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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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This is Outside Source. We begin in south Africa where the speaker of


the Parliament has made a big announcement. I therefore determined


that voting on the motion of no-confidence in the President on


the 8th of August 2017 will be by secret ballot. We will explain why


that is so important. After a fresh UN sanctions over its recent missile


tests, north Korea has set back. We want to make it clear that the


worsening situation on the Korean peninsula as well as other nuclear


issues caused by the United States. With less than 12 hours to go until


people in Kenya go to the polls, we will speak to our correspondent in


Nairobi about what is expected to be a tight race. We look at how old


people in Gabon are tackling poaching. And in sport, we will


catch up with the latest from the Athletics World Championships.


Welcome to Outside Source. North Korea has reacted angrily to the new


sanctions applied in it by the US. Well, any statement on state


television, the country has said that it is ready to teach the USB


Sevilla lesson with strategic force if it faces military action over its


programme. It said it would retaliate thousands of times over


against the US for the losers sanctions. It said that a violent


infringement on its sovereignty was at stake. But north Korea was


represented at the summit in Manila and the spokesman also commented on


the situation. It is our nuclear position if it to the world or just


the US? We want to make it clear that the worsening situation on the


Korean peninsula as well as other nuclear issues caused by the United


States. We form we will never replace our nuclear and ballistics


missiles programme on the negotiating table and will not budge


one hinge on strengthening our nuclear armaments. That was the


statement given in Manila. One previous ambassador gave his


assessment on the losers sanctions. I believe these are the toughest


sanctions ever put on north Korea and what is more significant is that


China went along, they were pretty devastating, one thought of not


Cree's economy, coal, seafood, the foreign workers on oil, this could


bite them and so, north Korea so far, because China has put very


tepid sanctions on them, they might respond. I think there is the first


possibility given the north Korean reaction, a violent reaction to the


sanctions, that maybe we are getting the message that their top ally,


China, is not happy and perhaps it makes sense for them to go to the


negotiating table. We do not know but it is a good sign that the


sanctions are so strong and that China and Russia supported them.


That was Bill Richardson. You can see that Phil interview on world


News America later. The United States has been flying spy missions


over the Korean peninsula and our correspondent Rupert Wingfield Hayes


has been given exclusive action -- access to the military.


A relic of the Cold War and the last cold war frontier.


Just after dawn, I'm riding the chase car as a US


spy plane heads out on a classified mission.


The pilot will climb to 70,000 feet, and from there, peer


Our mission is to provide the capability for our


leadership to see what's going on before anybody else.


We're up there every single day to deter the North


Koreans from deciding one day they can get away with something.


From across the border tonight, fresh threats.


North Korean state TV warning the US it will pay 1000


times for its crime of imposing new economic sanctions on Pyongyang.


Meeting in Manila with China's Foreign Minister, the US Secretary


of State again called on Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table.


The best signal that North Korea could give us that they're prepared


to talk would be to stop these missile launches.


Here in South Korea at the 51st Fighter Wing, they


continue to hope for the best, whilst preparing for the worst.


Everybody we've spoken to here agrees that another conflict on


the Korean Peninsula would be an utter disaster for everybody.


That hundreds of thousands of people would die.


But they also say the best way of stopping it happening is


And that's why these guys practice and practice and practice -


so that Kim Jong-un knows that if he tries to attack the South,


there will be an overwhelming and immediate response.


I hope that North Korea calculates correctly and


So obviously, everyone on this side, and I believe


Should deterrents fail, though, we have to


As these 8Ns roll down the runway for another


practice flight, they are just 48 miles from the North Korean border.


The same distance as London to Brighton.


In South Korea, the enemy is never far away.


Rupert Wingfield Hayes, BBC News, the Osan air base,


In less than 12 hours, Kenyans go to the polls in a much anticipated


general election. We will also be deciding who will become the


country's next president between these two gentlemen. Many predict a


close race between incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and the main opposition


leader Odinga. The BBC's saw the Enda Kenny is in the capital Nairobi


ahead of the vote. Both men are involved in this race. 5000


observers have given their views about the preparedness of the


Independent electoral and boundaries commission. They are raising


concerns of the opposition parties, regarding the voter register and


there are about 11,000 polling stations that do not have the 3G


network, that means that results will have to be scanned and sent to


the tallying centre. They are confident about the arrangements and


preparedness for these elections. Kenyatta has spoken to the nation in


his capacity as the president as opposed to his position as the


Jubilee party leader. He had pulled the country, whoever wants to vote,


they should vote for whomever they want. The candidate of their choice,


then go home and speak to the neighbours, have a cup of tea and


remember that we are all brothers and sisters. I spoke to the


country's interior Cabinet Secretary, who outlined measures


that the ministry has put in place in terms of security. 180,000 police


officers have been employed across the country, security has also been


given to the Independent electoral and boundaries committee officials


as well as the returning officers. Of course, the Hot Spot in this


country have also been beefed up. The polls open at 6am Kenyan time


and close at 5pm Kenyan time. We will monitor that for you. So for


the elections have been peaceful, ten years ago that was not the case.


