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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello. I'm Philip Thomas. This is outside source. The US Defence


Secretary has sold North Korea to avoid events that could cause the


destruction of its people. Earlier, North Korea had said that it would


consider attacking qualm. More trouble for Trump as it emerged that


the home of his campaign manager was raided earlier. And a new and


surprising way to track penguins through their feathers. And we will


have our daily update from the world athletics Championships.


Welcome to Outside Source. This is Paul Munakr Ford, he was chairman of


the Donald Trump Jr campaign at one point. We have just found out that


the FBI conducted a predawn raid at his house. They said that Mr


Manafort had consistently cooperated with the FBI and law enforcement


enquiries and continue to do so. This is all about the question of


whether Donald Trump Jr and his campaign colluded with Russia on his


election campaign. What was the FBI looking for? Probably documents


relating to Manafort's work with the Trump campaign and also documents he


had about his work with foreign governments, particularly Ukrainian


and Russian interests. If you remember during the campaign he


denied any payments from Ukraine. He has since come out and said that was


not accurate at acknowledging that he received millions of dollars from


that government and had to register after the fact as foreign agent for


Ukrainian interest. That is why possibly Mulder is investigating


him. We knew that when this raid took place it was right before Paul


Manafort testified before Senate investigators in the intelligence


committee and was the same day that Donald Trump Jr sent out a Twitter


storm talking about revoking the transgender policy in the military.


Also being highly critical of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and


saying that he should investigate Hillary Clinton. It puts new light


on Donald Trump Jr is mad behaviour that week, perhaps. This enquiry


about alleged Russian meddling seems likely to run through Donald Trump


Jr is my presidency. I think the biggest takeaway from this, we do


not know what Robert Muller was looking for. We don't know what


documents he found. Paul Manafort's people said that they were the same


documents that would have been willingly provided. This is evidence


of Mueller's muscle in this investigation. This is something


clearly that is going to be going on for quite some time. Donald Trump Jr


says this is a witchhunt. Is there a lot of sympathy for that view? Trump


supporters certainly believe that this is which front. They say that


this is an excuse for Democratic opponents to find some reason why


Hillary Clinton lost. Outside, even conservatives are taking this


investigation very seriously and are special counsel with these


wide-ranging powers taking these actions are not something you can


shrug off. This is an investigation carried out by a team of people with


a lot of experience, a lot of depth of knowledge and criminal


prosecution. We're going to take you to Venezuelan now. Another political


storm. The assembly has held a meeting in defiance of the


President's new constituent assembly. This was a really defiant


statement. This was a tweet from the deputy leader there. They said it


was a space for all Venezuelans. They said that is a struggle to the


finish. This is clearly a particular showdown between the rival


assemblies. It is also a territorial showdown. They have been meeting in


the same complex in Caracas. In this very grand building. Both assemblies


want to meet their although some opposition figures have been talking


about being barred by government forces. Meanwhile, the constituent


assembly, the new one, has passed a law creating a new truce commission.


This would have the power to investigate what it has called acts


of violence carried out with political motives or out of


intolerance. Opposition leaders fear that those who have participated in


months of anti-government protests will now be targeted. We heard more


about the power struggle between the two assemblies. They are not only


fighting about the building itself but about the big part of power in


Venezuela. The constituent assembly says it has overarching powers over


any other part of the government. Even the judiciary or the executive


has two respond to them. Of course, the opposition controlled National


Assembly, one of the last bastions of opposition says it is a step


towards authority rule. The idea that they could try to prosecute


people who have been involved in the opposition protest last months which


have left many, more than 100 dead now. The new constituent assembly


that backs President Maduro is having difficulty getting


recognition in the Americas. Yesterday there was a strong


declaration in Lima where several Latin American countries said that


they were considering Venezuelan dictator because of the situation


with the constituent assembly. Some people would be reminded of the


situation several decades ago when Cuba first installed its Communist


government and other countries on the continent tried to isolate them


to dramatically. This is symbolically very important. Back in


the time of Hugo Chavez they tried to become the original leaders,


promoting parallel institutions in which Venezuela played a strong


part. Now it is facing increasing diplomatic isolation within the


Western Hemisphere. Let's get you a less sport. Another day has gone by


in the world athletics Championships. Let's go over to the


BBC sport centre. Hello. Tellers what's been happening to the


Botswana athlete that we've all been following.


Isaac Mkwala has endured a torrid past 48 hours having been initially


withdrawn from the 200 heats on Monday, then withdrawn


due to continuing concerns he had contracted norovirus.


