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BBC News at six. It is goodbye from me.


An oil rig is beached in the Western Isles.


It broke free from a tug last night on the west of Lewis.


And is being monitored for any pollution threat.


Forensic teams examine a supermarket carpark in Renfrewshire.


Detectives are investigating the rape of a teenager.


The economic outlook - exports and tourism look strong -


but business surveys show signs of a downturn.


Edinburgh Castle explodes in colour -


as the International Festival gets underway.


I am at the Olympic Park in Rio, reflecting on some good Scottish


performances today and what we can expect over the weekend.


An oil rig - with 70,000 gallons of diesel on board -


is aground on a beach in the Western Isles.


It was blown ashore in last night's storms, after breaking free


from a tug which was towing it to the west of Lewis.


A Marine Accident Investigation is underway and the coastguard


It was en route from Norway and undertow when it broke at 420 in the


morning, the weather has been rough in the Western Isles since Saturday


afternoon with gusts of up to 60 mph. There are people here who have


their livelihood is dependent on fishing and fish farming and tourism


and the main tourist attraction is one mile up the coast from where


this has happened and if this had been an oil tanker the place would


have been devastated. In a way the people of Lewis have been fortunate


this was not a tanker carrying some horrible cargo which could have


caused pollution of the many years horrible cargo which could have


to come but it raises questions, chief amongst these, whether they


should be an emergency towing vessel which could deal with such


incidents. Two tugs already on station, one based in Shetland, a


salvage team is expected to arrive on the scene and the Secretary of


State's representative will be here this evening. The island


Parliamentary representatives have called for a review of the decision


to not have an emergency towing vessel stations nearby. The UK


Government have agreed to continue provision as Karen Lee is not


adequate -- as it is currently, but it is not adequate, we are not


talking about the middle of winter, we are talking about August and


benign conditions, but still accidents can happen like this.


Angus is there tonight, what are the next steps in the salvage operation?


The next steps, three articulated lorries are coming with salvage


equipment, salvage company has been contracted to do the salvage work


and it is expected that a third tug might come over from Aberdeen and I


believe it is on the way. There will be a meeting tomorrow morning with


the Secretary of State's representative come the Marine


accident investigation Branch and local representatives of the


emergency services and they will decide what happens, the wind is


expected to go down and the next high tide is not until nine days


hence, so unless they can do something before the next high tide


it could be some days before we see some action. Everything will become


clearer tomorrow by lunchtime and we will see what action they are going


to take. Thanks for joining us. A 14-year-old girl has


been raped outside The girl was attacked shortly


after 8pm last night as she left the store


in the Main Street Shopping Our reporter, John McManus,


is there for us. This is the scene behind me where


the 14-year-old was raped last night in Barrhead. The incident began at


the town's Asda store, they say the girl was cycling around and she


stopped in the supermarket and when she came out she was approached by a


man who forced her across the Main Street, to the spot behind me, where


she was raped. Police say it was an extremely traumatic event,


unsurprisingly, and they have had forensic experts out combing the


area for evidence and they have also issued a description of the suspect


they want to speak to, mail, aged between 20 and 30, wearing a grey


top with a zip and he was carrying a large black holdall and he was


wearing a white trilby. They have also said they know the suspect was


inside Asda before he approached the girl so they are examining footage.


They also examining CCTV footage from the parade of shops close to


the spot, but one of the shop owners I spoke to said she is not waiting


for the police and she has already started looking through her own


footage because she is so anxious to started looking through her own


help police catch this man. Thanks for joining us.


One year on from a BBC Reporting Scotland investigation,


the cash available to parents who need help to pay


for their children's school uniforms still varies widely depending


Anti-poverty campaigners say the situation needs to change.


Buying a school uniform can be an expensive business, some estimate


the cost at least ?129 per child, and for some families it is simply


not affordable. Today in Dundee these mothers gathered to hear the


equality secretary announced long-term bands to eradicate child


poverty -- plans. But for some their concern was the more immediate


pressure of buying school clothes. It is quite stressful because kids


like certain clothes and it is kind of expensive, as well, brand names.


