18/03/2017 Reporters - Short Edition


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Hello, welcome to Reporters. I'm David Eads.


We send our correspondents to bring you the best stories


As millions face famine in parts of Africa and the Middle East,


Clive Myrie reports from northern Nigeria, where tens of thousands


of children are at risk of starving to death.


For those children, the end is inevitable.


Innocent victims of a man-made tragedy.


Sleeping on the job - Sally Conway meets the foreign truck


drivers who cannot afford to live where they work.


He only ever works in Western Europe, sometimes Germany or Norway.


He is being paid as if he were driving in Slovakia.


After millions of views online, we catch up with the reluctant


global internet star, the BBC interviewee whose


My wife deserves a medal for taking care of our family.


The world is facing its largest humanitarian


crisis since the end of the Second World War.


20 million people in parts of Africa and the Middle East are at risk


The United Nations has issued a plea for help to avoid a catastrophe


South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria.


Clive Myrie reports from northern Nigeria, where the conflict


against Boko Haram is deepened the humanitarian crisis.


And through the daily stream of anxious women and their children


This treatment feeding centre has been working flat out recently,


and in the queue, we found this woman and her ten-month-old baby,


Sometimes going to sleep without eating.


All these people were driven from their homes by the Islamist


group Boko Haram, whose fighters burned villages for seven years,


killed thousands and left 2.5 million people homeless,


all in the name of strict Sharia Law.


Farmers couldn't attend their fields because of the fighting.


She is painfully thin and her weight is confirmation.


Does that mean the child is malnourished?


But her chances of survival are better than Muhammad's.


Four years old, he is severely malnourished and weakened by TB.


Or this boy, aged five, whose mother sits helpless nearby.


But what about those children who don't make it


to a treatment centre like this, from areas inaccessible to eight?


Where there are no doctors or clinics, where food and water


For those children, the end is inevitable.


Innocent victims of a man-made tragedy.


And with the aid stocks running low, the call for more international


Truck drivers moving goods for IKEA and other retailers in western


Europe are camping out in their trucks for Monsanto time


because they simply can't afford to live in the countries


They are being paid as they would in their own countries.


A judge has described as inhumane practice companies can exploit


In a trailer on the edge of Copenhagen in Denmark, these


two men have created their own pop up kitchen, cooking from


Is this how you want to have your breakfast?


No, I don't want to live like this but this is the condition.


He is moving goods for IKEA but they don't employ him.


His actual employer is a Slovakian firm.


European Union employment rules state:


away from home should be granted the home nation's


Companies are exploiting loopholes in the law.


A Danish driver can expect to take home 2200 euros a month in salary.


But this man has been taking home an average monthly


salary of 477 euros, or ?418 per month.


Danish drivers go home every couple of weeks.


But he spends up to four months on the road.


The company says he is responsible for taking his rest breaks


and that he can go home when every likes.


He has just driven some IKEA stock from Denmark and Sweden.


He only ever works in Western Europe.


Sometimes it might be Germany or Norway.


Yet he is being paid as if he was driving in Slovakia.


The guys removed the furniture from IKEA. How can you deny... How can


you not know what they being paid? Akio made this statement. -- IKEA.


It is not just IKEA and the big retailers that are in the firing


line. Europe is my politicians are also under pressure to act to stop


any further deterioration in the working conditions of Europe's


drivers. If you haven't seen this BBC


interview, you are one Professor Robert Cowell


came World News to talk about South Korean politics last


week to my colleague, He had no idea his children


would steal the show and his family He hasn't talking to James again


about the video that's gone viral. Let's discuss this further


with Robert Kelly... It began as Sony BBC interviews do,


and international news story, a presenter and an expert to explain


what was going on. What happened next, nobody


could have predicted that. Last Thursday was an expert


on South Korean politics. During his live interview


on the impeachment of the South Korean president,


his wife and two young children But what was an innocent TV


blooper quickly turned People raced to Twitter,


YouTube and Facebook Speaking to me for the first


time since the incident, I asked Professor Kelly


and his family what life had been We didn't expect attention


like this at all. We never had anything


like this in our life before. We have had to turn off the phones


and Facebook and Twitter. His wife said she was busy recording


Bob Wylie was live on the TV, and that is why the children


could make a break for his study A normal family living a normal


life, now turned online legends. I asked Bob if things had calmed


down since our last encounter. I don't turn off my phone


as much as I used to. There was a suggestion sent to me


that you should buy your wife a spa day for everything she did


in the video. My wife deserves a medal for taking


care of us and our family. Goes to show that anything


can happen on live TV. Or perhaps as the saying goes,


never work with animals or children. And that is your lot for this week.


From me, goodbye for now.


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