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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello, I'm Ros Atkins, this is Outside Source.


Donald Trump Junior has defended his meeting


with a Russian lawyer las year, who he believed had incriminating


Again, this is before the Russian mania, before they built it up in


the press. For me, it was opposition research. They had something.


The President is calling the greatest witch hunt


But here's his nominee for FBI Director in his


Is the future FBI director, do you consider this endeavour a witchhunt?


I do not consider direct A Mullen to be on a witchhunt.


Brazil's former president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has been


sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in jail for corruption


In an interview with the BBC, President Erdogan of Turkey has


denied claims that his country has jailed over 150 journalists.


TRANSLATION: Those people inside jail are not titled as journalists.


Some corroborated with terrorist organisations.


And some of the world's biggest tech companies are staging a day


of protest in support of net neutrality.


We'll explain what it is - and why it affects all of us.


Donald Trump Jr has a lot of explaining to do -


Yesterday he released emails which show him setting up a meeting


on the promise of damaging information on Hillary


Clinton that the Russian government wanted to supply.


Now Donald Trump Jr has spoken to Fox News.


Here he is on what his father knew about the meeting.


A lot of people will want to know this about your father. Did you tell


your father anything about this? It was such a nothing, there was


nothing to tell. I wouldn't have even remembered it until you started


scouring through the stuff, it was literally a wasted 20 minutes, which


was a shame. It is hard to imagine how the interview could have been


more gentle. We'll see more of that


interview in a moment. On the 3rd of June 2016


Donald Trump Junior received an email from this man,


Rob Goldstone. He's a music publicist and


acquaintance of Donald Trump Junior. In it, he explains a former Russian


business partner of Donald Trump had been contacted by a Russian


government official - and the offer was of "information


that would incriminate Hillary To which the reply is,


"If it's what you say, I love it". Four days later, Rob


Goldstone emails again - asking Donald Trump Junior


if he would meet with a woman called She was described in the email


as a Russian government attorney. The meeting took place two days


later at Trump Tower in New York. We know as much because here's


Rob Goldstone, on Facebook, checking in at Trump Tower


and announcing that he's there. Donald Trump Jr says no useful


info was handed over. That was much, much later in


proceedings. Here's more of his


interview on Fox News. In retrospect, I probably would have


done things a little differently. Again, this is before Russia mania,


before they built it in the press. For me, it was opposition research,


they may had concrete evidence to the stories that I heard about which


were probably underreported the years, not just during the campaign,


I wanted to hear it out but it went nowhere and it was apparent that was


not what the meeting was actually about.


Let me ask you a hypothetical, maybe you have thought about it since now


that it has become Russia collusion etc. Did you ever meet with any


other person from Russia but you know? I don't know, I have probably


met with the people from Russia but not in the context of a formalised


meeting or anything. Why would I? In the grand scheme of how busy we


were, it was much more important... This was a courtesy to an


acquaintance. Some people ask... Hear him asking


why would I, they look at an e-mail exchange during which he is offered


information about Hillary Clinton from the Russian government and


think, why wouldn't you? Here's the President's


verdict on that interview. "My son Donald did


a good job last night. He was open, transparent


and innocent. This is the greatest Witch Hunt


in political history. Let's see how Anthony Zurcher


describes it. He is live from Washington, DC. Sad as one word, bad


might be another? Absolutely. Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence,


