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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Donald Trump has taken a break from his holidays to say this. North


Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be


met with fire and fury. A no-confidence vote in South Africa


ended like this. The vote of no-confidence in the president is


accordingly negative. This is the eighth no-confidence


motion the president has survived. Google has fired an employee


who wrote a controversial memo suggesting fewer women work there,


because of their Dodgy greenhouse gas data


could threaten the Paris climate agreement, researchers have


told the BBC. Air monitoring stations like this


one have detected large quantities of gas that hasn't been recorded


in official inventories. And if you want to get in touch,


the hashtag is BBC OS. We are starting this addition in the


United States. Take a listen to the reaction of Donald Trump here. North


Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be


met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. He has been


very threatening beyond a normal statement and, as I said, they will


be met with fire, fury and, frankly, fire power, the likes of which this


world has never seen before. Bissell begun in the last two years when a


number of news outlets including the Washington Post began reporting that


US intelligence officials believe that North Korea has successfully


miniaturised nuclear warhead to fit into one of its missiles.


We will go to Washington to speak to Jayne Bryant. This is a big story


and you can see why the president is exercised about it.


Yes, it is a big story and the speed at which North Korea has


miniaturised warhead to fit into one of these missiles which we know can


reach the United States. They had a successful test of an


intercontinental ballistic missile in the last few weeks and that many


experts say could reach Los Angeles, Denver and even Chicago, so it puts


the US in a far more precarious position far more quickly than was


expected. A lot of people thought this was inevitable but just not


yet. We have not had confirmation from the Pentagon or any other US


government agency that this report is true, but Donald Trump clearly


has decided that it is. The reaction of Mr Trump, his talk


of fire and fury is going to worry quite a few others, perhaps in the


defence establishment. Well, this administration has been


giving mixed messages on North Korea for quite a while. Rex Tillerson


last week even suggested that talks might be on the table but that was


then dismissed and Donald Trump has said that military action cannot be


ruled out and there have been talks of regime change, but they are not


united in what they think is the right way forward for dealing with


this very real threat and that is a problem when you have the President


then indulging in rhetoric like this, because nobody really knows


what it means. But it sounds pretty awful and pretty dire and nobody


knows what the response is going to be from North Korea and so this has


reached a very precarious position indeed.


I am curious about whether highly placed sources are really talking


about the possibility of talks from North Korea and recognising how it


has got to where it is. It is hard to take that course of action


without being called soft. Indeed. The fact of the matter is


that clearly the previous talks failed because North Korea has not


been deterred from its nuclear ambitions and we are where we are


now, so critics will say that the talks broke down ten years ago under


the Clinton and Bush administrations could have paved the way for the


situation that the US is now confronting. It is also very


difficult to see what way forward the US has because none of the


military options are good. North Korea could strike against South


Korea and there are also some 28,000 US troops stationed in South Korea


and so the ability for this crisis to escalate into something far worse


is quite significant and a lot of Asian countries also prefer further


engagement rather than military options for obvious reasons so it is


very difficult at this point to see where this is going and how it will


end. Thank you for bringing us up to


date. Just two hours ago, he survived


a motion of no-confidence Here's the speaker of the parliament


announcing the result. The total votes are 384. The yes,


177. And there were nine ab stanchions


and therefore the vote of no-confidence in the President is


accordingly negative. ANC! So the President survived the vote.


You saw the jubilation inside the pros -- parliament but these are


some things from outside. The president later


addressed those crowds. I have just come to say


thank you to all of you. Those comrades who are in Parliament


who gave me their support from the membership


and the supporters. They came in their numbers


to demonstrate that the ANC is there, it is powerful,


it is big, it is difficult I am sure you know that


today the vote of no That may give the impression


of a nation celebrating. But this is the eighth time that


a no-confidence vote has been held This time the vote was held in


secret amidst fears of intimidation. Earlier, we were seeing


pictures like these. Here you can see a protest march in


Cape Town this morning that was being led by the opposition parties.


