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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello, I'm Karin Giannone, this is Outside Source.


Donald Trump's son has released emails implying he knew


about Russian efforts to influence the US elections as early


It was revealed in a series of messages he posted online


from last year showing he was eager to accept incriminating information


about Hillary Clinton promised by a Russian source.


In a White House statement Donald Trump has said his son


is a high quality person, and he applauded his transparency.


A day after the Iraqi Prime Minister proclaimed Mosul liberated,


BBC journalists on the ground find that fighting is still ongoing.


The Sound of music is mixing with the sounds of bombing coming from


the western side, where there are still pockets held by the extremists


in the old city. More than 200 million women


worldwide who want access to family planning services still don't have


it, we'll be finding out what's And if you want to get in touch


#BBCOS is the place to go. Donald Trump Junior has released


emails confirming that he was eager to accept what he was told


was damaging information about Hillary Clinton provided


by the Russian state, This is all relating to a meeting


he had with a Russian lawyer who he thought had compromising


material about his father's opponent Here are the emails, you can find


them on his Twitter account, And to this Donald Trump Jnr


replied: Donald Trump Jnr says he released


them in the name of transparency but it might also have had something


to do with the fact that @nytimes the New York Times was just


about to publish it. And we've just had this reaction


from the White House. Trump says his son,


Donald Trump Junior, is a high quality person


and applauds his transparency. These emails were sent


between Donald Trump Jnr and a publicist, Rob Goldstone,


who set up a meeting with this Rob Goldstone referred to her


as a Russian government attorney. Here she is speaking


to NBC earlier today. Have you ever worked for the Russian


government? To have connections to the Russian government? TRANSLATION:


No. They had the impression, it appears that they were going to be


told some information that you had about the D How did they get that


impression? TRANSLATION: It's possible they were looking for such


information and wanted it so badly. We're looking at this from


Washington, and what we have here and is at the smoking gun so many


are looking for? It's hard to tell what a smoking gun is these days.


Every time we think we've got some major revelation, Donald Trump seems


to find a way of surviving at. This is very big and points to what


Donald Trump Jnr was thinking when he went to this meeting, and he


thought he was meeting with someone who was a Russian government lawyer,


that is the way it had been presented, a Natalia Veselnitskaya


denies that. He was posted get information that was damaging to


hear Clinton. There is a possibility that Rob Goldstone went into this


trying to blow some smoke and try to make this meeting seem more


important than it was, that there really wasn't an effort to reach out


to the Trump campaign. That could be beside the point because it's still


the fact that Donald Trump Jnr and high-level members of the Trump


campaign sat down in meetings where they discussed Hillary Clinton and


possibly damaging information about her in the heat of the presidential


campaign with a Russian national. Where does this fit in into all the


other investigations about possible rings to the Russian government?


It's only a matter of time before Donald Trump Jnr is called before


Congress, the house intelligence committee want to see if this really


is something that draws ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian


government itself. Then you have the independent counsel investigation,


who have been very tight-lipped so far but I think they're going to be


very interested in these e-mails, and in Donald Trump Jnr because they


were looking into possible ties between the Trump campaign and the


Russian government. I think those are the ones that will be


particularly interesting but I think it'll be a while before we hear the


results of those investigations. Anthony, thank you very much. Let's


talk to Richard Painter, a White House ethics lawyer under President


George W Bush. Welcome. What do you make of what we've seen and heard?


Well, this is very troubling. It is yet more evidence that the Trump


campaign was willing to work with the Russian agents to obtain


damaging information on Hillary Clinton, even though there are laws


that prevent and prohibit foreign nationals from contributing anything


to American political campaigns. And also laws against computer hacking,


and we know how the Russians get their information because they've


been doing it for a considerable period of time. And yet everyone in


the Trump administration denies contacts with the Russians, denies


collaboration with the Russians and one by one we are seeing these


stories start to fall apart. Donald Trump Jnr had several different


explanations for what happened, each one shot down by additional facts.


We are very concerned about this in the United States because our


elections are supposed to be for the American people without foreign


interference and someone who works with a foreign government in order


to win an election here is really viewed as having betrayed their


country. It is treason, whether it is prosecuted under a treason


statutes or another statute. Just to be clear, sorry to interrupt you,


you're saying this is treason? It is. To undermine your own government


to help accomplish the objectives of a foreign adverse rave. It is well


known the Russian government wanted this election to go against Hillary


Clinton in favour of Donald Trump. No American should be assisting a


foreign government with that type of work inside the United States. They


were conducting espionage inside the United States, they were engaging


computer hacking and other crimes and when that type of call comes in


from a foreign country, particularly an adverse research is Russia, you


call the FBI. That is what he should have done, call the FBI. Let's just


say these are people inexperienced in politics, new to it presidential


campaign, they don't know the protocols, this is Donald Trump Jr


simply doing what he thinks all campaigns do, trying to get


opposition, and he's well killing them thinking they are going to be


helpful but the campaign. What is wrong with that? Well, Donald Trump


Jnr and Jared Kuschner and Paul Manafort, the top three people are


all going to this meeting! I can't believe that nothing came out of the


meeting. That doesn't make any sense. Why would all three of them


go to this meeting? Were not talking about inexperienced people here.


