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Plummeting oil and gas revenues leave Scotland's economy nearly


Nicola Sturgeon says continued growth onshore is the answer -


the UK government says it shows Scotland is better off in the union.


Claims that hundreds of families are being exploited by rogue


We really felt quite helpless. You are just a simple porn and you


cannot do anything about it. It just felt unfair to me that someone could


do this and get away with it. We have the first of


two special reports. Tributes are paid to the Scottish


soldier who died after being shot during a live firing


exercise in Northumberland. Celtic are bound for the grand stage


of the Uefa Champions League. And Brendan Rodgers says


Celtic's qualification for the Champions League is great


for Scottish football. The Scottish government


is spending nearly ?15 billion more than it's bringing


in, in tax. In percentage terms it means


the deficit here has climbed to more than twice the level of the UK


as a whole. Much of the increase is as a result


of falling oil revenues, but the figures are key


in the constitutional debate. Those against independence claim


it's a financial reality check, whilst pro-independence campaigners


claim things would improve if Scotland was in charge


of its own economy. We'll hear more on the political


fall out from Brian Taylor in a moment, but first here's


Douglas Fraser with the numbers. These numbers help us understand how


much Scots pay in tax and how much So, in the year to April, Scots paid


nearly ?54 billion in tax. Almost quarter of that


was income tax. Nearly ?69 billion was spent


on Scotland by national So the difference last year -


nearly ?15 billion. More than a third of that spending


was on pensions and benefits, Now, it's OK for government to run


a deficit, but it has to be able The Treasury in London wants


to lower the deficit that ballooned after the financial crash,


and last year, it got to 4% In Scotland, the deficit was nearly


10% of total economic output - more than twice the scale


of the UK overspend. In Scotland, government spending


was ?12,800 per head, while across the UK,


the spend was ?1,200 lower. And what's going on to explain this


rising deficit here, Most types of tax revenue keep


rising, but just take Recently, it's peaked at eight, 11,


?10 billion credited But with the price


and profits plummeting, The results over time,


look like this - a small UK surplus at the turn of the century,


a deep worsening with the financial crash, and while austerity has


driven the UK deficit towards 4%, the Scottish overspend


has been getting worse. but of course these figures have


been pounced on by those opposed to independence,


Brian Taylor, what's been The reaction has been intriguing. It


depends on your stance. This is about sums, but it has been


political from the outset from the early days when it was deployed by a


conservative Scottish office, against devolved self-governance.


But today, the argument features Independence and also Brexit.


Cutting the cloth to suit, Nicola Sturgeon at Mitsubishi challenging


figures. But relies on the growth onshore, like this leather factory


in Glasgow which winds global orders from airlines and others. The


message of these figures is, the low oil price and tax cuts to support


the industry has had an impact. But the fundamentals of the Scottish


economy are sound and strong. It has grown by more than the fall in oil


revenues. Let's make sure we have the best environment to continue to


grow our economy and that is why I am worried about Brexit, because it


will make the task so much more difficult. But onshore growth was


almost wiped out by a sharp fall in the North Sea tax take. Dry


statistics which mask human costs. Myself, like thousands of others,


hundreds and thousands of others around the world lost our jobs. I


was made redundant at the end of May. It was fantastic work, over the


years I learned so much and enjoyed working with many interesting


people. Then it came to an end, which was a big surprise. But after


decade in the oil industry, both Roberts and Russell are retraining


as teachers through this initiative in Aberdeen. Everyone wants growth


onshore and off, but the Scottish Secretary said it was time to forget


independence. We have got the very challenging prospect in negotiating


Brexit. We need to get the best possible deal for Scotland and the


rest of the United Kingdom. But what these figures confirm, is the really


important union for everybody in Scotland is the union with the rest


of the United Kingdom, rather than being part of the European Union. No


one is giving up on the North Sea, but with Scotland still in the red,


the aim is to diversify and grow. How will these figures be wielded in


the debates about independence and about independence in Europe,


potentially? It is about both and its substantial element in those


two. European Union rules says a member state should keep its deficit


below 3% of face possible sanctions. Scotland's deficit is 10%. Nicola


Sturgeon shrugs that. She said these figures are not the starting point


for independence, not the point to which Scotland would move towards.


There would be different calculations, the allocation of debt


with the UK Government. This was not how Scotland would look under


independence. European Union members, European Union officials


can see like everyone else, that Scotland's economy was fundamentally


strong. And she said she wasn't seeking to apply a renewed European


Union membership, she was trying to hold onto the existing membership.