They were on their way to parliament here. Here they are gathered outside


Parliament and making their feelings very clear. Not just Cape Town


either, this is Pretoria. People were gathered and dancing in the


streets of the city of Pretoria. They were also tried to make their


point. They wanted him to go, but what happened is parliament, and


this is the parliament chamber itself and here for two hours


opposition parties in the ruling ANC traded barbs and insults and


political debate in two hours before casting their ballots. There has


been a whole team in South Africa watching this story and thinking


about its implications. Clearly President Jacob Zuma after


surviving this eighth no-confidence vote is now on his ninth life. There


was no way he could be compromising now. He feels victorious, he never


gives up. Remember, President Zuma stayed in prison for ten years on


Robben Island with Nelson Mandela while fighting against white


minority rule, so he does not give up easily. Most people see this as a


loss for him, given what has happened with ANC MPs who voted with


the opposition, but for himself he sees this as a victory. He is


buoyant and he hopes to get to December. There are some rumours


that he had offered in the caucus this morning, he had offered to


resign, but there is no confirmation whether that is true or not. There


will be a new attempt in Australia this week to revive a compulsory


vote on the issue of gay marriage. It will be the second time that the


ruling Conservative government has tried to push through the vote,


having already been rejected by the country's upper house. It has also


announced a back-up plan which is a non-compulsory postal vote. The


opposition is in support of gay marriage but doesn't like I


proposition. Weddings may be all about forming a


union, but in Australia there are few political issues as divisive as


same-sex marriage. Opinion polls suggest that public supports making


it legal but for many years the politicians have disagreed over if


and how that should happen. As I am sure you are aware, this ceremony is


taking place under UK law... In the meantime, only a few couples, like


an incitement, have been able to marry by exploiting loopholes in the


law for foreign passport holders. Campaigners for same-sex marriage


oppose a compulsory vote claiming it would give a voice to homophobia.


Facing parliamentary defeat today the government announced an


alternative, postal vote. Our preference is to have a compulsory


attendance and legislation to that effect will come back before the


Senate we hope this week. If that were to fail, the government


believes that we have a legal and constitutional way forward to give


the Australian people a say on whether or not the definition of


marriage should be changed through non-legislated voluntary postal


plebiscite. The results would not be binding and at a cost of 100 million


US dollars the opponents have caused it -- called it a waste of money. B


beauty really be problems with this. It is the weakest thing I have seen


in a long time. We are doing an opinion poll on what is a basic


human right. If you cannot show leadership there, you cannot lead


the nation. For those holding out for a change in law it is hard to


know what impact the vote will have. I am an eternal optimist and I like


to think that one day we were live on an equal society right marry my


partner FA wish. Government ministers say the vote could mean


saying I do to same-sex marriage before the year is out but for those


couple still waiting to exchange vows, the celebrations are muted.


Google has fired an employee who wrote a controversial memo


In it he said men had a higher drive for status than women did.


We'll talk to our technology reporter Zoe Kleinman.


I will chat about that our technology reporter. A man


discovered with a pipe bomb in his hand luggage at Manchester Airport


has been found guilty of having to explosives with intent of


endangering life. The jury heard that Nadeem Mohammed,


who's 43, wanted to board The device was made


from the tube of a marker pen. Our Correspondent Dan


Whitworth has the details. This case was all about


Nadeem Muhammad, 43, from Bury. He wept in the dock


at Manchester Crown Court when he was found guilty


of possession of explosives with intent to endanger life


when he tried to board a Ryanair jet He was found guilty of trying


to carry a pipe bomb That plane was a Boeing 737 800


and can carry up to 200 passengers and crew,


so the impact of potentially exploding a device in the tight


confines of that cabin There are serious questions


over security here, This is Outside Source live


from the BBC newsroom. Our lead story: Jacob Zuma has


survived an eighth vote President Trump has said North


Korean missiles will be met with fire and fury and power, the likes


of which the world has not been seen.


