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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello, this is outside source, we begin in South Africa. The Speaker


of the parliament there has made a big announcement. I therefore


determined that voting on the motion of no-confidence in the president on


the 8th of August 2017 will be by secret ballot. We will be explaining


why that is so important. After fresh UN sanctions over its recent


missile tests, north Korea hits back. We want to make clear that the


worsening situation on the Korean peninsula, as well as other nuclear


issues caused by the United States. These pictures show a type of seed


bug, they may look tiny but we have some pictures that really aren't for


the squeamish that aspect of the damage they can do. A 16-year-old


Australian ended up in hospital after earning counter with them. And


we'll bring you the latest twist in Venezuela's political crisis, a


search is underway after ten man who escaped after attacking a military


base. If you want to get in touch, as always, the hashtag is BBC and


west. -- BBC OS. Hello, welcome to putter outside


source. We start the programme in South Africa because, well, there's


been some surprising news there. There will be another vote of


no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma, but earlier, the speaker of


parliament pointed to a really crucial difference this time. She


said this is good to be a secret ballot. And she said that this is to


ensure a credible outcome. Here's our Johannesburg responded. The move


took many by surprise and inject a new element into the proceedings in


Parliament against President Jacob Zuma, where the ANC has always


enjoyed a healthy majority. This decision is therefore in the best


interests of the country. The speaker is required to guard the


procedures of this house and to ensure that the outcome of this very


important vote is credible. The secret ballot was seen as the best


option for members of Parliament to vote without being intimidated and


the call for a vote of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma was


initiated by opposition parties after the president sent nine


members of his cabinet in a -- sacked nine members of his cabinet


in a controversial reshuffle which saw the country being economic or


downgraded. It's a choice between whether you spend with Jacob Zuma or


whether you spend against -- stand against Jacob Zuma. Invisible


choice, you stand for the interests of South Africa you don't. I think


many parties have communicated that they feel a strong confidence saying


they want to devote. We are convinced that the ANC members will


do the right thing. It is an opportunity for them to demonstrate


that they, too, are tired of corruption in this country. Hundreds


of people who marched out of Parliament have welcomed the move.


Every person camps. That is what we are practising. -- every person


camps. It is not just about one person commits about the greater


good. What you see today in Roger like the DC tomorrow, people want


change and ideally, they want change through constitutional means,


through the courts of law, not through a violent response. And the


decision today was in line with what the expectation of what the


countries. I'm not surprised that she decided in favour of a secret


ballot. Because that is a democracy at its best. The question, though,


is well ANC MPs help President Zuma keep his job at show him the door?


This isn't Jacob Zuma's first vote of no-confidence, it's good to be


his eight, in fact. But it is going to be a secret one. But let's find


out why it is crucially important. Let's join the online editor of


Power FM in Johannesburg. This different this time round, isn't it?


A secret ballot, what does that mean? Essentially, it means that ANC


parliamentarians who have to vote according to a whip system, they


have to vote according to the party line, are technically able to vote


whichever way they choose without any repercussions. This opens the


gate for possibly defying the president, who is popular inside and


outside the party. Explained to us, remind us why we have got to the


stage? Why is he so unpopular now? President Zuma is the third


president of the democratic South Africa, effectively, and he has had


many personal scandal. The biggest of which was using taxpayer money,


offered 250 million rands of money, and his personal residence, an


upgrade to his personal residence. It became a focus point to a lot of


South Africans. At the same time, there was a controversy about his


closeness to a particular business family who came from India, and have


been very internet and directing state contracts to their own


businesses and have made enormous money. This is caused enormous


consternation and operate within the South African public and political


sphere. If the vote goes against him, what is the next step? What


happens? What happens if the vote goes against him, which a lot of


people still think is unlikely, is that effectively, the entire


cabinet, although ministers, would have to resign and a lot of our


parliamentarians. They would have to hold a special elections. And the


speaker, who made the decision to have a secret ballot, would


effectively be president, acting president, for a couple of weeks


while the process took place. Given that Jacob Zuma was always going to


stand down by 2019, what you read into this vote of confidence in this


secret ballot? I think that in many ways, South Africans are impatient.


