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New figures identify the country's haves and have nots.


The First Minister gathers a panel of international experts


to advise her on improving education for children


The child protection team which dealt with murdered toddler


Liam Fee was dysfunctional and divided, a hearing


It's just eight miles from Ferguslie Park in Paisley


to the Whitecraigs area south of Glasgow, in East Renfrewshire.


Ferguslie Park is officially the most deprived area in Scotland,


while Whitecraigs is at the other end of the scale -


The Government figures published today reveal a complex picture


Our social affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson is here to explain.


The first question to ask is, what is deprivation?


It's more than just being poor or on a low income.


The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation looks


There are the obvious ones like income, employment


and education, including the number of people going onto


But it also examines health, housing, including the number


of homes with central heating, crime levels and access to services


such as post offices and transport links.


For the second successive time, Ferguslie Park officially


has the greatest level of deprivation in Scotland.


It is second worst in Scotland for health outcomes


And the area is sixth worst for income and employment levels.


It's something the local council is already trying to address.


It is one of 50 projcts operated by the council to tackle deprivation.


Children get the best start in live life and their mothers can access


financial housing and benefits advice. I have help from every


aspect, talking about tax, benefit, talking about work. I used to think


thing things, they don't work, and for people on benefits. It is no, it


is to get people out. 240 families have received support from the


scheme, organisers say it is successful because it is local. I


think the local focus is key, services that are Renfrewshire wide,


people for some reason don't access them. With the school at the centre


means people access financial advice, housing advice, employment


advice as well as their positive experiences for the children. This


is part of a six million poverty fund. Too late to influence these


years figures but it believes a significant attempt.


This is not ever going to be an overnight


It's in Ferguslie Park and other parts of Scotland.


This investment is for the long-term.


It's from the early years, the youngest in our


It's about providing support for families.


Deprivation is measured by seven different


Ferguslie Park is second worst in Scotland


Its sixth worst for income and employment levels.


These figures come as research shows that


people in deprived backgrounds pay more for services and utilities.


It is important we have a inclusive growth so we pay attention the thing


that all things being equal don't benefit from expansion in the


economy and make concerted efforts to tackle the barriers of those


places face. The index is published as research


shows people from deprived backgrounds are paying a premium for


being poor, with utilities and services costing them more. We found


the premium exacerbates the effects felt by people living at or near the


poverty line, there is big instances of cutting back on expenditure and


food worryingly. There are plans to boost employment


in Ferguslie Park with a new sports complex and Paisley's bid for City


of Culture status. This measure of deprivation,


last published four years ago, will be used by Government and local


authorities to target resources Ministers admit they show tackling


deprivation is "a significant The Prime Minister has been meeting


the cab not at her official retreat. A statement after the meeting says


while there is a commitment to the devolved nations to make sure Brexit


works for all the timetable in terms of triggering Article 50 are up to


the UK Government. Our political correspondent is at Chequers.


If the Cabinet reached any firm conclusions on what form Brexit


should take they are not giving much away, after meeting of the political


cabinet this afternoon, Downing Street did confirm the desire to


push ahead with the exit process, and it seems that Theresa May is


looking for a bespoke deal for Britain, rather than some kind of


off the shelf solution. What does this all mean for Scotland and the


other devolved nations? A apparently ministers spent some time discussing


the Prime Minister's commitment to make Brexit work for all, there is


also clearly an emphasis though on the fact that the UK will take


decisions about what form the negotiations will take, and they


seem to be ruling out any kind of veto for Scotland and the other


devolved nations on the timing of when that process begins. It will


only begin though, when ministers agree what the future relationship


between the EU and the UK they want will look like.


The first advanced warship to be built in Glasgow in almost five


It's been hailed as a rebirth of Clyde shipbuilding,


but unions say there's still uncertainty about


Here is the Clyde. And here is the Forth. The Navy's newest patrol


vessel and the first advanced warship built on the river in almost


five year, the project has been hailed as a return to traditional


Glasgow shipbuilding but using modern and cost cutting technology.


This is the first of three offshore patrol vessels being built on the


Clyde for the Royal Navy and with negotiations on going to potentially


build two more, management say the future is bright.


