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again. More on the heat health warning is on the BBC website. That


Tonight on Reporting Scotland: The First Minister claims leaving


the EU will cost the Scottish economy billions of pounds.


Opponents say independence is a greater risk.


A soldier from the Royal Regiment of Scotland dice after being shot


Oil rig the Transocean Winner is refloated and on the move


Doctors warn that not keeping bagpipes clean could be fatal.


Remove all these from the stock and I would power diluted Dettol with


lukewarm down into the bag. They're in Israel for the match that


could put them into Leaving the European Union


could cost the scottish That's according to


analysis published today But the Conservatives say


the figures are a smokescreen - and Ms Sturgeon should rule out


another independence vote Here's our political correspondent


Nick Eardley. What will leaving the EU mean for


Scotland's economy? For businesses and shoppers like these ones. Today,


the Scottish Government published analysis of how bad it thinks it


could be. Today's publication illustrates is that whatever the


final form of Brexit, whatever Brexit means, Brexit turns out to


actually mean in practice, the old argument that the UK somehow


delivers final security for Scotland no longer holds water. The figures


published today suggest the value of goods and services produced in


Scotland, known as GDP, could fall. But there is quite a range in how


much by. By 2030, the hit could be ?1. 7


billion per year, if we keep good trade links with the EU. But it


could be as much as ?11 billion in the worst case scenario. The amount


of tax coming in is also projected to fall.


By between 1. 7% and 3. 7 billion. We have put out a range of different


assessments and taken the Scottish impact of those assessments. I hope


they're all overblown but we have to be realistic about the situation we


find ourselves in in. The First Minister's clear she thinks Brexit


will be bad for Scotland. But she's also pre-empting figures tomorrow on


the state of our economy. It's expected opponents will use them to


say Scotland is better off in the UK even outside the EU. They're going


to show the significant challenges in the Scottish economy and they'll


also show the dividend that we have in Scotland from being part of the


UK. If she's talking today about security and stability, then she can


do one thing that will give us that security and stability in Scotland


and that's take a second referendum off the table, get back to the job


in hand. Thank you all very much. The First Minister says she will now


appoint a Brexit Minister and repeated her belief another


independence vote is highly likely. An oil rig that ran aground


on the west coast of Lewis has been re-floated and is now being towed


to the other side of the island. The Transocean winner was pulled off


rocks at high tide last night after spending two weeks stuck


on the shore at Dalmore bay. It's now been towed by two tugs


to Broad Bay near Stornoway Our reporter Huw Williams


is at Broad Bay for us tonight. Yes, after two weeks of waiting for


the rig to leave the West Coast of Lewis, tonight we are at Broad Bay


on the east side of the island waiting for it to arrive here. The


journey began at high tide almost exactly 20 hours ago, so it's on its


way. Under tow since last night, the


17,000 ton Transdgs ocean Winner being brought to a much more


sheltered anchorage on the east side of Lewis.


Two powerful tugs had been waiting in the dark until the rig floated on


the high tide off rocks that had kept it trapped for a fortnight.


Then the tow began. At last, the confirmation everyone


had been waiting for. We are under way...


Yeah, we are moving! We calculated the rig would come off


at exactly the same angle on the beach, that happened and yeah, we


are very pleased that all the hard work by lots of men and women to


calculate how we should do the work proved to be correct. But the rig is


still listing in the water, sorting that out is taking time, slowing


everything down. I spoke to the salvage master this


morning and there are still challenges. We still have a list on


the rig. That's up to ten degrees at times. This morning they've been


looking at pressurising the tanks, moving the ballast and trying to


reduce the amount of movement of the rig itself. It looks as though the


rig won't be at anchor until the early hours of tomorrow morning. The


main priority is to get her safely on the anchors and then it will be a


period of doing damage assessment. Teams of other people will come in


now, divers, people going into the water in that area trying to assess


how much damage there is and to see if we can do any temporary repairs


in the area. No answers yet on why the rig ran aground. That's the


subject of an independent inquiry by the marine accidents investigation


branch. The MAIB have been in touch with us


and asked us to provide them with, for example, part of the tow bridle.


We will do that once we get the BroadBay, it wasn't safe at Dalmore


beach so anything they ask us for, if we can, we will provide it. This


evening, preparations continue, setting out the anchorage points for


when the rig arrives. But that, of course, won'ting r be


Soldier from The Royal Regiment of Scotland has died. Our reporter is


there for us tonight. What more can you tell us about the circumstances


surrounding this. Ets Are sketchy. We do know


yesterday evening there was a night firing exercise here at the base.