They cannot wait for 2019. It's a long time away and they crucially --


very crucially, economies in a frightening place. We have had


several downgrades from international rating agencies, which


is affecting all kind of things in our economy, most of all, the


unemployment rate. If things keep going as they are boring, we're


likely to lose 1 million more jobs in the next year or so, which could


be devastating for economy. We have had extremely high unemployment. So


there is a sense of urgency. Particularly because of the


collections with this family I spoke about, people are concerned about


further looting of state resources and weakening of state institutions


that are meant to protect public funds and accountability. Digital to


you, thank you very much, as always. We will of course continue to


monitor what takes place in that secret ballot. -- nice to talk to


you. We are going to turn to the United States now, because the city


of Chicago has filed a lawsuit to prevent the Trump Ministry from


withholding funding from so-called century cities. -- the Trump


administration from withholding funding from so-called sanctuary


cities. This announcement was made by the city bus nightmare, let's


have a listen -- the city's Maher, let's have it wasn't what he has to


say. We will not allow our police officers to become political pawns.


Chicago will not allow residents have their fundamental rights by


Lizzie. And Chicago will never drinkers are status as a welcoming


city. At are I spoke to they reasoned that if they are dealing


with an document of residence of the cities, it is best if they don't


drink it information to law enforcement, the other services come


into contact with people, it is best not to turn that information to


immigration services because that would force people into the shadows


rather than encouraging them to interact with city services


committee have a population that will not call the police when there


is a crime, a population that want to cut health services or education


because of their immigration status, it creates essentially a shadow


publishing in the city that is more prone to crime or health issues.


That is their viewpoint. The ministry can's viewpoint is that


immigration is the law of the land as far as residency goes, if someone


in commits a crime or interact with police and don't have residential


status, they should be handed over to the federal Government. Guest --


Jeff Sessions announcement is that they're going withhold funds from


any city that does not give access to public jails when they are


holding an undocumented worker, does not share information with federal


30s and does not inform the federal Government within 48 hours when they


are releasing an undocumented worker are great back into the population.


The bill is in perspective, this is a $3.2 million federal grant that


goes to Chicago. -- to put this in perspective. Chicago's total budget


per year is $9.8 billions, so it is more of a principal fight than


talking about significant money for Chicago. The news of this lawsuit


comes in the middle fodder is supposed to be a 17 day working


holiday for President Trump. But as we are seeing from his productivity,


he says... Welcomer for more analysis on this, we return to


Anthony. I asked him why Mr Drogba peers so content on making the point


-- Mr Trump appears so intent on making appointees working vacation.


I think is sensitive to criticism that he's taking a vacation,


particularly after he treated when President Obama take athletic


vacations, criticising Barack Obama for taking time off. So I think he


right thing a bit at accusations of hypocrisy. But he and his wife has


been insistent that is to doing work, that the White House is going


at the renovations right now so we had to vacate the premises, and


while he is in New Jersey, his resort of complex there, you still


taking meetings and phone calls, he spoke to the president of South


Korea. He is going to New York next week to have more meetings. He's a


very active attempts to maintain the perception he is working. Even the


report the golf course yesterday. You reckon? Do stay with us here on


outside source. Celcer come, in Venezuela, a search for ten men who


escaped with weapons after an attack on a military base. More on that


shortly. There are renewed warnings of a


postcode lottery for women trying to obtain IVF treatment on the NHS.


Figures from a health campaign group show a drop of nearly 50% of the


number of areas offering three full cycle is. Our correspondence


explains. This trend has been known about for a while but it has really


accelerated the progress of restriction of IVF availability in


England. Of the 209 clinical groups, NHS groups in each area he pay for


your health care. In 1929 will only offer one cycle of IVF -- 129 will


only offer a one cycle and five don't provide any at IVF at all. The


clinical regulator recommends three full cycles of IVF for women up to


the age of 40. So there's areas I mentioned current meeting that


standard. And some areas have restricted it to 30-35s, not up to


40. These numbers have increased over the last six months.


Welcome, you're watching Outside Source live from the BBC newsroom.


