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A British man inspired by so-called Islamic State has


Demonstrations are held across Scotland, in protest


at UK government changes to the state pension age.


Calls for more support for victims of asbestos-related cancer,


The dramatic increase in demand for venison -


Welcome to take the floor on radio Scotland with Robbie Shepherd.


He's one of the most distinctive voices on Scottish radio,


but now Robbie Shepherd is leaving the floor.


I'm taking a break, that is for sure. But as they keep saying, I'm a


wanted man! And Davis Cup defeat for Andy Murray after an epic


five-setter. The man he defeated in the Olympics gets his revenge to


give Argentina a winning start in the tie.


Demonstrations have been held across Scotland in protest


at the effects of the UK Government's alterations


Women born in the 1950s say the changes mean they're losing up


to ?40,000, because they're unable to retire


Here's our social affairs correspondent Reevel Alderson.


One of a series of demonstration against changes to state pension


arrangements for women. They say they have paid into the scheme, but


the changes mean they aren't getting a payout. Lynne has studied the


figures, because she has had to go back to work, now she won't get her


pension as she expected at 62. For people like myself born in 1954, I


don't get my pension until I'm 66. That is a four-year... Period and


this amounts to you know... Figures between 30 and 45,000. It is a lot


of money to come out of your pension pot. This This has been a lengthy


process. In 1995 the Government announced they would equalise the


pension age for men and women and 12 years later, Labour said they were


putting the age for both men and women up to 66. But they were


spreading the transition over 22 years. In 2011 the coalition said it


was accelerating that process, giving some women just two years to


adjust their plans. Like Cathy, who contracted an illness, meaning she


was happy to retire at 60. Now she has to continue working. I have


was happy to retire at 60. Now she worked for 47 years. Looking forward


to retiring at 60. When I took my illness, that made you know it


imperative that I had to retire and got this letter saying it would be


65, I was shocked. I couldn't believe that I had to work another


six, nearly six years. This is a matter reserved to Westminster and


the department for work and pensions said women retiring today can still


expect to receive a higher state pension over their lifetime than any


woman before them. Campaigners are calling


for greater support for victims of asbestos-related cancer,


who're fighting for It comes as an Inverness sufferer


claims that his former employer, Highland Council,


is deliberately ignoring The council says it can't comment


but that communications would be made via a lawyer


and not a claimant. Gardening and swimming have kept


James fit and healthy in retirement. But recently the Inverness pensioner


felt himself frail and underwent tests at hospital. I had to go up to


the hospital and ask what was the results. It was all bad. No cure, Mr


Nichol. In March he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an incurable lung


cancer, almost always caused by asbestos exposure. He this it took


place when employed as a labourer. But while still in receipt of a


council pension, he says the authority has turned its back on him


by failing to reply to correspondence. I think they're


giving me the run around, if you can term it like that. Or the


solicitor's getting the run around. Hopefully they will shut up and days


peer. It is for my family. It won't help me. Groups campaigning for


victims say cases like his are on the increase and many women are now


presenting with asbestos-related illnesses, which have traditionally


been associated with men and Scotland's industrial past. We are


seeing teachers and nurses, it didn't matter if it was in industry,


during the war, when ever, women have always worked. So when you have


someone perhaps a nurse who work -- walked through the corridors and the


pipe were lagged with asbestos. They would be exposed. Law changes gives


sufferers more rights than anywhere else in the UK. I know it will get


worse. I have to think how bad is it going to get. Some like Annie a


former factory worker, maybe eligible for a one-payment from the


Government. But the fight for civil compensation is pe set by problems -


beset by problems of gaining evidence. Sad. Frightened. Angry.


Campaigners warn that the legacy of asbestos will continue for decades


yet, with case numbers unlikely to peak for a few years.


It's the start of the annual party conference season this weekend -


kicked off by the Liberal Democrats in Brighton.


In the first of a series of interviews with party leaders,


the UK leader Tim Farron says the First Minister is using Brexit


to drive a wedge between Scotland and


He's accused Nicola Sturgeon of deliberately using


the controversy over the UK's future relationship with Europe to boost


Mr Farron has been speaking to our Westminster correspondent,


The last few years have not been kind to the Lib Dems in Scotland.