All of which is a case she is making very strongly. Just to add or borrow


the word she used, economically the future for Scotland looks


challenging. An investigation by BBC Scotland has


revealed that some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland


are being exploited by rogue landlords in the midst


of the First Minister's constituency And that some landlords


are continuing to work in the Govanhill area of Glasgow


despite being officially struck off. Our political correspondent


Lucy Adams has the first in a series Here in the heart of Nicola


Sturgeon's constituency, communities and cultures come together to create


a neighbourhood unlike any other. Decades of immigration from Ireland,


south Asia and Eastern Europe have shaped Govanhill. Its problems can


be found in other Scottish cities, so what, if anything, makes this


place different? It has always been an area that attracted migrants, new


Glaswegians. It has always been a welcoming area. It has always been a


reasonably priced area to buy property in, if you were a


first-time buyer. Over the years, it has changed more into private rented


and I think that is where people, some of the landlords, not all, but


a lot of them are not willing to invest in the structure of the


property. Overcrowding and neglect have taken their toll, leading the


council and Scottish Government to launch a unique ?10 million project


to buy out properties from the worst landlords and take them into public


ownership. As you can see, this flat has been affected with rot, and we


are finding a number of properties like this. Govanhill Housing


Association is using the money to transform tenements. This


corner is at the heart of that project, aimed at tackling


regeneration and landlords. But the BBC has learned that almost half of


the properties bought were from those who already owned the flat


they lived in, the very people the project hoped to keep. The question


is, whether this project in its current format is really working. It


wasn't the plan. The Housing act was flawed because it didn't include


compulsory purchase orders. The idea was to attack the rogue landlords,


bringing down the area. Without the compulsory purchase orders, and to


achieve the targets, they are turning to people who want to sell


just to move out. Was the aim to buy up so many owner occupied


properties? I don't think it necessarily was. But if it is within


the target area and it adds to what we are trying to do, we will support


but going forward. There are eight properties close, you need to have


five. It enables you to manage the block. As the housing project


continues in Govanhill, the BBC has learned a number of rogue landlords


are continuing to practice, despite being deregistered. And a number of


cases are not being pursued because witnesses are too afraid to speak


up. So, who are these landlords? This man was deregistered as a


landlord in May after taking ?7,000 worth of deposits from tenants. His


letting agency was dissolved earlier this year, but the BBC has learned


the business in Govanhill has stayed open. He has now been reported to


prosecutors for alleged fraud, theft and acting as a landlord while


unregistered. This man paid almost ?1400 up front to him for a flat he


never set foot inside. The student from Bulgaria, one court case


against him, but still hasn't got his money back. We felt quite


helpless. You are just a simple pawn and you cannot do anything about it.


It just felt unfair to me that someone could do this and get away


with it for so long. He told the BBC he denies the charges and is


appealing his deregistration. Hundreds of families each year have


suffered from scams by a range of landlords and from housing beneath a


tolerable standard. The worst ones are the ones where children are


involved. New babies not having hot water, you just can't have that. You


hear the stories about children with bedbugs and these landlords just


raking it in and making this money on the back of exploiting someone.


