12/07/2017 Outside Source

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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello, I'm Ros Atkins, this is Outside Source.


Donald Trump Junior has defended his meeting


with a Russian lawyer last year - who he believed had incriminating


Again, this is before Russia mania, before they built it up in the


press. For me, it was opposition research.


President Erdogan of Turkey has denied claims that his country has


TRANSLATION: Those people inside jail are not titled as journalists.


Some of them corroborated with terror organisations.


Our China Editor has been looking at the Chinese companies are pouring


workers into new countries - leaving locals wondering


The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has said Britain must


recognise its financial obligations to the European Union.


The Brexit story is getting complicated, if you've got any


questions, tweet them to us at #BBC OS and we'll answer.


All the other contacts are on screen.


Here's my colleague Zeinab Badadwi, telling us...


Wide ranging interview on @BBCHARDtalk, marking a year


First, here's the President on whether journalists


Opposition journalists write a lot of insulting articles about me even


recently they did it during the march.


Those insulting articles are still out there.


Those people in jail are not journalists.


Some of them collaborated with terror organisations.


Some were jailed for possession of firearms.


They have a journalist badge, but this is not


the official press card - so with that badge they claim


Groups like Reporters Without Borders refute that.


They rank Turkey 155th in their press freedom index.


They say, "Dozens of journalists have been


imprisoned without trial, turning Turkey into the world's


to.waves of trials, withdrawal of press cards,


cancellation of passports, and seizure of assets".


Press freedom is also one of a multitude of reasons why Turkey


appears no closer to joining the EU than it was when talks


If the EU bluntly says we will not be able to accept Turkey into the EU


We will then initiate our plan B and see.


Turkey is able to stand on it's own two feet.


Our per capita income is more than $11,000 right now.


Turkey's been a strong supporter as Qatar comes under severe pressure


Turkey is never in favour of Muslims killing Muslims in this region.


We don't want to see Muslims fighting with Muslims.


We don't want to see those developments which are happening


It's clear what's happening in Syria.


Turkey is paying the price because of these issues.


We don't want this so because of that we don't accept


Next, here's what Zeinab made of the interview.


What I took away from the interview, president of the Gannon is someone


very controversial, divisive at home and abroad. Half the population


enjoy them, almost revered him. Think the strong leadership is just


what Turkey needs. The other half is absolutely opposed to him.


Unprecedented marches against him by the opposition in the past week or


so. Also Turkey is a country that international community cares deeply


about. If he is such a pivotal role, operating in a tough neighbourhood.


Second biggest standing army in Nato. What matters in Turkey matters


to the international community. That is why it was really so important to


try and gain insights into what the leader of Turkey thinks on so many


issues. Looking forward to watching the home thing. You can see the


interview this Friday. If you want to watch


the full interview - We got a summary today of a British


government review of Not the full thing though -


that's been withheld Critics say this is because


Saudi Arabia is named - and the UK sells Saudi Arabia a lot


of military hardware. That will not satisfy critics,


pressing for this report to be published for a long time. The


government sitting on it for a long time. That is because the contents


are believed by some, the government has my critics, to include quite


critical remarks, about foreign governments accused of at least


allowing the funding of extremist groups in the UK, by money he comes


to the shores. Particularly the Gulf. That is why, people have been


pushing for it. What we have today is a summary. Today, tells us a


couple of things. In the review of this, essentially saying most


extremist groups in the UK, most of the funding comes from anonymous


donations from within the UK. However for a small group, they do


rely on overseas funding, but a small group.


James mentioned some of the people who aren't happy.


@CarolineLucas Caroline Lucas, Green Party: "Govt refuse


to publish review into funding of extremism + try to fob us off


If she wants though, she can read it - MPs can read


the document as long as they don't reveal what's in it.


UK Home Secretary is promising action on financial transparency.


Exposing a bit more of what these groups do. A lot of them call


themselves charities, they are charities. Wide definition of what


the charity is. Explain to the public, do you know this is what


they are involved in? Get transparency of the financial


services sector, which supports groups, allowing them to set up


financial instruments to setup this. Crucially the interesting bit, the


government says it will ensure charities are regulated. All


charities are to declare overseas funding. Quite significant change.