Falling ratings, mirrored by dire election results. Last year in the


general election, the party was all but wiped out. There is now only one


Scottish Lib Dem MP at Westminster. At Holyrood, once a party of


government, the Liberal Democrats can only raise enough MSPs for a


five-a-side team. But since June 23rd, everything has changed. Brexit


as altered the political terms of trade. Like my constituency in the


Lake District, Scotland voted to remain in the EU. That is something


the SNP need to take note of. They're using that and we agree with


them on that, but they're using that as a wedge issue in order to try and


take the Scottish people out of the British family. Now, a call for


voters to be give an further say on just what Brexit will mean. Our job


collectively and I'm happy to work with the SNP, is to make sure that


Theresa May presents the deal she comes up, good, bad or indifferent,


to the people in a referendum, because it will be wrong for people


anywhere in the UK to have deck Kated -- dictated to them a deal


that no one voted for. The Liberal Democrat have dubbed their logo the


bird of liberty. They will be hoping after the EU vote, Phoenix-like it


can help them rise from the ashes. And we will be hearing from other


party leaders as the autumn conferences take place,


over the next few weeks. Scotland could lose out


on a multi-million pound business, if more isn't done to support


and encourage deer farming, according to experts trying


to develop the industry here. UK sales of venison have grown


dramatically in recent years, but local producers can't keep up


with consumer demand. And so increasingly,


imports from as far away They have been rearing deer for 12


years at this farm in Aberdeenshire, and in that time the popularity of


the meat in the UK has soared. It has become a very fashionable meat.


It has a lot of things that people want. It is low in fat. It is high


in iron. High in other things. And that is what people want to eat. And


you see it a lot on TV, the chefs are using it now and that has


attracted people to the meat and the demands has grown. Venison from wild


deer shot in Scotland still far outweighs the amount from farms. But


the wild kill it static and unlikely to increase. The gap between sup Mr


And demand is -- supply and demand is being met by imports. It is a


tragedy that deer farming in New Zealand and Scotland began at the


same time and now in New Zealand they have over a million deer on


farms. That is bigger than the beef industry here. In the UK we were


held back by the fact there was no support from the Government no, subs


dips, people -- subsidies, people preferred to stick with what they


knew. This farm has been expanding over the past decade and now has 200


breeding hinds. But those behind the development of industry say Scotland


should have more farms if we are to meet the expanding appetite for


venison. It would be good to see help for fencing coming through the


grant scheme and that would encourage more people to get


started. And I think the market is just going to keep moving on. If


industry says if there is no help to just going to keep moving on. If


expand, we will be importing twice as much venison in five years and


Scotland will have lost out on a multimillion pound business.


An 84-year-old man has died, after a house fire in Glasgow.


The blaze broke out yesterday evening in the Partick


Police and fire crews were called to a house in Crawford Lane


An 83-year-old woman, who was also in the house,


was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital


and is being treated for smoke inhalation.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Demonstrations are held across Scotland in protest


at UK Government changes to the state pension age.


Collision course - Joey Barton says Rangers are wrong


to send him home after a training ground bust up.


Andy Murray has been defeated in the opening match of Britain's Davis Cup


tie against Argentina. Juan Martin Del Potro won in five sets in Andy


Murray's longest ever match. It is revenge for Del Potro, he was


defeated last month. Relative calm outside for those arriving to see


the home hero. Their peace would soon be disturbed. # Oh Andy Murray!


He will do fiep. He's profession -- he will do fine. He has to bounce


back from the US, no bother. He is a professional and I think he will win


today. There is always the warmest of welcomes in Scotland for Andy


Murray, but the fans are hoping for a repeat of the Olympic final


against Juan Martin Del Potro. Could Olympic gold in Rio before Davis Cup


glory in Glasgow. The Scot broke the serve. But Del Potro broke twice and


took the first set. The Andy Murray response would be key. Fight or


flight. Oh, that is brilliant. This shot suggested fight. What a shot!


