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The mystery of a woman from London found dead on an Edinburgh golf


course. Her brother makes an appeal for witnesses. We're going round in


circles trying to think of what happened and just not knowing. It


has also emerged that five Metropolitan Police officers are


facing misconduct. Also on the programme,


The SNP's plan to keep the UK pound after independence may


have been a mistake - Liam Fee's social worker is accused


of failing to involve child protection workers in his case,


after he was found badly bruised. The seemingly glamorous lives


of many footballers may mask mental And, the amateur orchestra


from Stirling hoping to strike the right


note on television. Five Metropolitan police officers


are facing misconduct investigations over a missing woman


whose body was found The remains of Saima Ahmed


who was from London were found Our reporter,


John McManus is there Five Metropolitan Police officers


now facing questions over how they handled the initial reports that


Saima Ahmed had disappeared from her home a year ago today. Her remains


were found here in January. Three questions the police want answered,


why did she leave her home, how did she die, why were her remains found


here? Gorka Byrne of course in January. It is here that the remains


of Saima Ahmed were discovered and identified. So far that is all that


Police Scotland know about the circumstances surrounding the death.


She left her home near Wembley Stadium a year ago today. Police


believe she took the train to Edinburgh. They don't understand how


her remains came to be at the golf Edinburgh. They don't understand how


course. Her brother came to the golf course with the police to try to jog


memories. He said the family were devastated by news of her death. My


mother was at home and she found out and she was hysterical and upset,


before that you kind of had hope that maybe she is OK in some way,


she is fine. Her family said the Metropolitan Police ignored pleas to


update the missing persons enquiry, meaning it was too late to acquire


potentially crucial CCTV footage of her movements. From the time of her


going missing to the remains being discovered, that has been the


biggest significant challenge, the period of time between her going


missing and her body being found and it significantly hampered us piecing


together her journey from London. This morning, the IPCC announced


that five Metropolitan Police officers were being investigated for


misconduct and gross misconduct. Meanwhile, Police Scotland say they


hope highlighting the anniversary of her disappearance will lead to fresh


leads. The family are desperate for any leads as to what happened to her


sister. He hopes that somebody's memory will be job and someone will


remember a crucial piece of information.


One of the Scottish government's key economic advisers says the SNP's


plan to keep the pound after independence may


Later this week it's expected Nicola Sturgeon will relaunch


the party's independence campaign, but Nobel prize-winning economist


Joseph Stiglitz has urged Scotland to consider its own currency.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley reports.


Which currency would shoppers like these ones in Glasgow use if


Scotland were to go it alone? That is a question the SNP will be


exploring as it looks again at its argument for independence. It is a


question that matters, not just because of the type of money that


comes out of machines like this. The currency country uses affect trade


and it affects how the cash in your bank account works. What is best is


keeping the pound. In 2014 the Scottish Government argued for a


currency union, sharing the pound we had with the rest of the UK. Now


this man, a key adviser to Nicola Sturgeon, says that might have been


wrong. They wanted as smooth transition as possible. Keeping the


currency and keeping other forms of institutions. I think in hindsight,


that may have been a mistake. What else could be on offer if there is


another vote on independence? Keeping the UK pound is an option.


So is joining the euro. The SNP and Joseph Stiglitz do not like that.


Might Scotland have to revisit if it wants into the EU as an independent


country? Then there is a new currency, the Scottish pound, Joseph


Stiglitz reckons that could help boost the economy. What they would


have needed to do is resurrect the Scottish pound, let it float. Small


countries can have their own currency. The political debate is


important. The Conservatives and Labour say that Joseph Stiglitz's


comments show a fundamental problem with independence. Stay in the UK


and keep the UK pound. The SNP says there will need to be proper debate


before it changes that possession, but the Greens support an


independent Scotland having its own currency. First Minister still


believes another referendum is highly likely. So too, future


analysis of further options on the cash in your pocket.


A hearing into the conduct of a social worker who dealt


with the murdered Fife toddler Liam Fee has been told she decided


child protection workers should not intervene


A conduct hearing is examining charges against Lesley Bate


involving a total of sixteen children.


Andrew Anderson, who's in Dundee, can tell us more.