There is a system in place to help low income families pay for uniforms


which is run by a local authority, but the levels of cash available


varies widely from council to counsel, from ?20 in Angus to ?110


in West Lothian. Across Scotland's 32 council areas there has been very


little change in the levels of payment available since BBC Scotland


first looked at this issue almost one ago. So now anti-poverty


campaigners want ministers to bring in a minimum school clothing grant


to alleviate the pressure on less well off parents. That is causing


stress amongst parents, in some cases leading families into debt and


where they can't get uniform together for their children children


are going back to school feeling uncomfortable and they are not


equipped to learn and some of them are getting into trouble with their


teachers for not having the uniform they need and some are being


bullied. The Scottish Government gains new powers to bring in a


clothing grant earlier this year and says it is listening -- gained. It


is not acceptable there is such a wide variation in school clothing


grants across Scotland and we are determined with our partners in


local government to address this issue, it is a matter of equality


school uniform is a huge undertaking school uniform is a huge undertaking


-- I certainly recognise. Ministers will begin talks with a council


group, but the question from councils at the moment, if there is


a minimum grant, who pays? For many teenagers


an anxious night awaits - they'll be receiving


their exam results tomorrow. Our education correspondent


Jamie McIvor is at the helpline in Glasgow for anyone who needs


advice if they don't get the results 140,000 candidates will be


getting their exam results tomorrow. More than a third of them won't be


waiting for the postman, though. They've signed up to get notified


by text or e-mail so they'll know how they've done before


the certificate comes As ever, there will be some


who are disappointed. Especially if they didn't


meet their conditional offer So the helpline here


will be up and running. The deputy first minister


visited this afternoon. Trained advisors here have


information on the clearing system, college courses, apprenticeship


schemes and the like. The advisers are well trained to


have an appreciation of all of the opportunities and options that are


available for young people, no matter the results they have


received. Even if young person gets results which are not good as they


anticipated, the helpline is here to give all the necessary assistance


and I would encourage young people to use that service. Many candidates


are going to be nervous tonight, so you might want to note down the


helpline number. Some might be worrying about their higher English,


- it was changed at relatively short notice.


We'll know tomorrow if the replacement paper had any


Another question will be how this year's Higher Maths exam proved.


Last year the pass mark was lowered to just 34%


as it was so much harder than it should have been.


Will this year's pass mark be back within the usual acceptable range?


You're watching Reporting Scotland from the BBC.


Still to come on tonight's programme: the teenager who knocked


down and killed a nurse as she walked home from work


In sport, we are live in Rio for the very latest news


And the new star of Celtic, Scott Sinclair reveals the former


Parkhead player who persuaded him to join the Scottish Champions.


The economic outlook in Scotland is deteriorating -


with two business surveys showing signs of a downturn.


But is it too soon to say this is about that referendum vote


Let's find out with our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser:


Good evening. As with the unseasonal weather, Scotland's economy has been


battered by summer storms ever since the vote on EU membership. Two


significant reports, one from the Bank of Scotland, suggesting


businesses have seen a big dip in new orders and the other report


suggests the economy is finally balanced between standing still and


recession, this comes after the Bank of England sought to navigate its


way out of the storm by cutting interest rates and pumping new cash


into the economy. Before the Brexit vote Scotland had moved into a worst


position than the UK as a whole, it only just avoided recession last


winter and the underlying problems have not gone away. We are seeing a


contraction in the Scottish economy, a downturn in manufacturing and also


professional services. We have spoken about the impact of oil and


gas, especially in the North East of Scotland, but this is now reaching


further afield, manufacturers across Scotland are seeing a downturn in


demand and they reduction in their work in progress. The some parts of


the economy there is better news because the value of the pound has


fallen by around 15% of the currencies of major trading partners


and that should help exporting, because goods here look cheaper to


foreigner, -- foreigners, although imports Luke Morris pensive to us.


The visitor to Scotland is finding it cheaper than it was just a couple


of months ago -- although imports will look more expensive to us. At


the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, not much of a slowdown, seemingly. I'm


the managing director for a hotel group and July and August is always


a buoyant time for our hotels especially in Edinburgh because of


the fringe Festival, we have extra people committing to book for our


hotels in Scotland and that is up from Europe and the United States by


up to 50-100% in terms of conversion to bookings on our website which is


a very positive thing, and I can only assume with the weaker pound


that will help, people will decide only assume with the weaker pound


to travel to our hotels in Scotland. The uncertainty about Brexit


impacted and was answered single most, even though the Bank of


England's moves last week were welcomed by businesses, but now it


is over to governments to explain how they will support the economy.


Could we see tax cuts or more public spending from Downing Street? And a


big choice for Holyrood with their new tax powers. Neither government


is likely to answer those questions until later this year.


A teenager who knocked down and killed a nurse


on her way home from work - has been jailed for 6 years.


Dylan Jenkins was being followed by a police car in May this year -


when he lost control of his vehicle and struck Jill Pirie.