Del Potro could only hang on so long and Murray tied the match. And when


Del Potro could only hang on so long Andy Murray isn't happy, he is happy


to let the umpire know. But the world No 2 can feed off that kind of


energy. This his response to a Del Potro set point. No! That is amazing


from Andy Murray and like that final in Ghent last year. The fight back


was complete and he edged ahead 2-1. Would it be straight forward then?


Del Potro needed just a single break of serve to level it up at 2-2. The


Murray momentum had stalled and he was able to save one match point on


his own serve. When the second match point came, Del Potro made no


distake for a famous -- mistake for a famous win. That is all he needed.


Revenge for Rio. Misery for Murray. Delight for Del Potro. I think we


did a great match. I won, but I still remember the Olympic final!


But I think this is very important for me, for my team and we are


looking forward to reach another finals in the Davis Cup.


A ?10,000 reward has been offered for information


about the murder of schoolgirl Caroline Glachan in 1996.


The 14-year-old was found dead on the banks of the River Leven


Her mother, Margaret McKeich, recently led appeals


on the Crimewatch programme, as the inquiry reached 20 years


The charity Crimestoppers said the reward would be paid if


information is supplied which leads to an arrest and conviction.


The Scottish SPCA is investigating, after a cat had an airgun shot


up its nose in Blackridge in West Lothian.


The two-year-old pet, called Max, now has a pellet permanently


embedded in his skull, as a vet would need to remove his eye


Officers have described the attack as "appalling".


The amount of Scotch whisky sold overseas is up


According to the latest industry figures, international sales


More than half a billion bottles were shipped from Scotland


in the first six months of this year.


However, the statistics also showed a small fall


The redevelopment of a historic railway station in Royal Deeside,


which was destroyed in a fire, has been approved.


The Old Royal Station in Ballater was ravaged by the blaze


It had been the final stopping point for members of the Royal Family


Earlier this year we told you about a research project looking


at the viability of hops being grown in poly-tunnels


The test crop is now ready for harvest.


Initial indications are that it may well prove an attractive


proposition for both local growers and brewers alike.


This shows very clearly that we can grow hops in this country in this


kind of environment. Under plastic, they grow very well. Plants outside


of plastic are about a third of the size of these once. We have a crop.


We will take it to local brewers and see what they can do with the


product. The Rangers midfielder Joey Barton


has questioned the club's stance, after he was sent home from training


following a bust-up this week. The 34-year-old has been told


to stay away until Monday, after an argument about


his side's defeat to Celtic. The club have so far remained silent


on the issue - not so, the player. Here's our Senior Football


Reporter Chris McLaughlin. Defeated 5-1 by your rivals on


Saturday followed by a furious row with team-mates at training on


Tuesday. Sent home and locked down. Not the best of weeks for Joey


Barton or Rangers. I've been asked to re-evaluate the way I'm thinking


at this moment. I don't think they are going to change. We've obviously


lost to our fiercest rivals, we've come in Monday and Tuesday untrained


and tried to pick the bones out of how we get better. We are asked for


an opinion and I'm somebody who gives an opinion. That opinion


sometimes stretches to politics. If the government could introduce


something where people on low income benefits... Always keen to sell


themselves as a pundit on issues off the field but there is no getting


away from a chequered past. In 2012, he was given a 12 match ban for on


field clashes with opponents as a he was given a 12 match ban for on


QPR player. He has a controversial past but when Rangers signed him in


the summer they were also signing someone named in the English


championship's team of the year. The problem is, he is yet to show any


signs of that here in Scotland and now there are doubts as to whether


he will get another chance. He will meet managers at the club on Monday


and only then will we find out if he has a future at Rangers.


Staying with football and Scotland's women have qualified


They just needed a point in their match against Iceland next week,


but Portugal's win over Finland this afternoon means


Anna Signeul's side have now secured their place at Euro 2017.


The tournament takes place in the Netherlands next July.


He's been described as a national treasure, who's changed the way


we listen to our traditional music and kept our feet


Now, at 80, Robbie Shepherd is about to bow out as presenter


of BBC Radio Scotland's "Take the Floor".