In the west of the country there was bloody clashes following the


dispute. One town is in the county and locals have been working


together to ensure that the violence is not repeated. Our correspondent


has been you could tell us more. Grateful piece witnessed by the


elderly residents who witnessed much violence ten years ago. For many,


the memories are fresh in their mind but they are determined to prevent a


repeat of the bloody clashes. The violence in 2007 started in this


county, but now we are telling people, look out, we are geared


towards peace. The peace forum is going around the country, creating


awareness and making the residents own the peace. Tensions on the


streets are high. I have come to make Jon who is confident that the


situation will remain peaceful. Even though there is a problem, we cannot


do any business and so I expect peace, I do fear anything. We will


talk a lot about violence, otherwise I would have shut down my business a


long time ago. I do not have a problem but whoever is elected. The


reason that campaigns have been divisive and stalking political


discomfort is that people fear repeat of what happened here ten


years ago. Although there has been some problems in some parts,


religious leaders have been spreading the message of peace and


reconciliation. I want to emphasise that violence of the work of the


devil and politicians have decided to serve the devil. During their


campaigns they happen spreading hatred and evil. I am asking you to


go forward and go home in peace. Please pray that we have the peace


that comes from God. But with the election promising to be a tight


race, the stakes are high and the country remains in a mood of prayer.


The polls open in less than 12 hours and we will keep you updated. Let us


have a look at some of the sport news because there have been some


big events at the world athletic Championships right here in London,


where there were four gold medals. Let us speak to our correspondent...


Let us it can talk to others. Great! I am very relieved you are still


there because there has been a lot of news. Bring us up to date. Four


finals on this opening day of competition, the 110 meter hurdles


as just got off a moment ago. And McLeod of Jamaica, the Olympic


Champion is now the world champion. She beat Russian competitor was the


defending champion, running as a neutral champion. In the long jump,


Christine Taylor qualified in the men's competition. Jonathan Edwards


set the 1995 world record in Gothenburg. The Czech man won the


hammer throw. The Colombian reigning Olympic triple jump champion, he


laid at the moment. They are into their final jump. The current


Olympic Champion from Kenya, silver in 2015, Laura Muir of Great


Britain, the South African two time Olympic Champion and twice world


champion over 800m. Plus we have the reigning champion of tenure. Take


your pet, there are runners everywhere. Outstanding competition.


That might take your pick. Fantastic. Cycling News. The


two-time Tour de France winner Konta door has decided he will retire from


cycling after this month's Tour of Spain. The Spanish cyclist announced


on social media that the wealthy would be his final by grace, telling


us it with the decision you thought about and decided there would be no


better way to say goodbye than at a race of his home country. Here is


what he told us. He seems very happy but of course


that was a very difficult decision for him.


We will look at how the British Army has been enlisted to track down


elephant poachers in West Africa. New laws will be introduced giving


people greater control over what happens to the online personal data.


The government has said the legislation offers the right to be


forgotten. Our technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones has


more details about this story. Your data, a valuable resource


flowing around the world giving companies and governments all kinds


of intimate details about how you Now a new law is supposed


to give us all more The law is an opportunity to keep


up with the changing Companies will have more


accountability and consumers will The new law includes


a right to be forgotten, making it easier to find out


what data companies hold There will be an end to tick boxes


on websites which often see consumers handing


over data by default and the data watchdog


will be able to find up to ?70 million


for companies, or 4% of the global The new law is almost


entirely based on a major new European data protection


regulation that comes in next May. It is designed to tackle the power


of the giant firms which draw our We are now leaving a data trail


wherever we go, turn on your mobile phone and you could be


uploading your exercise details or Get on public transport


with a travel card and there will be a log of every


journey that you make. And pay with a card


in a shop or online and even more information about


what you like and how you live will end up


in the It is social networks


which now hold much of our In future it should be


easier to wipe away things Though exactly how


much power the new law I think it is a start,


it puts a line in the sand certainly


to say individuals, their personal data,


it gives the sense of control


and that is essential for trust and for the protection of a very


fundamental Whether or not it will


achieve that objective is Our data is in the hands


of all kinds of companies, big All of them have now got to get


to grips with very complex new rules or face the


threat of big fines. This is Outside Source live from the


BBC's newsroom. There has been a vote of no-confidence in President


Jacob Zuma and that will be held by secret ballot. It is seen as a test


of unity within the governing African National Congress party.