Paul Manafort had plenty of experience, they had good lawyers


working for the campaign, they wanted to meet with the Russians in


order to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton and they were


willing to do anything to win. That includes betraying our country into


the hands of a foreign power which was trying to determine the outcome


of our elections. Once again, our elections our our business to be


determined by the American people, which has been ever since the


American Revolution and that is what our constitution sets forth, and


foreign countries are supposed to stay out and there are specific


criminal statutes what they did. Ledley should be assisting them with


their conduct in the United States. One brief question, where do you


think this leaves the investigations going on currently? We have the


criminal investigation by Robert Mueller, the special counsel and we


also have investigations in Congress which are investigations that need


to be stepped up because we need to make sure that everyone in the White


House, everyone currently serving in this administration has been loyal


to the United States and is not somehow beholden to Russia because


Russia, of course, has what of additional evidence there is of


collaboration. They may well have the heads of some people of this


government and read to find out the facts as soon as possible. We could


have a government chosen by the American people that serves the


interests of the American people and has a meaningful role in the global


community. Thank you very much for your time and we will be speaking in


a short while to support of Donald Trump, a lawyer which says this is a


storm in a teacup. This mansion is a Russian diplomatic


compound seized by President Obama last year and now Russia says it is


time to give it back. TRANSLATION: The situation is outrageous and I


find it is shameful for such a great country as the United States, an


advocate for international law, to leave this situation hanging in


midair. We are aware of the Russia phobic feelings in Congress and


understand the decision to expel our diplomat and confiscate our property


was taken by the bomb administration.


In the final weeks of the Obama administration the US took


the diplomatic property and expelled Russian diplomats as retaliation


for alleged Russian interference in the US election.


Sergei Lavrov also hinted at Russian retaliation,


but all this leaves President Trump with few easy options,


as Olga Ivshina from the BBC's Russian service explained for me.


Oh, definitely he is in a tricky position because he claimed a number


of times he wants to re-establish relations with Russia in this cold


period. But now if he gives Russians back their diplomatic premises, then


he will be criticised for his actions. Specially bearing in mind


today's news. He will be criticised for having special relations with


the Russians for depending on them, and so on. If he doesn't do it, then


it will be very hard to renew dialogue with Mr Putin in a positive


tone. When President Obama took this action at the end of his


administration, what was he basing his act on? What evidence do they


have? He said his intelligence community have provided him


sufficient evidence of alleged Russian interference into US


elections, so there was this open source report and also there was a


classified report into intelligence where they listed several grounds on


which they based their findings. And Russia to this day is said where is


the evidence that we interviewed in the US election? Obviously, Russians


keep denying it. They say it is a witchhunt and that American


politicians have their internal struggle, which they are trying to


solve by pointing attention to what they call the Russian problem.


Russian argument have changed over time. At first they said there was


noted Fearon 's. And they say of course the ambassador was meeting


politicians because it's his job and also Mr Putin noted that of course


we have no state funded hackers but some hackers have pay trotter


promoted and they may interfere and they may try to threaten someone


they perceive as enemies. Also he gave a hint talking to one of the US


journalists, he said have you seen those classified reports? I've read


them and there's nothing sufficient in them. Which is quite stunning.


Stay with us on outside source, still to come.


Nearly $400 million of extra funding to go towards family planning


programmes in some of the world's poorest countries,


as a major international conference on contraception


The government has announced there will be a UK-wide inquiry


into the contaminated blood scandal, following a long


At least 2,400 people are thought to have died after being given NHS


blood products infected with hepatitis C and HIV


The Prime Minister Theresa May has been outlining her reasons


Contaminated blood scandals of the 70s and 80s was an appalling tragedy


and should never have happened. Thousands of patients expected the


world-class care from the NHS that it is famous for but they were


failed. At least 2400 people died and thousands more were exposed to


hepatitis C and HIV. Often with life changing consequences. The victims


and their families have suffered pain and hardship and they deserve


answers. And the inquiry that I've announced today will give them those


answers so they will know why this happened, how it happened, this was


an appalling tragedy and it should never have happened.


This is Outside Source live from the BBC newsroom.


Donald Trump's son has released emails implying he knew


about Russian efforts to influence the US elections as early as June


last year, and was offered incriminating information


on Hillary Clinton from a Russia source.


