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The NSPCC calls for action from internet companies after a jump


in offences for possession of indecent images of children.


A hearing is told that a social worker assigned


to murdered toddler Liam Fee failed to assess


As the number of Syrian refugees to arrive


in Scotland reaches 1000 we hear of the efforts


We remember the man who was at the centre


of the dramatic rise and fall of Gretna FC.


SCREAMS My goodness, I feel like I'm...


to the skies in a vintage plane over Ayrshire.


More than 1900 offences of possessing indecent images


of children have been recorded by Police Scotland


The NSPCC, which obtained the figures, is calling on internet


companies to do more to tackle the problem and for greater


Our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson reports.


These are the images of some of the paedophiles convicted recently of


possessing indecent images of children. Ph.D. Student James Hudson


was jailed last June for 18 months. Police IT worker Barry Rankin had


more than 300,000 indecent images on his computer and is serving five


years. Paedophile David Logan was placed on the six offenders register


for ten years at Dumbarton Sheriff Court. In the past three years


Police Scotland has recorded more than 1900 offences of possessing


indecent child images, that's well over the total for the Metropolitan


Police, the UK's largest force. Last year saw a 17% rise in offences in


Scotland compared to 2014. Police Scotland


says it's because they are taking a proactive approach to child pawn.


For the past three years Police Scotland have been committed to


keeping children safe and part of that key priority has been to tackle


the emerging national threat that we now recognise as being the threat of


online child sexual abuse. Because of that it is indicative of the


increase. Children's charities are calling on the digital industry to


commit significant expertise and resources to prevent the publication


and distribution of these images. We know that a lot of grooming and


sharing of images takes place via social media and we think there is a


lot more the industry could do to tackle this kind of offending via


their platforms. Boss of the harmful images children come across come via


social media and it's quite unregulated so we want the industry


to step up to do more to make sure they are protecting children as much


as they can be. Earlier this year police seized computers in a major


operation which led to 77 arrests and the recovery of 30 million


indecent images. The NSPCC which obtained today's figures through


freedom of information said they clearly show a growing problem of


people viewing child abuse material. Reevel Alderson, Reporting Scotland.


A conduct hearing has heard the social worker assigned


failed to take necessary steps to assess the risk he faced.


Child Protection team leader Karen Pedder has been giving


evidence to the Scottish Social Services Council in Dundee.


Karen Pedder was Lesley Bates's manager in the child protection team


in Fife and she said they had an extremely high caseload but that


Lesley Bates was no higher than anybody else. She acknowledged there


were internal divisions within their team but says she encouraged her


staff to act professionally and not be childish in how they dealt with


things. Lesley Bates had been assigned as a social worker to Liam


Fee. He was killed by his mother in March. Miss Bates faces several


charges involving 13 children including Liam. During the trial


Karen Pedder get us absurdly had dropped off the radar because his


social worker had gone off sick. Today Karen Pedder told the conduct


hearing at the Scottish social services council in Dundee she


believed Lesley Bates had not assessed the harm Liam Fee faced.


She said despite concerns she didn't have specific systems in place to


monitor Lesley Bates' work. She said she tended to keep lots of


information on her head speaking to staff at regular supervisory


meetings. She was asked why it was with vulnerable children at risk


nothing was being done to get them assessed. She said Bates was charged


with doing that. Lesley has chosen not to appear at the hearing and


faces being struck off the Joshua Wong register. The Serious Case


Review is being carried out into the failings of social services in Fife


to protect Liam Fee. -- social work register.


A total of 1,000 Syrian refugees are now living in Scotland.


It follows the arrival of 120 more refugees last week.


John McManus reports from an Edinburgh community centre


where some of the new arrivals are being taught English.


This is the reality of life in Syria, a country which has now been


at war with itself for five years. GUNFIRE


There is no sign the various factions will lay down their arms


any time soon. For some of those who have escaped like these refugees


taking English classes today in Edinburgh, Scotland's generosity has


been a lifeline. Passing the 1000 person mark means


that Scotland has taken about a third of the entire UK total of


refugees from Syria in the last year. English lessons are just one


of the classes that refugees are offered at the welcoming centre. It


is a skill they will need to get their heads around to become


is a skill they will need to get proficient in if they want to make a


success of their time in Scotland. proficient in if they want to make a


But one of those who has come from Syria says he may not stay forever.


Maybe not now. When Syria will be good I will come back, yes. Because


my family is in Syria now. My sisters and my brother are in Syria


now. Syria is very nice, very good. He has worked in telecoms and sales,


skills that Scotland can use. But does the government think the new


arrivals will avoid a culture clash? It's important people from all


different faiths, backgrounds and nationalities can coexist. We have a


good record of that in Scotland. We can't be complacent. There is always


more work to do and that's where the Scottish Government invests heavily


in community and equality organisations.


