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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


and on BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Moments later this man killed a Glasgow shopkeeper -


today he received a life sentence for religiously motivated murder.


This was a brutal, barbaric crime resulting from intolerance.


Also on the programme, Exam results are in -


and record numbers of pupils secure a place at university.


Salvage operations begin on this grounded oil rig off


And hopes are high this Scot could win Team GB another medal.


A Muslim taxi driver from Bradford who stabbed a Glasgow shopkeeper


to death after claiming he had disrespected the prophet Muhammed


32-year-old Tanveer Ahmed travelled from Yorkshire to confront Asad Shah


at his shop in the Shawlands area of the city in March.


Sentencing Ahmed to a minimum of 27 years the judge at the High court


in Glasgow described it as a brutal, barbaric and horrific crime


Tanvir Ahmed the rating Asad Shah after driving to his shop on the


south side of Glasgow. But that night in March Ahmed had arrived


from Bradford intending to meet out much more than criticism. --


berating. He was carrying a large much more than criticism. --


knife. After this verbal attack he released an onslaught of what the


judge called most violence. Asad Shah, this well liked friendly


shopkeeper, died in the street outside. It was videos like this is


posted online that had angered Tanvir Ahmed. He believed Mr Shah


was disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. Ahmed was so deeply


offended that he decided he had to kill him. A crime the judge noted


today as she addressed Ahmed that he has still shown no remorse for. It


is clear that you are proud of what you did. And you did not consider


what you did was wrong. What is particularly disturbing from some of


your latest comments to the social worker, who prepared the court


report, is the fact that if met with similar circumstances in the future


you would do the same again. You seem oblivious to the fact you have


devastated a family. The family of Mr Shah, leaving them bereft of a


much loved son, husband and brother. Immediately after the judge


sentenced Ahmed to life with a minimum of 27 years he raised his


arm and shouted to the friends and family in court. Members of Ahmed's


family and community in Bradford, mostly left the court without


comment, but this man explained his outburst. It means I love my profit.


That is all he said. Do you think that was respectful? He is


respecting his prophet, what is wrong with that? Do you think the


sentence was there? No. There is no doubt that the barbaric murder of


Asad Shah was religiously motivated. But the judge has accepted that it


wasn't motivated by a grudge against the Muslim community of which Mr


Shah was a member. Instead, this was a specific attack on Mr Shah because


Tanvir Ahmed believed that he had disrespected Islam. The Judge's


comments that there is no place for such intolerance code today by the


community. He shouldn't be showing any kind of love. Where there is no


remorse, where there is no regrets, then Islam says strongly that such a


person should be given a proper sentence and that is what has been


served. In the Shawlands area Mr Shah has been much missed by his


served. In the Shawlands area Mr customers who throughout the years


he served with cheer and agree -- and grace. His family's Greece is


such that they cannot bear to reopen the shop without him. -- grief.


Students across Scotland have been receiving their exam results.


140,000 certificates have been dropping through letterboxes.


Figures suggest the serious problems with last year's Higher Maths exam


have been put right - while concerns that changing


the Higher English exam at short notice could have led


to difficulties, have proved to be unfounded.


Here's our education correspondent Jamie McIvor.


For on the news came by text or e-mail. What? For most it was inside


an envelope. For these brave youngsters their good news was live


on radio Scotland. Seven As and a B. Brilliant.


Five As. Exceptional results by any standard, especially because their


School is not in a leafy suburb. Some students come from areas of


deprivation. I was wondering why is that, and I think the single biggest


influence is momentum that happens here. For many students across


Scotland it was a day to remember, like keirin in Inverness. 197,000


hires were sat. The overall pass rate was slightly down on last year,


but it is still the second highest number of passes on record. --


Highers were sat. We seem to have over 152,000 passes it Higher level.


And we have an increase in vocational qualifications that


pupils are receiving in Scotland. A 23% increase in those. There was no


repeat of last year's Higher maths debacle. Last year the pass rate was


just 34%. This year was normal. One of the things we do every years


review the process of setting a paper. Last year 's paper we


admitted was more challenging than it should be. Behind the statistics


by the remarkable stories of personal achievement. Darren speaks


English as his second language and still got five Highers. I studied


really hard and I am proud of myself. There are still questions


over how the shake-up of the exams is leading in. But today is about


celebrations for some and commiserations for others. Well done


to all of those young people who allowed us to film them. Jamie joins


me. You mentioned in the report a drop in the Highers pass rate, is


that significant? No need to panic. But it is worth keeping an eye on.