Other stories from around the BBC right now, the BBC World Service


reports that 16 people have been killed after a US military plane


crashed in Mississippi. It's thought it exploded in the air


before crashing into a field. Police say the plane


was loaded with ammunition. BBC Arabic reports that


the United States and Qatar have signed an agreement on fighting


terrorism and its financing. The deal came during a visit


to Doha by the US Secretary He said Qatar had been taking "very


reasonable" positions in its dispute Among the most read on our website


a 22-year-old Colombian man has been arrested,


on suspicion of threatening to attack an Ariana Grande


concert in Costa Rica. Security's been tightened


at Grande's concerts, since the attack at one of her shows


in Manchester in the UK. A major international conference


on contraception has been And with it, the announcement that


?300 million of extra funding will go to family planning


programmes in some of The money's being provided by the


Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Uganda is one of the most difficult


places in the world to get Suilana was 16 when


I met her in 2014. After three days in labour


on the floor of her home, TRANSLATION: I didn't even


get to hold my baby. I didn't even see


her before she died. When I see other women carrying


their babies, I feel so sad. Suilana pulled out of school,


limiting her chances even 10,000 miles away in London,


the British Government is hosting a global summit to try to help girls


like Suilana, together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,


it has today pledged hundreds of millions of pounds to get


contraceptives to more But there is a major


stumbling block. Earlier this year, President Trump


announced he wants to stop funding all international


family planning projects. It is a significant blow,


given the US is the biggest But campaigners are trying


to remain optimistic. That is his proposal but I know


what's right for the world and when I stand on the stage


and I see the UK Government, Canadian government,


Indian government, Bangladesh, Indonesia, all increasing


their money, I know Back in northern Uganda,


the cycle of poverty continues But it is hoped the commitment made


in London today will help millions more women break the cycle


by choosing when they The theory 's efforts to fight


diseases like HIV aids will be jeopardised, which is especially


concerning for South Africa which is the highest number of people living


with HIV in the world. This popular TV show was one of the great success


stories of US funding for HIV aids but if the storyline strays into


reproductive health or abortion issue the producers have to look


from a knee elsewhere. It is about complying with tight US funding


rules. Those rules have just got tighter. Next is the policy...


President Trump has brought back old restrictions in during no US money


is traced to abortion services. Dubbed the global gag rule doctors


say funding for HIV is now included and worry all health services could


be compromised. I don't see how people can sit in Washington and


think they can influence me. And restrict you in terms of giving you


health information that you have a right to to make an informed choice.


It interferes in the doctor-patient relationship in a negative manner.


When I tested HIV positive, I don't think it is a barrier for me. This


woman, and inspiring young businesswoman, owes her survival to


US HIV funding. I collect my medication every three months. The


money to keep a healthy now comes with strings attached. It cannot be


linked to abortion in any way. The problem is modern day health care is


all integrated whether it is children's vaccinations or sexual


health. Activists warned there could be affected by this rule is simply


because they are on the same site. With a children's clinic here and


reproductive health and HIV services down the corridor, this one-stop


shop is the gold standard that international health agencies are


trying to promote but there is a fear that the global gag rule could


impose guilt by association, the services that have got nothing to do


with abortion. Go out on the streets and you reminded that despite being


illegal in South Africa more than half of all abortions are still done


it is the key because of stigma and that could get worse. Our secret


camera shows how easy it is already to buy abortion drugs illegally. And


actress poses as a client. Watch the man in the brown jacket. He is the


dealer. He tells her no medical supervision's needed. Look at the


man sitting down. He's the accomplice and slips the drugs out


from under his sleeve. Then, in minutes, the pair are gone. Doctors


now face a hard choice. Use US funds to battle diseases such as HIV but


stay silent on abortion or turned their back on the biggest donor in


the world. It is a delicate balance. The taxpayers in the United States


have a right and the health care workers in the women in South Africa


have a right also obtained their highest level of care based on the


laws their country. But many still believe the US is overstepping the


mark. Self-sufficiency is still not an option for many African states.


China's New Silk Road is President Xi Jin Ping's


He plans to spend around a trillion dollars on projects


But some countries feel his bid for strategic influence could leave


The BBC's China Editor Carrie Gracie has been


travelling the New Silk Road, and reports from Western China.


This is the face of the new Silk Road.


Behind the stage make-up, this girl is a Muslim


The Her people left behind by China's growth.


TRANSLATION: Tourists I met had heard this place was unsafe,


that they couldn't be sure to get out unharmed if they came here.


Some people did some bad things and it has affected all of us.


China is trying to rewrite the script.


At this theatre, a grand narrative of ethnic unity


The wealth gap between west China and the coast,


a challenge as immense as the terrain.


This economy is addicted to building.


But the coast now has as much road and rail as it can absorb so China


is seeking new frontiers at home and abroad.


To solve economic insecurity problems with one blow.


The Silk Road was once unimaginably remote for most


In less than a decade, China has built twice as much


high-speed rail as the rest of the world combined.


A magnet for the biggest tourist board in the world.


One the government hopes will kick-start growth


Heading west to troubled Xinjiang, do they fear becoming


TRANSLATION: I am not afraid, there are people looking


A small group of people are causing trouble but 99% are good.


At the grand theatre, they are spending $250 million


But the more China invests, the more it has to protect.


The ancient Silk Road story has moments of danger.


And China's grand new narrative is fraught with peril.


Deliver on the spin of opportunities for all, or forever scan the crowd


More on the BBC website. Stay with us, we will have plenty more, we


will be hearing from a lawyer about those e-mails released by Donald


Trump Junior, and she says it is a storm in a teacup. Stay with us.