Eight of these type 26 frigates are also due to be built on the Clyde,


but the order has been delayed by the UK Government, while it seeks to


reduce costs. Unions want that work to start as


soon as possible, to avoid skilled workers having to transfer to other


UK shipyards. What we really need is the type 26 programme to start


earlier than the dates that were speculated on which was late 2017


early 18. We need to get the manufacturing phase of that starting


earlier so we can use the workforce we have on the Clyde. However, the


shipyard operators say the work that is going on at the moment, lays the


ground for future success. The offshore patrol vessels are a great


example of us building up the capability in shipbuilding. It's a


great path into type 26, these vessels are helping us own that


capability and make us, you know, puts us in a good position for when


we start that programme. The patrol vessel programme is due


to last until autumn 2018. But then it is hoped new contracts will be in


place, to secure the future of this Clyde workforce.


And we can go now to our business and economy


We can see the vessel behind you it is an impressive piece of work but


the suggestion seems to be that the vessels like these are being used to


keep the Clyde in business. Yes, for the Royal Navy these are nice to


have but they are strategically not the reel deal. They might help in BA


have but they are strategically not systems winning e port orders


because they are less complex than the ships usually built on the Clyde


for the Royal Navy and the Navy alone. It is to plug a gap in order,


so the type 26 frigate, eight of them to be built on the Clyde, but


the deal has not been signed off between the Ministry of Defence and


BAE Systems. It is already, it is more than a year behind schedule,


and they are to replace the type 23 frigate. We are now told by a


Conservative peer speaking in the House of Lords just a few weeks ago,


that the type 23 is to be refitted, we are not told how much that is


going to cost, how long it will take, but that is connected, both


with a capability gap also for the Royal Navy, and a need to keep work


going in Britain's shipyards. What is the view on what needs to happen


to give the industry here a sustainable future? Well, there is


about 2300 people based working on these Clyde yards. They need to keep


busy, the yards need to keep work going, there needs to be a drum beat


of work. Some of them are commuting to Ross sit where they are


completing the work on the aircraft carrier. Some are going to Cumbria


to work on submarine, but they need, the unions say an order that will


take up these offshore patrol vessels, as that work winds down,


they need the work to come through, they need it next year rather than


the likely date of late next year or into 2018. Now there are, there were


originally supposed to be 13 ships built. They are looking at eight


frigates and five less complex ships. Not clear where they are


going to be built. We are hoping this year to, at the end of this


year to get the outcome of a national shipbuilding strategy. What


is this and what difference will it make? Well, yes, we thought we had


the strategy sorted out with the closure of the Portsmouth shipyard


leaving these yards as the only place where complex ships were to be


built for the Royal Navy. In the budget earlier this year, George


Osborne, then the Chancellor announced there would be a strategic


review of shipbuilding under an industry veteran, Sir John Parker,


he has been asked to look at it on a regular footing, value for money,


maintaining jobs and skills in Britain as well. We thought we had


that already agreed but he is looking a it again. It may be he


wants to increase the capacity of the shipbuilding in Britain, perhaps


for merchant shipping, we will find out, we hope, later this year.


Did you know Scotland now has an international council


They've been having their first meeting.


It's part of the Government's drive to reduce the so-called


attainment gap in schools, where children from low-income


households do significantly worse at school than those


The experts gathered with the First Minister at a primary


school in East Lothian, from where our political


It is a challenge for the kids at this primary school. The daily mile


races their fitness levels P -- raises. Setting a challenge of our


own the First Minister wants to improve Scotland's education. Aided


by advisers from across the world, she wants to close the attainment


gap. Schools should be places where we support children to overcomedies


advantage, and that makes it all the more important we focus on what


schools can do, to help young people overcome any disadvantage they come


across and that is why we are putting emphasis on the attainment


gap and how to close it. It is a modern school, far cry from the


Victorian classrooms in perhaps many of which were educated. During those


time Scotland's education system was top of the class: So to improve the


system, excellence and equity are said to be the guiding principles,


in these reforms. One adviser from Boston n the US, says they don't


want to close the attainment gap by meeting in the middle but by


reaching for the top. If you give attention to everybody the range in


a class narrow, it becomes easier to teach the kids to engain them,


because you are not distracted with behavioural problems with kids who


are finding the learning too difficult and so on. The


Conservatives say the Scottish Government must take note of what


the advisers actually say. Labour are more critical. I would be very


concerned if the meetings with international advisers were similar


Mr A smoke screen to hide the fact that the SNP have cut education


budgets every single year, that we have over 4,000 fewer teachers in


our school, that teacher training funding has been cut.


There is a lot of hard work ahead. Involving these advisers means the


First Minister is looking for an A for effort.


