10/07/2017 Outside Source

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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello. Top story from Iraq. The Prime Minister Blair has declared


victory over Islamic State in Mosul. The Army has been trying to retake


the city for nine months. In Washington, President Trump's son


has said that he set a Russian lawyer who promised to reveal


damaging material about Hillary Clinton. That is a continued search


into alleged Russian meddling in the US election. The judge overseeing a


case of a male baby says he will need very good evidence to change


his mind and in sport though it has been a big upset. Rafael Nadal is


out. Welcome back to an outside source. A


number of stories to bring you from Washington related to Donald Trump.


Donald Trump Junior, his son, has admitted to meeting a Russian lawyer


after she promised him damaging material about Hillary Clinton. It


happened during the 2016 election campaign. This is the original story


in the New York Times. At the time, Donald Trump junior confirmed he had


met with this woman but claimed the campaign was not discussed. A day


later he changed his story and admitted that they had met under


their belief that information about Hillary Clinton would be shared.


Donald Trump junior says that no information was offered and it


quickly became clear she had no meaningful information. The


President's son-in-law was also at that meeting. We just got this


update. Donald Trump junior has hired in New York lawyer to


represent him in connection with those Russian related


investigations. We can get more on this from Washington. We just had an


offer from Donald Trump junior to cooperate with investigations. There


have been multiple requests from Congress for Donald Trump to speak


to their committees. Susan Collins, there was also a Democrat from


California, he also wants him to appear. That is one of the reasons


why Donald Trump junior just said he was hiring a lawyer. This is the


latest member of Donald Trump's inner circle who has obtained


independent lawyers to represent them. They all have legal team is


helping to advise them. Because of the possibility of criminality. How


damaging is this? Is this not what campaigns do, they look for dirt


about their opponents? That is certainly standard in campaigns, you


try to find anything you can use during the campaign. Most campaigns


have teams dedicated to it and they're usually isolated a bit from


the presidential campaign because there could be blowback if you meet


someone who could be embarrassing. That is why there is usually this


buffer. Normally you do not see a campaign meeting with a foreign


national to discuss an opponent. In the past, these things have been


handed over to the FBI. If it turns out there was something to do with


Russian hacking, it would definitely qualify. Another story related to


Donald Trump Janmaat meeting with Vladimir Putin. On Sunday, Donald


Trump treated that they discussed forming a cyber Security unit. That


prompted ridicule and outcry from both sides of the political divide


in Washington. Then he followed up with this treat: as far as you


turned school, this was a quick one? Is still caught some members of


Donald Trump's administration of guard. We saw his Treasury Secretary


come out boasting about this joint group that was going to be set up


between Russia and the US. Then Donald Trump took the rug out from


underneath them. He felt a lot of pressure and ridicule. A fox being


asked to guard the hen house. That is something a lot of members in


both parties did not think was ever going to get off the ground. This


picture tells a story. Donald Trump has defended his decision to let his


daughters sitting for him at one point during the T20 summer. There


she is sitting in for her father. She is next to the President of


China and Theresa May. Donald Trump defended his decision. He said that


if Chelsea Clinton was asked to keep the seat this week -- the fake news


would say make her president. This is how Chelsea responded. This is


not the first time that Donald Trump's daughter has sat next to


world leaders. I think that the outcry if Chelsea Clinton started in


Hillary Clinton's place would be unprecedented. I don't think people


would be saying, Chelsea for president. Donald Trump's relatives


are getting particular attention again and that is a concern. It


plays into notions about nepotism in the Donald Trump administration.


Beyond that, she is a senior adviser and advise is often certain for the


president. This is just another example of that. Thank you. Thank


you for bringing us up-to-date on those developments from Washington.


This man has had a long day. Giles Muller has sent Rafael Nadal


crashing out. It is already being called the match of the tournament.


I did not see the match but there were a lot of people talking about


in the news room. It is no exaggeration to say it is


one of the best matches I have ever seen and it is the longest in


Wimbledon this year, four hours and 40 minutes. Giles Muller lost his


last 22 matches. In 17 years as a professional he had never won a


title before this year. Compare that to Rafael Nadal, 15 major titles and


seven times runner-up in what has been a strong period in tennis.


