26/08/2016 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland presented by Sally Magnusson.

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Allies of Jeremy Corbyn deny that they would try to unseat Scottish


The police hail a "significant effect" from the ban on the sale


But charities say the new laws could cause further problems.


Calls to ban cars near schools at the beginning and end


Breaking down barriers to encourage older people


to enjoy the health benefits of being in the great outdoors.


Maybe we would be sitting at home watching television and redo that


that day after day. But up here we are wondering about, in the woods,


surrounded by trees. of deadly Roman slingshots found


on a Dumfrieshire hill. Could it be the place


where the Roman invasion Jeremy Corbyn's allies have backed


Kezia Dugdale to remain It comes after a former


adviser to Gordon Brown suggested a pro-Corbyn MSP


would challenge her At a hustings in Glasgow last night,


a section of the audience laughed when it was suggested Ms Dugdale


was doing a good job. Fresh from last night's hustings,


Jeremy Corbyn in Edinburgh today. Respect for everybody. Was it


embarrassing? Voters have joined the Labour Party


to support him but the leader in Scotland is backing his rival,


saying Mr Corbyn is not up to the job. It has been suggested that


could lead to Mr Corbyn's supporters trying to oust Kezia Dugdale. Jeremy


Corbyn is going to win big. The deputy who supports him will


probably challenge Kezia Dugdale. He is a man whose ambition may be in


inverse proportion to his ability, but he is certainly ambitious. The


UK candidates made their pitch to Scotland last night. What has gone


wrong, they were asked. We have gone backwards on your watch in Scotland,


from second to third. You were meant to be winning back Scotland on the


basis that we would be more radical. There is a big fight ahead and a


long road back. The SNP are actually There is a big fight ahead and a


doing an austerity programme while pretending they are not. Think Kezia


Dugdale is doing a Rhun job, a fantastic role model. I think she is


doing a fantastic job and is a great role model for Labour across this


country. What does that mean for the Scottish Labour leader? There has


been angry response to Mr Sinclair's comments from some people supporting


Jeremy Corbyn. Alex Rowley says the idea that he would stand is rubbish.


A leadership challenge, he says, is not on the cards. Neal Findlay is


one of Mr Corbyn's closest allies in Scotland, seen welcoming him


yesterday. He stood in the last Scottish leadership election against


Kezia Dugdale. We asked if he would consider standing again. Absolutely


no way, 1000, 1,000,000%. Kezia Dugdale has a large mandate to lead


the Scottish Labour Party. This former Labour MP thinks it is time


to get behind the Scottish leader. I thought it was appalling and I don't


envisage a challenge to her. Kezia Dugdale has been elected by the


Scottish party members and is working hard to make sure that


Labour regains its electoral position in Scotland. Can this man


or his rival help with that, or might they get in the way?


They were called "legal highs" but are now very much "illegal


highs" and the police say that a change in the law three months ago


banning the sale and distribution of psychoactive substances is having


But some say the new laws could actually be causing further


Our Home Affairs Correspondent, Reevel Alderson reports.


They are popularly known as legal highs, but since the law changed


three months ago that name is no longer appropriate. New psychoactive


substances can no longer be sold legally and importing them is also


against the law. Police Scotland say the new law has had a significant


effect. Before it, there were 90 retailers selling the drugs across


Scotland and now there are none, with premises closed, or selling


other products. Police say there have been no arrests for offences


under the act but they admit that they know it is still going on.


There is a small minority of premises that are a persistent and


resistant element continuing to sell them. That falls within the realms


of the legislation, so the police and our partners will robustly


target those individuals and we would in courage them to cease


selling. The problem in the past was that legal highs could be easily


chemically altered to help overcome any legal ban. The new legislation


has been designed to overcome that. But in Ireland, where there is a


similar law, consumption of new psychoactive substances has actually


risen since it was introduced. That is concerning this drugs awareness


charity in Edinburgh, which fears that driving the sale of the streets


might actually cause difficulties for users. When these were on open


sale was shocking to people but the fact that they were on open sale was


perhaps suggesting incorrectly that they might be safe because they were


being tolerated. Now that they are banned, I suppose the worry is that


there is even less accountability. If these are sold online, or through


traditional drug dealing networks, we feel the price will go up and


there is more risk of harm to people. The charity and police are


warning users that buying the drugs online from overseas rings a risk of


prosecution as it could be classed as importing them, which is


prohibited under the new law. -- it brings a risk of prosecution.