Scheduled to last five hours t started at 9.00 and was due to end


2.00am. About quarter past 11 last night there was a report that a


soldier from the Royal Regiment of Scotland had suffered a severe head


wound as part of that live firing exercise and tragically he died at


the scene. One pretsunamis there will be an


inquiry into this. -- presumes there will be an inquiry into this. What


form will it take? We know it will be led by the local police force


here at Northumbria Police, but obviously the Ministry of Defence


will be involved, as well. We understand the Ministry of Defence


Safety Authority will be involved in that, as well. This is an absolutely


huge military base. It covers an area of 60,000 acres, beautiful


countryside in Northumbria, but of course it's a key part of the


British military's training. 30,000 soldiers a year will go through


their training at the base, partly including live firing training and


at any one time there are 1600 soldiers going through their


training at this base at the moment. We have had some response from the


Government. The armed forces Minister has said what happened here


last night is a tragedy. He said that deaths in training for the


military are rare but when they happen every death is a tragedy. We


should remind ourselves that it's only over a month since a Scottish


soldier died on military exercise in the Brecon Beacons, he was based at


the largest military base in western Europe. No doubt, more details of


what happened here will emerge in the next few hours and days.


Thank you very much. Britain's record breaking


Olympic Team arrived home from Rio today on a specially


chartered gold-nosed plane. They were met at Heathrow


by friends, family and fans. Our reporter Lisa Summers


was there too and caught up with some of the Scots


who were medallists at the Games. After all the hard work, the reward.


The tweets from some of our medallists speak for themselves as


they enjoyed the flight home. Shortly after 10.00am this morning


the plane touched down at Heathrow. As they filtered through, hub


hundreds of family, friends and fans lived the arrivals hall to greet the


record-breaking Olympic team. Of the 366 athletes who went out to Rio,


130 have returned with medals, it's an amazing achievement and as they


come home today time to bask in that success. It feels amazing. I think


it's sunk in more coming back here, everyone's been supportive and


excited. We live in a bubble over there for the last few weeks. It's


good to be back. It's been eight days since we finished racing, so


starting to feel a bit strange. I have not trained once. I am looking


forward to getting home and back in a routine. It was a Games when


history was made. There was a bronze in the 400 metres relay. Ellie was


only a year old when a Scottish track and field athlete last won a


medal. I was delighted with my Games and it was nice because afterwards


we found out that it was the medal that took us over the tally from


London and I found out it was the first medal from a Scottish athlete


for years. All these stats came out after that made it more special.


They're going away... It wasn't going to be gold for Katherine


Grainger, still, five medals in five consecutive Olympics, what's not to


like about that? But it had been a hard slog just to get there. Once


you are in the start line of the Olympics final everything is up for


grabs and I raced in the way that I only know how to and you go out and


take the race on and see what happens. One more question, have you


another one in you? I haven't said anything yet but it's probably


unlikely. For now, time to enjoy the glory as


-- glory as they come back down to earth. Before long the hard work


starts again with Tokyo in mind. You're watching Reporting


Scotland from the BBC. Still to come on tonight's


programme: The junior footballer whose hat trick's


made him an internet hit. And the band played


waltzing Matilda, singer Doctors have issued a warning


of the dangers of "bagpipe lung", after a piper died from a disease


thought to have been caused by mould and funghi


lurking in his instruments. They say the moist environment


inside bagpipes can lead to the growth of substances


which can harm human health. In full flow on Glasgow Green.


Competitors at the World Pipe Band Championships a few weeks ago. But


were those musicians inadvertently damaging their health?


Doctors say playing the pipes every day was probably fatal for one man.


In this particular case it was noted that the bagpipes were not


particularly clean. The cleaning brush had not been used that often.


So, I think that was the reason why the various parts of the bagpipes


were contaminated with yeast and mould. So, yes, clean your


instruments. Experts say it was a rare case.