Statisticians made one point. You wouldn't want to make a direct


comparison with last year because this year only the new Highers hires


were available, last year old and new. The changes cannot be seen as


indicating a trend. But some people will want to get to the bottom of


exactly what it was that happened. If there is a drop again next year


that is when I think we will see real worry. How are the new exams


setting in? This was the last year of the three-year shake-up. This is


an interesting point, it is about the national four qualification. The


most -- it is roughly equivalent to a general pass in a standard grade


of old. But there was a drop in the number of entries this year. The


reason isn't immediately clear. It might have been from the judgment of


the teachers, of who should be studying for it, but there may be


questions to ask as the new system beds in, just to see what is


happening. Thanks very much. A small team of salvage experts have


been lowered by helicopter onto the oil rig which ran aground


on the Western Isles on Sunday. The UK Government has said the work


to refloat it may take some time. The plan is to put a larger team


on board the rig tomorrow Meetings have been going on


throughout the day in Stornoway to decide how to tackle the


re-flotation of the oil rig marooned on rocks at Delmore on the West


Coast of Lewis. Mid-afternoon the coastguard helicopter arrived to get


the first explorer to -- explorer tree


The people being put aboard right now will carry out the work on the


ground it rig. If their mission a success for more will be put on


tomorrow to see what further work can be done before the weather


breaks. -- grounded rig. What ever they find, work will still continue.


By Thursday this week we will be hampered by bad weather again, so


that will set the operation back. There will still be a requirement


after that to gather more information. After that phase it is


getting the right equipment we need to the island to do the


re-connections and making sure we have got the right vessels here to


try and get it out from where she is sitting at the moment. An enquiry is


ongoing as to how it ended up here in the first place. The Western


Isles emergency planning group also met this afternoon. Their main fear


is pollution. Although it might not be an imminent threat. I've asked


the team to have a look at checking the tanks and giving me reassurance


that the oil is safe where it is. The work to move the rig before


worse weather comes has already begun.


You're watching Reporting Scotland from the BBC.


Still to come on tonight's programme:


Could David Florence be the first Scot to win a Team GB medal tonight?


And Barry Humphries as you've never seen him before -


The First Minister's been in Berlin for talks with a member


of the German government on the EU referendum result.


Nicola Sturgeon met Minister for Europe Michael Roth


and afterwards said the talks had been constructive.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley is at


What is the first minister trying to achieve?


Formal negotiations will not begin until the UK begins the process of


leaving the EU. That is something that is down to the Westminster


government. Theresa May has said she won't do that until next year.


Nicola Sturgeon has made clear that she wants to protect what she sees


as Scotland's's interest in the EU. And today these talks were part of


that process. She has met with the German Europe Minister in Berlin,


where they have discussed the referendum results and what happens


next. The first Minister said today's talks were constructive.


She's told German television that she wanted to highlight those


Scottish interests and what she believes are Scottish fears about


the impact of Brexit. For his part, Michael Roth, a fairly junior


minister in the German government, has said that Nicola Sturgeon is


clearly a dedicated pro-European. He said today's talk emphasised the


importance of what he calls diversity in Europe. Of course,


there will be more senior figures in the European Union for Nicola


Sturgeon to make her case to. If Scotland is to get a second deal


with the UK leaves. Thanks very much.


A 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the alleged rape


of a 14-year-old girl outside a supermarket in Barrhead


The teenager was allegedly attacked as she went to collect her bicycle


after leaving Asda in the town's Main Street Shopping Centre.


The family of a 78-year-old woman who was found unconscious


in a locked public toilet after 21 hours have criticised


A major search was launched for Norma Webster but it emerged


she had suffered a stroke inside a cubicle.


Moray council has apologised and is conducting an urgent review.


Norma Webster went missing after going shopping in her hometown


Forres of. The alarm was raised by her husband when she failed to


return home. A major search was launched for the pensioner,


involving a helicopter, but it took 21 hours to establish that she was


left overnight locked in his public toilets just yards away from the


local supermarket where she was last seen on CCTV. It has emerged that


the pensioner had a stroke in the toilet cubicle and volunteer


attendance were locked up the premises unaware she had taken ill


insight. I think that's terrible. It's terrible because anything could


be in there. It doesn't make sense to lock a premises without checking


inside first. Moray Council, which owns the public conveniences which


are managed in partnership with volunteers, has apologised to the


family and has ordered an urgent investigation into the incident. We


are going to work with our staff and volunteers to ensure that the


procedures are in place and the training is in place to make sure


this does not happen again. Norma Webster was found by toilet staff


when they opened up next morning she is recovering in hospital. Her


family have questioned why the police searched locked premises of


the pensioner's relatives without even thinking of unlocking the


toilets. We were relieved she had been found. We were upset. The


bleach had been searching, but in the wrong places. Police Scotland


said they worked on the assumption that when the toilets were locked


they were checked. -- the police had been searching. They described the


event as a tragic set of circumstances.