Drivers in Edinburgh look likely to be asked to stay away


The city's council has been piloting a scheme which bans


motors from some areas -- to try and cut accidents


While it's not proving popular with everyone in the capital,


one environmental charity is calling for other local authorities to do


Edinburgh's experiment with traffic movement around schools began last


September. At nine of them, drivers were told they could not drive past


in peak hours. The result, confusion and frayed tempers. Nearly one year


on, Edinburgh City Council says the scheme delivered real benefits, not


least for children, many of whom now walk to and from school. It means


signs like this are set to become a permanent feature across some


schools. But are all the drivers obeying the rules? This is another


school that asked to take part in the pilot. When school finished at


lunchtime today, some drivers were clearly ignoring the signs. I got a


phone call to pick up my friend's child, because she is stuck in


traffic, she is late. And I did the same, which is wrong. Parents say it


is not unusual. Every day, and it will never change. The police have


been at the top of the road and they still tried to pull in. It is a


nightmare. A report on the pilot scheme goes before the Transport


Committee on Tuesday with a recommendation that it becomes


permanent. One walking charity says all local authorities should


consider adopting the scheme, but they will need to act tough.


Enforcement has to be part of this. It can be soft to begin with but now


we are one year on and parents should know the drill and it


probably needs somebody to pick up people, possibly just warning them


and going after persistent offenders. Edinburgh Council says


that peer pressure might help. Parents are frustrated with those


they cannot get onside, those who park on yellow lines and on corners.


It is a minority who spoil it being a safe area for young people to get


to school. East Lothian Council already run a similar scheme. So


far, other areas have yet to signal that they are on board.


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Why the country's newest choir is out to make its mark


And Europe can wait, says Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers,


as his side get ready to take on Aberdeen tomorrow.


Creating a more equal workplace is key to our economic success.


That's the claim from the Scottish Government.


It says such things as a higher minimum wage, greater diversity


and better relations between unions and employers would bring stronger


But the Conservatives say that while the Labour Market Strategy


is all very well, it's also "terribly worthy", as our political


A well paid, well-trained, inclusive workforce is the goal of the


government. Improving productivity is key, as Scotland lags behind the


rest of the UK. This apprentice gas engineer is finishing up at this


Hamilton training academy. One of the reasons I came was for a better


standard of living and prospects for the future better than before.


Coming to the company and seeing they had in place something like


that, and talking to the majority of people who worked for them and were


apprentices and they are still with the company 20 years later. He and


the other apprentices met the Minister who is launching the Labour


market strategy. In many comparative countries in other nations they can


combine the fair work agenda, ensuring that people are properly


remunerated, that they have fulfilling employment. We know the


benefits of that are not just economic. They do have that wider


economic benefit. They can lift productivity and ensure a fairer


Labour market, as well. Scotland's economy is changing all the time.


This was once a bustling shipyard. Nowadays, think of the problems


facing our oil industry, with Scotland having a deficit of almost


?15 billion because of the low oil price. Opponents are saying that


more than words are needed. There is not a lot in this document that many


people will object to. Many of the aims are very worthy. Our concern is


that it misses the point. The Scottish economy is underperforming


the economy of the UK as a whole. We have a productivity gap between


Scotland and the rest of the UK. There is little in this document to


address these fundamental issues. But the issue that is heating up the


biggest economic challenge is the UK leaving the European Union, with the


Scottish Government in particular warning about the economic impact.


Now, are you ready for a "green prescription" from your GP?


A study out today suggests that might be a good idea to ensure some


older people get outdoors more and improve their health.


Lisa Summers has been finding out how it might work.


There is nothing quite like a campfire to lift the spirits. Thank


you. Normally we would be sitting at home watching television. You do


that day after day. But up here, we are always wondering about and we


are in the woods and surrounded by trees and it really is interesting.


This woodland activity programme is designed for people in the early


stages of the mensch. The forest and woodlands are a great library, eight


natural resources. They trigger memories of past experiences and


give people an opportunity to socialise and make contact with


others. It is a great setting for treatment and recovery, and an


opportunity to take things away from a clinical, medical setting. It has


been a lifeline for this couple. At first I thought it would be good for


him to get out because everywhere I go, he is with me. I thought, if he


goes, I will go. Last week I decided I would come and I thoroughly


enjoyed it and I am back today. Why were you reticent to come? Possibly


I did not want to be roped in as an invalid, which I am not, just


somebody that forgets. The benefits of the so-called natural health


service are well documented but less is known about the obstacles that


discourage older people from taking part. It is no surprise that getting


outdoors is good for your health, but what this research points to is


that in some cases it is important that programmes are tailor-made to


people's needs. Lending a hand was the Environment Secretary.


Understanding why more people are not doing it, we can begin to


understand how to get about those obstacles and the effects on change.


We are going to decorate a tree. Time for some environmental art.