It is incredulous, there are these organisations working against it and


so slow to bring it to justice. Much is being done in this extraordinary


neighbourhood to kick-start regeneration, but for now, children


continue to live in substandard housing, while so-called rogue


landlords reap the profits. Tributes have been paid


to a soldier who was shot dead during a training exercise


in Northumberland on Monday. He's been named as 24-year-old


Private Conor McPherson from Paisley who was a member


of The Black Watch and based at Fort George in the Highlands,


from where Jackie O'Brien reports. Private Conor McPherson from Paisley


was killed during night-time training at a firing range within


the vast Otterburn training area in Northumberland. The young soldier


was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene. In a tribute to


the 24-year-old, his commanding officer in The Black Watch battalion


said... But his troupe rationed his third


was to his parents and sister and was part of a very close-knit


family. It is tragic for his family, friends and colleagues at Fort


George, who are brave men and women in the Armed Forces who put their


lives at risk every day. Sometimes when they are on combat missions you


can be prepared for the difficult phone call or difficult


announcement. But when it is a training exercise it is even worse


for the people with him at the time and his family who have now lost a


loved one. The Black Watch soldiers seen here during a recent royal


visit left there for George base last week in these new armoured


vehicles to take part in the exercise, Wessex storm. They have


stopped that Otterburn for life firing practice on routes to


Salisbury Plain. Outside for George today, life goes on as normal, as


tourists continue to visit this old fortification. Within these walls


where The Black Watch battalion is based, there will be sadness and


shock over the tragic death of a fellow soldier. These guys come in,


they are not far away from the village. It is devastating news. The


Army have a lot of questions to answer, why was this allowed to


happen on a training exercise. A major investigation is continuing to


establish exactly what did happen on Monday night, but at this stage,


Northumbria Police said they believed the soldier's death was a


tragic accident. The Deputy First Minister has


criticised the owners of the oil rig that ran aground on the West Coast


of Lewis for transporting The Transocean Winner is now towed


to Broad Bay on the island's other Huw Williams watched


the rig's progress. This phase of the story is coming to


an end. The Transocean Winner has been under tow since high tide on


Monday night, but problems with the structure listing in the water means


it has had to be towed a much slower than planned and so the journey has


taken longer than originally predicted. Broadway should provide a


more sheltered anchorage for it than the beach on the west side of Lewis


where it originally ran aground. Tonight the Scottish government are


asking why it was even at sea just over two weeks ago when such bad


weather had been widely predicted? The transport connections were


significantly restricted that we can and it was obvious from the Met


Office warnings there was going to be a significant storm to contain


with. There is a duty of care on those responsible presiding over


these operators, principally the owners, to decide whether it was


wise to undertake this operation. The plan is to spend the next three


weeks assessing the structure of the rig and whether any temporary


repairs are needed before experts decide what to do next. The Marine


Accident Investigation Branch has already begun its inquiry, but there


are wider political questions. Should their once again be an


emergency tug based at Stornoway? These questions will not go away any


These questions will not go away any time soon.


Syrian officials have appealed to Scotland,


to help save the ancient city of Palmyra.


Many of the famous Syrian monuments were destroyed


Now the city's been retaken, the country's chief curator's come


to a cultural summit in Edinburgh to call for international help.


Palmyra's monuments are nearly 2000 years old. These were a global


tourist attraction before Syria's Civil War. This is a Roman temple of


Bal. Look at it now. Isis militia destroyed many sites because they


were symbols of idolatry. Behind this we have geological extremism.


What happened in Syria under control of Isis, including in Palmeiro, it


was a disastrous situation. His colleague and 14 other curators have


been killed protecting their cultural heritage. Each day I have


bad news about destruction, not only of the cultural heritage, but the


difficulty for other life, but we refused to leave Syria for this


reason. Palmyra has been recaptured and there are plans to rebuild. The


professor has come to Edinburgh to seek international help and stop the


black market in looted artefacts. We need contacts, expertise, because we


have a lot of traffic in coming from that area. He is seeking expert


support from the area and beyond so that one day these wonders can be


restored. The Scottish Government's


controversial named person policy will not be rolled out on the last


day of August as planned. The Education Secretary John Swinney


says changes need to be made after the Supreme Court ruled last


month that some proposals breach The system would appoint a named


person for every child The contenders for the leadership


of the UK Labour Party will be making their pitches


to Scottish members tomorrow. So how's the debate


shaping in Scotland? We've sent our political


correspondent Nick The banks of the Clyde in Greenock,


an imposing reminder of Scotland's industrial past. Once safe Labour


territory, now represented by the SNP. The logo label party you


support a Jeremy Corbyn last year, but this time it is split. Some


think he is still the right man for the job, but others think there


needs to be a change of leadership to arrest the decline. These local


members are backing Owen Smith. Christine Boyd never thought Mr


Corbyn was the right man, and James, who did, has now changed his mind.


We need hope, energy and ambition to show that Labour is fighting and can


win again. And there when Smith is the man for that? That is what we


believe. I have been a Labour Party member for 30 years and regardless


of the outcome I will still be a member at the end of this process.


Siobhan McCreadie was the first Labour candidate to lose her vote


here and she disagrees. She thinks Jeremy Corbyn can win back Scotland


for Labour. Every day I get people Jeremy Corbyn can win back Scotland


who have been in the union for a Jeremy Corbyn can win back Scotland


number of years and who are totally disinterested, but they are coming


back on a daily basis. The party he narrowly nominated Mr Smith, but


they are in the minority. From the local parties in Scotland who have


picked a horse in this race, the majority are backing Jeremy Corbyn.


But UK wide Jeremy Corbyn's lead over his challenger is far higher.