Angela Constance won't put an upper limit on the number of refugees who


might arrive in the coming year. Syrians are now living in almost all


of the country's local authority areas. As the spanking letter to the


First Minister shows they are profoundly grateful for the safe


haven they have been offered. Perhaps inevitably, though, the


Scottish weather has left them puzzled. The weather is crazy. John


McManus, Reporting Scotland, Edinburgh.


Scottish Secretary David Mundell has confirmed that a number of defence


sites in Scotland are likely to be sold off


as part of an MoD review of military bases.


Campaigners are concerned for the future of historic


Fort George near Inverness, currently home to the Black Watch.


There are also fears in Moray that the Kinloss barracks could


Our reporter Craig Anderson joins us now from Fort George.


What's the background to all of this?


Fort George is home to the Black Watch, the 3rd Battalion of the


Royal Regiment of Scotland. It was built after the Jacobite uprising in


1745. It's the oldest continuously used army base in the whole of the


UK. But history aside the Ministry of Defence is currently on a review


of the entire defence estate. Is looking to sell off land that it


of the entire defence estate. Is doesn't need and use some of that


money to increase the defence capability. It has already earmarked


22 different sites for sale and foreclosure, and it says it's


looking at all the other ones as well. -- for closure. In this letter


to the local MP Drew Hendry the Secretary of State for Scotland


David Mundell says the review is continuing, and he says that some


sites in Scotland are likely to go too. Iain Moody is engaged in a


widescale review of all of its premises across the United Kingdom.


It's not going to make any statement about any individual premises until


that review is complete. I don't think negative speculation is


particularly helpful because it's always easy to suggest that a


particular base is going to close, knowing that the MOD isn't going to


be able to deny that until the review is complete. So what happens


next? Well, one of the things the MOD says, or that David Mundell


says, is the future of the Black Watch itself is not under threat


because no cap badges are scheduled to go. It's merely the estate, the


actual properties that the MOD has. It says the review will be over by


the end of the year and we will know by then which bases are in and which


are out. But clearly campaigners have already got the bit between


their teeth. You may remember that just a few years ago RAF Kinloss was


converted from an air force base into a barracks for a unit of the


Royal Engineers with far fewer military personnel there are. And


only today the local MP there, Angus Robertson, has written to the Prime


Minister saying that must be retained and the promises made at


the time must be upheld by this government. So the fight for these


bases will go on. Craig, thank you.


A 29-year-old man has been charged in connection with an incident


in which a toddler fell from a flat window in South Lanarkshire.


Emergency services were called to Kirkwood Street, in Rutherglen,


The two-year-old boy was taken to Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth


University Hospital where he is still believed to be


The Scottish Labour leader has launched her alternative


programme for government - five days before the First Minister


lays out her plans for the new parliamentary year.


Kezia Dugdale says she's putting forward a "serious agenda


for change" with 13 proposed bills, including an education bill


to help close the attainment gap and a law to ban fracking.


The SNP say Labour's actual programme for government


was rejected by voters in May's election.


But Ms Dugdale insists she's focussing on what matters to people.


The SNP once again have announced they are going to have a campaign


for independence and I actually think Nicola Sturgeon should go back


to the Parliament next week and focusing on the bread-and-butter


issues affecting Scottish people, the quality of schools, NHS, the


care elderly people get, how to eradicate fuel policy Dunne poverty.


Those are just three of the programmes we have on our bill put


forward to the Parliament next week reflecting what Scottish people want


and moving away from the constitutional question.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Calls for action from internet companies after a big jump


in offences for possession of indecent images of children.


After Rio, Toyko is calling.


The Scots brothers targeting places in the 2020 Olympics.


It's more than two months since the European Union referendum.


And the focus now is very much on how and when Brexit will happen.


But the Electoral Reform Society has been looking back at the campaign


and today released a highly critical report saying there were "glaring


democratic deficiencies" with voters left ill-informed and disengaged.


I'm joined from Holyrood by our political correspondent Andrew Kerr.


It's a pretty damning critique of the Euro referendum, isn't it?


Yes, that's right. The electoral reform Society examining the


campaign up until June 23rd vote, they have been looking at the Leave


camp and the Remain camp and they'd tear into them. They say their


campaigns were ill informed, negative and dominated by big


political beasts on each side. So they say reforms should be put in


place in case there is another referendum, whenever that may be. To


that end they suggest allowing 16 and 17-year-olds the chance to vote


so people get engaged in the political process, as they did in


Scotland in 2014. They want a six-month campaign running up into


the referendum period. It was only four months for the EU referendum.