Giles Muller must've thought there was some inevitability about it. If


he didn't, the crowded. Most people were favouring Rafael Nadal, but


Giles Muller managed to wind in the deciding fifth set. When we asked


how we felt, he said, tired. At 37, Venus Williams, nine years


since she last won a title, she is into the quarters. Andy Murray won


his match to reach his tenth consecutive quarterfinal. Roger


Federer won his match and your vital bit that not make it to court won


because the previous match lasted so long. His game was delayed for a


day. Thank you. Manchester United have


signed Romilly Lukaku from Everton for ?75 million. That is $96 million


on a five-year contract. This is what Jose Mourinho had to say:


That is a man leaving Everton, but this man, Wayne Rooney, has been


talking about the journey he is making in the opposite direction. I


always play like I have a point to prove. I am not going into


retirement, I want to win and be successful at this football club.


That is what I will do. I feel good, I am not fit at the moment but that


will build up in the next few weeks. I think it is a challenge, it is the


right time in my career. I am ready for it. Stay with us, still to come:


The judge hearing the case of a terminally ill baby says he needs


new evidence to allow experimental treatment in America. We will bring


you a report from the court. It is called big gig economy and millions


of people are caught in a grey area without the normal protections.


Employment law is being reviewed. This man is more -- this man is one


of more than a million people who gets paid by the task and not the


hour. Is it some but if it is a slow day for takeaway is to them that


losers. On a good day if you work ten hours we can earn about ?150. On


a slow day we will earn around ?70 working for a 10-11 hours. Sometimes


we only get one job in three hours, so we get ?3 50. So it is not good


when it is not busy. If you get sick has an accident, he will not have an


income. But tomorrow the government is expected to classify workers like


him as dependent contractors and make them entitled to the minimum


wage. The fear of gig economy companies is that they might have to


pay workers who are online rather than doing work. There is a


compromise where they will be required to prove that workers could


earn substantially more than the minimum wage in a reasonable time.


The report is expected to see if gig economy companies are going to pay


people by the task, he have to show workers are in a least a fifth more


than an employee on the minimum wage. Unions say that could mean


less protection. A piece rate reports could be a step backwards.


We know that approach is mistaken for cleaners and hotels and they


could not clean and offerings to qualify for those rights. Our


concern is also drivers could be expected to travel so fast around


London and across the UK that they never qualify for the national


minimum wage. Gig economy companies are popular because they are


efficient and cheap. They avoid playing national insurance. It is


unlikely that protection for workers can be stepped up without some


increasing costs for consumers. This is live from the BBC newsroom.


Barack's may minister has declared victory over the Islamic State group


in Mosul. The battlebus Mosul has taken almost nine months, killed


thousands of civilians displaced over 900,000 others. Ukraine's


president has asked for discussions to begin on an action plan that


could lead to Nato. The president was speaking after holding talks in


Kiev. Russia is not happy. Ukraine is fighting a Russian backed


insurgency in the East. A spokesman said that for many years Russia has


been wary by Nato's military structure moving closer to our


borders and potentially this could be the next step. He says it will


not boost stability and security in the European continent.


This is the Ukrainian parliament building and earlier today this is


where the general secretary of Nato spoke to MPs. He took some questions


and most of them revolved around the possibility of Ukraine joining Nato,


the north Atlantic alliance. He did not give a direct answer to that or


any Canon time frame as to when talks might take place. But he


stressed is that Ukraine needed to carry out further reforms and do


more to strengthen institutions and tackle corruption and that those


reforms should be carried out anyway, that would move Ukraine


closer to Nato. He also stressed that any eventual decision on


Ukraine's possible membership would be down to the 29th existing member


states and Ukraine itself. Russia, despite its long-held objections to


Ukraine joining Nato, with not have a veto in that decision. Most people


except it is in the medium to long distance future, if it ever happens,


that Ukraine might become a member of Nato. A lot of things have to


happen and change. There is still a conflict in the east of this


country. This has to be resolved before Nato when its members welcome


Ukraine. This is Charlie Gard, a terminally


ill baby suffering from a rare genetic condition. The hospital


where he is being treated as decided to end his life support and as


parents and made several unsuccessful challenges. Earlier


they were in the High Court to present new evidence of an


experimental treatment in America which they say could help him. Our


correspondent has the story. For core, passionate and determined.