Earlier story is Tuesday'svote of no-confidence in South African


President Jacob Zuma, will be by secret ballot. It is being seen as a


test of unity within the governing African National conference as


senior figures become increasingly critical of the leader. -- African


National Congress. Other stories: A team of 15 volunteer firefighters on


Sicily have been accused of fraud. It is alleged that they claimed


state payments for particular far as they themselves had started. That is


BBC World Service. The Government have killed three people and wounded


to others on a popular beach in north-western Mexico, officials say.


And one of our most watched videos is of these areas. This is a talent


in remaining with the animals had been leaving the mountains to


scavenge for food and local homes. -- in local loans.


Our next story is about a British model who was allegedly kidnapped in


the Italian city of Milan and then held captive for nearly a week. She


has returned to her home in the UK. Let me show you Chloe, she is just


20 years old and was apparently taken by a criminal gang to this


small place in Italy. It's a small town just about Turing. The plan was


to try to auction Chloe off as a sex slave on the dark web. And a Polish


man who lives in the UK has been arrested. Our correspondent has sent


this report from Milan. Held captive inside this isolated Italian


farmhouse. The bizarre and elaborate kidnap allegation centres on how


20-year-old model Chloe from south London was duped into leaving the UK


for a photo shoot in Milan. Went inside this fake studio, she said to


have been slashed by three men and injected with the drug cattlemen. --


snatched by three men forced up she was bundled into this bag, placing


the boot of a car and driven away. While she was held captive in this


house behind me, the police statement said she was tied to


furniture, it has of course, where the -- while the kidnappers tried to


sell her on the dark web and embrace a ransom. The farmers are surrounded


by abandoned houses, with only one neighbour. Anderson, personal, I saw


this Englishman -- TRANSLATION: First of all, a sort this


Englishman. Then there was a full full. -- a Volvo. The authorities


say she was eventually released by one of her captors and driven to the


consulate in Milan. A Polish national living in the West Midlands


has been arrested in connection with kidnap and extortion. Chloe is now


back in the UK. She has spoken briefly to reporters. I have been


through a terrifying experiences. I feared for my life, second by


second, minute by minute, hour by hour. I'm grateful to the Italian


and UK authorities for they have done to secure her release. Milan is


a magnet for aspiring models, were the dangers of unscrupulous agencies


have all been clear. But this case has shocked the baffled


investigators here, you're still try to piece together exactly what


happened. Let's turn to Venezuela now with the hunt is on for ten men


after the escaped from an attack on military base.


This attack took place, you can see, in Valencia. It is the


country'sthird largest city and it happened in the early hours of


Sunday morning. Boot rebels were killed, when injured, seven


arrested. -- boot rebels were killed. The president congratulated


the Army for stopping the attack from turning into a full uprising.


TRANSLATION: I would congratulate the Armed Forces for the immediate


reaction they had against the terrorist attack to stop a week ago,


we beat them with votes, and today, we beat the terrorism with bullets.


We can have a look at a bit of video which was posted online of this


particular attempt. There, you can see, visited up just hours after the


new, controversial assembly held its first session and apparently showed


soldiers declaring an uprising against President Maduro's Kaufman.


People responded to the uprising responded with their own


demonstration but police say there are quickly dispersed with tear gas.


Let's speak to a reporter who joins us live from Sao Paulo. It's


difficult understand who these people work, where they soldiers,


where the rebels? Fill us in on who they were. I think the fine detail


is still very sketchy, as you say. Now, the people in the video say


they are part of the 41st Brigade which is based in Valencia. Mr


murder room has dismissed back, and said they were restless. --


President Maduro has dismissed it. But they say they were civilians and


one man was a deserter. That has been dismissed by the Government but


to get an idea of what actually happened on Sunday was pretty hard.


To put it mildly, President Maduro is having a challenging time. If


these are from the Army, how significant is this to him? It might


reveal some cracks beginning to appear but I mean, his predecessor,


chav is, make sure that the loyalists did support him within the


army. -- Chavez. And the army so says there is unconditional loyalty


to President Maduro, that has been stated several times. At the same


time, the opposition has tried to win them over in an unofficial


referendum against the constituent assembly, which was voted in just


over a week ago, which was so controversial. The opposition did


ask people whether they would be happy for the army to defend the


Constitution, the opposition attracted a kind of win them over.