This programme shows that getting the right type of activity has an


impact on quality-of-life. A look at other stories


from across the country. A couple in their 80s -


who are both deaf - were attacked in their home


in the east end of Police are examining CCTV and making


door-to-door enquiries. They're keen to speak to two people


the attacker was seen talking to in Abercromby Street,


before he carried out the assault. Train passengers on the


Edinburgh to Glasgow rail line are facing months of disruption


during electrification works. After eight thirty at night every


Sunday and Thursday a replacement bus will operate between


Polmont and Edinburgh. Trains will also start later


on Sunday mornings. The works begin on the


fourth of September. had to be evacuated,


after a fire at a snow-sports shop. The emergency services


were called just after half past 11 last night,


following reports of smoke coming from the ground floor and basement


of the property on Lady Lawson Around 40 firefighters were tackling


the blaze at its height. Thousands of swimmers


are taking to the open water of Loch Lomond as part


of the Great Scottish Swim, tackling distances of


up to ten kilometres. Around 2400 amateur


participants of all ages and abilities will be joined


by a group of elite swimmers, including Olympians


just returned from Rio. This is one of my favourite


locations to swimming in the world. The water is so crisp, clean and


clear and the surroundings are fantastic.


backdrop for thousands of music fans at a fast-growing music


Electric Fields is being held over two days for the first time


Headliners tonight are The Charlatans, and tomorrow


Was a landmark flat-topped hill in Dumfriesshire where the Roman


It had been thought Burnswark was the site of a Roman


army training ground, or firing range.


But new excavations suggest the truth was much more bloody.


Burns work's lines of history, on the summit, the outline of a native


fought flanked north and south by huge Roman camps, for 6000 men or


more. Down below they are trying to uncover what happened here. These


bullets are a vital clue. They are being traced in huge numbers and not


in a pattern suggesting target practice. Mysteriously many have


identical four millimetre holes. A German slingshot ballistics expert


investigated and he made and fired replicas, the effects became


obvious. Well... It is shattering away like a


bird! Only more deadly! We heard a screeching noise we've never heard


or experienced before in your life... This gentle man next to me


dropped and I wondered what on earth was doing it, I would be terrified.


What happened here is starting to look short, sharp and bloody. The


lead has been dated to the mid-2nd century, but time of a Roman general


who had spent four years slaughtering Jews in her camps


across Judy and came to Britain around 140A.D as warlord of the new


emperor Antonius Pius who in ordered the invasion of Scotland. It may


well have started at Burns work. The native tribesmen on top of the hill


came under ferocious bombardment from thousands of Roman soldiers in


the South camp on the other side. If from thousands of Roman soldiers in


they thought of trying to run the Romans in the North camp on this


side barricaded their way out, there was simply no escape. We think these


people literally suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and


I suspect probably nobody survived this. Complete overkill against a


weaker, burly armed enemy but a clear message to barbarous Scots not


to mess with the Romans on their march north. More work to prove the


theory is planned in the years ahead.


The last BHS store in Scotland closes this weekend.


The branch in Glasgow's St Enoch Centre shuts for the final


time at 6pm on Sunday after the department store chain


was wound down with the loss of up to 11,000 jobs across the UK.


Former BHS owner Sir Philip Green has faced calls to compensate


The Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers says they won't be making up


the numbers in the Champions League - despite being drawn


in what he thinks is the toughest group.


And he says facing Barcelona, Manchester City and Borrussia


Munchengladbach will strengthen his hand when it comes to


attracting transfer targets to sign for his team.


But at the moment he says his first priority is tomorrow's premiership


No need for the hard sell when it comes to tickets for the Celtic


Champions League match. Since signing Scott Sinclair is happy


enough in his role as salesmen, extras in groups is sell themselves.


Celtic, the last team but not the least, Celtic... Completing this


group C. With Barcelona, Manchester City and Borrusia Monchengladbach.