Andy Murray out, three-time Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic out


at the quarterfinals. Chuck in Stan Wawrinka and Rafa Nadal, it means


the purveyor of Indian summers, Roger Federer, 35 years old, the


highest ranked player in the draw. Tough outing for defending champion


Andy Murray against Sam Querrey. He led by a set and a break of losing


12 the last games. Struggling physically as the match wore on.


Eventually going down in five sets, losing the fifth 6-1. His American


opponent took his chance, hitting 70 winners. It appears that the hip


injury which disrupted his build-up finally caught up with him. Sam


Querrey will face Marin Cilic semifinal, the Croat speeding Giles


Muller in five sets. Meanwhile, injury Wednesday. Novak Djokovic


bowing out of Wimbledon. The second seed needed to win the title to


return to the top of the world rankings. An elbow injury saw him


pull out of the second set. In his quarterfinal against Tomas Berdych,


lost the first set on down the second, called it a day. Far more


straightforward for seven time champion Roger Federer. Ageing like


fine wine. He cruised into the semifinals in straight sets, at the


expense of Milos Raonic. Federer made short work of last year's


runner-up with a trademark display. He won his 100th singles match.


You'd to put money on Federer, getting his eighth title. He is the


favourite. Find out on Friday whether he makes the final. You are


selling it well. I will watch both the semifinals.


The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor


Somewhere between pantomine - and pantomine.


They met face to face for the first time - in LA.


It's the first stop in a four city, three country promotional


tour for the fight - so you can expect to see


11,000 fans turned out for this event.


Some think the promotion of the fight might be more


Here is what the pair said after the their first


Conor McGregor has never had a professional boxing bout in his


life. I'm pretty sure he anxious. I am


just waiting. Day after day, going to the gym and working. Not as fast


as I used to be. Not throwing, nations like use different. It will


be intriguing matchup. Very interesting. His little legs, little


corn, head, I'm going to knock out inside four rounds. Mark my words.


That is the bit we could play you can he was swearing all the way


through. This is Mithali Raj -


not a household name like some Indian cricketers -


but that could be changing. Today she became the all-time


leading run scorer in women's one She did it by scoring 69 for India


in their Women's World Cup group Captain of the Indian men's side


Virat Kohli TWEET @imVkohli A great moment for Indian Cricket -


Champion Stuff! And this from the man


who holds the record in the men's form of the game,


Sachin Tendulkar... Stay with us on Outside Source -


after the break we're going to turn to China


because they're about to open their first international military


base in the horn of Africa. A gay man has won a landmark ruling


at the Supreme Court which will give his husband the same


pension rights as a The ruling could have a dramatic


effect on the entitlement of thousands of people in same sex


marriages or civil partnerships. Victory after an 11-year


legal battle. John Walker worked for the company


Innospec the 23 years, paying Victory for basic


fairness and decency... Civil partnerships became


legal in December 2005. Shortly after, Mr Walker and his


long-term partner entered into one. They are now married, but Innospec,


relying on an exemption in the Equality Act,


refused to take account of his pension contributions before


that date, dramatically reducing the pension Mr Walker's


husband would receive. The highest court in the land


found that an anomaly. If Mr Walker married


a woman, even after his retirement, indeed even now,


she would be entitled to a pension. The court ruled that EU equality


law, any British exemption. Mr Walker's husband will be entitled


to a spouse's pension on Mr Walker's death,


provided of course that It would be the same with anybody,


whether it is a heterosexual couple or a same-sex couple -


someone you love, that person, you want to make sure is looked


after as long as they are alive. I'm older than him,


therefore statistically, the chances are that


I will die before him. I wanted to ensure


he was looked after. The effect of today's


ruling is massive. It doesn't just about John Walker -


it affects everyone who is in a civil


partnership or same-sex marriage and that is whether they are paying


into an occupational pension scheme with a private employer


or within the public sector. Supporters were thrilled,


but the human rights group Liberty which supported John Walker sees


a possible storm It is only EU law that


allowed him to win today. So obviously what Mr Walker wants


to know and what Liberty wants to know is what is going to happen


to these rights when we leave The Government says it's


reviewing the ruling. John Walker is happy that equality


at the heart of civil partnerships and same-sex marriage has finally


caught up with pensions, and there President Trump's eldest son has


said he didn't tell his father about a meeting last year


with a Russian lawyer, who was apparently offering


documents that would damage The second round of Brexit


negotiations start next week. Plenty of diplomatic


jostling in advance. This was the British Foreign


Secretary Boris Johnson - on any long-term financial


obligations the UK will owe The sums I've seen, they propose to


demand from the country seem to be extortionate. Go whistle is entirely


appropriate expression was 'Go whistle', by the way,


means to ask for something you don't Today, the EU's Brexit


negotiator Michel Barnier how I am not hearing any whistling,


just the clock ticking. He worked on that line, it's done.


