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Health officials declare a national ecoli outbreak as more cases


are confirmed with a Lanarkshire cheese said to be


Politicians dress up to highlight the battle against cancer as access


Scotland's Brexit minister meets his UK counterpart and says


it's "inconceivable" he won't be involved in negotiations.


Criminalising psychological abuse - a new law to tackle the controlling


If you happen to be looking for a nice quiet game this is the one to


Eighty years after that film was made, we look ahead to the final


Scotland's food standards watchdog says it believes 19 people


who became ill during a recent e-coli outbreak


Officials said most of those were known to have


Food Standards Scotland has ordered a blanket ban


on all products from the makers, Errington Cheese.


Our reporter Aileen Clarke is here with the latest.


Tonight NHS Scotland has confirmed the number of cases


And the team managing the investigation say 19 of those


had eaten blue cheese and 15 of those people infected with E-Coli


are known to have eaten the Dunsyre Blue product.


What they will not tell us however is whether the three year old girl


who died during this outbreak was one of those who had eaten blue


We also know a small number of E-Coli cases in children


are being investigated in the Angus area.


Initial inquiries suggest these could be linked


All six cheese made by Errington in Lanarkshire were ordered


to be withdrawn from sale by Scotland's Food Standard's Agency.


But there is criticism that move is over-cautious


Well I am surprised all the cheese being produced by the company has


been withdrawn, in a very sort of premise triway, the company wasn't


given a chance to respond to the withdrawal notice as it were, and so


the food standard Scotland is taking a very precautionary line.


The team is defending its decision, saying they have taken a large


number of samples and these have identified a number of different


cheeses produced by Errington Choose containing organisms with the


potential to cause serious illness, including the E-coli bug. As for the


producers, they have stuck to their position, saying all their testing


has found no trace of E-coli, and they say that has been confirmed to


them, by various micro biological experts.


A mother of two who had to crowd fund her treatment


after being denied a new drug for breast cancer, is now to receive


the medicine on the NHS - after she wrote to the First


Tonight Anne Maclean-Chang said she was "delighted" -


Nicola Sturgeon welcomed the Grampian health board U-turn -


but warned that it was impossible to provide every patient


with the medication they thought they required.


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Yes, it is the First Minister gashed in pin. Nicola Sturgeon joined


fellow leaders to back the charity breast cancer Now, smiling together,


to help combat pain and anguish. But earlier political conflict. Today


Easdalely record highlights the ramty of cancer treatment under this


Government. The paper told of a woman, a mother of two, denied a


cancer drug which might prolong her life. The drug isn't routinely


proprescribed and her appeal for individual treatment was rejected.


Alerted to the case, the First Minister's office contacted Grampian


health board yesterday. This morning following further discussions with


her clinician, NHS Grampian has agreed to fund this drug, and I


understand she has been informed of that this morning. Delight, probably


a bit of surprise, after the fight I feel I have had, trying to get to


this point, so quickly, there seemed to be a turn round. I believe they


had over 100 women like me in Scotland with this disease and some


of them may well benefit from the drug as well. Some conscious that


although this personally is a great, you know decision for me, it doesn't


help these other ladies that are out there, that are already diagnosed or


about to be diagnosed. In a statement to the health board


confirmed it was their call. It said:


Wonderful news said Kezia Dugdale but what about others? Can she


assure the chamber that cases like this will never happen again. No, I


cannot and I will not give an assurance that no patient will ever


again find they cannot access a drug they think in all sincerity they


should, because in any system, that has to assess drugs, there will be


be hard decisions that are difficult for all of us, where drugs are not


accessible for a particular patient. There is a review under way into how


patients can access new medicines in Scotland. At the core of that, is an


attempt to persuade the drugs companies to charge lower price, to


the NHS. But from the general, to the particular, tonight one mum is


to receive treatment which she hopes will give her a longer time with her


Scotland's Brexit Minister says it's "inconceivable" that the Scottish


government won't be involved in negotiations on devolved issues,


when talks take place on the UK leaving the European Union.


Mike Russell has held his first meeting with his Westminster


counterpart David Davis, in Downing Street.


Mr Russell warned it would be inconceivable for ministers in


London to negotiate devolved issues on Scotland's behalf.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley is at Westminster now.


And Nick, this is the first time these two men have met


That is right. I think today was about two things in particular.


