22/10/2016 Reporters - Short Edition


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Orla Guerin joins Kurdish forces as they try to retake the last major


stronghold of so-called Islamic state in Iraq.


We're now at a distance of about 300 metres


But this is really just the first stage of what is expected


Almost a year after losing his wife in the Paris attacks,


survivor Antoine Leiris finds a means of escape


The long-awaited siege of Mosul began this week as thousands


of Iraqi and Kurdish forces attacked the last major stronghold controlled


The assault got underway more than two years after IS forces took


The Iraqi Prime Minister said the hour of victory had arrived.


But there were concerns for many thousands of civilians fleeing


the fighting with no safe routes out of the city.


Orla Guerin was with Kurdish forces, the peshmerga, north-east


of Mosul as the first wave of attacks began.


At first light, the advance on so-called Islamic State.


Zero-hour had finally come, bringing an offensive that


could decide the fate of the extremists and,


We joined Peshmerga fighters from the autonomous Kurdish region.


Their name means "those who face death", and they were ready


Well, the offensive is now well under way.


The Kurdish forces have been moving forwards steadily, and we've been


We're now at a distance of about 300 metres


But this is really just the first stage of what is expected


It could take months to drive the IS fighters from the city


First, they have to be flushed out of the villages up ahead.


There were only a handful of IS remaining, but the Peshmerga


Here's what happened when one attacker approached


Before he could reach them, his vehicle exploded.


IS attempted at least three more suicide and truck bomb attacks


but the Kurds pressed on, with help from air strikes


The Peshmerga say they are fighting a global battle.


They are not just fighting the Kurds or the Shia", says this Colonel.


We want to defeat them for everyone's sake."


And this is the territory they took from the enemy today,


Any civilians were already long gone.


There was little enough resistance here, but it will be a very


The Kurds are supposed to clear a path to the city,


But as they drive out IS, they've been adding to their territory


and what they've captured they intend to keep.


Just one of the ways in which the battle for Mosul


It was a day the Nigerian people thought they might never see. The


Boko Haram girls who were kidnapped... After two-and-a-half


years, they're free at last. Daughters reunited with their


parents. It was a time for celebration. But also reflection.


Praise the Lord. TRANSLATION: We are so excited. They


never told us they'd come. These girls were among the 276 students


abducted by the Islamic group Boko Haram. Speaking at an event to mark


their release, one girl describes the horrors they endured.


TRANSLATION: I never thought I would see you again. There was a day when


a bomb dropped close to where we were. It was only by God's grace we


survived. Today's worked out good for yet we are here. The parents


wanted their daughters to get an education, but it was a choice they


thought had cost them their children.


TRANSLATION: I said to her, are you really alive and she replied "yes, I


am" we both burst into tears. What did she tell you about her time in


captivity? TRANSLATION: They were told their


parents were no longer alive, that they'd been killed. All they did was


cry. They never imagined that they would see us again. Fishes say


negotiations are continuing, but dozens of students reportedly don't


want to come home after marrying fighters -- officials say. For now


these girls are celebrating their freedom but recovering from their


kidnapping won't be easy, especially when most of their school mates are


still being held. Martin Patience, BBC News, Abuja.


Next month marks a year since the deadly attacks on Paris where


Now, 130 people were killed next month marks a year


where 130 people were killed, among them was Helene Muyal-Leiris.


She was in the Bataclan music Theatre.


You may remember at the time her husband, Antoine,


wrote a very moving tribute to his wife.


Well, a year later he has been telling his story


On Friday night you stole away the life of an exceptional being.


The love of my life, the mother of my son.


I do not know who you are and I don't want to know.


Today, Antoine Leiris remains defiant, dignified,


For me it's the only way to not fall in craziness.


Yes, sometimes it's difficult, sometimes hate comes and knocks


on my door and says, "Hey, I'm there, I'm simple,


You can go with me, it will be easier for you."


But I just let her out of our house and, yes, I think it was


His new book is an intimate diary, how he dealt with the loss


When you close a dead person's eyes, you give them back a little


She looks like the woman I watch wake up each morning.


I want to lie next to her languorous body, warm her up, tell her she's


It was like the walls of my room when I was alone were about to fall


But writing was an open door to learn freedom.


So writing has been Antoine's escape.


Imagined to her from their two-year-old son, Melvin.


Papa promised me that we would come to see you tomorrow, the two of us.


OK, well, I can't wait to see you tomorrow and the day


after tomorrow and all the days after that.


I miss you, mama, I love you. Melvin.


And while he holds no hate for his wife's killers,


there is one thing Antoine has refused to relinquish, his grief.


Because it's a connection to your wife?


like, even a physical testimony, you know.


You felt it inside you, very strongly.


It's a testimony of how I loved Helene.


Damian Grammaticas, BBC News, Paris.


Antoine Leiris, a year after the Paris attacks.


And that's it from Reporters this week.


From me, David Eades, goodbye for now.


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