A senior social worker has told a hearing that a child protection


team which dealt with the murdered toddler Liam Fee was


The hearing is investigating the conduct of Lesley Bate, who faces


charges involving 16 children, including Liam.


She was a member of the team in Fife.


Andrew Anderson reports from the hearing.


Sharon worked with her in 2013. They were social worker with the Child


Protection Team based in Glenrothesful. She said Miss Bates


that were given task that were not done or there was no record they had


been done. In one case she said she had left a child in a vulnerable


position. Leslie bathes and the team were


involved in the case of Liam Fee. It is alleged Miss Bates failed to take


the steps to protect him from harm and 15 other children between


December 2011 and August 2014. Sharon Bar told the hearing there


was a split in the Child Protection Team in Glenrothes. There were


personality clashes and it was divided into two camps. Some staff


wouldn't speak to others unless they had to. She agreed that had an


effect on two case, although neither was that of Liam Fee. Liam's mother


and partner were jailed for his murder, concerns had been raised


with social work for his safety but their trial heard Liam had fallen


off the radar. That evidence came from the leader of the Child


Protection Team Karen Pedder. She is due to give evidence tomorrow.


Lesley bait is not attending this hearing and she has given up her


social work registration, she does not admit to any of the charges


against her. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. Ferguslie Park in Paisley is named


as most deprived place in Scotland as new figures identify


the country's haves and have nots. And we look at the comings and


goings as the football transfer deadline looms.


The issue of whether or not to resuscitate seriously ill


Now the Scottish Government has updated its policy on how


to deal with this difficult area of medicine.


It emphasises the importance of talking to patients


and their families about the potential consequences


of reviving someone towards the end of their life.


The new guidelines have been welcomed by one doctor whose husband


It does not mean people are not going to be treated, it very much


means they will be resuscitated if appropriate, they will be


investigated and treated and diagnose. Most importantly, they


will be treated as individuals and with dignity.


MSPs who work for ministers are no longer going to be allowed


to sit on parliamentary committees that review their bosses' work.


The Ministerial Code of Conduct is to be changed after opposition


parties complained it undermines scrutiny.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley is with me now.


Is it a U-turn by the Scottish Government? It is a change of heart.


A number of MSPs who worked closely with ministers are on the committee


relevant to the minister's portfolio. The Education Secretary


John Swinney's aid is on the education committee and critics ask


whether someone so close to a minister can scrutinise their


policies activity level. They say because Holyrood does not have a


revising chamber like the House of Lords at Westminster, it is


essential they question as robust Lee as possible. Margaret Mitchell


welcomed the announcement. It is a victory for common-sense and a move


that is welcome. It was not acceptable that people promoted and


appointed as Parliamentary liaison officers to a particular ministers


should then be a committee member of that minister's portfolio. There was


a conflict of interest. What is the Scottish Government saying? Nicola


Sturgeon announced the code would be revised so it does not happen any


more. When initial concerns were raised the Scottish Government said


there was not a reason that aid could not effectively scrutinise.


The First Minister said there is no evidence of any conflict of


interest. The rules are changing and evidence of any conflict of


those currently on committees will be removed soon.


The airline Jet2 has announced a recruitment drive


as it expands services, including 160 new jobs based


A total of 1,000 new flight and ground crew


jobs are being created for its eight UK bases.


The leisure airline flies 220 routes with 63 aircraft.


It's investing in 30 new planes for delivery over


A change in the traffic light sequence to ease congestion at one


of the Highland capital's busiest roundabouts has failed to please


Traffic jams have continued to build up at the busy Longman


roundabout, in spite of a recent re-tuning of the lights.


Bear Scotland, who manage the route on behalf of Transport Scotland,


said it was early in the trial process and urged


But the roads agency is being urged to take another look at the lights.


Andy Murray will play Spain's Marcel Granollers


in the second round of the US Open tennis.


The Scot won his first round match at Flushing Meadows


against Lukas Rosol of the Czech Republic last night.


The second seed is looking to add the US title to his recent successes


Andy Murray began his US Open campaign as the form player on the


circuit. The Olympic champion aims for further glory at Flushing


Meadows. With Ivan Lendl back in his corner for the first time since


Wimbledon, much is expected of him over the next fortnight. World


number 81 Lukas Rosol was the first obstacle. It became clear Andy


Murray would not stumble as he took the first set with minimum fuss. His


athleticism and shotmaking helped him race towards a second set. And a


final booming serve wrapped up the third set and the match. First and


second serve were good tonight and that is something I have worked on a


lot. It was good, through the grass at Wimbledon, and was important for


me. Especially in the final and the semis, not really giving up too many


chances. That ruthlessness will be required more and more as the


tournament progresses. Next up, Marcel Granollers, the Spaniard.