And they want an independent body to adjudicate on the claims and


counterclaims of each side, perhaps that might be a rather hard one to


instate. They do praise the Scottish referendum by contrast and say


Scotland became a hotbed of political spaces up-and-down the


country. The SNP have welcomed that, criticising the UK Government. But


speaking to Unionists today they say, hang on, don't get too carried


away. They claim the independence referendum was negative and


divisive, and they say they were glad to see the back of it. I


suppose at the end of the day one has to be realistic, pragmatic about


politics. It can be brutal and sometimes pretty miserable business.


Indeed it is. Andrew, thank you. A look now at other stories


from across the country. Scottish Borders Council is getting


ready to start a major cash-cutting The authority's executive


committee has been asked to approve the review,


which would begin this year The council says it's having to take


action to meet what it calls 600 runners have been told


to keep off the Grassy Bank during the race up


Ben Nevis this weekend. Scottish Natural Heritage


is imposing a diversion half way up, Entrants will be permanently


disqualified from the event Edinburgh Castle has


recorded its busiest day ever. Scotland's top tourist attraction


set a new record when it got more than 11,300 visitors


on the 16th of July. The figures were released


by Historic Environment Scotland, which said just under two million


people visited historic Scottish Newly-released drone footage shows


the scale of the project to upgrade The video, published


by Transport Scotland, shows how a new section


of the M8, between Shawhead It's due to be completed


by Spring 2017 at a cost A revival of the iconic 1970s


Scottish play "The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil"


is beginning a national tour. The Dundee Rep production


was critically acclaimed when it was The play was first performed


by the 7:84 Theatre company and is an account of Scotland's


history from the Highland Clearances It's going to really change wherever


we go. In Aberdeen it's going to be very interesting and poignant in


this current situation with the downturn in the price of oil.


Inverness, we have people coming from all over the Highlands and


Islands, that's the biggest we go to.


A recurring theme in Scottish football since the turn


of the century has been that of financial disaster.


And in the second episode of the series "Scotland's Game"


tonight, we'll be reflecting on the mismanagement


which plunged some of our best-known clubs into crisis.


Undoubtedly, the most high profile of these was Rangers.


But the story of Gretna was perhaps the most bizarre.


Giving Gretna fans good reason to bang the drum was a swift shift from


non-league football to the senior ranks of the Scottish game in 2002.


Thanks to money from a self-made millionaire. I will put in


investment that's required here to meet our requirements and our


ambition. COMMENTATOR: This is the title it's


there! They've won the league. Three promotions in three years brought


Gretna a season no Scotland' top flight. In between, they were a


couple of kicks of the ball away from lifting the Scottish Cup.


COMMENTATOR: Skelton steps up. Hearts have won the Scottish Cup


2006. Gretna were in demise. A situation caused in part by the


owner's and subsequent death. It fell away so quickly. When Brookes


took unwell, he couldn't communicate. His wife said unless my


husband tells me a write a cheque for anything, it's stopping. It was


that quick. From that day, no other money came into the club. Following


a board meeting on Friday the club's being placed into administration.


The Gretna fairytale had become a nightmare. It was an ego-driven


fantasy that pointed forward to worse to come of people spending too


much money on football that they cannot afford to pay. Financial


mismanagement at Gretna is one thing. But later, it would happen at


much bigger clubs with far greater rapifications for Scottish football.


And the second episode of Scotland's Game will expand


on the financial turmoil at some of the country's biggest clubs


And wry Murray -- Andy Murray is playing in the US. Open, he's up


against Granollers. He's 4-2 up in the first set. He lost the four game


of the set. The second seed has reasserted control since. It is the


best of five sets. Derek Hawkins believes his brother


and fellow marathon runner Callum The pair both competed in Rio,


with Callum finishing ninth. The brothers are now targeting


a place at next year's World Championships


in London. But Tokyo 2020 is already in their


thoughts. The Hawkins' brothers made up two


thirds of the British Olympic marathon team. But they were to have


very different Rio experiences. Injury meant Derek was happy just to


take part. Younger brother Callum did rather better.


COMMENTATOR: Ninth position he crossed the line there. He can be


very proud of that. He has a lot of his career het left ahead of him. He


will finish higher than that. How much higher? Tough to say, the


marathon's unpredictable. I want to finish even higher than I did in


Rio, in Tokyo. That's my goals. Derek's goals are to get back to


full fitness and use next year's London Marathon to qualify for the


World Championships in the same city next August.


COMMENTATOR: He finished so strongly. Well done to him. His


hopes for Callum are even greater. Assuming he stays healthy and


injury-free, he can improve on his ninth place. John Brown finished


fourth in two Olympics, British guy. His personal best was 2: 9. Callum's


is 2: 10. I think he can get into that ballpark. If things went right


on the day, there's an outside chance of a medal.


COMMENTATOR: Callum Hawkins of Great Britain in the front of the men's


Olympic marathon. Callum Hawkins's rice to prominence has been swift.