everybody in the administration spent months saying there was no


corroboration or contact between Russian officials and members of the


Trump campaign, now we have actual e-mail correspondence that has


Donald Trump Jr not only meeting with someone that he thought was a


representative of the Russian Government but welcoming and


celebrating that fact, hoping he would be provided information that


was incriminating to Hillary Clinton. He says nothing came of


that meeting but the simple fact that there was an openness to such a


meeting, that Donald Trump Jr was able to get the chair of the


campaign, Paul Manafort, to sit on the meeting, as well as his


brother-in-law Jared Kushner, that undermines much of what we have


heard from the Trump White House over the past few months and shows a


little bit about how members of the Trump campaign were being so


defensive about Russian contacts. People like Jeff Sessions said he


had never met with Russian officials, only to have to


contradict that later. Michael Flynn said he did not talk with Russians


about sanctions, only to have to recant that and ended being fired


about it. It plays into perceptions about a lot of smoke circling the


Trump administration when Russia is the topic of discussion. There are


difficult perceptions, but in terms of the practical politics, has


anything changed for the White House? The White House has dug in,


formed battle lines again. It used to be there was no contact, no


interest in coordination with Russia, now it is a little


different, the contact was meaningless, nothing came of it, it


was before Russia became the big story. They have changed a bit, but


then you see stories in the New York Times and the Washington post about


the chaos going on within the White House. They don't know where these


leaks came from, these e-mails got out, the stories about Donald Trump


Jr all came out into the press and there is a lot of finger-pointing


within the West Wing of the White House, trying to figure out who is


trying to get Hugh, who will benefit and who needs to protect themselves.


That is the main story in Washington, but stay with us,


Anthony. Let's also talk about


Christopher Wray - this is Donald Trump's pick


to become the next FBI Director. His senate confirmation


hearing has begun. No surprises, there have


been a lot of questions And this one was specifically


about Donald Trump Jnr and the meeting we've just been


discussing. Let's see how that went. Here is


what I tell every politician, if you get a call from somebody suggesting


that a foreign Government wants to help you, by disparaging your


opponents, tell us all to call the FBI. To the members of this


committee, any threat or is it to interfere with our elections from


any nation state or any non-state actor is the kind of thing the FBI


would want to know. Google do you believe that in light of the double


junior e-mail and other allegations that this whole thing about the


Trump campaigning in Russia is a witchhunt? -- in light of the Donald


Trump Jr e-mail? I can't speak to the basis for those


comments... I am asking you. As the future FBI director, do you consider


this endeavour a witchhunt? I do not consider the former director to be


an witchhunt. In a normal situation the


President's nominee for director of the FBI directly contradicting the


president might be a story in itself, but it feels a little


overshadowed? This was a fairly routine confirmation hearing for a


nominee who was not all that controversial, but a huge shadow was


being cast over this based on James Comey's firing by Donald Trump, the


ongoing Russia investigation, Wray was asked time and time again would


you pledge loyalty to President Trump the wake only said he was


asked to, and cellar Christopher Wray said that my loyalty is only to


the rule of law and the Constitution. He said he was a


straight shooter, he said he was not going to pull any punches. All other


questions, at least from Democrats in particular, to be to try to make


sure that Wray was independent from Donald Trump that would be a strong


and standing up to pressure from Trump is James Comey was, maybe even


stronger. If anything happens in the next 50 minutes, Anthony, you know


where we are! Let's move a lot further south from Anthony.


He used to be President of Brazil - and he's just been sentenced


to nine-and-a-half years in prison for corruption.


Let's bring in Katy Watson, the BBC's correspondent in Brazil, she


is live from Rio. Could you start by telling us what his crimes? He has


been accused... Sorry, sentence for nine and a half years the corruption


and money laundering, it refers to a beach-front property that he


received in return for the construction company to be able to


get some contracts from a state-run oil company, Petrobras. This is part


of the country's biggest ever corruption operation, Operation Car


Wash, which started in March 20 14. It is a sentence for one of five


cases against him. Earlier you told me he will appeal this, he denies


his guilt? He says this is a primitive -- politically motivated


case, he denies wrongdoing and he will not be going to prison, he has


the right to appeal. In the past he has hinted perhaps wanting to run


for presidency again, so this sentence we have heard today does


not stop him from potentially running for presidency. If he is


convicted, if the sentence is upheld in the Appeal Court, he would not be


able to run, but in the meantime nothing much changes in terms of


that. If you look at the polls, he is the frontrunner for next year's


presidential elections. Even if he can run legally, it seems


astonishing he might have a chance given he has been found guilty of


these crimes? But you tell me he does? This case really divides


Brazilians. Millions of Brazilians see him as the country's saviour. He


was the most well-respected politician in recent history. When


he left power at the end of 2010 he had approval ratings of 80%. Buy a


big part of Brazilian society he is very much still supported, but the


other half feels he has become a symbol of the problems of corruption


in the country. There is still a lot of support if he decided to run for


president. I feel that every time we talk about the trouble of


politicians in Brazil, the accusation that the judiciary is


political comes up time and time again. Is there any evidence that


that is true? I mean... All of this, whether it's is Lula, Dilma, it


divides everybody. When you look at the judge who has brought the


sentence against Lula he is seen as a symbol of exactly that, some


people serious too politically motivated, others see him as a


symbol of cracking down on corruption. Operation Car Wash has


implicated so many politicians and people in power. A third of the


current Cabinet is linked to the corruption investigation. It is very


hard to separate politically and be able to remove it and say that these


judges have their views, people here all have views on whether the judges


are doing this to serve a political purpose or not.