Firstly it was a chance for the Scottish Government to set out its


key interest, the one we have heard a lot about in the last fortnight is


membership of the European single market. The Scottish Government


beliefs we need to stay in, the UK Government is yet to detail exactly


what it thinks on the issue. Secondly it was a chance for the


Scottish Government and the UK Government to discuss what role


Scottish ministers should have in formulating the UK Government's


Brexit strategy, and one area in particular that came up today is


what role Scottish ministers play when it comes to discussing devolved


issues. Massively embedded in how the whole of the UK is now, we


believe in moving on from that, but it would be inconceivable that the


areas were negotiated on by anybody else. They are the responsibility of


the Scottish Government and Parliament and I think we have to


make that clear. We are at a very early stage in the process, we have


to understand how we take forward the respective interests of


Scotland, indeed other pars of the United Kingdom and how the


negotiations are going to be structured.


He also told the BBC he is still open to Scotland having a slightly


different relationship with Europe, than the rest of the UK, post


Brexit. But that is not an idea that than the rest of the UK, post


is shared by everybody at the UK cabinet table. I am told there will


be more details of Scotland's role in the Brexit talks, in the next few


weeks and there will be more of these talks between the Scottish and


UK Governments as they try and formulate some common cause moving


forward. I think it is unlikely all will be as positive as today.


Plans to make emotional and psychological abuse a crime have


The proposals will also see a separate offence of domestic abuse


Victims groups welcomed the move - they say for too many years


the focus has been entirely on physical violence,


when the mental torture can often be worse.


Cover yourself up. Nobody wants to look at you. Domestic abuse takes


many forms. It can go on for year, gradually gnawing away at the


victim's self of sense. Make me feel worthless. Abuse for five years this


woman's former partner was eventually jailed. She is still


suffering. Depressed. Isolated. Anxious. Always feeling you had to


run thing past and ask for permission. And trying to separate


me from my friends, who could see through him. There tends to be a lot


of self blame because they have been told over and over and over that


this is only happening because they are not doing things right, they are


not behaving in a proper way, they are not cooking, cleaning properly,


and so, you know, that sense of person is eroded. This abuse is


designed to be tackled by the new legislation. It is the controlling


nature and the psychological abuse, and we have in the existing law,


provisions the deal with the physical aspect of it. What this new


legislation will do is to help with the psychological consequence that


go with domestic violence. Cases of physical domestic abuse are


currently prosecuted under existing criminal laws like breach of the


peace or assault. Experts say they don't give sufficient powers to


bring abusers to justice. The new law that is coming into place in


Scotland will allow officers to go incidents and look at the whole


story of what is happening in that particular relationship. So it is


not just about the physical assault, not just the sexual assault it is


about the isolation the controlling behaviour, the put downs and


together they can be panelled up and put to the problems ray for fiscal.


We are offering victims protection, we are offering the police more


teals in the war against domestic abuse. It is estimated a woman will


be initially or emotionally abused 30 or 40 times before she reported


it. MSPs voted unanimously to ensure the law will be on her side.


The UK government Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley,


has announced a new BBC Charter for the next 11 years.


The Minister told MPs the BBC should represent ALL parts of the UK,


but she added any FINAL decision on the Scottish Six


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Health officials declare a national ecoli outbreak,


Trainspotting as you might not have seen it before.


The MP for Midlothian, Owen Thomson, has called for the UK government


to act urgently to allow a nine-year-old Syrian boy,


Mohammed Karou, who was feared dead in the country's civil war,


to be allowed to join his parents in Scotland.


The boy's parents fled from north-east Syria earlier this year,


But recently, having settled in Penicuik,


they discovered he's still alive but trapped in Syria.


TRANSLATION: Started with an area I had been living with, when the bomb


has been dropped by the aeroplane, and we shocked, we tried to escape


and we shocked, we tried to escape and run away.


kill more people than malaria or breast cancer.


are confident of developing new drugs and ultimately a cure.


Good morning. How you doing? Are you all right? Rosie is four, she has


him phone what, a blood cancer, -- lymphoma. Her body couldn't fight a


hidden and potentially lethal infection. Chemotherapy lowered her


immune system and that is when she became ill, leading into January.


Hence that is when the fungal infection started. The fungal


infection made Rosie seriously ill, her parents faced huge uncertainty.