But he says he's no intention of retiring all together.


We joined him in the studio, as he prepared for


Hello and welcome to Take The Floor here on BBC Radio Theatre and. We're


coming towards the end of a great series when we have been looking


back and celebrating my 35 years as presenter of this very programme.


One or two took quite some time to get used to the voice. In fact, in a


magazine called the box and fiddle I was slated for my accident. Good


afternoon, all. I didn't know an awful lot about Scottish country


dancing. I was a village lad and I ran the dances in the village.


Started with the foxtrot and the dashing White Sergeant, I built a


programme like that. I liked to think that I am broadcasting to a


lady in the top ten and in Glasgow at the same time as I'm chatting to


a lady in a croft. He knows such a lot about music and he also loves


it. They used to be quite a gulf between Scottish dance bees can folk


music will stop it was too different scenes. Over the years, because he's


into his music he has gradually brought the two things together. You


can walk into a pub somewhere in the middle of nowhere and Robbie opens


his mouth and they all turn around and say "Robbie!" It has been 35


years of pleasure with the sheer cooperation of everybody. I'm taking


a break, that's for sure. They keep saying, I'm a wanted man. I hope


sincerely they haven't heard the last of this Doric voice. To one of


the sporting world's legends now. The Brazilian footballer


is in Scotland this evening - half a century after his


only previous visit. Fans are paying up


to ?900 to meet him Our reporter David Currie was hoping


to speak to him for free. 40 years after hanging up his boots


at the age of 75, the great Pele is making the news still despite not


turning up. Younger viewers might wonder what all the fuss was about.


This might help explain. COMMENTATOR: Pele! He's got it. That


is Brazil's 100th goal in the World Cup. The greatest footballer of all


is Brazil's 100th goal in the World time, Farhat. The only three times


World Cup winner. His only other visit to Scotland was 50 years ago


during preparations for the 1966 World Cup. Does the man who inspired


generations of footballers have any advice for aspiring Scottish


football superstars? Fans are spending up to ?900 for an evening


with Pele. He is donating some of that to charity. He doesn't need the


money. For his super fans, meeting Pele is priceless. Unfortunately,


David still hasn't managed to speak to the great man. Here's ever


hopeful. The press conference has been delayed but tune in at 10:25pm


to hopefully see more of Pele in Glasgow. Now, let's have a look at


the weather with Christopher. A fuchsia hours but for many it was


a lovely day with bright sunshine and blue sky and more of that on the


way tomorrow. There will be some long clear spells so cooler than the


nights we have seen of late. In towns and cities, perhaps 8-9dC. In


nights we have seen of late. In role areas, down to a chilly three.


That is because high pressure is building bringing clearer skies. A


good chance of seeing the harvest moon. Plenty of sunshine, perhaps a


chilly start in the countryside but things soon warm up and with light


winds conditions very pleasant indeed. Perhaps, the wind building


in the West by afternoon and evening but for many it is just a pleasant


afternoon with Fairweather cloud. Temperatures are fairly pleasant as


well. Always a touch cooler around the coast. But very pleasant for


most. A bit of cloud towards the north-west. In Orkney, plenty of


sunshine. Cracking visibility for hill walking or climbing. Winds are


light, casting a little bit further. Similar for the Eastern Rangers.


Into Saturday evening, it is staying dry. The cloud building in the West


and the first hint of change afoot. There is another weather front


moving in from the Atlantic so for some it will be cloudy and wet,


mainly in the West and the Hebrides. Elsewhere, fairly cloudy compared


with Saturday with the best of the sunshine in the east. The wind


starting to increase in the South. Taking a while to move inland.


Reaching eastern Scotland by the end of Sunday night.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news.


Demonstrations have been held across Scotland in protest


at the effects of the UK government's alterations


Women born in the 1950s say the changes mean they're losing


up to ?40,000, because they're unable to retire


There have been dire warnings about the state of the EU,


as the 27 leaders meet - minus the UK - to map out


The German chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU was in


That's reporting Scotland. Alistair Fraser will be back with the


headlines at


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