Thank you for explaining it, Katy Watson, live from Rio.


An iceberg four times the size of London and thought to weigh


a trillion tonnes has broken away from Antarctica.


Fire Service advice to residents to stay put inside flats in Grenfell


Tower during the fire lasted nearly two I was, the BBC has learned. A


change in policy recommending residents tried to leave was made


one hour and 53 minutes after the emergency call. Tonight, survivors


confronted the senior investigating police officer looking into the


fire. Some others cannot sleep, because


when we sleep we dream of it! (INAUDIBLE)


. SHOUTING. The test of an investigation is whether it is done


properly, not quickly. An investigation of the skill will not


be quick, but it will be thorough. It will get to the bottom of what


ever happened and hope those two accounts, whether it be an


individual or an organisation -- and hold those two accounts.


This is Outside Source live from the BBC newsroom.


President Trump's eldest son has said he didn't tell his father


about a meeting last year with a Russian lawyer,


who was apparently offering documents that would damage


The main news from BBC World Service.


Scientists are demanding new rules to protect


A report prepared for the UN says nearly two-thirds of open sea falls


outside the jurisdiction of any one country - and that that leaves


ecosystems at risk as natural resources are exploited.


A boost for the Brazilian President Michel Temer -


the senate has approved labour reforms aimed at giving companies


more freedom in employee contract negotiations.


Perhaps only respite for the President -


Police in Berlin have raided homes after a huge solid gold coin


It weighs 100 kilograms, and the suspected robbers


are believed to have used a ladder and a wheelbarrow to


The suspicion is that it's since been melted down and sold.


If you're in the US and you've been to sites like Google,


Facebook and Amazon today, you may have seen pages like this.


Titled this is a battle for the future of the Internet.


The sites are running slowly - and it's on purpose.


It's a protests to changes being made to rules which govern


what's called net neutrality, this is the idea that all internet


Right now all Internet traffic is treated the same, no matter where it


has come from, where it is going or what it is doing. We call that net


neutrality. Without it, campaigners worry that Internet service


providers might be able to intentionally slow down your


Internet connection unless you pay more for things like video


streaming, or they warned there could be some kind of Internet fast


lane where big, rich companies could pay to make sure their site load


quickly but other, smaller sites macro would be stuck in touch with


their politicians to pressure them into supporting net neutrality. Over


70,000 websites will push people towards the NCC to make their voices


heard, we will push people towards the members of Congress. We want the


FCC to hear that net neutrality is widely popular, which it is. But net


neutrality has some very powerful opponents, including companies like


Verizon, AT, IBM, Cisco, Nokia and, crucially, the new head of the


US Federal Communications commission has spoken out against net


neutrality. Those against it say it adds unnecessary new regulation to


the Internet. They say it makes it harder for Internet service


providers to make back the money they invested in building the


infrastructure that gives people high-speed Internet. I have had


plenty of questions on this story. Technology analyst


Tim Mulligan explains. There was research last year which


showed that 35% of all download traffic on


the US Internet systems last year was because of Netflix.