Charlie Gard's parents have considerable support, including the


Pope and Donald Trump. Now this pro-life evangelical preacher, who


was once jailed for anti-abortion protests, and he's been praying by


Charlie Gard's bedside. If I judge or hospital can come and tell a


parent they do not have the authority to provide the kind of


medical care that their parents need, then parental rights are under


attack and the fabric of our society unravels. It is well-established in


UK law that we're parents and doctors cannot agree, a judge must


decide. Charlie is still weak that he cannot move and he has serious


brain damage. For courts and ruled he should be allowed to die with


dignity. In court, lawyers for Charlie's parents said there was


evidence that showed an experimental treatment might help their son. The


judge said that there was not a person alive who did not want


Charlie to get better and he would be delighted to change ruling that


it had to be on the basis of clear evidence. He said that the


hospital's view was that every day that passed the Charlie suffer more.


He has a rare condition. Charlie's mitochondria does not function


properly. This treatment is a powder form that is given in food and can


help mitochondrial function. Studies suggest a 4% improvement. Eight have


been treated before but none had his condition or brain damage. The High


Court said that on published data showed dramatic improvement. The


experimental therapy has never been tried in humans or animals with his


exact condition. Paediatrician said that great Ormond she would be


concerned it could do him harm. There is a lot of things that are


known here and those looking after him in the hospital are concerned


about him and there are some of the greatest experts in the world.


Charlie's parents left court saying they were hopeful of persuading the


judge on Thursday to allow them to take him to Italy or the US for


treatment. Meanwhile he continues to receive round-the-clock care in


hospital. A self-confessed IRA bomb maker says he was responsible for


one of the worst bombing attacks on British soil and has apologised. He


has refused to say what role he played. People were killed and


injured in the 1974 attack on to Birmingham pubs. The bonds were left


in the heart of Birmingham on a Thursday night. Placed inside pubs


to cost structure. Explosions that led to 21 people dying. In the same


year, 1974, Nick Hayes took part in this funeral for a hunger striker.


He was a well-known Republican, and admitted IRA bomb maker who was


convicted of offences in the Republic of Ireland. And now, for


decades after the murders in Birmingham, man has emerged to say


he was part of the group that bombed the city. I was a participant in IRA


activities in Birmingham. Did you plan the bonds? I'm giving you the


only answer I can give you. He has been questioned in the past that he


has never been charged. Even now he will not say what role he played,


but he says he takes click of responsibility for it. I apologise,


not only for myself, I apologise for all the Republicans. I had no


intention of hurting anybody. Some would say you have blood on your


hands. I know they would say that and from their point of view they


can justify that. I do not shout my responsibility in that direction. A


group of men were charged and found guilty of the bombing. It was a


famous miscarriage of justice. The convictions of the men who became


known as the Birmingham six were overturned. 416 and a half years we


have been used as scapegoats. Highlight today the families of


those murdered in the pub bombings watched his apology and were angry.


A coward. He would rather die than be an informer but he is happy to


take collective responsibility for the murder of 21 innocents in


Birmingham. He avoided many questions but he claims mistakes led


the IRA to give bomb warnings too late and he personally defused a


third bomb left in the city centre that night. The explosions were


horrific. They were terrible. It shot Barry. -- it shocked the IRA.


When we find what happened I defused the bomb. Many in Birmingham will


question why he has come forward now, particularly as though one has


ever been held legally responsibility for murdering the 21


people who died in a night out in the city.


Despite qualifying for a US competition, an all girl team of


Afghan roboticists will be forced to watch both video link after their


visas were refused. Girls in Afghanistan do not normally do this,


build robots and break stereotypes. This team of six decided to build a


robot to enter a competition in Washington. Now, after their abusers


were turned down, they will have to take part using the Internet. All


the countries can participate apart from us, so it is a clear insult the


of Afghanistan. If you want something you can achieve it. We did


our best and we hope our robot can take his place with other entries


from across the world. They have organised the competition and have


more than 150 teams participating. The girls from Afghanistan will be


the only ones represented in Washington. In a country where girls


find hard to get basic education, these girls have come very far, but


they have to leave it to the robot to go it alone from here.


Back at the same time tomorrow. Goodbye.