Senior figures are becoming increasingly critical of their


figure. We will come to Afghanistan where


officials have reported that Taliban sources and Islamic State fighters


have launched a joint attack on a village in which at least 50


civilians died, including children. This is where it has happened. The


BBC's colleague has more details from Kabul.


The battle here in the north of Afghanistan went on for 48 hours.


According to the local governor, 52 men, women and children were


brutally massacred. They have said it was a joint Taliban and IS


operation. This is a mainly Shia minority and they are supposed to be


the victims. So far IS has not commented on that attack but the


Taliban have claimed responsibility for only killing 28 local policeman


who they have said were resisting them. They have denied the killing


of women and children. Taliban and IS fighters usually


fight each other over territory in the east of the country, so if what


Afghan officials have said is true this could spell real trouble for


those struggling, especially the government. The commander of Nato


and American forces in April one this was a possibility and he said


that the entire world needs to be focused on Afghanistan. One expert


on Afghanistan from Chatham House addressed these fears when he spoke


to the BBC's David Eaves earlier on. The loyalties, especially north of


it Alice Dann has been fluent. -- fluid. The Central Asian militants


had allegiance to the Taliban leader, who then was a different


position. What we are seeing is a continuation of those relationships.


If it does point to a trend, I would be worried, but I do not think we


are at the point where we can see a coalition of Isis and the Taliban


together. Would you agree there is a certain resilience was IS in


Afghanistan that has certainly surprised the Americans? Let us not


forget that IS in Afghanistan is not the same as that in the Middle East


and in Iraq, for example. These militants have been in Afghanistan,


the Central Asian militants in particular, for a long time and


while we have been busy focusing on the south of Afghanistan where the


British troops have been based, in the north the situation always was


quite fragile... So they have a local support and recognition that


they are not an export, or an import, I should say? Exactly. To


look at everything as a trend, it is a problematic issue. Afghanistan is


suffering from various problems, including governance in the north


that has been really fragile. There have been local militias that were


installed as part of the Afghan security infrastructure, which is


partly responsible for a lot of the problems of security issues in the


North and also, I must tell you, that this particular attack has


happened in the northern province and the Afghanistan has been in a


next-door problems for a long time and they have tried to take it over.


This is a strategic population to see if they can capture the full


problems together. The British Army A75 poachers that


are threatening the existence of one species of African elephant. We have


been spent a gap and to help train wildlife officers tracking the gangs


who have been killing the animals for their ivory. Gavin is in the


west of Africa and is one of the worst affected states were tens of


thousands of forest elephants are being killed. Jonathan Beale has


been given exclusive access to the British soldiers carrying out their


training and I have to warn you, you could find some of these images in


his reports distressing. We are travelling through the second


largest rainforest in the world, trying to find an animal whose


numbers have declined by more than And this is about as close


as you'll ever get to them. We had to turn the engine


off and stay silent. They are much smaller


than the better-known savanna elephants but just as


vulnerable to poachers, who target them for the same


reason - their ivory. This is what's been


happening to them. It had been dead for weeks,


just the valuable tusks taken. Talking about Gabon,


I think we lost 30,000 It's a big and important


programme now for 85% off Gabon is covered


in rainforest that stretches for thousands


of square miles. This is the last century for


the elusive forest elephant but it is also ideal hiding


and cover for the poachers, who are killing them


at an alarming rate. And, with the help


of the British Army. For the first time,


we've been allowed to film the small team of UK soldiers,


who are helping train Gabon's National Park Agency in their fight


to save the elephant. Gabon has got a real high density


of forest elephants. That's why it's got


a poaching problem. Out here, training the Gabonese


National Parks Agency to combat that, both at the tactical


and operational levels, means that the British Army make a difference


in that fight against the illegal They've even brought in jungle


warfare specialists, who, in this exercise, show them how to find


and then arrest the poachers. But the British are


also teaching them the importance of recovering


evidence that might lead Among those being trained are former


poachers, who have now Ulrich says, as a boy,


he used to hunt elephants with That used to be tolerated


but not any more. These days, the greatest threat


to these elephants is not the locals but criminal gangs,


who operate across the border. We are faced with organised crime


cartels, heavily armed. And now we're in a situation where,


in some of our national parks, Even with a global ban


on the sale of ivory, there is And, hidden away in


these forests, these Jonathan's report is on our website


and if you would like to get in touch on any of our stories you can


get in touch here... Thank you very much for watching, goodbye.


Thank you for joining me. We will take a look at the weather prospects


for the whole of the British hours for the next few days in just a


second but firstly I want to bring you up-to-date with where we are


with regard to the heat across the southern