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Tonight, on Reporting Scotland, Labour's leadership contenders


Both are here for their party's hustings.


But strains are already showing between the party south


Why people in Glasgow's Govanhill are resorting to stealing


from charity clothing containers and hunting in bins for food.


Some don't have money for food for baby. Only husband go working. They


need the money to buy everything for the child.


Our correspondent has another special report.


An unlikely political scandal - so-called "Legogate".


We'll explain the row over a councillor, a conference


And Celtic find out who they'll face, now they're


The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is in Scotland tonight


for a hustings with Owen Smith, his challenger


Mr Corbyn has said he's disappointed that the party's Scottish leader,


Kezia Dugdale, isn't backing him for the job.


Meanwhile, Mr Smith has told the BBC he's open to a free vote for Labour


politicians in the event of another independence referendum.


But said it was ultimately up to the Scottish leadership


Our political correspondent, Nick Eardley has the story.


Which direction should the Labour Party take? Fresh from a row about


whether he was forced to sit on a floor on a busy train, today the


focus turned to how to get Labour's electrode performance in Scotland


back contract. Mr Corbyn's supporters think his radical brand


of politics can attract voters. That is despite the Scottish leader Kezia


Dugdale saying he is unelectable. His response? I'm disappointed she


is not supporting my real election as leader. I hope she realises that


we are putting forward a clear and hysterically programme. But he


agrees with her that independence is not the answer to Scotland's


problems. The SNP have a different purpose which is to achieve


independence. I respect their right to advance their cause but so


reserve the right to disagree with it. We are not looking for an


alliance with the SNP. I will welcome support for all or any of


our policies from any other political groups or parties. Owen


Smith thinks the party needs change at Westminster, especially if it is


to win the porters and seats back from the SNP and Tories. Scotland is


a great heartland of the Labour Party and Scotland needs a Labour


government in Holyrood and also in Westminster. I think I would bring a


very detailed understanding of devolution, how it works, given my


experience as the Shadow Welsh Secretary. Could that mean allowing


Labour politicians a free vote on Scottish independence? It would not


be for me to determine what MSP 's will do. That would be for Kezia


Dugdale and the Scottish Labour Party. I am all for maximum autonomy


for the party. I think that is one of the mistakes we made in the past


that we did not give people their head as Scottish people to reflect


their own identity. Can this enthusiastic support be extended to


the wider electorate? That is the challenge ahead for Labour.


Our political editor Brian Taylor joins us now from outside the SECC,


where the hustings will start in the next hour.


Brian, Jeremy Corbyn says he is to -- disappointed not to get the


support from Kezia Dugdale? I have heard him speak twice today and I


will can delete my hat-trick in a moment. He has said he is against


austerity and the Labour Party is out of that -- out of step for not


supporting him. I'm sure Kezia Dugdale would take issues on certain


policies but she does not believe that Jeremy Corbyn is a credible


leader or a credible contender for Prime Minister. She believes in


short he is a loser. Team Corbyn think she will have to do backtrack


short he is a loser. Team Corbyn and he will be a winner in this


Labour leadership contest. What you make of Owen Smith's view on a free


vote? He did about a 90 degrees turn within a few seconds. He is not the


first UK politician to stumble over the intricacies of Scottish


politics. I think it reflects yet again that Labour is still seeking


to balance this idea of being a UK party with a class -based appeal,


and economic appeal, and trying to work with that sense of Scottish


partridges. That sense of Scottish identification. In terms of the


contest within the party, it will be decided by the votes, but right now


contest within the party, it will be it does not look like ending in a


particularly comradely fashion. Thank you.


An investigation by BBC Scotland has found that exploitation of workers


is commonplace in the heart of Govanhill in Glasgow.


In the second of her special reports, our political


correspondent, Lucy Adams, also found that exceptional levels


of poverty in the area were being exacerbated


In the south side of Glasgow, we find two win in taking food from


bins and filling an empty pram with bags of clothes from a charity


clothing bin. The company which looks after the banks says that are


so commonplace they have had to make them more secure. They actually


dropped a child inside the clothing bank to pass the stuff out and when


someone came to chase them away, the child was left there and the police


had to rescue it. A study obtained by the BBC found of 300 Roma people


and Govanhill, most were working but almost a third earned less than the


minimum wage. These people say low wages were one reason why women


steal from charity clothing bins. Some do not have money for food for


baby. Too many ladies are not going working, only husband goes working.