One of the real difficulty is knowing whether a patient has a


fungal infection or not. One of the things I am hoping for is that new


tests to identify Feng gut Gus for say patient doesn't have fungus


might come from the type of research we are hoping will be done locally


in this new centre. Patients like this whose immune systems aren't


working properly are especially at risk of infection. Not enough is


known about how to prevent them or cure them. Amazingly there is not a


single vaccine against any fungal pathogen out there. More than one


million people die each year when the cells inindividual their body


and a vaccine is only one weapon in the cells inindividual their body


the armoury being developed by these scientists at Aberdeen University.


We need better drugs to be able to combat infections, we have drugs and


they work but they can have bad side effects and we have worryingly


increasing resistance to the drug, one of the greatest cause of death


is the fact that clinicians are unable to diagnose the infections


quick enough, so if we had better diagnostics that would save lives.


The odds are stacked against patients like Rosie, but she has


beaten them. This work could mean countless others do too.


A look now at other stories, from across the country.


Seven buses have been destroyed in a fire at a depot in Greenock,


Emergency services were called to the premises of Wilsons Buses


in Baker Street at one o'clock in the morning.


Forensic scientists are at the scene, and police have


A 17-year-old boy has been rescued after falling down a steep


gorge on a remote farm near Sanquhar in Dumfriesshire.


Moffat Mountain Rescue team was called out early this morning.


Both the Scottish Ambulance Service and a Coastguard rescue


helicopter had been unable to reach the teenager,


They eventually managed to get a stretcher to the casualty,


and he was taken to Dumfries Infirmary for treatment.


Post Office workers across the UK went on strike today in a dispute


over branch closures, job losses and changes to pensions.


The 24-hour walkout, involving staff in Glasgow


is being staged by members of Unite and the Communication Workers union.


An agreement's been reached that will see a mountain weather


The Mountain Weather Information Service had warned it might be


forced to close, if its public funding was withdrawn.


Now a deal has been reached with Sport Scotland to secure


money for the service for at least three years.


Two Scottish universities have launched a programme to tackle


the problem of sexual assault....A report by the National Union


of Students suggests that one in five experience some sort


of sexual harassment during their first week of term.


The Let's Talk initiative is a joint project between Glasgow University


Sexual violence as a crime area is chronically underreported. The


issue, we're not suggesting Glasgow has some problem not replicated


everywhere else. This is a problem in society. We should be taking the


lead as a veep versity. Andy Murray will miss his


grandfather's funeral But crease brown's proposal was


vetoed by the old firm clubs. Brown told them his suggestion centred on


making sure more young Scottish players were introduced to football


sooner. COMMENTATOR: McCoist. Yes. This is


Scotland beating France on the way to qualifying for the 1990 World


Cup. France didn't make Italia 1909 yet won the whole thing in France


1998. Craig Brown credits France's former technical director Gerard


Houllier for changing their fortune. Gerard's rule was no top division


club in France can sign more than 20 players over the age of 21. At


Monaco, they brought in two 17-year-olds to the first team.


Teary Henry was one. Two years later, they were in the French


national team. Convinced Houllier's under-21 rule was the way to go, he


failed to get to into Scottish clubs. Representatives from Celtic


and Rangers were there. Celtic and Rangers voted against The proposal


was never instigated. The old firm feared it would restrict them. Acies


have introduced international quality players. I think Hamilton


for me have the best set-up in Scotland bringing young players


through, developing them. Hopefully, giving them a platform to enhance


their life and careers. I think if you look at the two James's that


have moved on in particular, certainly they're the trail blazers


for that and set the stand order for everyone else. Only Darren Fletcher


for that and set the stand order for and Paul Lambert have Champions


League winners' medals since it started in 1993. So more trail


blazers would be very welcome. You can mow reflections about the last


30 years of the Scottish football on the fourth and final episode of the


Scotland's Game documentary tonight. Now to Scotland's other national


game - because this weekend two teams from the Highlands meet


in final of the Camanchd Cup. Oban Camanachd will be out to cause


an upset when they play thirty times winners Newtonmore


at Fortwilliam on Saturday. Our reporter David Currie looks


forward to the big match. Queen Victoria was on the thrown


when this trophy was cast. It's been the sport's greatest prize ever


since. The sport, well, here's a news reel description from 1938.