But as it stands, the army still remains loyal to Mr Mejia go. But


the -- loyalty President Maduro. The loyalty has been tested? The country


is divided, every time something like this happens, it comes back to


the fact that it was either a mysterious train to get involved,


foreign involvement, and that has been a theme throughout nor does


President Maduro, time but also in President Chavez's time, foreign


intervention is not welcome in Venezuela. That is what we have


heard. And after this uprising on Sunday, we have heard once again


that it was foreign powers try to get involved that were behind this


uprising. Thank you very much. The whole of Venezuela being tested


there. That's 20 business. A letter by an


anime to Google employee has sparked a row about diversity at the


Company. -- letter by an unnamed Google employee. The letter said


that the lack of female tech leaders was partly due to biological causes


and men have higher driver status. Google says that this does not


encourage that viewpoint -- it does not encourage that viewpoint and


that diversion and it considered a fundamental part of its culture.


Doctor Sue Black as an adviser to the Government on digital services


and this is what she had to say. I read these opinions throughout my


career. Data using text, I've had so many people say this kind of thing


to me. -- 30 years in tech. But it's great that we have these forums, we


have the intellect which we didn't have many years ago, we can discuss


these things. I'm very happy -- via the internet. I'm happy we can


discuss this. I've been teaching coding for nearly 30 years now.


Citing urges men to do more science and engineering type stuff and


doesn't record wouldn't so much. -- society encourages. We need to


encourage women and girls into the area.


The car-maker has lacked is looking to raise a further $1.5 billion to


fund production of its mass-market electric car. Let's speak to let's


bring her back. Michelle is joining us live from New York. Explain just


why it has led needs this extra cash? Manufacturing hell, that is


the words that Elon musk, the founder of the electric car maker,


used a couple of weeks ago when describing the challenges ahead


facing the company. It's trying to ramp up production of its model


three, meant to be its mass-market electric car. To do that, it will


require a lot of cash and in anticipation of that, the company


has come out and is trying to raise money, essentially by writing IOUs


and convince investors to buy those IOUs. In total, destroying to raise


$1.5 billion. The company has about $3 billion in cash in hand. They


expect to use 2 billion of those issues. If you can imagine, the cost


of buying equipment, space, factories, getting all of those


technologies done, so it can fulfil the order as it has received. We're


talking about money, of course. What do investors say about this?


Correction has the next. The -- reaction has been mixed. But the


company says results have been better-than-expected. People had


been kind of indicating that this would be an issue going forward, in


the next year or so. Some people are in favour, feeling that the


company's product in message is such that it can deliver and that


investors in Tesla will just have to get used to this idea of high birth


rate, as people on Wall Street quality. Others are more sceptical,


one famous short selling is betting against the company. I think when


you're talking about this new technology, there are questions as


to whether they can deliver. Thank you very much. We will turn to


Australia, Melbourne's Brighton Beach. I have to warn you, you


should look away when I tell you about what we are going to show you


because on Brighton beach, this rather horrible thing happened to a


particular teenager late at night. There he is in hospital, but have a


look at his legs. I did one you to look away. His legs were covered in


blood after they were attacked by, well, eating away frankly, by tiny


creatures in DC. The boy's father went on to the beach and had a look


at what happened and this is what he found. He threw some meat into the


sea, to cut out and on a microscope, he saw these tiny creatures. Green


Bay artists have said they are likely to have been see these and


these are tiny and discouraging marine animals. -- marine


biologists. I walked up to the water, salt what was thought was


sent covering my ankles and cough, she could of quite violently and it


came off. -- I shook it off. I walked across the sand, but 20


metres, to be my phone is on, looked down and no desire blood all over my


ankles. I didn't know what to think, it was a bit of a shock random thing


to see. I wasn't expecting it at all. No one has seen anything like


it or anything before. So that has been interesting. But everyone has


been really supportive and everything, which is then