A look at other stories from across the country.


Detectives investigating the murder of an Aberdeenshire


have issued a CCTV image of a car seen near his home.


Brian McKandie's body was discovered at his cottage


The image - taken a mile from his home - shows a red


Subaru Impreza Sports Wagon, recorded around the time that


a maroon estate car had been spotted at Mr McKandie's house.


A drive to recruit more junior doctors into general


practice has been launched by the Scottish Government.


100 new GP training places are being advertised with a ?20,000


incentive for those who choose to take up


Edinburgh Airport is the only one in the UK rated poor


The Civil Aviation Authority's assessment of 30


airports found Aberdeen, Inverness and Prestwick were taking


steps to improve the quality of help for passengers with a disability


Glasgow was the only Scottish airport given a "good" rating.


It may still be summer, but climbers have encountered deep


snow on Britain's highest mountain while assisting in a scientific


It is not unusual for Ben Nevis to have coverings of snow in summer,


but snow expert, Iain Cameron, has described the depth of the white


stuff on the mountain's North Face as "astonishing."


It's been 15 metres deep in some places.


People in Glasgow city centre were treated to a mini version


of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo today.


400 performers delivered the 40 minute lunchtime


It included bands from Nepal, the US and New Zealand,


as well as Highland dancers and Shetland fiddlers.


It's been a successful day on the water for several


of the Scots representing Team GB at the Rio Olympics,


and one could clinch Great Britain's first Scottish Gold


Aberdonian David Florence finished seventh fastest in the semi-final


of the Men's Canoe Slalom - enough to reach the final that takes


Our Olympics reporter, Kheredine Idessane, in Rio has more.


Yes, hello from the whitewater centre, the Olympic Canoe Slalom


venue. Scotland's David Florence, the World Champion in the C1 canoe


event is through to the final later on. He qualified third fastest for


the semi-final. In the semi, a good per he formance from Florence. He is


one of favourites. Getting through the semi-final means he can go for a


medal. Twice an Olympic silver-medallist. He will try to


upgrade the silver to gold. That final will be after 7.00pm your


time. Ever reason to be satisfied with his efforts here today. Plenty


of action elsewhere for Scottish athletes on water. A good


performance from Catherine Grainger and Vicky Thornley on the rowing


lake. Defending champions from London 2012. She will defend that


Gold medal. They are safely through to the final. A good effort as well


from Alan Sinkler in the Men's Pair, the boat through to the final. A


chance of a medal there for Alan. We have Katherine as well. Good stuff


from the rowers at the Rowing Lake am we will switch the focus to


sailing. Luke Patiences with a silver-medallist four years ago. He


hopes to go one better in Rio. It has been a difficult journey for


him. A qualification process. He has had to qualify twice. It has been a


very difficult and emotional journey that's not quite over yet for Luke


Patience. Olympic silver, but it's gold to Australia. A silver medal in


London with partner Stuart. Patience made his intention clear for Rio. We


are young boys and we will come back. Two-time World Champion Elliot


Can Willis joined the Patience campaign. The Olympic gold medal is


shining bright for me and Luke. They qualified for Rio in December. --


September. In November he didn't feel well. He went for tests.


Diagnosed with bowel cancer. Young, fit guy. It was just such a shock.


You never thought that, you never do think that. Everything obviously


stopped there answer thnd. Most importantly, it was all about


Elliot's health at that point. The sailing took a back seat. After a


period of reflection on his future, Patience came back to work. He and


English sailor Chris had months to build a partnership and build for


Rio. Somebody has to win. I'm not new to the sport. We are new


together. Back to the underdog again. Like Stuart and I were for


London. I like being the under dog. That suits me just fine. I think I


will be the freest man on the racecourse come the first race of


the Games. Nothing to lose. Patience thinks of the Rio journey he began


with Elliot so emotions are close to the surface. Whatever I do in Rio


with Chris, Elliot is part of that. He was part of that. We are


finishing things that Elliot and I started together. You know, flying a


few flags. Flying Elliot's flag, you know, as well. It's so sad. More to


come then from Luke Patience know, as well. It's so sad. More to


tomorrow in the sailing. More to come, we hope, from David Florence


tonight here at the Canoe Slalom venue. He is world champion


remember. That is after 7.00pm. We hope to bring you the action, the


news and an interview with the man himself if he has won a medal on the


late edition of Reporting Scotland. Let's hope so.