And Netflix is not contributing to that? Yes, and this gets to the hub


of the issue. We are transitioning from an ownership culture to access


to ownership, effectively streaming. Netflix is the leading provider of


video on demand streaming services. In music you have Spotify with music


streaming services. What we are looking at is an increased


significant increase in demand upon existing infrastructure to provide


what the public wants, which is instant access to entertainment. Why


is the discussion not about who should bear the cost of the


infrastructure, rather than at the point where the consumer gets the


experience, whether that should be neutral? The reality, and this is a


painful reality for the streaming services, they are on very tight


margins. Especially if you are an entertainment -based streaming


business. Most of your revenue goes on providing the entertainment,


getting licences, paying for the content. I mentioned Netflix, they


have 6 billion... Is 6 billion content expenditure this year, only


20% of that is going on original content, the rest is to place the


content to serve the expectations of the general public, and that is for


very low competitive pricing compared to traditional pay-TV. What


changes are being proposed in the US that Amazon and Google etc are upset


about? We have already seen attempts to try to test net neutrality. So


look at T Mobile, they have launched a binge on viewing service which


includes major streaming services, so if T Mobile customers pay for a


premium tier of data access they get zero rating on access to streaming


services like Spotify, Netflix. AT have tried a different thing with


preferred advertising partners and they have been chastised by the FCC


because of this. Right now we are in a grey zone where people are testing


the boundaries, there is a recognition that change needs to


become but it is difficult to know where to turn to. Are we likely to


underpin a situation where different regions will have different


approaches to this? Inevitably, yes. If you look at the distinction


between the approach that the EU takes versus the approach that the


US regulators take, there are significant differences of, for want


of a better word, worldviews. The EU is primarily focused on providing a


good consumer level playing field. The US is more of a laissez faire


business friendly environment, which inevitably creates a contrast and


how this will play out going forward. We will keep an eye on that


story. The Royal Bank of Scotland is one


of Britain's biggest banks - and it's agreed to pay a US


regulator $4.7 billion dollars. It's to settle claims that it


mis-sold mortgage-backed securities. Many of these products proved


to be almost worthless, and were a significant factor


in triggering the global The bank still faces action


from the US Department of Justice. Here's what one banking


expert has to say. It's likely that there will be


billions more in fines to come. They'd really like to get it done


quickly, but it has been overhanging the shares. The UK Government


ownership position, for a long time. RBS says they are not sure when such


a settlement etc might occur. It is not a horrible products, the product


was abused and got out of hand. The wrong people got mortgage credits,


the banks did it for all kinds of awful financial incentives, they


were distributed to investors for all the wrong reasons, the wrong


incentives, but the concept but some people's financial records might not


be perfect and they should be banned from getting a mortgage is wrong. It


should be a market open to everyone. To my knowledge the only major


institution that still has to come to terms with this or is fighting it


is Barclays, another big UK bank. Staying with the US, this is Janet


Yellen, the head of the US central bank.


The boss of the US central bank has told Congress that the US economy


is healthy enough to sustain more gradual rises in interest rates.


Janet Yellen was reporting to members of Congress about bank


Let's bring in Michelle Fleury in New York. I feel like if I had a


dollar for every time we considered the possibility rates could go up


but then they don't in the end, I would be a rich man. What has


changed? I think the key thing is she is saying about the economy is


growing, albeit slowly, it continues to add jobs. Much as you point out,


that we have heard from her in recent months. The difference here


is that she said interest rates would not have to go much further to


reach a neutral level. What did she mean? A neutral level does not


encourage or discourage economic activity. The market interpreted


that as a sign that maybe we will see one more rate increase this


year, but generally speaking the pace of rate rises will be slow. As


a result, that boosted stocks, we have seen the Dow hit another record


close, up just over .5%. Why this analysis lead her to think that a


higher point than the one we are rat serves American people better? After


the financial crisis, to try and spur activity in the economy, to get


the economy going and kick-started, interest rates were brought to very


low levels. The question became when would we return to normal and what


with the new normal look like? That is the part, if you like, of the


journey we are on, the return to what the Fed describes as a new


normal, in other words rates are starting to climb back up that they


will not settle at the levels they were at before, in other words they


will be slightly below where they were before. So that period of when


we were used to seeing interest rates of around 5%, 4%, forget that,


we will be much, much lower. I only have 30 seconds, when might we get a


definitive decision from Janet Yellen? This is an evolving process


and monetary policy continues to develop. They have always said they


are watching the data. We have seen American jobs market improves, the


inflation picture remains weak. The other unknown is what happens to


fiscal policy, which is controlled by Congress and the White House.


Thank you for taking as too large, Michelle Fleury, live from New York.


We have been talking about net neutrality with the help of Dave Lee


and other guests, they have been discussing that in the US. We had a


tweet saying somebody needed more information, we will get that for


you later. Before we talk you to, Piazon


monsoons, let's bring an update on the winter storm battering New


Zealand. It looks very