She is not attending the hearing but today we heard more about her time


as a social worker with the child protection team in Glen Lee Roth --


in Glenrothes. That came from a colleague who investigated her


conduct. She was asked to investigate concerns over the


welfare of Liam Fee. She'd been worried about bruises on the toddler


including a massive bruise on his forehead and was concerned he may


have been knocked unconscious. Lesley Bate visited the family home


and she accepted his mother's explanation and recommended no


further involvement. However, the childminder raised further concerns


about a neck injury and she was told to speak to the childminder again so


a decision could be made on whether to refer his case to the department.


However, Lesley Bate failed to follow up on the case and there were


no note about it on computer systems. She described these as


unacceptable feelings and said allegations of child abuse should


have been followed up in a robust manner. Lesley -- Liam Fee died and


was murdered by his mother and her partner. The case is being heard by


the Scottish social services Council and is due to conclude on Friday.


Liam Fee has ruined graced her registration but does not accept any


of the charges against her. The continuing plight of migrants has


been highlighted after 6500 people were rescued from the Mediterranean


in one day. Agencies view the continuing influx could overwhelm


the camps set up to oppose them across Europe. In his special


report, a reporter has been to see how aid from Scotland is attempting


to help. A group of Serbian nurses came to


help, and they are still revered here. That's tradition continues


today as more refugees and migrants become trapped the border with


Hungary. Supplies are tightly rationed. A small cup of noodles


each. When this camp was set up it was meant to be a one-stop centre


for people travelling on their way to northern Europe. Because of the


changes in border crossings, people are getting stranded here. There are


500 people in this one plays alone. They stop here, every four months.


That is an enormous strain on the local aid workers. The problems we


are facing is our capacity is overstretched, people who are


volunteers doing this for 12 months, 24 hours a day. A few miles


volunteers doing this for 12 months, this warehouse was full of aid sent


from Scotland but is emptying fast. The capacity is maxing out and they


need replenishing with resources such as clothing, food, food stocks,


cooking items, Serbia can deal with the problem but they need help. Back


in Glasgow, they are sorting through the next load. Trucks will be


heading there soon but they say it is not enough. The reality is the


scale, the number of people travelling to get to places like


Glasgow, Germany, Sweden, etc, we can only provide a small amount of


what they need. In Serbia, agencies are predicting a second wave of


refugees but even now they say they are having to deal with it every day


and think for the best. This hospital was set up by Doctor


Catherine MacPhail from Glasgow. It closed many years ago but out of


sight a small family of refugees live here. Perhaps she would have


approved. Still to come on tonight's


Reporting Scotland... The escalating war of words


following the deaths of birds of prey is to stop and the last Scot


hoping to get in the Ryder Cup team misses out.


People who suffer child abuse have met the Deputy First Minister to


find out what has happened in the enquiry. There have been accusations


that the remit was to -- was narrow. What did they learn? Separate


meetings at St Andrews house, the building behind me, for survivors


and victims of abuse. They heard from John Swinney exactly what has


changed since he saw them in July. That earlier meeting was prompted by


the resignation of the enquiry chair and another panel member. There had


been hopes that would provide an opportunity to reboot the enquiry


process, to look at the remit, should it consider accusations of


children in residential care and open the question of compensation


for survivors of abuse. For those who met the Deputy First Minister, a


strong declaration that their search for justice goes on. I said they did


it with the quarry is, people came forward, spoke about experience, I


report was written up and that is probably in the long grass. You


cannot keep doing that to survivors because what you are doing is


abusing them again. I want to find out if it is a cover-up or


ineptitude or if they are not grasping the scale of the problem


but we need to get this right and people have been denied justice for


decades. John Swinney issued a statement in the last 30 minutes


saying he'd had a constructive and positive meeting, they had discussed


ongoing issues with the public enquiry and the roll-out of a


national support network and he said it was important that ministers


carried on liaising with and listening to survivors of abuse.


Problems with mental health are not always associated


But a survey of Scottish footballers has found that of 600 players


questioned two thirds either had a mental health issue or knew a team


The other sporting stars of Scotland's most popular game. New


research shows that many are struggling with their mental health.


We surveyed SPFL players, we got a return of over 600. 64% of them


either themselves or someone they knew closely, he made a friend, had


mental health issues in the recent past. The perception is that food


mental health issues in the recent bowls have enviable, desirable


lifestyles. Why are so many of them affected with mental health issues?