Within the last hour, Andy Murray has comfortably beaten


the Argentinian, Juan Monaco, to go into the third round


It was a straight sets win, in just over an hour and ten minutes,


Murray will be back on court tomorrow to play the winner


of Fabio Fognini of Italy and the Frenchman, Benoit Paire.


ScotRail and the RMT union have been holding further talks


to try to resolve the industrial dispute that led to strike


Last week, further planned walkouts by train staff were called off -


but a final deal has yet to be reached.


The dispute centres on proposals from the operator to run more


trains where drivers - rather than guards -


He's best known for his comic creation, Dame Edna Everage,


but Australian performer, Barry Humphries, has had


a passion for German cabaret since he was a boy.


Now, at the age of 82, he's bringing the lost songs


of the Weimar Republic to the Edinburgh


Our arts correspondent, Pauline McLean, went to meet him.


He's the man behind so many comic creations but this is the real Barry


Humphries. This the music he's wanted to perform since he was a


young boy growing up in Australia. I was very young and I discovered a


pile of sheet music by German and Austrian composers I'd never heard


of. I bought them cheaply. I thought of. I bought them cheaply. I thought


- I want to hear this music one day. It's taken me about 65 years to hear


it. With the Australian Chamber Orchestra and a cabaret singer, he


began the lost songs of the vie Weimar Republic. I felt this


whole submerged repertoire of exciting, modern music needed to be


heard. Hello, viewers. I say viewers because I'm a viewer of life. It's a


world away from his most famous creation Dame Edna. If I'm


presenting some of my friends, like Dame Edna, who is not here at the


moment. If I am, then I'm by myself. Now I have a full orchestra and a


great star. It takes the head off me for a little. I have to hold it


together. He enjoys ruffling a few for a little. I have to hold it


feathers. Political correctness is aened woerful thing because I love


offending it. The audience love it when political correctness is shot


down in flames. Now the weather forecast from


Christopher. Good evening. A number of showers around today but


sunshine. Here is the latest satellite and radar picture. The


heavy showers mainly across the south-east are pulling away. Some


late sunshine behind for many. This evening, yes, the showers easing off


and reasonably dry and bright before dusk. Here is the chart from 7.00pm.


A dry and clear night at times. In the countryside cool, down to four


or five Celsius. Temperatures in towns and cities closer to 8-12.


Tomorrow, on the face of it it looks reasonable enough. High pressure


near nearby. This weather front coming in bringing cloud and rain.


Wednesday gets off to a bright, dry sunny start. The cloud will build


from the west as we head through the course of Wednesday, followed by


outbreaks of rain. The further east the dryer and brighter it will be


for longest. The cloud increasing for all as we head through the day.


By mid afternoon that wet weather will edge in towards western parts.


Showers ahead of that main band of rain. In the west, 15, 16 Celsius,


Showers ahead of that main band of further east 17, 18 degrees.


Cloudier compared with the morning it will be dry for a good part of


Grampian. The far north and Shetland will have sunshine for the whole


day. The rest of the afternoon into the evening the rain will edge its


way in, reaching all parts. It will be heavy and persistent to the


north-west. Throughout Thursday an early warning from the Met office


for that rain. Persistent and heavy at times. For most of the mainland,


cloudy and damp. Temperatures on the up, 18, 19 Celsius. Friday, showers


to the west, the further east it will be dryer and brighter.


Temperatures will continue to climb, a high of 21. As we head through


towards the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, things are being looking up.


More summery. By Sunday temperatures up to 21 degrees and plenty of


sunshine to go round. That's the forecast for now. Just in time for


the young ones to go back to school. Thank you very much.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news.


Muslim taxi driver, Tanveer Ahmed, who travelled from Bradford to kill


Glasgow shopkeeper, Asad Shah, after claiming he had disrespected


the Prophet Muhammed, has been jailed for life


A small team of salvage experts have been lowered onto an oil


rig which ran aground on the Western Isles on Sunday.


The UK Government has said the work to refloat it may take some time.


School pupils across Scotland have been receiving their exam results.


Higher passes have dipped slightly, but a record number of pupils have


Higher passes have dipped slightly, been given a university place.


Our next main bulletin is just after the Ten O'Clock News.


Until then, from everyone on the team - right


across the country - have a very good evening.


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