#23u happen to be looking for a nice quiet game, this is the one to


avoid. It's the Scottish form of hockey called shinity. One of the


club's in that film won the trophy hockey called shinity. One of the


that year. They've won it twice since. The Camacheros have another


attempt on Saturday. For Oban, it's massive. There's people coming up to


me that don't even know them. They recognise me from whatever. Whether


it's the semi time or Wharfe. People coming up saying we're going to see


the game. There's a buzz about the town.


COMMENTATOR: He's in the box! He's in the net! Oban are up against the


most successful team in the club's history. Newton Moor have won it 30


times. Been in many finals myself. Seen both sides of the scenario. The


joy and the hurt of defeat. If the Cup's back in Newton, it will be a


good weekend. It's heads. So... Oban have already scored a miner victory.


The winners of the Cup will not be decided on a coin toss. The action


won't be staged like it was for that news reel in 1938.


COMMENTATOR: There's a player mistaken for the ball. He shouldn't


have got in the way of the player! Goodbye.


A novel about a group of in Edberg. Train spotting went on to


become a film soon to have a sequel. The play went on to tour the world.


Now it's back where it first began in Glasgow as our Arts Correspondent


reports. Relinquish and junk stage one. Preparation. A familiar scene,


a familiar story. Even if many of this cast weren't around when Train


spotting first burst on to the Scottish cultural scene. They all


grew up with RRenton, Spud. It is riddled in Scottish culture in terms


of the book and film, everything. Getting a part like that, also doing


something a little different with it so people aren't going, cool, like


the film. The fill can which 20 years on, is still instantly


recognisable. So much so, the cast of the stage play have created their


own trailer in tribute. With train spotting two due in cinemas next


year, these characters seem here to stay. This is awe they are Irvine


Welsh speaking earlier this year. When it came out at the time it was


rest onnant with working class people. All these industries were


disappearing. Now it's more rest ninety with middle class people.


Their jobs are disappearing like journalism because of the technology


or at least are disappearing ace paid work. You have big


RAFifications of that too. That keeps it rest onnant in people's


minds, really. Steel yourself, Spud. Let's go for it. For the citizen's


theatre in Glasgow who staged the Let's go for it. For the citizen's


play first in 1994, it was an obvious show to revive. It is about


a group of disenfranchised characters who are struggle to


escape the world they're in. That's politically, socially, culturally.


That's as relevant now as in the eighties. One packet of mouth pass


tells. A bottle of mutty vitamins. It's a circle which has taken over


20 years to complete. A scriptwriter who loved the story who brought it


to the Citizens, took it round the world and brought it back again. Now


the weather. Real warm conditions. How long will it last? That's it.


Good evening. For some, it was warm. We start with Cowles. Beach weather


for some today. Not all. That picture taken on the north


Sutherland coast. 26 was our top hot spot in Boyne in Aberdeenshire. If


you had cloud down the west or east coast, much cooler. That wet weather


spreading across the country overnight. Fairly murky down the


east coast. The rain coming your way by dawn tomorrow. That should clear,


that low cloud. It is a fairly mild by dawn tomorrow. That should clear,


night tonight. We'll see a spell of rain. Temperatures around 13 degrees


in town. Perhaps a touch cooler in the north-west once the rain clears.


Tomorrow morning, a wet start for eastern Scotland with rain first


thing. Clearing away. Perhaps taking a while to clear the north-east of


Aberdeenshire and Shetland. Elsewhere, dry and bright. Spells of


sunshine. A fresh feel. Temperatures 15-17 Celsius. Bear in mind some


areas today had temperatures in the mid--20s. A different day entirely.


Around the west coast, cloud, sunshine and finally, we've lost


that low cloud around the north sea coasts. Shetland, perhaps showery


outbreaks of rain lingering into the afternoon for you. The rest of the


afternoon into the evening, largely dry. Some clear spells a ridge of


high pressure builds in as we head overnight into the weekend. Quite a


chilly night Friday to Saturday. The countryside perhaps down into


mid-single digits. But that ridge of high pressure with us for Saturday.


That means the first half of the weekend is dry and bright. Some


lovely spells of sunshine. Temperatures where they should be


for the time of year, about 17 Celsius are. Perhaps some thicker


cloud, the odd spot of rain in the far north-west later. Sunday, that's


when the rain really arrives. The weather front pushing in. The rain


heavy at times. The exact timing of it making further eastwards likely


to doubt. That's the forecast. I'll be back with the headlines


at 8pm and the late bulletin


just after the 10 o'clock news. Until then, from everyone on the


team - right across the country -


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