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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Earlier, North Korea said it would consider attacking the US territory


of Guam. Kenya's Electoral Commission says its voting system is


secure, that comes after the opposition candidate alleged it had


been hacked. We will take you live to Nairobi. More trouble for Trump


as reports surfaced that the house of the President's former campaign


manager Paul Monfort was raided by the FBI two weeks ago. And if you


want to get in touch, the hashtag BBC OS.


Welcome to Outside Source. I want to show you an extraordinary statement


from the head of the worlds most powerful military, General Jim


Mathis has issued a statement from the Pentagon that this warning.


Mathis said North Korea should seize any consideration of actions that


would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people.


That follows sabre rattling reminders from the president


himself, saying his first order as president was to renovate and


modernise our nuclear arsenal. It is now far stronger and more powerful


than ever before. The tough rhetoric comes after this statement on North


Korea's state television. With medium to long-range strategic


ballistic Rossouw 's -- sick missiles, we have the ability to hit


US air bases on Guam. That followed Donald Trump was burst of anger when


he said any further missile launchers from North Korea would


result in fire and fury like the world had never seen. All of this


stemming from news reports that Pyongyang may now possess the beauty


to shrink any clear what had if it's a missile. Let us bring up our map


to show you the small island being threatened here, Guam. It is roughly


three and a half thousand kilometres from North Korea and if we go in


closer, you can see why it has been highlighted as a target by North


Korea. A naval base and an Air Force Base where US strategic bombers are


capped. It just so happens the US Secretary of State, the top


diplomat, Rex Tillerson, has been visiting Guam today. This is what he


said. What the President was doing is sending a strong message to North


Korea in language Kim Jong-un would understand, because he is not seem


to understand diplomatic language. Let's consider this a bit. We can


pass to Jane O'Brien in Washington for us, Jane, you might have


expected the Pentagon to try to row back a bit of the president has


said. But no, quite the other way? I think it is all a matter of


emphasis. I think there was a slight and nuanced change of language


between what you heard the secretary of defence Jim Mathis say on the


president, because the president was saying, warning North Korea about


threats. Jim Mathis is warning North Korea of the consequence of its


actions. It should stop actions which would lead to the destruction


of its people and the collapse of the regime. Talking about losing a


war that it initiates. I think there is a slight change of emphasis, but


yes, still very much emphasising this strong language, this strong


deterrent language that we heard from Donald Trump. Very different to


the diplomacy from Rex Tillerson, who is talking about diplomacy as


being the way forward. It is working, we are seeing pressure from


China, and that the end goal for him is talks with Pyongyang. I have had


quite a lot of talk about the danger of backing North Korea into a


corner. I suppose the only way to avoid doing that is some sort of


talks. That's right, and leaving North Korea a way out, which is


something else that Rex Tillerson brought up. The issue is that North


Korea does not seem to want to engage in any talks, it is rebuffing


approaches from South Korea in the last week or so, and there seems to


be very little incentive for aid to want to talk to the US, which it


regards as an existential threat. There in lies the danger of the sort


of rhetoric we are hearing from Donald Trump, because although his


supporters say that it shows resolve and shrank, it could also be


interpreted as preparing for a military attack. We simply do not


know which way the regime is going to take it. Further complicated by


the fact there are no diplomatic relations between Pyongyang and


Washington. There are no embassies, so there is not that


behind-the-scenes ambassador talk going on. It is all on open display,


it is all coming from the horse's mouth, as it were. In this case from


Donald Trump, apparently making spur of the moment comments on a very


serious issue. This talk of possible pre-emptive military action, do we


know how that is going down with the American public? I do think anyone


thinks that military action is a good idea. Certainly the White House


is talking about it very much as a matter of last resort. There has


been some criticism of this, Donald Trump has been criticised by members


of his own party today for ratcheting up the rhetoric. It is


something that everybody would seek to avoid. According to Rex Tillerson


again, the voice of moderation in all this, relatively speaking, he


says he has seen nothing in the last 24 hours that would suggest any kind


of imminent military action. Thanks very much. China has experienced two


earthquakes in the last 24 hours. The two quakes struck places on


opposite sides of the country. An all-out rescue and recovery effort


is now underway. 6.6 magnitude tremor struck the remote area,


injuring 32 people. Across the country, 19 people are confirmed to


have been killed in an earthquake in Sichuan province. The full extent of


the damage still is not known. The aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake


still haunts rescue crews. More than 1000 after-shocks have been


detected, some triggering landslides. A highway bound for a


popular mountain tourist spot in this county was cut off, trapping


more than 100 people. The road at self sustaining serious damage. The


7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the county just after 9pm local time on