He wasn't allowed into the stadium by security, Botswana athletics


and the IAAF have disputed each other's stories and then


with his quarantine period having expired at 2pm British time.


It was then confirmed he would run a heat


by himself from lane seven where he was initially drawn.


He qualified with a few push-ups to prove himself and then ran


in the opening semi final from Lane One to qualify for the final.


While in the third of the semi finals 400m champion Waydne van


Niekerk also qualified for Thursday's final as a fastest


Mo Farah got his bid for double gold underway in the last hour or so.


The British runner claimed the first gold of the championships


He's won double gold at the past two World Championships


and past two Olympic Games and he's through to the final on Saturday


In the last few moments, Norway have won the men's 400 metre hurdles.


Kerron Clement was hoping to become the first 400m


hurdler in history to win three world titles.


In the coming minutes Alison Felix is looking for a tenth world title


and heads in the 400m up against Olympic champion


and Bahamian Shaunay Miller-Weebo also competing.


The women's rugby World Cup got underway in Dublin


earlier on Wednesday with all 12 teams in action.


Sarah Mulkerrins has been following the action and Sarah


there have been plenty of tries on the opening day?


Indeed there has. The sun has set and it has seen so many tries. Let's


talk you through the results. England are the defending champions


in this tournament. They won three years ago and they marked the


defence of their title with a good performance. They are the only


full-time professional team here and they have real strength in depth. 12


debutants ran out today and they were 56-5 winners against Spain.


Four of the ten tries scored by England were scored by winger K


Wilson. Captain Sarah Hunter was pretty pleased with the performance.


Really pleased to get the first game done and the first wing tip. It was


very about getting the job done. It's nice to get ten tries but we


will be looking to improve as we go on through this tournament. New


Zealand were the four-time champions before England stole the crown three


years ago. They missed out on the pool knockout stages in the last


event. They were smarting from that. They put in a very good solid


performance. Eight tries for them. Here was their coach's assessment on


their performance. We needed the game and we needed the


start. We scored eight tries and we are relatively pleased with that.


We're also three easy ones behind the badge we should have converted.


That's how it goes and we will just have to put a bit more polish on


what we're doing. Canada also in the same pool, they ran out 98-0 winners


over tournament debutants Hong Kong. France have just run out winners


against Japan. For Ireland it was closer against Australia. They had


to hang in at the end. They won 19-7. A lot closer than many


predicted. But they will be happy with a victory in that home


tournament. That's all we've got time for. The


women's 400 metres final coming up in the next few minutes. Plenty for


play for. Thanks through much. Stay with us. Still to come, scientists


have found a new and surprising way to track penguins through their


feathers. On the tenth anniversary of the


financial crisis, the BBC has been speaking with Lib Dem leader Vince


Cable who saw the crisis coming. The government of the time Gordon Brown


and Alistair Darling could have been criticised for being complex and in


the run-up but they handled the crisis very well. They had to


nationalise the banks. They had to run a very large deficit to keep the


economy going. Some of that you were advising. Indeed. They deserved


credit for rescuing us. We could have had an absolute catastrophe.


Although the crisis was dire and the biggest since the Second World War,


it wasn't as serious as the great crash in America in 29-30. Some


things to be grateful for. A lot of people are home tonight will still


be worried about their livelihoods. Still struggling. Ten years on,


we're still dealing the aftermath. Its political as well as economic. A


lot of people asked Tilse seething with anger that the people who


caused this at the top of the banking system, some seriously


reckless and greedy people have just walked away. You've been predicting


a lot about our hard Brexit and what that could mean. I'd start by saying


a lot of lessons have been learned. The banks are safe and have more


capital. In some ways, they are too conservative and it is very


difficult for business to get loans. Most of the lending is against


property. You are still predicting another crisis. I think there will


be problems if we get into the hard Brexit that the government and the


Labour opposition are pushing for. That particularly if there is a


cliff edge. Sam Wood 's, Bank of England, and nonpolitical public


servant saying that if we have that kind of crashing out there would be


serious indications for the financial sector, for example, if


the pound falls heavily, into arrest rates have to rise and a lot of


people are heavily in debt. Isn't this the scaremongering of the


referendum? I'm just describing a scenario that may not happen. If the


same people in government prevail and we keep the good things about


the European Union, the customs union, single market and things my


colleagues are fighting for, we will avoid all of that. Our lead story.


The head of the largest military in the world, the US secretary of


defence has told North Korea to avoid actions that could usher in


the destruction of its people. The latest in a war of words between the


two countries. We've have stories from around the world, we're going


to take you to the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is a


two-day strike there in the capital of Kinshasa. Is aimed at getting


this man, the president to call elections. It was a slow and intense


start of the day in the capital can shatter and other towns in the east


of the country. There was increased military presence on the streets and


the government has ordered ten that comes countries to slow down


Internet speeds so that people cannot share images on social media.


