27/08/2016 Reporters - Short Edition


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From here in the BBC newsroom, we send out correspondents to bring


you the best stories from across the globe.


In this week's programme, the future of fuel in America.


Ahead of the US election, David Shukman assesses


whether cleaner energy, like solar power, could be a viable


A factory like this one is now producing solar panels that


It means that solar power can be roughly comparable in cost


Chris Buckler meets the teenagers who have risked their lives to get


to Europe, now living alone on the streets of Italy.


As the Proms celebrates Quincy Jones' 60-year career,


First, to the United States, where the result of November's


presidential election is likely to have a far-reaching


effect on the future of America's energy policy.


Donald Trump says global warming is not worth worrying


about and he has pledged to revive the coal industry.


But Hillary Clinton is warning that climate change is one of the most


She wants the US to invest more in renewable power.


David Shukman reports from Ohio on the political battle


On the Ohio River, a vast fleet of barges laden with coal,


part of a massive industry that has powered the American economy


But as I visit this sprawling complex, coal is now caught up


Put simply, Donald Trump supports it, Hillary Clinton does not.


The coal mines here are like underground cities,


But because of tough pollution controls and cheaper shale gas,


dozens of mining companies have filed for bankruptcy.


Donald Trump offers them the prospect of revival.


By the end of the year, this mine will close.


The miners blame environmentalists and President Obama's


One leading mine owner, a Trump supporter, tells me real


If two coalminers are laid off, if they own anything


When they get laid off, they have no-one to sell that home too.


Those people who want to work in honour and dignity


It is not the America I cherish, which is why I speak out like I do.


That is why I say Obama is the greatest scourge that America


In another corner of Ohio, a clean way of generating power.


At this local company, First Solar, robots and people


churn out a solar panel every single second.


A new industry is rising as an older one declines.


While the debate rages over whether climate change is a threat


or not, there has been an incredibly rapid industrial transformation


so that a factory like this one is now producing solar panels that


It means that solar power can be roughly comparable in cost


Whoever wins the American presidential election,


low carbon power may make sense anyway.


Panel by panel, America is becoming greener without many


I just think we have some politicians that are


fighting the last war, they are fighting over something,


they still believe solar power is somewhere out


We've probably passed the tipping point, the turning point,


All this matters because America is the world's largest economy.


Its decisions on energy could boost or undermine international action


on global warming under the Paris Climate Agreement.


Donald Trump says he will pull America out of it.


Hillary Clinton supports it, so a great deal hangs


It is still one of the biggest crises facing


Latest figures suggest more than 100,000 migrants came to Italy


And more and more of them are children.


The charity Save The Children says as many as 15,000 unaccompanied


Chris Buckler met some of them as they arrived on a rescue ship


Arriving from Africa, both young and old see


A different world from the poverty and in some cases turmoil that many


But each new face that appears in places like Catania adds


That is particularly true for the children who arrive


It is obvious in the city around this port that many live


on the fringes of the system that is supposed to protect them,


Among the teenagers we found here was Fattah.


He travelled by himself from the troubled country of Somalia


We are not showing his face because he is only 14.


Are there not dangers for you because your mum is not


Workers from the charity Save The Children were with us


Keeping a separation between the worlds of children


and adults is proving to be a challenge.


There are children who simply leave the reception centres


and there is little the staff there can do to stop them.


Europe is starting to struggle to provide the education,


shelter and stability needed by the unaccompanied children


For refugees and migrants of all ages, home is both something


that has been left behind as well as something


He is one of the most influential figures in the history of modern


music, who has worked with some of the biggest artists


Quincy Jones' career spans six decades and


Now, at the age of 83, some of his most famous work


is being celebrated at the Proms here in London and he has been


speaking to the BBC's Stephen Smith about his remarkable


# Land of hope and glory, mother of the free...


He has worked with everyone. What makes a great musician, Quincy?


Understanding that you need to be humble with your creativity and


gracious with your success, because today everybody wants to put money


and fame but without work. And you must work. Even filler, I didn't


think about money. I think that something that moves and gives you


goose bumps. And it worked. If you go after money and fame, no. And


what was it like going back and working with Sinatra? I will never


take this off. He left me that. He lifted to me when he us. Back in the


day at the time I started, a singer was not even considered unless he


could sing like a jazz saxophone player. Anne Frank had that. -- and


Frank had that. Here is a Quincy Jones original. Like many have


achieved so much it is often the first African-American to do this,


the first African-American to do that, what do you think it is like


right now for African Americans? The confrontation is bigger than it ever


was and something has to be done. Something has to be done. You can't


just ignored it. In the north it always pretended that is in


segregation but it is not true. Now we must do something about it. They


are killing young black kids every day. They did it in the 30s more


than ever but it is still happening. And I will fight that until I die.


Quincy Jones might be 83 years old but he has no intention of slowing


down. He has new album is planned and is currently writing his first


opera. What an amazing man. That's all from reporters for this week.


From me, goodbye. Some of us had a nice day but for


others quite the opposite. We saw some dramatic thunderstorms, every


picture tells a story of some of the storms meant business. We saw flash


flooding and


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