They need the money to buy everything for the child. Volunteers


say the solution is education. If their English is not good enough,


they don't know their rights, they're working for less than the


minimum wage. The solution would be more English classes in the area, so


if their English is getting better and better, they can get a better


job. I am teaching English in Govanhill because we have people


from 42 different countries. These English lessons in the Church on


Daisy Street started last year because of growing demand. Dozens of


people come each week. My name is Ivanovic I am from Slovakia. I have


been in Glasgow six years. I have a very beautiful son. I am very happy.


Learning some English does not guarantee the minimum wage. ?3,


maximum ?7. Are you happy to work for less than the minimum wage. Yes.


The poverty here echoes Glasgow's past. What we saw was a community


which reminded me of growing up in the 1960s in the East End of


Glasgow. You had workless men standing on street corners. They by


and large tend to have large families, so the men are standing


and large tend to have large out to get away from the wife and


children. You have flats where there are infestations we have not seen in


this country for many generations, bedbugs, cockroaches, rats in flats.


Figures obtained by the BBC show in Govanhill in the past four years,


there have been 1500 instances of mites, bedbugs and fleas and almost


2000 cases of cockroaches although recent figures have fallen slightly.


This lawyer sees the results daily. Quite often your clients have read


pockmarks and they are scratching and the children are scratching. The


landlords will pick up mattresses in the street and put them in a


client's flat. If there are fleas or bedbugs they will be transferred


into the new property. bedbugs they will be transferred


is an issue. There is an increase in migrants after the referendum in


May. We have definitely seen an influx of migrants. They see it


perhaps is the last chance and they are coming here. It is new migrants


which have made Govanhill what it is. It is an amazingly vibrant


place. All of the things that people see as the bad things have their


emperors at its aspect as well. Being so busy means there is always


something going on. The low rents also bringing artists and students.


There are lots of things happening in Govanhill. There are lots of


people doing things to address problems at different levels. I just


love the noise. It is events like this world music night which really


reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the area. Are you having a good


time? Everyone is together. You don't see that anywhere else. The


group of young people I work with just want to work. They want to


express themselves, some want to be famous, they want to wrap and


perform, they just want to make something of themselves. They are


not here to leech, or to rob or harm anyone, they just want to have a


good life. This diverse community has its fair share of problems. But


talk to people here, they tell you they could be overcome.


Scotland's colleges have been through a massive shake-up,


with several mergers and a cut in the number of part-time students.


But according to the public spending watchdog, more work is needed


to understand what impact the controversial changes are having.


The Scottish government says it'll consider the findings.


As our education correspondent Jamie McIvor reports,


the changes have seen winners and losers.


Stephan is getting ready for college. He is about to begin a


two-year HND course in mechanical engineering. Heart -- after college


I will go to university and get a job at the end. Colleges now focus


on full-time courses like the one Stephan will do. More school leavers


and young adults are getting full-time places. It is the result


of a deliberate policy move. But there is another side to the coin.


Overall budgets were cut by nearly a fifth in real terms over five years.


Jobs have gone and the number of part-time students is down


dramatically, nearly half in eight years. One of the issues remains


about funding. A number of colleges are facing significant financial


challenges over the next year. The sector is one which does not have


problems to sue. One big change is the merger of colleges. City of


Glasgow College is hailed as a good example. Nationally, the public


spending watchdog says it needs to be easier to show if reforms are


getting results. It is not possible for the government to report on the


getting results. It is not possible costs and benefits of the reforms


they have been through. It is not clear if they have been fully


achieved or what the cost was. The shake-up has sometimes seemed


difficulties. This year saw a national pay strike, but colleges


claim overall they have a good story to tell. It is only right the


government puts the funding in and wants to see good results at the


other side. If that means we have to do more data collection, that is


fine as long as it does not detract from the impact on the student. Some


working in colleges have real worries about their futures.


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Still to come on tonight's programme...


An unlikely political scandal - so-called "Legogate".


We'll explain the row over a councillor, a conference


The former Education Secretary, Mike Russell, has been


appointed to a new post as, basically, minister for Brexit


He'll lead discussions with the UK government to protect


Scotland's interests ahead of negotiations on leaving the EU.


Our political correspondent, Andrew Kerr, is at the Scottish


Something of a comeback for Mr Russell, Andrew?


