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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello, I'm Karin Giannone, this is Outside Source.


In the days after he took office back in January,


Donald Trump spoke to a number of world leaders.


Now, transcripts of some of the conversations have been


Venezuela's chief prosecutor opens an investigation into claims


of fraud during the weekend's election of a new assembly.


The head of the Libyan National Army warns Italian ships that approach


Libyan waters without permission that they'll be repelled.


And in the past few minutes, Paris St Germain have confirmed the


signing of Brazilian striker Neymar on a five year contract.


The Washington Post has released transcripts of conversations


between Donald Trump and other world leaders from days


The first is between the President and Mexico's


Trade, the war on drugs, and of course, the wall -


Mr Trump spent his campaign promising that Mexico


would pay for a wall on the America's southern border.


Let's go over to our Washington correspondent. How did all this


emerge? It was transcript of conversation which happened in the


first month of his presidency, leaked to the Washington post who


published the entire transcript and their analysis of it. That was


earlier today. We had heard details of this conversation, shortly after


they took place, Donald Trump talking about bad people in Mexico


dealing drugs with the president, and the fact that his conversation


with the Australian Prime Minister Turnbull was less than friendly. The


Trump administration denied some of this at the time, but now we have


the physical transcript of what they said. And the details pretty much


bear out those early reports. You mention Australia, let's turn to


that. The conversation with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm


Turnbull, soon after it took place, it was leaked to the media that it


was heated. It was over a promise by Obama for the US to take in more


than a thousand asylum seekers held by Australia in detention centres.


The transcript says that Mr Trump says that will make us look bad. I


am calling for a ban were I'm not letting anyone in, and we take 2000


people, this is going to kill me. After a long back and forth, the


call and ended apparently with this. I remember at the time those reports


that Donald Trump up the phone down and that was strenuously denied?


Donald Trump himself tweeted that it was fake news and reports he has an


unfunny conversation, he described as civil in his. Now we see the


transcript, we see the truth. They sign off with pleasantries but you


can tell the tone of it was not particularly friendly. Turnbull


tried to explain his resettlement programme, and Donald Trump didn't


seem to have a firm grasp on it. It wasn't 2000 people being resettled,


it was 1250. As Turnbull told Trump, the US have the ability to not take


any, just reviewing them and deciding who to take. It seems like


Trump did not get a good briefing going in, that could be because the


reports we had that the state Department was not involved in many


of these phone conversations that Trump had with foreign leaders in


his early days of the administration. Anthony, there is a


wider point which David Frum of the Atlantic makes about this...


Here's The Atlantic's David Frum: "Anybody who has access to this


transcript also has access to many other secrets.


Trusted people are breaking career-long habits to thwart Trump."


The implication there that there could be more where this came from?


There could be. This is not the first leak of sensitive national


security information that has got out of the Trump administration. And


even people on the Democratic side, from the Obama administration, have


looked at this and would have thrown a bit if this happened in the Obama


administration actual transcripts of private dialogue between foreign


leaders. So yeah, it is evidence of the fact that there are people who


have access to sensitive information trying to undermine the Trump


presidency. The White House and Trump in particular point of this as


another example why leaks need to break down. But then because we have


it in our hands, we can get it and it does give an interesting insight


into how Donald Trump operates behind the scenes. Thank you,


Anthony in Washington. Venezuela's chief prosecutor has


opened an investigation into claims of fraud during the weekend's


election of a new assembly to The announcement came just hours


after the company that carried out the vote,


claimed the government had President Nicolas


Maduro denies this. Let's hear from Katie Watson in


Caracas. Just remind us why the Attorney General wants to do this,


what are the claims? The claims are that the vote on Sunday, the numbers


were inflated, the government said more than 8 million Venezuelans


voted for the constituent assembly. But the voting company says actually


that was inflated by around 1 million. That is being generous,


that some people, some independent polls, saying the number was far


lower than that. But President Maduro is defiant, saying 10 million


Venezuelans want to vote but 2 million were held back by fires,


barricades and bombs. So he is justifying it saying these numbers


are correct. That is the fallout, the government is being accused of


fraudulent voting and the government says it's not true. So they want to


carry out a full investigation, how much power will she has and how will


she be able to do what she wants? Luisa Ortega is one of Maduro's


biggest critics, she is not a popular figure. The support she will


have for this, well, we have already heard from the head of the electoral


authorities saying that the comments on the voting London based company


were baseless and irresponsible. And the government seems to be ignoring


this. The government too much won't listen to Luisa Ortega on this one.