She was taken to the hospital where she worked -


the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary - for treatment -


Jill Pirie was walking home from work when she was hit and killed by


a car driven by Dylan Jenkin, the car powered into the back of her


throwing her against a wall. She was rushed to the hospital where she


worked, and colleagues battled to save her life but they were not able


to. Jenkin only had a provisional licence and he was not insured and


he had bought the car on a website for just ?40. Police tried to get


Jenkin over because of the state of his car, but instead he took off at


high speed, instigating a chase down this road. All the while Jill Pirie


was heading home after shift to see her young son and she was less in


half a mile from home when she was struck, and afterwards Jenkin


climbed over the fence into this golf course and ran away, it was the


following day when he gave himself up. A major investigation involving


police forensics and search teams was launched and the July Jenkin


pleaded guilty to death by dangerous driving. -- in July. At the High


Court he was sentenced to six years in prison and banned from driving


for seven years. Family and friends were in court and the judge spoke


about the terrible toll this had taken on them. Later Jill Pirie's


sister issued a statement, saying the sentence was a sick joke.


In the meantime the police investigations review commission


continues to investigate because police officers were involved.


Report will be sent to the Crown Office in Duke. -- in Duke course.


A fresh wave of strike action has been announced in a pay dispute


Members of Unite and the RMT are taking action against oil


Strikes will be staggered, with 24 hour stoppages taking place


on six different Shell operated platforms on different days


Wood Group says the escalation is extremely unhelpful.


The death of a 24-year-old man in the east end of Glasgow


Gary Weir was stabbed when a fight broke out as he left a party at


Three other men in their twenties were taken to hospital


Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward


Crawler and she had come out of the property behind me, have extended a


21st birthday party with his friends. When they left, the pub was


emptying, there was a discussion between another group of individuals


who had not been at the party, this resulted in a fight in the street,


and during this, Gary sustained a fatal injury, which resulted in his


death. We are keen to identify the other members of the group, who had


been involved in this. Scottish Labour leader


Kezia Dugdale is to marry her The 34-year-old says she is "utterly


thrilled" after getting engaged The couple have been


together since 2008, but Ms Dugdale only talked publicly


about their relationship Team GB is on the medal


table at the Rio Olympics after Adam Peaty's world record swim


for gold and Jazz Carlin's No medals yet for the Scottish


contingent though, AND the Murray brothers are already


out of the doubles. Let's get the very latest


from Kheredine Idessane. Not a wonderful weekend for some of


the Scots, but much more promising today. Straight to the action on the


rowing lake, Heather Stanning and her partner, favourites for a gold


medal, defending Olympic champions, they have not lost in 36 races. That


almost came to an end, coming from behind to get past the Danish crew.


A decent first performance from Heather Stanning and Heather Lovell.


A good new story to be told as well, across at the canoe doubles, Richard


Hounslow was in action, they performed in the single canoe,


really good performance to qualify third fastest, today it was all


really good performance to qualify about the two-man canoe, they are


the silver medallist from London four years ago. -- Helen Glover.


They qualified second fastest in the semifinals. They have been talking


about how tricky the course was. Some tricky moves, particularly the


bottom section, definitely one that was testing all of the cruise. We


took on what we thought was a pretty safe way of going about it, with the


objective that they get through to the next round, that is it. David


Florence, that double act, not so the double act of Andy Murray and


Jamie Murray, they are unfortunately already out of the doubles in the


first round, this was their opponent's seven match point,


extraordinary second set tie-break, which the Murray brothers lost


agonisingly 16-14, going out at the first hurdle, understandably


disappointing for Andy Murray, he spoke with me afterwards. You don't


get this opportunity often, the way the match finished,


the net cord, just one of those days, unfortunately. The good news,


Andy Murray is still in the singles competition, is playing Juan Monaco


in the second round tomorrow, and fingers crossed there could be a


Scottish medal here tomorrow, David Florence going in the canoe singles,


Scottish medal here tomorrow, David and then the final, we hope to bring


you some good news tomorrow. New Celtic signing Scott Sinclair


says he was sold on a move to Parkhead after speaking


to the former Celtic The 27-year-old made his debut


for the club yesterday, in what proved to be


a very eventful afternoon VOICEOVER: He has Chelsea,


Manchester City and Swansea on his very impressive CV, for the next


four years, Scott Sinclair will be a Celtic player, if Ben forehand


yesterday is anything to go by, then Celtic fans are in for a treat. --


if yesterday is anything to go by. COMMENTATOR: Dream debut for Scott


Sinclair! VOICEOVER: Scoring what proved to be the winning goal, just


minutes after coming on as a subject, in his first game, the


Parkhead club have paid around ?4.5 million to Aston Villa for his


services, he says that former Celtic midfielder Stilley and Petrov has


given him plenty of advice about the move to Celtic Park. I spoke with


stand before I came here, I discussed with him, and asked him


questions about what it was like, and he told me, basically, you will


never experience the atmosphere and what the fans are like. --


never experience the atmosphere and Petrov. He said it was great to get


my football back on track, and it is great for me to enjoy football


against white sink there is also teaming up once again with Brendan


Rodgers, who managed him at Swansea, he says he knows all about the


quality of the striker and what he can bring to the squad. He is a


really top talent. It has been difficult for him the last couple of


seasons, after his move to Manchester City and then to Aston


Villa, but he is a player that gets you off his seat. Perfect start for


Scott Sinclair, in what he hopes will be a flourishing Celtic career.