This 'exit bill' is one of the key sticking points.


It could include the UK's share of EU commitments due before


the Brexit deadline, as well as pension


payments for EU staff - amongst other obligations.


Michel Barnier also mentioned the rights of EU


citizens' in the UK - we already know the EU is not


satisfied with the UK's current offer on that issue.


And he said the European Court of Justice had to be the "ultimate


guarantor" of those citizens rights - the UK Government


When you see this clip, you can see how he came to that conclusion. We


have published nine new position papers so far. Under different


issues. The new positions are clear. We now need to know the UK's


position on each of the issues, in order to make progress. We need to


know which points we agree, at which point we disagree. So we can


negotiate. In earnest. A paper from the UK Government position outlining


the position is set to be published on Thursday.


first overseas military base. to Djibouti to set up Beijing's


MAP They left from Shan-jiang City in Guangdong province on Tuesday.


The Chinese say the base will facilitate peacekeeping


and humanitarian aid and - and for military co-operation.


Djibouti is a tiny country at the horn of Africa,


and shares borders with Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.


It's considered a favourable location, the US, Japan and France


also have military bases there, because it sits near one


of the world's busiest shipping routes on the Suez Canal.


It's also seen as a stable country in an volatile region.


The military is far from the limit of China's ambitions.


Next let's go to Almaty in Kazakhstan.


We've covered China's plans to create a new silk


The BBC's China Editor Carrie Gracie is travelling along all 11,000km


For two centuries, Central Asia was Russia's backyard.


Kazakhstan got its independence when the Soviet Union collapsed.


But Russian remained the language of business - until now.


This is China's new Silk Road in action.


The economy slowing back home, state construction companies


Master builder Xu Xiwen, delivering a cutting-edge urban railway.


TRANSLATION: China's advanced technology is bringing convenience


and more comfort and safety to travellers in Kazakhstan.


If this project goes well, it will serve as a model for others.


China says its plans are for the benefit of all.


But most jobs here will go to Chinese workers, and the loan


It's not just building across Central Asia,


China is buying into banks and oil fields too.


In one village, a kindergarten has become a hostel for Chinese workers.


Ardak Kubasheva complains of pollution, and jobs


TRANSLATION: The Chinese have done nothing.


There's a huge oil industry here, but no jobs or facilities


We want to live decently, so that we won't be


Government intimidation makes many Kazakhs cautious on camera.


But, privately, several accused Chinese companies


China says its presence abroad is a win-win,


a win for China and a win for the people in its path.


They say their oil wealth is going elsewhere and that that


"win-win" means China wins once, and then China wins again.


Back at Almaty's Zenkov Cathedral, Dosym Satpaev says the nations


of Central Asia are like billiard balls in a game between the big


China, I believe it will be like some threat


Because for China, Kazakhstan is not an equal partner.


For China, Kazakhstan only is like one of the players,


That game stretches far beyond these mountains.


But already it's changing lives, shaping the destiny of young nations


A trillion-tonne iceberg has broken away from Antarctica.


MAP It's leaving the Larsen C iceshelf which is on the eastern


Scientists have been monitoring the crack


A Nasa satellite spotted the movement earlier.


This is the satellite image that was captured.


You can clearly see the ridge where the ice broke away.


It's one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded,


it weighs a trillion tonnes and is about 6000 square


kilometres - almost four times the size of London,


Year getting the idea where it is broken, seemed a crack in a


satellite images. Standing more in the water them below. The other way


round. About 30 metres above the surface. Top three, four, five in


the satellite era. Back in the 1950s, the US Navy spotted one they


thought or something like 35,000 square kilometres. The size of


Belgium. No satellites to confirm it. Other places have been warming


melting quite rapidly. We don't think in this instance it is the


case. Probably what the ice stars. This is what we're seeing.


Sam says I don't understand net neutrality. Add to this report on


the BBC website. It explains