But Craig who plays with the Red Hot Chilly Pipers says some need to


brush up on their cleaning technique. I would remove those and


I would power diluted Dettol with water down right into the bag, cork


off any open areas and give it a good swoosh around to get into the


bag. How worried should pipers be? We have been thinking about water


traps... Cleaning pipe bags is easier if they're synthetic, like


these on sale at Glasgow's College of Piping. Bagpipes have evolved


over centuries. Modern medicine now tells us that they may pose a


potential health risk. But it's a risk that's easily tackled through


good hygiene. A lorry driver, who shook a newborn


baby so violently it was left permanently brain damaged,


has been jailed for 25-year-old Damien Menzies


from Bathgate attacked the three-week-old at a dance show


in a Livingston high school He had denied harming the child,


who is unable to walk or talk, but was convicted


of attempted murder. Police Scotland has announced women


from Muslim communities may now wear It's part of an attempt to encourage


Muslim women to consider London's Metropolitan Police


approved a uniform Officers and police staff have


always had the option to wear religious headwear,


but today's announcement formally ratifies the use of the hijab,


a traditional covering Police Scotland says it currently


employs six female Muslim officers, none of whom wears the hijab either


on duty or outwith the force. Five men have been arrested by


police investigating the death of a man following a disturbance outside


a football ground in Glasgow. Gary Wear was injured along with three


other men near the Shettleston Juniors ground in August.


320-year-olds, as 19-year-old and a 21-year-old man are due in court


tomorrow. A look at other stories


from across the country. Emergency calls to the fire


and rescue service from the north-east will be handled


in Dundee from November the eighth. It's part of a phased move -


first announced more than two years ago -


which will eventually see the new centre in Dundee handle all


calls from the north of Scotland. The fire service says local


knowledge will not be lost A former priest at the Fort Augustus


Abbey School in the Highlands has denied assaulting pupils


using a cane, a hockey stick and a spiked golf shoe


while teaching there over 83 year old Thomas Seed taught


at the Loch Ness-side Catholic school where the incidents


are alleged to have happened Caledonian MacBrayne has formally


signed a 900 million pound contract to continue operating the Clyde


and Hebrides Ferries Network. State-owned CalMac competed with


private firm Serco for the Scottish Calmac was named the successful


bidder in May, giving it the right to run the services


for the next eight years. A thirty-nine year old woman has


died in a fire in Dumfries. The blaze broke out shortly before


eight o'clock last night in a flat on English Street


in the town centre. Firefighters took the woman


to hospital where she Plans for a new link road


in Inverness to connect the A9 The Scottish government has agreed


to fund the multi-million pound route between Inshes and Smithton


to improve traffic flow. But critics say it


is a waste of money. The Scottish Parliament says it


will try to fast-track an appeal brought by a group of independence


campaigners who have set up Last month a court ruled


that they should be evicted. The Parliament's Chief Executive


says he is disappointed by their appeal, which could


lead to further costs. The group set up camp outside


Holyrood last November. The Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers


believes the club shares a level of prestige with Barcelona,


Real Madrid and other He says it'll be an honour to be


back competing with such clubs if Celtic can reach


the Champions League group stage. The club's in Israel tonight


defending a 5-2 first leg lead. Brendan Rodgers and his


players stand on the brink of a place in the Champions League group


stage. Avoiding a 3-goal defeat tonight will secure a place among


the European elite. When you talk about the great clubs of European


football, you're talking about Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan,


and Celtic is synonymous with those clubs. If you are talking big clubs


historically in Europe and a team that has won the European Cup, you


talk about Glasgow Celtic soul to be back among the echelons of teams is


a great honour for Celtic. It is an honour that comes with great


financial rewards, just by getting through tonight, Celtic will have


earned ?2.6 million and for playing in the group stage they will get


another ?10.3 million and that is added to television money and gate


receipts in the region of ?7 million and Celtic are already looking at


banking nearly ?30 million. That is before you consider prize money of


?1.3 million for a group stage win but is there any danger that the


Israeli champions could deny them these pictures? There is always a


chance and Celtic will be aware of that, especially if they score early


and it will be a nervous time. Overall, there was enough there, I


saw Celtic last week, they can go there and score as well and


hopefully that will be the case, not just for Celtic but all of Scottish


football, we would all love to see a Scottish team in the Champions


League again. A promising outcome in the promised land and a return to


football's own promise land will be assured.