Yes, sadly. Mike Russell is the comeback kid of Scottish politics


tonight. There had been some speculation about who would emerge


from behind the black door at the house, the First Minister's official


residence to be appointed Minister for Brexit. As you see, the former


Education Secretary, he stepped down from government two years ago when


Nicola Sturgeon took over, perhaps rather unwillingly, but he is a


political heavyweight to the right of the party. Maybe Nicola Sturgeon


to the left but she welcomes his talents and she wants a strong voice


for Scotland at these negotiations. This is what she told me earlier.


This is a job for a capable and experienced minister. Over the next


few months as the UK develops its negotiating position, it is vital


that Scotland's voices heard and we have the opportunity for protecting


Scotland's place in Europe which is what the majority of Scottish people


voted for. We have to be in those negotiations meaningfully and Mike


Russell will leave those for us. So Minister for negotiations on


Scotland's place in Europe, to give it its Sunday title. The Prime


Minister has said Brexit means Brexit. The Scottish Government


wants to protect Scotland's place in Europe, so he says he will not be


frustrating or being an obstacle to these negotiations, but a difficult


job for Mr Russell and a difficult job for the UK ministers as well.


Thank you. Police Scotland has said it's


to delay further its plans to close control rooms


in Aberdeen and Inverness. They had been expected


to close early this year, with calls being transferred


to a new control room in Dundee. But after the M9 tragedy,


in which control staff failed to pass on details of a call


about a crashed car in which two people died, the Inspector


of Constabulary ordered the closure Relatives of a mother


and her six-year-old son, who died after getting


into difficulties at Aberdeen beach, have thanked those


who tried to rescue them. Six-year-old Lucas Walker


was playing, when he was His mother, 37-year-old


Julie Walker, tried His brother Samuel, who's 13,


and bystanders also tried to help. A look at other stories


from across the country... A firefighter has been seriously


injured after a wall collapsed on him while he was tackling a blaze at


a disused building in Inverclyde. He was among a team of 24 firefighters


called to the building just after midnight. An investigation is


underway and the cause of the fire is being treated as suspicious. A


2-year-old boy has been badly injured after falling from the


window of a flat in South Lanarkshire. It happened in


Rutherglen on Tuesday afternoon. A toddler is being treated at


Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Groups representing bus


companies and passengers met today in Edinburgh. A recent report from


Citizens Advice Scotland highlighted concerns about bus coverage and


prices in rural areas. One solution discussed today was community owned


transport which is growing in popularity. We focus on registered


bus services, and the community transport is not registered bus


services. I think there is a wealth of them out there and it is just a


case of looking to see how they can work in the future, in partnership


with a traditional bus company. For the first time in 20 years, a


Scottish comedian is up for the most prestigious award at the Edinburgh


fringe. Richard Gadd from Fife is one of eight comics short listed for


the ?10,000 Edinburgh comedy awards prize. Hibernian's all the supporter


has died at the age of 106. Just months after watching his team left


the cup. Sam Martinez had followed the team since arriving in Edinburgh


70 years ago. He finally saw Hibernian win the cup in May, the


first time they had won the trophy in 100 years.


It's been dubbed "Legogate" and has led to calls


for the resignation of a senior Aberdeenshire councillor.


Martin Kitts Hayes walked out on a prestigious conference


at Legoland in Denmark, after complaining that the log


cabin accommodation was not up to standard.


Today a report revealed that the abortive trip


for him and two colleagues cost almost ?3,500.


It is many a child's dream to visit the home of Lego. For almost half a


It is many a child's dream to visit century this place, with billions of


bricks, has been providing holidays to remember forever. But for one


senior counsellor it was the setting for a trip he would rather forget.


That man was the co-leader of Aberdeenshire Council. He, and two


colleagues, flew out of Aberdeen airport to attend a conference of


the North Sea commission. When he saw the accommodation, he was not


happy, lightening it -- likening it to Butlins in the 1970s. We have


come here to see the most cheerful lass of the week. In less time than


it took to judge the swimwear competition, the councillor was back


on the plane. Then an hour and a quarter, he had rejected alternative


accommodation suggestions and book to the party on the next flight


home. But the saga did not end there. It is claimed that he tried


to cover up his decision to fly home, phoning his PA to get her to


tell people that they had not returned. Within two hours of


arriving, they are on their way to fly home again. The report shows


that if he had waited just half an hour or 45 minutes, he would have


been alternative accommodation made available. There are calls already


for Cancelo Kitts Hayes to resign over what happened in this resort.


He has admitted his decision to return home was April one. But what


has been dubbed Legogate does not end there. Councillors will discuss


his actions at a specially convened meeting next week.