Most people took their time to gauge of the situation on the ground


before leaving their homes. This is because some of the protests like


this one had ended in violence in the past. This is all about the


fragile political situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Elections were July 's jeer but the election commission announced their


would not take place because of a lack of resources. This has allowed


the president to stay longer in office. The opposition want to force


the government to hold elections. It seems that the deadline will be


best. In the meantime, the opposition is weakening and losing


momentum. Meaning that a general strikes like this one are less


successful. There is anger brewing in Iran after President Hassan


Rouhani reduce the amount of women in high-ranking positions in his


government. Yesterday he unveiled an all-male ministerial team and just


two of his vice presidential positions will be filled by women,


one less than his last government. A third was named in an advisory role.


These are the three appointees. We have been following the story. The


most interesting thing about this story is that a lot of people


expected the president to appoint a minister, a female minister, to the


Cabinet but, instead, the president has appointed two female vice


presidents and one assistant to the president which compared to the


previous administration is different because the previous administration


had three women as vice presidents in the Cabinet. Now there are two


vice presidents and one assistant to the president. So one of the female


persons in the Cabinet has been demoted. For campaigners, for more


women in politics it feels like a backward step. Exactly. They are


really disappointed about the President's session. They wanted to


campaign for real action. He talked about equal opportunities for women


but now he has been re-elected he has forgotten about winning. Is the


thinking that's because he's changed his mind or because he's come under


pressure from elsewhere? It seems that he has come under pressure from


conservative hardliners and he wants to avoid that pressure. Still a lot


of women say that in the previous Administration 's, under President


Mahmoud Ahmedinejad he had appointed a female to the Cabinet. Now,


president Rouhani has been painted as a reformist, he has avoided the


issue. Has it been a big story on social media? A very big story. A


lot of people have expressed anger and disappointment at the president.


At the same time, there are some people supporting the president.


They say having a top role in the government is not women's priority


in Iran. What they are concerned about our jobs, employment,


insurance. Avoiding tension. The president wants to focus on what


matters most to women. Now, scientists have found a new and


surprising way of tracking Penguins through their feathers. The study


was published in biology Letters, the scientific journal. Basically,


it says that the proteins in penguin feathers pick up the geochemical


signature of their location via the food they eat. It's like getting


stamps on a chemical passport. The researchers can track their winter


migration patterns from their breeding colonies on the South


Shetland Islands, off the coast of Antarctica, over many hundreds of


kilometres. Earlier, one of the authors of the study explain to me


about how feathers can reveal quite so much information. You are growing


something like your fingernail and that records what you eat. Things


like proteins that make up the body, we don't actually make the raw


materials of that. The raw materials come in a lot of cases from food. In


the case of penguins going across the Southern Ocean, they don't make


these proteins, the building blocks of them, the essential amino acids


come from algae which their prey trill eat and they in turn eat the


krill. They are getting a chemical symbol of where they are foraging


rather than making it from scratch themselves. Why are you using a tail


feather in particular to pick up this data? Different tissues record


the environment at different rates. Things like bones are growing very


slowly so they are not very good for this kind of thing. Your blood turns


over very fast. Things like fingernails or in the case of a


penguin, a tail feather, it's grown over a year. At the right time to


record what they are doing in winter. What strikes me, it's a


simple idea, isn't it? To track this chemical fingerprint by the tail


feather because you used to have to put an electronic tag on. So it's


much better for the bird, as well. Absolutely. This technique has been


around but we've applied it in a new way. We are still relying on a bit


of tracking. The US Antarctic programme did the validation for


this. They measured a few birds and saw where they went. A scientist


from LSU led this chemical study and got collaborators from Argentina and


myself and we went around Antarctica in a single season and got lots of


different colonies. Exactly as you say, without having to put tracks on


all of them. Just a very brief final question. Are you


officially a penguinologist? Yes, the name started as a joke but it is


what I did. Thanks very much. A very distressing story. Up to 50 migrants


have been deliberately drowned by people smugglers off the coast of


Somalia. They were travelling to Yemen are trying to get to the Gulf.


As their boat approached the Yemen coast, we are told they were forced


into the sea. Around 100 survived but 29 people were killed and up to


22 people are missing. This coming in from the International


organisation for migration. They say the smugglers deliberately pushed


the migrants into the water. More on that on the BBC News website. Thanks


very much for being with us. I'm sure you know how it works. We


give you the next