Tuesday. Up to 45,000 people have been evacuated from the damaged


areas. The government has called for an all-out rescue and recovery


effort, but the Red Cross Society of China says it will still be some


time before we know the extent of the damage and the number of


casualties. 2000 kilometres away in the remote north-west, they are


dealing with another serious earthquake. This one struck on


Wednesday morning, further stretching the country's resources.


Leaving hundreds more to spaced -- leaving hundreds more displaced. Six


French soldiers have been injured, two seriously after a car was driven


into them while they were on patrol in Paris. Counterterror police shot,


wounded and arrested a man on a motorway north of the capital. Our


correspondent Jonny Diamond reports from Paris.


Paramedics swarm around injured soldiers.


Just moments after a car ploughed into a military patrol.


Six soldiers were injured, three seriously, after the car,


waiting for the men, accelerated sharply and knocked them down.


Residents looked on as the emergency services went to work.


TRANSLATION: I heard a loud noise and I looked out my window,


I saw the ambulance and the fire engine arriving and I didn't go out.


It was a truly odious attack, said the neighbourhood mayor.


To target soldiers who were here to protect the French people.


After a morning of intense investigation, the operation


This is a quiet suburb, some distance from the bright lights


This morning's attack a reminder, if one were needed, that France


TRANSLATION: It's a problem for us French people


Even foreigners do not feel safe in France.


It ended with a hail of gunfire, the suspect's car brought


The country's long struggle with terror continues.


Counting is still underway in the Kenyan election. The Electoral


Commission 's website, let's have a look at that. It suggests the


incumbent president is in the lead. It has him over 50, and there is his


chief opponent. He has said the Electoral Commission 's IT system


has been hacked to manipulate the election results. Here he is


speaking a little earlier. TRANSLATION:


It is a complete fraud. Boats that were not cast. The electoral fraud


and publication of results is massive, and extensive. To the


extent that as a result of the 47 counties were manipulated. This


individual as part of the mystery. He said the hackers had used the


identity of this man to get access to the system. This is a man who had


been in charge of the electronic voting system until he was murdered


last week. A couple of hours ago, Ken is Electoral Commission caused


the nukes conference and here is what they said. -- Kenya is


Electoral Commission called a news conference. Before, during, and


after the voting. The RTS system is secure. A question about where it


was and the reports I saw, the database we were using. So that you


know, the IGS system is based on a database that is very different from


the alleged database. Our team has refused the alleged logs and


established that the claim has been made could not be substantiated from


our end. It's also worth mentioning this tweet from the head of the


African union observer mission, saying the judiciary as well


prepared to deal with any electoral disputes that may arise. The high


profile of this election internationally is in part due to


the fear that the closeness of the vote could lead to violence, as


happened ten years ago. So far the situation has remained relatively


calm. We have seen some scenes like this, just to show you. From an


opposition stronghold, you can see protesters lit fires, riot police


were also deployed. In Nairobi, witnesses told the BBC One person


was killed in a confrontation with police, but the government has


denied this. The BBC has a huge team in Kenya covering all aspects of the


election. Let's go to sue now, she is in the main counting centre in


Nairobi. Some reports of violence? As you mentioned, summer riots


reported in the Western town of casino that is the stronghold of the


opposition leader. As soon as he made a statement alleging that the


electoral systems had been hacked, people went into the streets. His


supporters protested, and write police were sent in to deal with


that situation. A similar scene in Nairobi. But right now it appears


everything is calm, people have really been anxious. It is a


weekday, and they would expect in Nairobi there is a lot of traffic on


the roads, but today the city was deserted. Except for a few people,


who went to open businesses in town. In Mombasa, people are really


anxious and waiting for the final result. Waiting to see what happens


afterwards. Worth reminding viewers outside Kenya this is a


long-standing rivalry between these two men. That's right. The


President's father was the founding president of Kenya, after


independence. His vice president was Mr Odinga's father, but the two men


fell out shortly after independence, and there has been this rivalry


going on between the families for decades. Thank you very much for


getting us up-to-date and they are from Nairobi. We will stay with that


story as it continues to develop. Stay with us an Outside Source.