We've maybe got the top teams from arguably each of the different


parts. All in one group. But our aim is to have a go. He'll have to and


then some to compete with this man's team, he managed Barcelona to two


Champions League titles, now the super bosses in charge of Manchester


City. What does he make of Celtic? I have a lot of respect for Celtic and


Glasgow, maybe you know better than me, a coach with a lot of experience


in the past with Liverpool. Top group. Brendan Rogers wants to


reinforce his squad for the Champions League campaign and he


thinks the prospect of facing the likes of Barcelona and Lionel Messi


might help his cause. I've been in the Champions League, unlike certain


players, they will sit up and take notice and like I say, it gives you


the opportunity to bring that calibre of player in. The group were


top dogs in the Premiership last season and made closest rivals


Aberdeen for the first time this season tomorrow can the dons to the


Celtic what Celtic hope to do either Champions League opponents? If we


can get it right tactically, get it right in possession of the ball, we


can get the result that we feel we can get most weeks by being good on


the day. What do you think is an clipboard of the Celtic manager? Is


Champions League strategy? Maybe or perhaps his tactics for the more


immediate challenge of Aberdeen. It's going to be a busy


weekend in Edinburgh The Edinburgh International


Festival, Book Festival, Art Festival and Fringe all draw


to a close on Monday - but there are still thousands


of performances to take in. Our arts correspondent


Pauline McLean is in George Square Gardens this


evening... Looks more like a beer garden this


evening. There is one of those here. This is an iconic venue, the big


purple cow but it's one of a number across the city, close to 300 venues


springing up. It all kicked off three weeks ago, we reported on it,


longer than the Olympics, you need that kind of stamina to keep going


and I guess that's why performers do it, the endurance, to have it Domino


CD. For some it's about developing shows and taking them on, for a lot


of people it's about being part of the world's guest arts Festival, and


about sharing the music. Music-macro touch the sky... This is


the sound of Scotland's newest choir performed at the University of the


borough, bringing together people with dental health symptoms and


those with no diagnosed disorder. One in four people in Scotland will


suffer from a mental health issue in their lifetime and last year we


dealt with about two and a half thousand people, we note that music


is very good for lifting people's spirits and mood. That is one of the


benefits members have discovered through singing together. It's just


the general boost you get through having that extra energy into your


lungs and getting all that out, it really helps, it's great. From a


social point of view, you get to see other people, it's great to feel


like you are part of something bigger. And just... Like... Magical


quality of music and making music. Next stop is the Edinburgh fringe,


the Harmony choir will perform their first public concert raising money


for charity and are sending out an important message about mental


health. There is stereotypes, you know, in the general public as well.


Thibaut with mental illness are violent or dangerous and yet this is


not true. People with mental illness are even more likely to be victims


of crime than others. Dash-macro people with. Research has proven


that exposure is one of the best ways to go. And as well as


entertainment this is vital research, experts monitor the quiet


to see how music helps anxiety levels and general well-being. The


results could prove that music is genuinely good for your health.


But concert happens this evening at St John's, the sort of festival


within the festival on this weekend is one of the busiest but at this


point in the festival people have worked out what the good shows are


and they know what they want to see. Of the other festivals, the book


Festival, the tattooed, the arts Festival all going on around it,


plenty to go and see. It is the weekend when all the major prizes


are handed out including the Edinburgh comedy award am going for


36 years, won by famous names in the past like Stephen Fry and Steve


Coogan and this year for the first time since 1993, there are two Scots


in the running, who knows, perhaps after all those years in Edinburgh


will have a Scott picking up the price. Pauline, thank you.


Let's see what we can expect from the weather.


Thank you, mixed bag today Ulster you can see on the combined


satellite and radar picture most of the heavy showers in the north-west


but over the next little while, some across Central. And. Some sunshine


to end the day. This was the scene earlier taken by our weather


watcher. The night the showers fading away for most of the


mainland, a number for the far north and mainland, a little bit of mist


towards the south-west and some clear skies across the north-east.


In the countryside, around 60 agrees but for most holding in double


digits. To the weekend, on Saturday, little in the way of weather for us


in Scotland, a weather front across England producing rain and cloud but


for us, mostly dry and cloudy. Here is the picture for Saturday. Cloudy


start, some brightness here and there and light rain or drizzle


across the south-west, moving north through Argyle in towards the


Highlands and Islands by the afternoon. Mid afternoon we could


see some spots of light rain or drizzle in the central lowlands but


nuisance factor rather than anything else. Temperatures by mid-afternoon


central and southern Scotland, 18-20, further north, slightly


cooler, 16-18. Still blows light, patchy outbreaks of rain in the


north-west. Reasonably dry for the north-east, Orkney and Shetland


rubber be best for any sunshine. If you are hill walking or climbing


across the Northwest it's cloudy with outbreaks of rain, further


south after a damp start it should improve by the afternoon. Light


winds, gusting at times around 20 miles an hour, generally try and


cloudy in the east. Into the evening and overnight, little in the way of


change, cloudy with outbreaks of rain, turning more persistent for


the far north overnight. By Sunday, ridge of high pressure coming our


way later, another fairly cloudy day for most, throughout the morning


quite damp but improving as the ridge of high pressure pushes in


from the West. Some sunshine, dry and bright conditions moving in, for


eastern Scotland, the chance of some downpours in the afternoon. Monday,


the ridge of high pressure overhead, plenty of dry, fine, sunny weather,


a one front in the north-west threatening rain later. That is the


forecast. Thank you. I'll be back with the headlines at 8


and the late bulletin just Until then, from everyone


on the team - right across the country -


have a very good evening.


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