The draw has been made for the group stage of the Champions League


and Celtic have a tough task if they're to progress.


David Currie is at Celtic Park for us tonight with all the details.


Today's Champions League group stage draw was always going to produce a


tough group for Celtic, as you say. And now we know exactly how tough. I


will not keep you in suspense any longer. Let's have a look at the


teams that Celtic will face, home and away. Starting with the top


seeds in the group, starting with the champions, Barcelona, Soares,


may mark et al. The second ranked team are Manchester City under Pep


Guardiola. He can call on the talents of Sergio Aguero, Kevin de


rape's little brother, Yaya Toure. rape's little brother, Yaya Toure.


-- Celtic player Yaya. A short time ago, Kieran Tierney gave his


reaction to the draw. It is a great draw with three great teams. That is


why we are in the Champions League. Of course it is difficult in any


group. It is the best of the best. This is the biggest competition and


we are delighted to be there but we are not just making up the numbers.


It is worth bearing in mind that only the top two teams from the


group progress to the knockout stage. If Celtic were to qualify it


would be a tremendous achievement, and maybe Celtic supporters will


settle for some great European nights here at Celtic Park, like the


one in November of 2012 when Celtic beat the mighty Barcelona 2-1.


There was a long-standing discussion about whether Scotland has too many


professional football teams. Some clubs came close to merging in the


90s. It is among the issues explored in a documentary charting some of


the most significant moments in Scottish football over the last 30


years. European triumphs against Barcelona, along with regular


domestic success in the 1980s resulted in high praise for the then


Dundee United manager, Jerry Maclean. There is a man who totally


transformed the face of football in this city. He wanted to take that


transformation a step further by merging the Tannadice club with


their city rivals, Dundee. I believe that the club would be more


successful if we joined ranks and pool resources and at the moment, we


are spread too thin. It was very close to happening. It was within


two or three days of happening, but it did not. There were other


murderers. Edinburgh was nearly a merger at one point. Thompson is


correct. In 1990 with Hibernian floundering financially, the Hearts


chairman launched an audacious takeover bid. It should not come as


a cultural shock. The thought of putting together two teams who have


been competitors for 100 years or so. QR brawler from Hibernian fans


at the next Edinburgh derby. There had been chants throughout the game


against the Hearts chairman who is not here this afternoon. At


half-time, there was the fear of another pitch invasion. They


basically said, if you score another goal, we may have to stop the game.


So if you can help it, don't score. So we said, no problem at all,


thanks. And we said, no, that isn't happening. Hearts won the match but


there was no merger. But the feeling that 42 senior clubs in Scotland's


game was overkill remains. By any standard, that is too many. That is


an issue in itself, in my view. What is the solution? I don't know. But


it is something we should look at. Perhaps we will still be looking at


it in another 30 years' time. And Scotland's Game


is on BBC One Scotland tonight at 9. Let's see how the weather


is shaping up. Good evening. There was some


sunshine around today but for many, not much. If there is blue sky on


offer, our weather Watchers will snap it. This evening, some showers


clearing away from the borders. Misty and murky at times. In the


west post, a number of downpours edging into the Hebrides. -- on the


West Coast. Away from those two areas, mild, and with the wind in


the South West, that should push the showers offshore. Tomorrow, low


pressure nearby. For the Highlands and Islands, probably a wet morning


but it will improve later. Elsewhere, after a cloudy start, the


sunshine will come out and for central and southern parts, a fairly


decent day with perhaps some showers around at times. The wet weather


pushing up towards Orkney and Shetland. By mid-afternoon, we're


looking at 17-19 foremost, warmer east with one or two sports reaching


20. Perhaps some light showers at times. You are more likely to catch


one to the west of the great Glen. Still, heavier rain affecting


Shetland, and Orkney, but continuing to improve. The rest of the


afternoon and into the evening, some late sunshine and a scattering of


light showers here and there. To the weekend, and low pressure is still


nearby but confidence is building that it should stay away from us. On


the face of things, as it stands, at the moment Saturday looks reasonably


dry but fairly cloudy. Some light showers here and there. The wind is


generally light with temperatures around the high teens. And


hopefully, on Sunday, the rain will stay away, south of the border.


Cloudy with showers but with wind coming from the north, a fresher


feel. I'll be back with the headlines at 8


and the late bulletin just Until then, from everyone


on the team right across the country, have


a very good evening.


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