From his first marathon less than a year ago to a top ten in Rio. If


that progress continues, he could yet be the first Brit to win a


marathon medal since 1994. The quota of international players


in the British Elite Ice Hockey league has risen again


for the new season. Scotland's four teams have all met


the full import numbers. But it means Scottish players


are being squeezed out. Preparations are well underway for


the new season. That means the arrival of signings from overseas.


The import player numbers are up again this year to 14. That may


raise the bar for sport here in the UK, it's not all good news for


will make the cut at the top level. will make the cut at the top level.


. And for Fife Fliers in Kirkcaldy, it's no different. Giving kids hope


to play in this league is becoming a difficult thing for them to believe


or buy into. They're not seeing the chances. They're not getting the ice


time and games which they need to develop. When I put a British kid on


the ice or a Scottish local kid out on the ice, they get louder and


they're rooting for 'em. But that's a lot farther in between. Fife


aren't the only up withes facing this dilemma. Not all are happy


about the number creeping up once more. I'm disappointed we keep


increasing the import levels. I've calm through the junior development


system in the UK. Made it to the top level of the game. Our ethos as a


clip, you want to see more kids come through development system. What


about the young players' themselves? Not only do they have to earn a


player in the side but they have to keep it. I managed to do it. Not


smoothly but it was still a big jump. Some of these guys coming


across, it's prettyity scary playing with these guys. I watch them,


especially the defenders. Pick bits of their games up, try to copy them.


These guys know what they're doing. Fancy doing a loop-the-loop


in a vintage fighter plane? We've sent our reporter


Laura Maxwell to Ayrshire, where final preparations for


the Scottish International Airshow are underway, to take a spin in one


of the display aircraft. It's not every day I need a harness,


parachute and full safety briefing when I go to the office. But then


it's not every day I deb flying in one of these. It's a 1966 Nanchang.


Built by the Chinese people's Liberation Army. It is Lawrence's


plane. He is one of the pilots who will put on a display at the


airshow. It's a wonderful pleasure to fly. A wonderful thing to be able


to share with other people. Let them see the aeroplanes we have the


pleasure to fly. Let them enjoy it. I hope they do enjoy the aeroplanes.


When I went up, I wasn't just quite so sure! Argh! Oh, my goodness, I


feel like I'm going at 100m ph! No, you're going about 200m ph. There


were trips to Prestwick to see the airshow as a boy which sparked


Lawrence's love of all things aviation. I didn't know any pilots


where I was brought up. Being at Prestwick, seeing the pilots,


talking to them, watching the aeroplanes, it gave me a treatment,


really. I was fortunate to eventually get there after many


years of pursuing the dream. It's hoped the display he and others put


on this weekend will help to inspire the next generation. We want to


leave a legacy at Prestwick airport. We're running a week of stem,


science, technology and mast. To launch the Lawrence's of the future.


It's certain theless unusual ride in an aeroplane I've ever had!


Maintainer her composure, just about! Not great weather for flying


though, is it? Up and down and same over the next few days. Autumn


started on a decent note with brightness and some sunshine too.


During the day, it's been a going downhill type of day with most of us


seeing some cloud and outbreaks of rain. Certainly that theme continues


this evening. Heavy pulses of rain through Dumfries and the borders for


a time. During tonight, that rain clears into the North Sea. Behind


it, largely dry conditions with some clears into the North Sea. Behind


clear spells. Just a few showers across the north-west primarily


being pushed in on south-westerly winds. Not a cold night to come.


Temperatures generally around 12-14 Celsius. Something just that bit


chillier for some shellered rural areas. Tomorrow, a mixture of


sunshine and showers. The showers primarily across the north and


north-west. Fairly frequent and, at times, heavy showers here. Fewer


showers to come over central, southern and eastern areas with more


in the way of sunshine here. Indeed, in the sunshine tomorrow afternoon


here, temperatures will peak around 18 or 19 Celsius. Not feeling too


bad at all. Across much of the north however, we'll continue to see


shower tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps the odd rumble of thunder and a


fairly fresh feel again with highs of 16 or 17 Celsius. Towards


evening, that sunshine and showers theme continues. The showers again


heavy and fairly frequent across the north and north-west. Especially.


Into Saturday. Open to a degree of doubt at this stage. We've various


frontal systems sitting in the western Atlantic. Tropical air in


the mix too. Some heavy rain expected at this stage it looks like


that rain will primarily affect end land and Wales. In Scotland, another


day of bright spells, some sunshine and also some showers and highs of


18 or 19 Celsius. We may just see a longer spell of rain pushing into


the south later. For Sunday, again, low pressure in charge. Sunshine and


some showers. That's the forecast. Graham.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news:


More than 1,900 offences of possessing indecent images


of children have been recorded by Police Scotland


I'll be back with the headlines at 8pm and the late bulletin just


Until then, from everyone on the team, right across the country,


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