An 6.5 magnitude earthquake has killed at least five people


and injured more than 60 in China's south-western province


There are fears the number of fatalities could rise


Iran, President Hassan Rahane has unveiled his new cabinet. It is all


male. This is one of the most watched


videos on our website. A woman has escaped serious injury


after appearing to be pushed This is CCTV of the incident,


which happened on Putney Internet giant Google has fired


a male employee after he suggested that men were better suited for tech


jobs than women. James Damore circulated an internal


memo at the weekend criticising Google for creating a politically


correct monoculture which prevented honest


discussion of diversity. Google hit back in all-staff email


saying Damore had crossed the line by advancing harmful gender


stereotypes in our workplace. The BBC's Zoe Kleinman has been


following the story. What happened was a guy called James


Damore published a memo over the weekend in which he set out reasons


why he felt the diversity policy that Google were perhaps not working


and he felt that they needed more debate. He was very clear to say


that he does not believe that diversity should be married but he


feels that things have gone too far the other way and he said that men


and women are biologically different and perhaps that makes men more,


sort of, prone to pursue jobs in technology and leadership, because


of the way they think and the way they operate, and he said that this


is a debate that needs to be had. The memo went viral. As you can


imagine, it caused a lot of outrage but he also got a lot of support


from people who said it is absolutely right and we


should be discussing this. How are we going about this, the wrong way?


What is the situation Barack Obama how do we address the diversity Gap?