It's transfer deadline day in the football world,


and there are just over five hours left until the window shuts.


Our reporter John Barnes has been following developments,


I see over ?1 billion has been spent by clubs in England on fees.


I believe it's considerably less up here, John.


It sure is Jackie and by a long long way.


Not too much being spent by Scottish clubs by way of fees.


Rangers have signed the former Arsenal defender Philippe Senderos


The Swiss international, who was a free agent, has been


training with the Ibrox club recently and his signing


will complete their business for this transfer window.


Talks are continuing between Celtic and the Italian club Torino over


the transfer of defender Jozo Simunovic.


The Croatian's time at Parkhead has been hampered by injury


and he hasn't played since the end of January.


It looks as though Torino want to take him on loan


but Celtic would prefer him to move permanently.


Meanwhile Charlie Mulgrew's contract with Celtic expired in the summer


and he's joined the English championship club Blackburn Rovers


Elsewhere the Hearts striker Juanma has joined the Spanish side Murcia


Inverness have signed the former St Johnstone and Hearts defender


St Johnstone themselves have signed striker Joe Gormley on loan from


Mathias Pogba is leaving Partick Thistle.


The brother of Manchester United's world-record signing Paul


who had his contract cancelled by mutual consent.


Meanwhile Scotland international and Norwich striker


Steven Naismith has been linked with a move to Sunderland.


Naismith trained with the Scotland squad this afternoon


as they prepared for Sunday's World Cup


Already two other players have left the squad temporarily


Chris Martin looks to be leaving Derby for Fulham while Ikechi


Anya looks like moving to Derby from Watford.


Well, one Scotland football international made his big money


The teenager Oliver Burke left the English Championship for the top


The fee was a new record for a Scottish player.


Now he's vying for a starting place for his country.


This is not just any Scottish footballer, it is the most expensive


one. Sold by Nottingham Forest to Leipzig in Germany for ?30 million.


The price tag aside, what is so special about Oliver Burke? The


first day I saw him here, he blew me away. I was so excited by him. He is


a young player making his way, so he has a long way to go but he has a


tremendous amount to learn and develop as an international player.


He has started just 13 games for Nottingham Forest but has won two


caps for the national team in friendlies and he has been compared


with one of the game's superstars. Gareth Bale for Wales. He is very


much like Gareth Bale. I do not want to build him up to be Gareth Bale,


he is his own man. But from what I have seen, his ability, the sky is


the limit. It is all about his mentality and staying grounded and


working hard. Gareth Bale helped Wales to the semifinals of the Euros


2016. The Madrid player one of the world's best and being compared to


him is praise indeed. Hang on, Oliver Burke might not even play


against Malta on Sunday. Certainly in half a dozen positions two and in


some cases three players who could be in those positions. He might well


be the new Gareth Bale, but not yet. The last day of summer. What a


summer it was. It has been a mixed bag. Good


evening, the weather has not been too unkind today with a mixture of


sunshine and showers. This evening, the showers will become increasingly


confined to the north-west and far north, otherwise a dry end to the


day for most of us with spells of brightness. A dry night will follow


and there will be clear spells around with showers continuing


across the far north. Brisk wind across the far north. Enough breeze


to prevent the temperature falling away too far. Tomorrow, it dawns on


a dry note with just one or two showers in the door. Brightness for


a time, but cloud will increase, followed by outbreaks of rain, which


will be accompanied by strengthening winds on western coastal areas,


gradually moving east through the day will stop tomorrow afternoon,


across the western Isles, much of the north-west Highlands, far North,


Orkney and Argyll, persistent outbreaks of rain and breezy with


risk south-westerly winds. Shetland and eastern coastal areas will hold


onto something drier and possibly brighter tomorrow afternoon, lifting


temperatures to 18 at best. Otherwise cloudy with light and


patchy rain and temperatures around 15-17. Tomorrow evening, rain


tracking eastwards. As we go through tomorrow night, it should clear into


the North Sea and by Friday, we return to a mixture of bright or


sunny spells and also showers, fairly heavy and frequent in the


north-west, especially with the odd rumble of thunder, perhaps,


otherwise try and bright weather with spells of sunshine.


That is the campaign, he would appear to


Mexicans as having committed almost the cardinal sin of


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