We picked up nominations that were previously with Yvette Cooper and


Andy Burnham, so very strong levels of support. The race has split the


top team in Scottish Labour. There have been rumours of a split in the


UK party, could there be one in Scotland? When you believe in the


Labour Party, you believe in the collective. I hear a lot of talk


about that and everybody is committed to the cause of labour.


How to change the direction of Labour's electoral support could be


In football, Celtic will find out tomorrow which teams they'll face


They qualified for European club football's most prestigious


competition after a four aggregate play-off win over Hapoel


He says it was the most nerve wracking 90 minutes of his career in


management, watching his team full two goals behind. If they had lost


another, their Champions League dream was over for another season.


Little wonder joy was unconfined, Celtic through by the skin of their


teeth. It was an amazing effort by the plays on the back of everything


we have been through before. Huge applause to them and I am delighted


we got the reward. Reaching the Champions League has financial


rewards as well, qualifying worth an estimated ?30 million. The manager


might want some of that upfront and quick to improve the squad. He is


still assessing players at the moment, he needs to get more in.


Going into the Champions League you do not want to embarrass yourself,


you need a strong squad. Tomorrow the draw will reveal which three


clubs will be arriving along Celtic way. One of these European giants


could be among them. Barcelona, Bayern Munich and the defending


champions real Madrid. A lot of the fans would like to see Real Madrid


here because they have Barcelona and Manchester United, top-class teams


in the past years. Madrid is yet to visit here and the stars they have


got, it would be a special night if they were to come. It will be 50


years since Billy McNeill the Celtic captain lifted the European cup in


May. Nobody is suggesting they will win it this season, but that will


not stop supporters from dreaming. It has been five years


in the making and has cost more than ?30 million, but


Scotland's new Sports Performance centre is about


to open for business. The concept of a centre for sporting


excellence followed a report by former first minister


Henry McLeish criticising Set in the grounds of Heriot Watt


University, it is on the outskirts of Edinburgh. 90% of the cost has


come through public funding with the balance of ?4 million coming from


the university, but is it money well spell? -- well spent. In comparison


to other places in the country, it is up there with them. The Scottish


will use this facility for all their national games, but it is not just


about football. Rugby, netball, basketball, squash and racquetball


will all use this facility, and in particular the high-performance


ring. Each individual athlete will get their own space. If you are in


the gym with the public, it would be difficult to get the equipment and


move around and it will help us become more professional. We want to


become professional athletes. It is not all about elite sports men and


women with specialist equipment open for the general public. And the Hibs


women with specialist equipment open against Hearts football match under


20 game has taken place on the impressive pitch with fans in


attendance giving the venue the thumbs up. It is absolutely


brilliant, the pitch is massive, I am impressed. The sports science and


sports medicine and conditioning they get, they can get prepared.


There is an expectancy of improved results on the field of play. We are


doing well in the six Nations, in results on the field of play. We are


the World Cup in rugby and we want to qualify across all age groups.


All age groups will be here and we want to see the local community get


more involved in sports. It officially opens its doors on Monday


with an improvement in our national sporting squad is expected to


Now, let's get the weather. It was a lovely day across the vast majority


of the country. There was some stubborn cloud in the North East and


in the Western Isles and Northern Isles, but foremost we had guys like


that. To end the day, lovely spells of late sunshine. The cloud will


build in Central and eastern parts of the country, but it is mild


overnight with temperatures holding in double digits. Tomorrow


low-pressure nearby and a weather front in England produces heavy


outbreaks of rain, but we are in between and we should escape. It is


cloudy tomorrow compared to today, the best of the sunshine in the


West. The rain in the North of England perhaps coming into the


Borders. A few light showers in the Western Isles, but that wet weather


should stay away. Another dry day, the lion's share of the sunshine in


the West. Cooler where we have the cloud, but in the sunshine 20 or 21.


Across the Western Isles a chance of a few light showers. As we head


through the afternoon and into the evening the rain clears away,


perhaps brushing through the Borders. Low-pressure as we head


through towards Friday producing a few showers for the Highlands and


through towards Friday producing a Islands, but for most of the country


it is another dry and fine day. The highest temperatures in eastern


parts. In the West the cloud will break. On the face of it Saturday


looks fine and dry with sunshine, but take a look to the south of the


border and what is lurking and you will see a rather large area of


rain. It is likely to come our way. If you have planned this weekend,


stay tuned to the forecast. Is it from us, goodbye.


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