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In this week's programme, two years after so-called


Islamic State enslaved thousands of Yazidis in northern Iraq,


to the team trying to bring the perpetrators to justice.


The key for us is to establish the criminal responsibility not


of Daesh as a whole but individual leaders within Daesh.


We report on the latest human rights crackdown.


With the Olympics under way, we find out why a country the size


of India has such a dismal record at the games.


We have never won a medal for running but with God's grace,


Two years ago, so-called Islamic State launched an assault


Thousands of members of the ancient Yazidi


hundreds of women forced into sexual slavery.


The attacks spurred the international community


into military action against Islamic State,


Now the BBC has been given exclusive access to a group of lawyers


and investigators trying to bring the perpetrators to justice.


On the run, dehydrated, and terrified.


Hundreds of Yazidi families fled for their lives when


Islamic State militant attacked their villages.


Two years on, the women and girls captured on the ground


Where is my Yazidi girl, demands this Islamic State fighter.


They are discussing a modern slave market for sex with the girls,


Investigators are working to identify those responsible.


Here among these documents in a European capital we've been


asked not to name the evidence that war crimes investigators say


points to the culpability of senior Islamic State leaders


for the sexual slavery of possibly thousands of women in Iraq.


Bill Wylie is heading the investigation.


His team's research into war crimes by Islamic State is being funded


We have a lot of evidence that there was a policy,


an unwritten policy, that this was permissible.


The key for us is to establish the criminal responsibility not


of Daesh as a whole but individual leaders within Daesh.


Tracing the leadership's involvement in sexual slavery has identified


over 40 slave owners and 30 senior figures.


Beneath the leader of the Islamic State are those


believed responsible, like this former schoolteacher.


Still believed to be at large are the economic and finance emirs.


This investigator asked to remain anonymous for his own safety.


I asked him how optimistic he was that these men


Our focus is to ensure the failures of the past are not repeated.


It is for that reason that we think first and foremost we need to do


the job of evidence collecting while we can.


Justice for the Yazidi people may be years away.


There is no court to try their tormentors and some


Sooner or later, they say those who ordered the atrocity will be


To China, where last year, more than 300 lawyers were rounded


up in a major crackdown by the government.


On Tuesday, the first of a number of trials took place and those


in court were accused of subverting state power.


There is particular concern that lawyers are being targeted


in an attempt to discourage the political activities


China's human rights crackdown finally reached court with official


state media saying the trial would be open.


This man is a veteran human rights campaigner and one of around 20


activists and lawyers who has been detained since the sweeping


His campaign has already been aired on state TV and today


This woman is the wife of one of the human rights lawyers caught


Relatives of the other defendants have been prevented from attending


the trial and soon enough she too was sent away.


A few hours later the BBC caught up with her back in Beijing along


TRANSLATION: It was only after my husband was arrested that


They haven't let me see him since, so he may not even know he has


This week, just before the trials began, Wong Yu, another


prominent defence lawyer, was also paraded in front


The main thrust of China's case is that she and her colleagues have


used their human rights work to undermine the government,


but China's critics see an ulterior motive.


For many outside of service and of government, there is only one


conclusion to be drawn from what happened inside this


court, and that is that China is engaged in an effort to ratchet


up repression, to rein in dissent and to cement one-party rule.


Today, she was handed a suspended sentence.


Given that subversion carries a maximum of life in prison,


the relative leniency might be a sign that China is paying some


Now, the countdown to Rio 2016 is over, the Olympics are underway.


One country, though, that has never made much


But this year it has sent its largest ever team,


It is hoped they can help improve the country's terrible


Its best ever achievement came in London 2012 with six medals.


If you compare that with their population,


it is one medal for every 200 million people.


Justin Rowlatt has been examining why India is so bad at the Olympics.


And one of the country's best hopes for a medal in the most competitive


TRANSLATION: We have never won a medal for running


but with God's grace I will get to the finals and win one.


But you need more than just confidence to win an Olympic medal.


It is a type of superfast sledge but there are no tracks in India


so he has no choice but to train on the open road.


Like many Indian athletes, he says he just doesn't


I couldn't sustain my career, I couldn't go for training


or competition because I didn't have the money, so I started


And I actually went to 100 companies before one of them said yes.


Even India's Olympic movement admits the country hasn't always done


It says the country is poor and sport isn't at the top


Sport has always taken a back-seat vis-a-vis education.


Families tend to go for more education for their children,


you know, go to school, concentrate on education, not sport.


The basic feeling is that sport doesn't bring in the money


India is investing more, but even that may not be enough.


The caste system is also one of the reasons India


You must remember the lower castes constitute the bulk of India's


population and they are also the ones who don't have access


to education or good nutrition or health,


which has meant a large part of India's population hasn't been


able to take part in sports and hasn't had access


But credit companies are stepping in, supporting


The world's second most populous country will be hoping to bring


back its biggest ever medals haul as it sends its biggest


That is all from Reporters this week.


From me and the team in London, goodbye for now.


Good evening. For most of us, it was a lovely start of the weekend,




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