He said the gender gap is not necessarily sexism and it is a


conversation that she really wanted to have but it hasn't gone so well


for him because he has lost his job over it and the Google chief


executive said that what he wrote goes against the rules of conduct of


the company so he is out and Google has a new vice president of


diversity who also sent a memo saying these views are unacceptable,


so it has cost him his job, but it has sort of once again highlighted


how much the tech sector is struggling with this diversity issue


in which the statistics of women working in Tech are poor, even in


the tech giants. If you look at these statistics of companies like


Google, Facebook, Amazon, and the Tech jobs, you are looking at ten or


20% women, it is very unbalanced and has been for a long time. Lots of


companies are throwing a lot of money at this with a lot of


initiatives and outreach programmes but it doesn't seem to shift things


as dramatically as people hoped. The fact that he has been sacked,


and perhaps it was inevitable given how viral the memo went, has that


become a political debate in itself because his whole issue was that we


are not allowed to have a healthy debate about diversity and this


shows that. Exactly that, a lot of people stood


up to him and said how can Google promised to promote free speech when


one of its own employees as a contented to ignite that debate and


been fired and that does not promote free speech at all, it just is


getting rid of the viewpoint that Google doesn't like. He says he has


heard from a lot of people and a lot of staff members who thank him for


saying this but they do not feel confident about voicing support


publicly because they are worried about repercussions. It is


interesting to note that he has had a couple of job offers, including


from Wikileaks. Julian Assange tweeted that he would be delighted


to have him as a member of staff. A BBC investigation has revealed


many countries around the world are under-reporting how much


greenhouse gases they're emitting One example highlighted


was the Jungfraujoch Swiss As you can see, the station sits


close to the Italian border. Between 2008 and 2010,


this station recorded levels of a gas called HFC-23 coming


from a location in northern Italy. The gas is nearly 15,000 times more


warming to the atmosphere than CO2. Scientists at the station estimated


60-80 tonnes of the gas was being emitted from the location


in Italy each year. Italy's official records submitted


to the UN were well below that The BBC's Matt Mcgrath carried out


the investigation and I spoke with him earlier about the sheer


difficulty of collecting reliable The big difficulty here is the


amount of data that is out there and how difficult a problem this is


today because there are huge amounts of gases come from all sorts of


sources, man-made and natural, and scientists struggle at times to


quantify those gases and this is an even bigger problem in the


developing countries than it is in the richer world where we have been


doing it for 20 years. So in countries like Russia and


China there is reluctance to allow international scientists to take


data? All of these countries have a


history of being very cautious about data and we saw in our story how


Russian scientists on the Russian government wants to see all the data


that the German scientist that are monitoring Siberia, they want to see


at first I may have to put it on a CD-ROM so they give it to the


government before they can take it out the country so this secrecy,


this question of keeping information quiet and private goes against the


spirit of the Paris Climate Accord and tan makes it a lot more


difficult to achieve those goals if everyone holds back the real story


in the real information. This is your investigation and you


have been digging into these data gaps, but isn't it about by a


political gift to those who don't this big effort to tackle


climate change? In some ways it does but in some


ways it will redouble the efforts of politicians to try and make sense of


this. The big difficulty here is that you have 150 new countries who


signed up under the Paris Climate Accord who need to do boring stuff


like accounting for all of their emissions and they don't have these


people the technology or the money and they were counted on big


countries like the United States and others to help with that in those


countries have massive uncertainties in their emissions and the big


problem in all of that is ultimately when we sit down and work out who


was doing what and how much stuff is being emitted, if we can't really


verify and know exactly what is coming out, we really don't know


where we are and how we are doing, and how much progress we're making,


and that is a real difficulty this erroneous accounting.


You mentioned America and Donald Trump wants to pull the US out of


the agreement but there was another development in the New York Times


today. Give us an idea of what it says about climate change and


America. This report is essentially a view


from the scientists of America, the leading federal scientists from


federal offices, they all say climate change is real and man-made


and having an effect in the United States right now and temperatures


are going up by more than they have in the last 1500 years so it is a


real challenge to the president who has expressed a lot of uncertainty


about this and basically said that the science is divided but the


scientists say that they are not. And you can find more on Matt's


investigation on the BBC website. Now for some business news. We have


heard that Jacob Zuma has survived another no-confidence vote but where


does that leave businesses and the economy in South Africa? Well, in


recession. With an unemployment rate of almost 28%. Here is an


entrepreneur and investor from the South African version of Dragon 's


Den. If there is a single failing from me that we have seen particular


this president it is that under his watch we have seen unemployment go


up and poverty levels rise and we have seen access to nutrition and


health care drop, said those have been very serious issues are not the


least of which two add onto that has in truth been that our education


system is in tatters and there was a lot that is going right but you


cannot argue that those kind of unemployment levels do not bode well


for social stability and as a result you are seeing some social


instability. Service delivery protests, etc, and that makes it


difficult to trade. Here is a funny story from San Francisco. Not far


from the golden Gate Bridge. What we have to show you is about one of the


most famous and exclusive and wealthy communities on the west


coast. I wanted to bring up this picture, it looks gorgeous and very


special and she she. Apparently the residents here did not pay their


taxes so someone bought the street from under them. I think we can now


go and talk to Samir Hussein. Tell us more about this. Well, just when


you thought real estate cannot get any more expensive in some of the


big American cities, the street that you are literally living on Camby


bought from right under your feet and that is what happened.


Apparently the business taxes were not paid for this particular street


and as a result, to try and recoup the lost costs San Francisco held an


auction and in that auction two real estate investors scooped up the


property sight unseen for $90,000. That actually happened about two


years ago and now fast forward to now when some of these real estate


representatives, who were representing them, had gone to talk


to some of the neighbours, that is when the neighbours really caught


wind of the fact that their street was actually sold. I guess that


means the new owners can rent it back to them and make a lot of


money. Exactly. Let us say, there are 120 parking spots on this


street, they can now charge for those parking spots and they can


charge for use of any of the parks or public areas around there. Of


course, the neighbourhood association is contesting this, and


they want the sale to be rescinded because they didn't know about it


and fundamentally about the taxes, and we wanted to know how much they


actually owed. $994. For that they lost their street. Thank you for


joining us bringing us that mini saga there. Thank you very much and


with us here. We have a lot more to come in the next edition.


Hello. Plenty happening across the globe in terms of weather but we


start off in Central America and Mexico where we are talking a