They are convinced that this vote was fair and they will inaugurate


the delegates on Friday afternoon, as planned. The opposition boycotted


the selection, it went ahead anyway. What does the opposition plan to do


now? They have been trying to hold a rally at the same time as the


inauguration, it was meant to happen today but the inauguration got put


back so that the rally back as well. On Friday, around midday, they will


hold the rally from several points in parts of Caracas. This is what we


have seen over the last few months, we have seen protests that have


often turned violent and the government standing firm saying they


are not going to be changing their tack. So we are as far removed from


dialogue as a consensus as possible, two sides, the opposition and the


government, do not see eye to eye and neither side looks like they are


prepared to talk about it. Katie, thanks very much. Katie Watson in


Caracas. In the last few minutes, we have


heard the world record transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to Paris St


Germain has gone ahead. Let's go to the BBC sports Centre, is the deal


done? It is. Our sources say the 25-year-old Brazilian national


Neymar has signed a five-year deal, in excess of $260 million, just let


that sink in! That is a quarter of $1 billion. A press conference is


due at 11:30am GMT on Friday, around 15 million dollars -- 50 million


dollars more, which was Paul Pogba who moved from Juventus to Man


United a year ago. He will earn more than $53 million a year, this is


where it gets bizarre. The Spanish hierarchy at La Liga is represented


and BSD were acting unlawfully. They urge them to abide by the rule. So


what happened? Later on Thursday, Neymar's BSD paid the full amount at


Barcelona's offices on Thursday. If you've got it, flawed it. He has to


be pretty good to justify the money. What do Paris St Germain had to out


of him? They want to win the Champions


League. They have come close, in the quarterfinals, and with Neymar one


of the big players with the three up front in Barcelona with Suarez in


there and of course Lionel Messi, he will take away from that and become


a great player in his own right. Paris Saint Germain hope he will


spearhead their campaign in Europe and win the Champions League. How


much hurt pride is there on Barcelona's part? I think there was


a huge amount of lost pride. The fans have come out with signs of


traitor. Because you look at what he has done and he has put up messages


on Instagram, this is a huge deal. It is a huge move the Neymar. He


came from Los Santos in 2013, he has problems with taxes and maybe he


sees this as a clean break moving to PSG. Barcelona supporters won't


forget this in a hurry. They have a new coach this year, Valverde, so


difficult times and at the state of the season, where'd you get a player


like Neymar? The La Liga season starts shortly. We will speak lately


about other sport, thank you. So what will Neymars


transfer mean for football? For more on this the BBC has been


speaking with a number of experts. Firstly - here's football


agent Sky Andrew. Neymar is one of the best players in


the world. Under normal circumstances, a super team would


not sold to a super-team, but he had a buyout clause. Of ?200 million,


that's incredible. It's good for Qatar, because they are making a


statement and people will start talking about Qatar and dump macro


in a sort of positive manner and the focus is on them. -- Qatar and PSG.


They are getting an astronomical amount of money for a player, as


many would see it. No other team is capable of doing this, not even big


teams in the UK can spend over ?400 million on a player. Everyone will


ask some of the questions about financial fair play. But Qatar are


involved with PSG. They have been involved in Barcelona, say they will


make this work. Football agent sky Andrew talking


before the deal was finalised. Kieran Maguire explaining the case


Paris Saint Germain may put forward PSG top justify


spending so much money have deals with commercial companies


for Neymar. And also funding his contract. Look at him at the product


-- as a product, Neymar has 170 million followers on Instagram,


Twitter and Facebook. That is more than Manchester United Real Madrid.


He is an individual brand were a hell of a lot of money. And PSG will


want as much of a share of image rights as possible, to offset the


cost of his employment. So the deal is done.


Stay with us on Outside Source - still to come.


We're in Alaska - 400 kilometres inside the Artic Circle where people


are worried about moves to allow more oil drilling.


The Bank of England has downgraded its growth forecasts


for this year and next - and warned the UK economy


will remain "sluggish" because of uncertainty surrounding


Britain's future relationship with the European Union.


The Bank's Governor, Mark Carney, said the uncertainty


had influenced markets, business investment and consumer


spending following the vote in June last year.


Financial markets, particularly sterling, marked down in the UK's


relative prospects quickly and struggling. How cells look through


Brexit related uncertainties initially. -- households look


through Brexit. But the consequences of the fall of sterling has squeezed


real incomes, and they have cut back on spending, slowing the economy.


Businesses have been somewhere in between. Since the referendum, they


have invested much less aggressively than usual in response to an


otherwise very favourable environment.


You're watching outside source from the BBC newsroom. Our top story...


Transcripts of conversations President Trump had with world


leaders after he took office have been published by


The US-based lawyer for the widow of late Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo's


has filed a formal complaint to the United Nations


over what he described as her "enforced disappearance".


Poet Liu Xia has been "held incommunicado in an unknown location


by Chinese government authorities" since July 15th, the day


of her husband's funeral, the lawyer said in a statement.


Dozens of firefighters have battled a blaze


at Tokyo's Tsu-kiji fish market, the world's largest and one


of the capital's most popular tourist sites.


The fire was in the outer part of the market -


which is packed with informal restaurants.


The inner part of the market - where most seafood wholesalers


are located and tuna auctions are carried out at dawn -


Any Italian ships approaching Libyan waters without


That order came from this man - Khalifa Haftar -


head of the Libyan National Army, who controls most of eastern Libya.


