passing thousands confidential documents to Wikileaks.


And Emmanuel Macron has unveiled his new gender-balanced Cabinet chosen


We'll find out who's in his top team.


It is not a statement to -- an overstatement to say there is next


essential threat to the Trump per 70. That is not to say that Mr Trump


has done anything wrong, but there are profound and pressing about his


conduct. Let's start by considering


the last eight days. Last Tuesday Donald Trump fired FBI


Director James Comey. Mr Trump said he was


doing a bad job. He was also in charge of the FBI


investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign


team and Russia. The next day Mr Trump met Russia's


foreign minister and the Russian Fast forward to Monday


and the Washington Post It alleged Donald Trump


shared classified And that intelligence officials were


shocked and concerned at what the president had done.


The next morning, Donald Trump confirmed


information had been shared - but said it was appropriate.


While that political maelstrom played out,


the New York Times entered the fray yesterday.


Its story claimed a memo written by James Comey after a meeting


with the President details Mr Trump saying, "I hope


That is referring to the investigation into Michael Flynn.


That is with reference to these Flynn investigation. Allegedly


asking for an investigation to be let go.


Even for a man for whom controversy is a constant companion,


Look at the way I have been treated lately. Especially by the media. No


politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been


treated worse or more unfairly. You can't let them get you down. You


can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your


dreams. We have spoken to you about any


number of pressures on the president in recent months, am I right in


saying this is different? It is very different, I have been here on the


Hill all day speaking to senators. Republicans and Democrats have both


told me this is the most serious allegation against the president yet


because it does not involve just an error of judgment, it could stray


into the realms of obstruction of justice. That, of course, is a


criminal accusation. We have not got there yet and it is very difficult


to prove because you have to prove intent. Certainly it is increasing


calls from the Democrats for possible impeachment if it is proved


true. There is a real sea change, there has been a lot of


embarrassment for the Republicans, lots of I wish he had not said that


in that way from the Republicans, but this is very, very different.


Jane, we would like to explore that a bit more in a moment. As she was


to, until now President Trump has had a political firewall around him,


the Republicans control both houses of Congress but cracks are beginning


to show. Some Republicans are calling for an independent


prosecutor to be appointed at one has suggested Mr Trump should be


impeached if the allegations are true, a Democrat has already called


for him to be impeached. There is a feverish atmosphere in Washington.


Before we go back there, here are some of the main statements. It is


not too late that the administration needs to take stock of what it is


doing and the president needs to listen to his advisers and better


appreciate the nuances of government and the different roles that the


three branches of government play. We need the facts. It is obvious


people out there want to harm the president, but we have an obligation


to carry out our oversight regardless of which party is in the


White House, meaning that before rushing to judgment we get all the


pertinent information. It seems like we are learning


disturbing new allegations about President Trump, not just everyday


but, ladies and gentlemen, every hour. In the house, Republicans have


shown repeatedly that they refuse to conduct credible, robust oversight


over this president. A US Senate panel is investigating


both the alleged Russian -- U.S. Senate panel is requesting


that James Komi testifies before its members. Now look at this, a


Republican member of Congress saying that the part of the Congress that


he represents also wants to speak to the former director. So both houses


of Congress want to speak to him. Jane, I guess this means we will get


a lot closer to understanding what was said or what is in the memo if


it exists? That is the idea but I think there is a real irony that FBI


Director James Comey was sacked by Donald Trump in parts because he


considered him a showboat. He is out of the job but Republicans and


Democrats, lawmakers, still want to speak to him. He is the man of the


moment who holds the answers to lots of these questions swirling around


Washington, the biggest one is what's did the president say? A


couple of other things going on, we have heard in the last hour or so


that a couple of candidates for the new job of director of the FBI will


be in the White House in the next hour. Of course, getting a


replacement for James Comey will be tough, Democrats say it is just not


going to happen because there is so much contention about the whole


thing. Interesting movements. And demands for members, e-mails,


anything documenting conversations that Mr Comey had with Mr Trump at


any moment, congressmen want to hear about that. A lot going on and a lot


of fact gathering at the moment. Thank you, Jane.


Jane mentioned he might take over from James Comey. Sean Spicer, the


press secretary for the White House, saying the president will meet


Andrew McCabe, the current acting FBI director, former Oklahoma


Governor Frank Keating, former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman


and former senior FBI official Richard McCready. Anthony Zurcher is


in the Washington News you. Those four candidates, are you surprised


at them? I am. Frank Keating was a former FBI agent and governor of


Oklahoma but he has been out of the political scene for quite some time,


I believe he was on the board of Regents at University of Oklahoma,


so that is plugging a name from nowhere. Joe Lieberman was on


everyone's rips back in the early 2000s, he was Al Gore's vice


president shall nominee when Al Gore had Democratic nomination. He became


persona non grata in the Democratic party over his support for the Iraq


war, he lost a primary and had to run as an independent and he has


been a think tank guy and law firm board. The others are current or


past FBI agents. McCabe is the acting FBI director since Comey was


fired. I think there will be a lot of resistance to use and former


politicians like Lieberman, I'd have heard from some Democrats saying


those names are non-starters. Democrats particularly seasonably


from the law-enforcement community, someone with a real independent


streak that has grounding within the agency. I will be curious to see if


they are really the finalists or if one of the earlier names pops up


again. Another thing I wanted to ask you about, this is an online


magazine called The Federalist, one of its headlines is Tips For Reading


Washington Post Articles About Trump With Tip Of Strong Anonymous


Sources. It says do not trust anonymous sources. Unless someone is


willing to put his or her name with the league, beyond God. Lots of


these stories have been based anonymous sources. -- unless someone


is willing to put his or her name with the leak, be on guard. Many


people are saying why trust this league, we do not know where it


comes from? It is journalism 101, if you can get a named source that is


much better than an anonymous source, if you are going to cite


someone anonymously you'd have a good reason, whether it is because


they are afraid of repercussions from superiors or some other reason,


fallout from what they are sharing. Sometimes all you can get is


anonymous sources, if you have further information to back them up


then you run with them, if you have multiple sources from different


areas saying the same thing, that is a way to flesh out the reporting. It


is a question of trust in the media, the reason that lots of


conservatives doubt this is they think the mainstream media, the New


York Times and Washington Post, they have an agenda so they are using


anonymous sources to advance that agenda. Once again I think it goes


back to the partisan divide. Thank you, Anthony.


The Washington Post story alleged the information had been shared, Mr


Trump agrees that it had. The disagreement was not about whether


it happened but whether it was appropriate. With reference to the


New York Times story, based on an anonymous source, both houses of


Congress want to speak to James Comey, the man who allegedly wrote


that memo and allegedly said the president asked him to deal with the


Michael Flynn inquiry. We shall find out from him whether he agrees with


the New York Times report. Don't for a moment think that is it.


To make things murkier, Russia is denying that any


confidential information was shared in that meeting in the Oval Office.


And President Putin commented earlier.


TRANSLATION: We are prepared to provide the Senate and the US


Congress with a transcript of the conversation between Foreign


Minister and President Trump, but only if the American administration


wanted. Yes, that's right - he's saying


he can provide a transcript. The Russian president saying he can


provide that for the US Congress about a discussion which took place


in the Oval Office of the White House. No wonder there was a twinkle


in his eye! He is quite right, we do not know if


there is a recording. It is not clear what Mr Putin's comments Meta,


you can be certain he was causing mischief. Here is Steve Rosenberg in


Moscow. You cannot help feeling that the


criminal absorbers. As the US administration staggers from one


crisis to another, all seemingly linked to Moscow, Russia is sitting


back and watching a political rival terror itself apart. President


Putin's comments were full of jokes, sarcasm and the downs. Among the


jokes he said he would have to reprimand his Foreign Minister


Sergei Lavrov, who met Donald Trump earlier this month, because he said


Mr Lavrov had not passed on the secrets he was allegedly given to Mr


Putin or the Russian secret services, he joked, and that was


very bad of Mr Lavrov, said Putin. There were many put-downs. He said


there was political schizophrenia in the United States, he said those


people in America spreading anti-Russian sentiments were either


stupid or dangerous and dishonest. He talked about the internal


political struggle in America. As for his offer to provide a


transcript of the meeting, to provide that to the Congress and the


Senate, I don't think you see Risley believes that if Russia was to


provide a transcript on Kremlin headed notepaper that it would make


the crisis go away. I think it was another attempt to have a dig at


America while the scandals were swirling around the lighthouse. --


the White House. Stay with us on Outside Source -


still to come... There has been documentation of how


the damage to a liberal's electric system has affected the light


available to the people who live there.


Lloyds Bank, which was bailed out by the taxpayer at the height


of the financial crisis, has returned to full


It was confirmed to the Stock Exchange this morning


that the government has sold its last remaining


The bank says taxpayers made a profit out of the deal.


We gave taxpayers money back, around ?900 million more which is, I think,


a big moment of pride. What changes for the bank as a result of today?


What do you do differently? It is a big moment of pride but then we go


back to our process, to help the country prosper. Six years ago we


designed a strategy which I thought was the right one which was to


refocus this bank back to the United Kingdom, helped the real economy, so


families and small and medium-size companies, focus our resources,


which were very scarce at the time, in helping Britain to recover.


We are live from the BBC Newsroom Live. President Trump has been


responding to reports that he is the FBI to end the inquiry into Michael


Flynn. He says he is being treated worse than any political leader in


history by the press. Some of the main stories from BBC World


Service... Nine people were injured in two


arrested outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington. A fight broke out


between enemies and supporters of President Erdogan. He had been


meeting with President Trump. That is from BBC Turkish. The Tornado in


western Oklahoma has destroyed hundreds toe dozens of homes and


killed at least one person. Police have told residents to stay home


until power is restored. Now the UK election campaign.


Just over two years ago, the Liberal Democrats


were the junior partner in the British coalition government.


Then came the 2015 vote, and electoral meltdown -


leaving them just eight parliamentary seats


On Wednesday, their leader Tim Farron launched


the manifesto which he hopes will bring voters back.