STUDIO: Russell Knox may well have done enough to secure a wild card


The Inverness born golfer claimed victory at the Travellers


In the process he joined a small and illustrious group of Scots


The question is, will Ryder Cup captain Darren Clark be impressed?


VOICEOVER: It was a 12 foot putt to win in Cromwell, Connecticut,


Russell Knox has well and truly thrown his hat into the ring for a


Ryder Cup captain 's pick. Automatic selection has not yet been achieved,


he rarely plays in the European Tour, he's just outside selection


from the world points list. His pedigree is not in doubt. Now 18th


in the he joins a small select group of Scots to have achieved world top


20 status, only Sandy Lyle, Sam Torrance and Colin Montgomerie have


reached such giddy heights on the world stage. In terms of winnings


this season, he has also impressed, earning over ?4 million, but will it


be enough to satisfy Darren Clarke? The Ryder Cup captain has three wild


card picks with Martin Kaymer and Lee Westwood expected to fill two of


them. Is Russell Knox worthy of the third? Everything is in his favour


just now, especially having played in America, the Ryder Cup in


America, his form this year has been fantastic, he has been very


consistent in the Majors, he has gone up the world ranking points,


now it is just a waiting game for him. He has done everything he could


do. Ryder Cup paddled the commences against the Americans on the 30th of


September, has Russell Knox done enough to be back in the spotlight


for the European team? -- Ryder Cup battle commences.


STUDIO: The Edinburgh International Festival opened last night with one


of biggest and most spectacular shows to date.


Around 27,000 people gathered beneath Edinburgh Castle


to watch a free light and animation show.


And our arts correspondent Pauline McLean was among them.


VOICEOVER: The Edinburgh International Festival has played


host to some big names but I shows go this must be one of the biggest


and most spectacular, Wayne tribute to the great philosophers and


geologists produced by Scotland, as well as poets, writers and


musicians, a huge challenge squeezing 350 million years of


history into 18 minutes! Very large surface, we have a lot of


projectors, aligning that many project is very accurately over a


building and a surface of this size is very technically complicated and


unpredictable, if it rains, the rock will get darker, when we did the


test back in January, was not so many trees and grass on the rock,


the organic nature of the canvas has been a real challenge and we have


had to respond to some environmental factors. We have had the full range


of Scottish weather today, and torrential rain to high wind, many


events cancelled around the country, but not this one, which is just as


well, 27,000 free tickets have been snapped up, and thousands of people


have arrived here already. They liked what they saw. Really enjoyed


it, some of it really blew my head off, fantastic! Spectacular, the way


that they split up all the different parts of the castle, and the


surroundings... It was amazing, I am privileged to be here. The people


here that are young, 50 years down the line, what will they see! It is


just what the Festival hope for, a chance to celebrate the ordinary as


well as the extraordinary people who host the event every year, and see


their city in a whole new light. Is it a night for getting out and


about? We will find out with Kirsty. Blustery spell of weather,


certainly, over the next few days, feeling changeable conditions on the


cards, this evening, looks dry for most of us, spells of sunshine to


end the day, share was continuing to these, the main increase for most of


us, the one exception continues to be some very strong wind across


Shetland for a time, gusting to around 55 mph, wet conditions,


during the night, the wind here will moderate, it will become drier,


elsewhere, looking largely dry, some clear periods, just a scattering of


showers, especially across the north-west, driven in on brisk


north-westerly wind, this will help temperatures stay up around nine, 10


degrees, just dipping to something called for sheltered rural areas in


the North and the clear skies. Tomorrow, dry for most of us, plenty


of sunshine around, as we go through the day, cloud will bubble up for


most of us, and there will be some showers. Tomorrow afternoon, the


heaviest and most frequent showers will be across the likes of the


borders, Dumfries and Galloway, scattering of showers through the


central belt, and for somewhat stern coastal areas, and we will see some


breaks as well, spells of brightness. The driest, brightest


conditions tomorrow afternoon across the North Highlands and the


north-east, temperature wise, around 15 to 17 Celsius, and the wind will


continue to ease across the board. Tomorrow evening, the showers will


continue for many areas, and a band of rain will feed into the West


during the course of the night, by Wednesday morning, that rain


continues for a time in the south-west, although clearing fairly


quickly, behind that, a lot of decent weather to come, spells of


brightness and sunshine, and with light wind and highs of 19 Celsius,


it will feel Pleasant in the sunshine.


Join Glenn Campbell for the latest news headlines, and a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU referendum means for Scotland.

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