They are young, active meals, a group that engages less well with


health professionals. Whilst we do have some footballers that earn a


lot of money, the vast majority will be part-time, have two jobs, family


issues, employment issues, the same worries that everybody else has.


Great goal! He was a hero to Aberdeen fans in the 90s but even


when that reveals two suicide attempts amidst severe depression.


Yellow mac I can remember waking up on the kitchen floor with tablets


and vomit over me. Neil Lennon struggled in his playing career. I


would be in a room full of people and feel like the loneliest guy in


the world. The only thing I wanted to do was lie in bed or shot myself


away. Eventually, when I was taking the antidepressants, and they


started to kick in, I slowly started seeing the light again. There is


almost a fear of coming out and the stigma attached to mental health.


Footballers can say it is all right it is not OK, then we can encourage


young men, who engaged badly and have a high suicide risk, to come


out and accept help. A new programme will be offered to players and clubs


throughout Scottish football. Investigations are continuing


into the disappearance of several birds of prey around grouse shooting


estates in the Highlands. Earlier this month, the RSPB said


a rare hen harrier had been lost in the same area that a number


of golden eagles have gone missing. But gamekeepers are now hitting back


- one claiming that the incidents These are special chicks. Scotland


is home to just 500 breeding pairs of hen harriers. The population's


been declining. So, when a satellite tagged bird simply disappeared off


the radar, those monitoring its progress voiced their suspicions as


hen harriers do predate on grouse. These transmitters are exceptionally


reliable pieces of kit. They cost ?3,000 a time. They've been tagged


on other species all over the world and are very reliable. It strongly


suggests of human interference. The hen harriers went missing in an area


in which eight golden eagles have gone missing in the past five years.


One gamekeeper who knows these Hipswell believes there's a


conspiracy afoot to deliberately target people who manage grouse


moors. I believe there's no evidence been produced. I don't know if its


as a police matter. If they've been informed. Normally, if a crime's


been committed, you should call in the police and the cull rids should


be put in front of a court of law. This is a kangaroo court going on


here at the moment. I just can't agree with that. The Scottish


Government has warned land managers it's considering a licensing scheme


for shooting estates to ensure they behave ethically. That's what the


RSPB wants. Other pressure groups have called for grouse shooting to


be outlawed altogether. The suspicion within many people within


the shooting lobby is this whole controversy over the disappearance


and deaths of birds of prey has been whipped up by conservationists with


one aim in mind, that is the shutting down of grouse shooting


altogether. Make no mistake, there is a battle taking place over these


tranquil hill sides. The casualties appear to be the birds of prey.


A look at other stories from across the country.


It's emerged that about 40 pieces broke off the Transocean Winner


oil rig when it hit rocks at Dalmore Bay on the west side of Lewis.


Dive teams have been examining the damaged installation now it has


been refloated and towed to a safe anchorage on the other side


Councillors in Edinburgh have agreed to proceed with an ambitious cycle


path that will link east to west Edinburgh.


However, they have agreed to set up a working group


Some local businesses have opposed the route because they fear it


will have an negative impact on trade.


While supporters say it will boost fitness and improve air quality.


Four conservation charities have joined forces to oppose plans


for a new championship links golf course near Dornoch in Sutherland.


They claim the project would destroy one of Scotland's last remaining


undeveloped coastal dune habitats if it gets the go ahead.


What's said to be the world's most powerful tidal energy turbine


is about to enter its final stage of testing


at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney.


It's estimated that the device is capable of generating two megawatts


of electricity - enough to power around 1,000 homes per year.


The sectors convergend on initially looks like an underwater turbine at


the bottom of the seabed. We've approached the challenge in a


different way. We've mounted the turbines on a floating platform.


Members of Edinburgh's transport committee have voted to push ahead


with proposals to put Lothian Buses under the direct management


of the arms-length company Transport for Edinburgh


The decision came despite protests outside the City Chambers by workers


who fear that profits from one of the last remaining municipal bus


companies in the UK will be used to pay for the extension


A stray rhea that had been on the loose for a month


in South Lanarkshire has been captured -


but its fellow escapee is still on the run.


The flightless birds, which are related to ostriches


and emus, broke out from a smallholding in Wilsontown,


There will be no Scots in this year's European Ryder Cup team


failed to make Darren Clarke's final selection.


that the country hasn't had a representative.