He was responding to Italy's decision to send boats to Libyan


waters to stop migrants crossing the Mediterranean.


It has had a mixed reception from Libya's two governments.


The one based in Tobruk in the east which supports Field Marshall Hafta-


opposes the decision- whereas the other based in Tripoli


in the West and backed by the un-says it will cooperate.


coming from all over Africa - to make that dangerous


journey from Libya's coast, across the mediterranean,


More than 94,000 migrants have made the crossing since January.


Italy is also putting forward other measures to stem


the flow of migrants- Richard Galpin has more.


At the start of the migrant crisis, the Italian Navy used to play


But now its mission is to enter Libyan territorial waters to help


the Libyan coast guard spot migrant boats as they set sail,


The abrupt change of mission was given the go-ahead


Most politicians clearly wanting an end to the crisis.


The goal of the Italian government is to stem the flow,


bring it close to zero and basically tweak the Turkey deal and adapted


to the situation in Libya but get the same result,


which is to bring a flow which is in the hundreds


Almost 100,000 migrants have reached Italy so far this year.


Other EU countries were supposed to have taken many of them.


So large numbers are applying for asylum here, putting


the government under pressure with elections looming next year.


Now the Italian Navy's sophisticated radar will enable the Libyan coast


guard to stop many migrant boats before they leave Libyan


That is sparking alarm amongst human rights organisations.


There is automatic detention of irregular migrants in centres


where people are systematically abused, and it is completely


unclear how the Italian government think that these people would be


protected after disembarking Libya with the key


assistance of the Italian government.


Italy is also imposing restrictions on boats used by charities


It is feared fewer ships will now be in the key areas,


and already this year more than 2000 migrants have drowned.


A cash-flow analysis seen by South African MPs suggests


South African Airways is running out of money.


It's asking for another big bail-out from the country's government.


Take a look at this from Nancy Kacungira


South African Airways has run out of money, but no one can really say


they didn't see this coming. Even though South Africa itself is a big


air travel market, the airline has made a loss every year for the last


seven years. That is due to high costs and many depths. The airline


says things could improve by October but only if they get help now. They


need a $60 million bailout, and the planes looked good in the adverts


but they are expensive to keep in the sky. South African Airways's


long haul fleet is mostly made up of gas guzzling aeroplanes, which are


quite fuel inefficient, a disadvantage considering that their


fuel costs in Africa are much higher than average. The airline says they


have a plan to turn things around, but analysts have been crunching the


numbers, and say that to take an injection of up to $1 billion over


the next three years. Workers at the Nissian plant


in the US state of Mississppi are taking part in a landmark vote ,


which has already been described as 'one of the nastiest anti-union


fights' in US history. Michelle Fleury reports


from Canton, Mississippi. Nissan has launched this major and


Thai union campaign threatening and intimidating workers.


We don't know what they are offering. We have a plan that we


have do struggle and fight us to have the right to vote. The fight to


form a union at the Nissan factory in canton, Mississippi. We are


battling against not for the right to vote or not vote, but the right


to manipulate or lie to each other. For 14 years, workers at the Miss


Nissan plant have been engaged with a battle to form a union.


Mississippi has been hostile to unions, but this time workers had


they have a chance. I want to have health and safety, equal


opportunities... I got heard on the line and I've been dealing with that


the whole time. It's been a real process. I think the union would


really stand up for us. But not everyone wants the union. It's the


best thing to happen to the state of Mississippi, so we are campaigning


hard to keep the union out. We don't need outsiders to tell us what we


want doing. To get its message across, Nissan posted anti-union


messages in the factory, now landing them in trouble with the Labour


relations board. The company denied allegations of this, saying they had


a right to know their perspective. For those that know the South's


troubled past, it's not just about workers right but civil rights. When


blacks would vote, someone would come with a hood bearing a cross.


Now they come by, saying we are going to close the union and the


plan. The union is hoping to turn past failure into success. Victory


here might like the spark for the US labour movement across the South.


Hyperloop One - it's the futuristic transport system that shoots pods


or capsules at very high speeds through tunnels.


Take a look at the latest test in the Nevada desert.


this is the beginning and the dawn of a new era of transportation. The


first new major form of transportation in 100 years, it will


basically change the way we live, where we work and make the world a


much smaller place in turning cities into natural spot.


Back to the breaking news and the last half hour, Neymar has completed


his world record transfer to Paris St Germain. He has signed a five


year contract with the French club. The 25-year-old Brazilian early


broke his contract with Barcelona by paying a 264 million dollar buyout


clause. There was a hiccup earlier which delayed things somewhat, the


club Barcelona previously said they would report our St Germain to Uefa,


football's governing body in Europe, for a breach of rules but that seems


to have been resolved. The deal has been done. The image has been


removed from the stadium in Barcelona already. More sport coming


up on the programme, stay with