Still to come... Just how long did the Netherlands know about a


dangerous contamination of eggs? Belgium claims it may have been as


long ago as last November. 18 people have been found guilty of the sexual


exploitation of vulnerable young girls and women in Newcastle. Police


had to pay a convicted child rapist ?10,000 for information. Earlier,


Chief Constable Steve Ashwin for Northumbria Police spoke to the BBC


and he was asked, was it necessary to pay for the information? Might


the informant had persisted for free? What we find in policing,


people give us permission for a range of motives. Some financial,


sometimes quite often with organised criminals for example, it is about


revenge. Upon a rival criminal. Some of them give us information for


moral reasons. They find it appalling and distressing that they


are part of all they know of a pattern of offending and they want


to tell us about it for the right reasons. You would expect us to


explore all those reasons with our information, I simply cannot tell


you standing here now exactly whether that was increment. I would


expect it to have been covered with that informant.


You are watching Outside Source, live from the BBC newsroom. Our lead


story: the US Defence Secretary Jim Agassiz told North Korea to avoid


actions that could usher in the destruction of its people. The


latest in a war of words between the US and North Korea. Let's look at


some of the stories making news around the BBC's other services.


Zimbabwe's cash-strapped government can suspend $1 billion to build a


university to honour 93-year-old president Robert Mugabe.


Construction would cost around 800 million, with a further 200 million


put aside for endowments to fund research and innovation. The


university will be built north of the capital Harare, and that is on


BBC I freak. Former world number one golfer Tiger Woods has pleaded not


guilty to driving under the influence. But has accepted a lesser


charge of reckless driving. The 41-year-old was arrested in May on


suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There


were breathalyser found no trace of alcohol in his system. That story is


on the BBC World Service. This story is one of the most read and viewed


stories online, that is a humpback whale leaping out of the water off


the coast of St John's Newfoundland in Canada. Three people in the vote


were simply out fishing, thankfully one was armed with a camera.


Millions of eggs have been taken from the shelves in Belgium, and


there is a row about why. Belgium has accused the Netherlands of


numbing about a potentially dangerous contamination since late


last year. Let's look at this. Belgian officials had already


admitted to knowing in June that Dutch eggs might contain a harmful


insecticide. The information was not made public until a month later.


That was widely criticised across Europe. Now, Belgian's agriculture


Minister says that the Netherlands may have known about the problem as


far back as last November. What is involved here? It is fibrin alba


talking about, the contaminants that can harm the kidneys, thyroid


glands. He is Adam Fleming in Brussels. Belgian MPs interrupted


their summer holidays today so they could quiz the head of the Food


Standards Agency and also the agriculture and public health


minister here in Belgium. The Belgian government is fighting


against this allegation that they knew for quite some time that there


could be a problem with these contaminated eggs. But they failed


to pass that information on to their European neighbours. They are


fighting against the allegation by saying, Thailand, we actually asked


to be Dutch authorities for information in June, which took them


a whole month to provide. A Belgian minister also suggested the Dutch


may have, where a potential problem as problem as early as November last


year, much earlier than people thought. The priority here is still


protecting public health, the health minister says there is very little


risk to the public 's help, because you would have to consume vast


quantities of these contaminated eggs to feel any ill effects.


Nonetheless, a third of Dutch poultry farms are still closed as a


precaution. Last week, the German government removed 3 million eggs


from the shelves. It does seem that the real effects here will not be


felt in people's health, but it will be felled to dramatically and


economically. OS business now, and the top story is our escalating war


of words between the US and North Korea. Let's see how the markets are


reacting. Michelle is there for us. Any movement? We have seen the


escalation of tension between US and North Korea actually has started to


weigh on investors minds. Just looking at how the markets finished


for the day, and the Dow is down about one, two tenths of a percent.