At the other end of the football spectrum a player from the junior


Tam Hanlon of Pollock Juniors has become an internet hit after scoring


It is a cup tie were Pollock will beat Nielsen by 5-1 but three of


them come from 34-year-old Tam Hanlon. The right back has been


playing junior football for 15 years and has one big chance at the pro


game was a season with Albion Rovers. So who has in fire --


inspired Tam. Steven Gerrard, David Beckham. I never really compare


myself with anyone. I will have a go at it. The gaffer ended up taking me


off. I was gutted. So what is the professional verdict of Hanlon's


goals. That is outrageous. Technically it was an unbelievable


hat-trick and he deserves so much credit for it. There are some very


good players in junior football without a doubt and you see a lot of


junior players now getting chosen by the smaller clubs in Scotland would


you have been happy with that? I would have been really happy. I


could not have scored it. I do not have the technique to do that. The


second goal was incredible. Heady praise indeed for Hanlon. He has


been unbearable in training and games. He wants nights off and


different things. He has been a little bit unbearable. So for the


big call-up to the professional game has eluded Hanlon but would he come


running? If Brendan Rodgers came calling, I would give him a hand.


Private jets can come and pick me up!


The singer-songwriter Eric Bogle left Scotland for Australia


There, he wrote two of the most famous anti-war songs of all time.


No Man's Land - also known as The Green Fields of France -


And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.


They've now been performed and recorded so many times,


people assume they're traditional songs from the first world war.


Our arts correspondent Pauline McLean reports.


You may not know the singer, but you will know his songs and five back


row was written by Eric Bogle in 1971, not long after he arrived in


the -- Australia -- five Micro. The time was right for the song. I did


not set it in Vietnam -- And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda?. The


song has since been sung by many artists unlike another of his songs,


46 Micro, it is often mistaken as a traditional song. Written at the


time of the First World War not a Scottish songwriter -- No Man's


Land. People automatically assume it is traditional. I always sign my


name to it. All I want people to do is sing it. Any songwriter worth


their assault, that should be their main ambition further songs. I was


asked again in an interview a couple of days ago why people are still


singing it, it is because people are still killing each other and until


we stop. These days he is happy to leave the singing to other people. I


we stop. These days he is happy to could happily fit in my office,


which is a loose description, for the rest of my life, trying to write


songs and getting frustrated and angry and throwing things and then


getting uplifted. It is a wonderful experience. It is the best that Eric


Bogle can do. The winner of the funniest joke


of the Edinburgh Fringe It's a gag by the stand-up


Masai Graham and here it is - My dad has suggested that I register


for a donor card. He is a man after my own heart!


To the weather now and it's over Christopher...


That was not too bad, but the joke was on us today weather-wise. It was


rocked rather heart down south. Meanwhile under the cloud here in


Scotland, a rather different story, outbreaks of rain, there was


sunshine to be had across the outbreaks of rain, there was


borders and are weather Watchers managed to capture that elusive blue


sky. This evening, cloudy still for most of the country with further


outbreaks of light and drizzly rain across the and yesterday we were


talking about thundery showers pushing up the east, but they are


most likely to stay offshore but you will still hear the odd rumble of


thunder or see a flash of lightning. Overnight, it is dry and fairly


mild, temperatures holding in double digits for most. The overnight rain


still with us in Orkney and Shetland Webb missed but it is clearing away.


Meanwhile, look at the mainland, sunshine, a very different day in


store for us tomorrow, really quite pleasant conditions. It is dry, fine


and bright and feeling pleasantly warm. A little cloud in the


north-west with one or two showers through the Hebrides, but a


different day in store for many of us and in the warmest part of the


day, we are looking at temperatures around 17 or 20 degrees. With light


winds, that will feel good. There will be fairweather cloud at times,


which should not spoil things. In the north-west, the chance of


showers, mainly through the Hebrides, and also in the north-west


Highlands, and after cloudy start for the Shetlands, it will improve


for Orkney and Shetland. The rest of the afternoon interleaving, lovely


spells of evening sunshine to come, right across the board, one or two


light showers in the Northwest. Thursday, a lot of dry weather, a


bit more in the way of cloud compared with tomorrow and a few


showers in the north-west of the country, best of the sunshine in the


West with temperatures around 19 degrees, elsewhere they are down a


notch, but tomorrow it is looking good.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news...


The Scottish Government says leaving the EU could cost the economy


But the Conservatives say another independence vote


should be ruled out, to ensure stability.


Team GB have arrived home from Rio to a heroes' welcome,


bringing with them a record-breaking haul of 67 medals - 27 of them gold.


And the oil rig that ran aground in Lewis has been told to the other


side of the island. It spent two weeks stuck on the shore.


Our late bulletin is just after the ten o'clock news.


Until then, from everyone on the team - right


across the country - have a very good evening.


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