. At the heart it is that we do not just have to accept whichever deal


we get back from the Brexit negotiations were due, the British


people should have the final say, if you do not like what Theresa May


comes back with, you should have the right to votes Tremain. Three


quarters of younger people in this country voted to Remain, they are a


reminder of why there is so much dismay at what Theresa May plans to


do, the most extreme version of Brexit that Jeremy Corbyn and Ukip


backed as well. The Lib Dems are the only people offering hope that


Britain's future could be brighter and better.


Yes, you heard that right - he expects Theresa May's


Conservatives to win, and he wants the British


people to have another referendum on Brexit.


As with all of the main parties in this election,


you can find the whole Lib Dem manifesto online.


But let's take a quick look at some of the other headline promises.


Cannabis would be legalised and subject to taxation.


They have said that could generate to ?1 billion a year. The current


voting age is 18 in Britain. Young people would be able


to vote from the age of 16, and be offered state help to get


on the housing ladder. And a large part of the funding


would come from tax increases - including a penny in the pound


on income tax. Tom, good to have you on the


programme. Lots of policies that might attract younger voters, but it


is a bit of a gamble given that younger voters tend to turn up less


than others? The Lib Dems have dispatched with the idea of doing a


coalition deal with any other party, which is the thing that got them


into power in 2010. They have to find a new place for themselves,


this referendum deal where they are simply saying if you don't like the


deal that the British government does, you can votes against it and,


in effect, I think they hope there will be a big number of Leave voters


who suddenly decides they are not interested in leaving. I think Tim


Farron also hopes that the youth vote like that idea, lots of young


people did not votes in the referendum, they might not like the


idea of leaving the EU no, there this benefits and that it might


cause. The hope is that that will bring them on side. But when the Lib


Dems weren't Government they agreed to increase radically the cost of


going to university in the UK, the tuition fees, which was deeply


unpopular. I covered the rioting that happened in central London when


that was voted through Parliament. There was enormous anger. The


concern, I think, among Lib Dems is that some of those young people who


went through that period and now have big debts, they have been to


university, will not be interested in voting Liberal Democrat. Another


problem is that the Lib Dems is pushing away, potentially, voters


who did vote to leave the EU, they may well move to the Conservatives,


who currently have a big lead in the polls. With the Labour Party moving


to the left, the Conservatives moving to the right, you look at


France and the success of the centrist candidate like a Emmanuel


Macron, it is interesting that the Lib Dems are not making more ground


in the centre? Tim Farron gave a speech in London tonight to launch


the manifesto and said that if you look at the French elections, the


previous two main parties in France came third and fifth, leaving the


voters of France with a choice between Macron and the National


front. He said that was not something the Lib Dems were prepared


to stand for in the UK, they will continue the fight. Looking at the


manifesto, it is very similar in some ways to the Labour manifesto,


we will reverse the cuts to tax and spending that the Conservatives saw


through in 2010 onwards. Interestingly, with the help of the


Lib Dems, we will spend more on schools, hospitals, caring for the


elderly. It is fair to say the Liberal Democrat format is likely


less radical than Labour, which will do a lot more tax-and-spend than has


been popular or stunted in British politics in the last 20 years, but


it is quite similar. A couple of policies stand out. They are


planning to directly invest, the Government doing this, in


house-building. Housing problems are enormous, a lack of housing,


especially for young people. In general it is similar to Labour.


They are building the manifesto on the offer of a referendum, trying to


make in themselves a home for people who want to remain in the EU, saying


votes followers of that is what you want. Thank you, Tom.


Let's take a closer look at the fallout from the contorversy


surrounding Donald Trump in Washington.


BBC business tell us that the Wall Street stock markets fall as


political uncertainty intensifies. You can see the reflection of this


concern. This graph is Bloomberg's Dollar


Spot Index which measures how the US currency is doing against ten


leading global currencies. See how the dollar peaks in line


with Donald Trump's victory and inauguration and has been going


gently down ever since. Explain the correlation between


confidence in Donald Trump and a strong dollar? Generally people go


to the US dollar because it is seen as a very strong and stable place.


If you have money and want to keep it safe, keep it in the US dollar.


That confidence is eroding because of what has happened in Washington.


There are even words of possible impeachment being thrown around in


Washington with regards to what is happening with Donald Trump and the


reports that he may have suggested that he and the Federal


investigation into the former national security adviser Michael


Flynn and his ties to Russia. What is really worrying Wall Street with


regards to that is that it all acts as a distraction from the kinds of


things Wall Street wants to see, and that is tax reform and that big


spending for infrastructure. If he is paroled in all these other sagas,


lawmakers will not be able to put the attention to some of the


regulatory matters that Wall Street wants to see happen. It is not just


about the US currency falling, the markets have come back a bit from


the peaks we saw earlier in the year? Absolutely, US markets have


closed and we are seeing nothing but red across-the-board, the Dow Jones


and the other indexes have fallen by about 1.7 1.8%, the Nasdaq is down


by 2.5%. That said, we have not seen what we call a correction, pull back


from the markets, in a very long time. Some people say we are due


this sort of correction and this may be the impetus for that to happen.


Thank you for taking us through that.


I will be back in a couple of minutes with more Global News from


the BBC Newsroom Live.