The SNP lost one tenth of a percent, so not major downgrades, but you are


starting to see a bit of nervousness. Investors are beginning


to put a bit of money into gold, the Swiss franc, investments that often


they think of as safe havens. It's worth pointing out that we are


coming off the back of a period where we have seen Wall Street


eating fish record highs, so that may explain some of the declines. --


we have seen Wall Street eating fresh record highs. I have a


question about Disney. It is massive and buying theme parks, blockbusters


like frozen, Star Wars and the Marvel series but the entertainment


giant is struggling to be profitable in the face of Lina competition, as


we found out today. It is axing a deal with Netflix and apparently it


will stream its own content. Tell us more. It has been an interesting


couple of days hearing from media companies here in the US. Disney is


the one that has drawn a lot of attention, because it is saying it


is going to pull its offerings away from Netflix, when that contract


ends. The will start its own streaming service is literally


trying to give its offerings direct to consumers. People in industry


have are looking at the profits of Netflix which continued to do better


than many people expected, as a result of that, companies are trying


to figure out how they should proceed. Here we have Disney, saying


hang on, we have content we can offer directly to consumers. It


comes at a time and some of their other businesses are not doing so


well. ESPN was long a very successful portion of its business,


a cable sports channel, he in the US. That has been a source of worry,


it's as subscribers have been dropping in advertising dollars have


been falling away. This may be an attempt by the company to pivot away


from that. Towards revenue from streaming, on the other side we have


heard from CBS earlier this week, they said they actually want to


launch an online sports network. They still think there is room to


grow in the franchise. We will have to wait and see how this all plays


out, clearly a changing landscape as the networks try to figure out what


to do and how to compete with the likes of Netflix. Quickly, what is


the thinking about how this affects Netflix? It is now focusing on


original content, with series like Schengen Things. It is making waves


on its own ground. They saw this coming perhaps. The deals they were


spending a lot of money trying to do licensing deals with various media


companies for the content. Going forward, they still rely on buying


up huge swathes of programming. Whether that will become more


difficult for the company going forward, one has to watch this


space. At the same time, you have other entrance into this field like


Amazon prime, developing their own streaming service and developing


their own content. For viewers, it is a great time to be watching


television. For the companies, very competitive. Thanks very much. It is


hard to believe exactly a decade ago, we were staring into a


financial abyss. On the 9th of August 2007, Banks family had


billions of dollars in toxic debt which could not be repaired and


lending to businesses and consumers dried up. The financial crisis that


followed is estimated to have cost the US economy alone a staggering


$22 trillion. One man in the eye of that storm was young prodigy Shea,


the boss of the European Central Bank. The idea that we could have


total evaporation, total desperation of a normal money market on one of


the two big money markets in the world was something which had not


been experienced since World War II. We were amazed, we had only a short


period of time, because if we had waited for one day, then we would


have a full day without any money market functioning in euros in the


morning, it was the only big-money market in the world. The New York


market was not open yet, so we decided to be extremely bold, and to


give all the liquidity which was asked by the banks, and they asked


us 95 billion euros. Before we finish this edition, I want to bring


you a story just coming into the newsroom, the United Nations


migration agency says up to 50 migrants have been deliberately


drowned by people smugglers off Yemen. Let's show you where we are


talking about here. It is understood the migrants mainly from Somalia and


Ethiopia had boarded a boat in the Horn of Africa, they were travelling


up the hope of eventually reaching a a Gulf country. They we are hearing


as they reached the migrant coast, they were forced into the sea. 29


people were killed, around a hundred survived. 22 people are also


missing. A spokesperson for the International organisation for


migration said the smugglers deliberately pushed the migrants


into the waters since they feared they would be arrested by the


authorities once they reached the shore. The BBC will have more


details as they come in. You can always tell us what you think about


our stories, our developing stories, the hashtag is BBC OS. Of course we


have a lot more in terms of analysis and correspondent commentary on the


BBC website/ news. A lot more there on any of our running and running


stories. Do is stay with us. Tropical storm Franklin continues to


strengthen as he moves through the Bay of Campisi, we are taking a look