My first wild-card is... Time tor the big Ryder Cup reveal. The


captain about to announce his wild-card picks. Lee Westwood. My


second wild-card is Martin Kaymer. My third wild-card is Thomas peters.


No place to Scots contender Russell Knox. He narrowly missed out on one


of nine performance-based automatic qualification spots. Now, he's


missed out on a captain's discragsry pick. There was a lot of competition


for those picks. We should be disappointed. I'm sure Russell Knox


will be disappointed and angry. Everyone picked is lower in the


world rankings than he is. Knox has lost out to Lee Westwood, the world


number 46. Martin Kye mother, ranked at 50 and rookie Thomas Pieters


ranked 41st. I phoned Russell yesterday to give him the


information is one of the toughest yesterday to give him the


phone calls I've had to make. Some people say he deserved the position.


I put them side by side. I've always been a Thomas Pieters fan. From the


roaring 20s to the 21st Century, Scots golfers have played prominent


roles in Ryder Cup teams. Not this year though.


An amateur orchestra based in central Scotland is hoping


Stirling Orchestra is the only Scottish finalist in a BBC


It's meant months of intense rehearsal for the musicians,


Isn't this exciting? Exciting and perhaps just a little terrifying.


Stirling orchestra takes to the stage. Nerves drawn as tight as the


strings. One, two, three... It's round one to find the UK's top


amateur orchestra. Stirling are flying the flag for Scotland. The


conductor is confident. We have a huge range of abilities within the


orchestra. You can still achieve a really successful concert if you


look for everyone to play together well. Back in stern, it's practice


night for the players. And their well. Back in stern, it's practice


followers. The piece is demanding. But the effort brings rewards.


Coming to orchestra once a week forces you into that routine of


getting the instrument out of the case on a regular basis. That


improves your playing over a longer case on a regular basis. That


peered of time. It's enjoyable as well. -- over a longer period of


time. 250 orchestras from across the UK tried out for this classical


battle of the bands. Stirling made it to the final five. The judges


want some fine tuning. You're good but you don't do what's in the


parts! There were just eight weeks between the first rehearsal and the


first knockout round. It's meant a lot of Hart work. They're hoping to


inspire others. I really hope those people who've vile lips under the


bed and trumpets in the cupboard will be inspired to dust them down


and come along and be welcomed as I was all those years ago. For this


orchestra, music is more a passion than a profession. And they're going


all out to show they're the best in Britain.


And you can see how Stirling get on tonight at nine o'clock on BBC Four


in "All Together Now - The Great Orchestra Challenge".


We've had a fine day with decent spells of sunshine. Temperatures


responded quite nicely in the sunshine. 20-22 Celsius in the with


a high of 25 Celsius in Fife. Not bad for the end of August. Not


everywhere has seen sunshine. Rain feeding into the Western Isles


during this afternoon. This evening and tonight that continues to spill


in through much of the north-west. Some fairly heavy pulses of rain for


a time. Gradually tracking its way eastwards during the night.


Generally becoming lighter and patchier as it does so. The rain


will be acaptainied by a fairly brisk south-westerly winds. Perhaps


touching grail force for a time across the Western Isles and nor


north-western coastal areas. A mild night to come for all of us.


Temperatures no lower than 11 or 12 Celsius are. Tomorrow morning, we


see rain clearing fairly quickly to the east. Behind that, we have


fairly brisk west to south-westerly winds. They will drive in a number


of showers especially through western and northern areas. Taking a


closer look tomorrow afternoon, around 4.00, showers to come across


the south-west, central areas. Towards the Western Isles and


north-west highlands. There will be some bright or sunny spells in


between the showers. The best of the sunshine tomorrow is likely further


east you are. Fewer showers here. For all of us, a fresher feel


tomorrow with those brisk winds. Temperatures generally around 15-20


Celsius. For the evening period, we continue along the theme of sunshine


and showers. However, during Wednesday night, a ridge of high


pressure will build in resulting in some dry and fairly settled


conditions as we head into Thursday. Though this rain will tend to arrive


later. Thursday in the morning, just a few showers across the north-west.


Otherwise dry and bright. We will see some rain arriving from the west


later. That's the forecast. Our next main bulletin is just


after the ten o'clock news. Until then, from everyone


on the team, good evening.


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