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Scotrail and the RMT agree on a deal to end the dispute over driver


The fight for the skies over the capital -


Edinburgh airport receives thousands of responses to a consultation


Also on the programme, Willie Rennie tells the Lib Dem


conference that the SNP and the Conservatives


are the terrible twins of British politics.


Rangers suspend Joey Barton for three weeks following


And going the extra mile - the runner who's about to tackle his


ScotRail says its reached agreement in principle with the RMT union


to end a dispute over driver only operated trains.


The company says it includes a guarantee that a conductor will be


kept as a second member of staff on new trains being


Here's Huw Williams with the latest.


This dispute has always been about who operates


The RMT said having a second member of staff working on a train is vital


But now Scotrail says the deal which has been agreed in principle


guarantees that that second person will be there.


It should mean an end to the industrial action


which disrputed some trains earlier in the year.


And in fact more strikes were planned, but they were suspended


earlier this month to allow talks to go ahead.


Scotrail has welcomed the development.


It says it'll make its services more efficient and effective.


The union says its officials will be reporting to the RMT


National executive tomorrow, where the proposals will be


It'll make its position clear after that.


But there'll need to be a ballot of union members to ratify the deal.


I think we can confidently predict that both sides will be claiming


Edinburgh airport says it has received thousands of responses


to its public consultation on changing flight paths.


The first phase ends today, a week later than planned


after the airport was forced to apologise after losing


Scotland's busiest airport is getting even more popular. Passenger


numbers are up 12% on this time last year. And it plans to expand. Just


the sort of news, owners of this West Lothian golf club want to hear.


Certainly the airport expansion will hopefully raise the profile of the


area and raise the profile of West Lothian, the more people we can draw


to the area and the more awareness we can raise our golf club and clubs


in the area, it can only be good. Edinburgh airport wants to get more


flights in but it also wants to increase the frequency of outbound


flights to one a minute and to do that, it says it wants to expand the


flight path it uses. This consultation gave the public they


say on proposed envelopes of air space that could be utilised. They


change the flight path... In some parts of the countryside like


blackness, local residents say the tranquillity has already


disappeared. We are fighting against a giant and we are a small group of


people, because of their oral area, there are not that many people


living here. It is like David and Goliath. One every two minutes, a


few thousand feet above you, the rattle in the air, it is very


unpleasant. The air space here was designed in the 1970s. Back then, it


handles around 1 million passengers a year and now it handles over 11


million. The modernisation programme has had a bumpy ride, a cancelled


flight path trial last week and an admission of lost data, but the


airport says it is listening. We have a chance to redesign the sky,


we could design routes that better balance our group with their


requirements as well and we can look to try and alleviate some of the


problems that are there through a variety of things, either


modernising the flight routes or using different routes at different


times. The airport says the results of this phase will inform their


designs, but no changes to air space of this phase will inform their


will take place before December, 2017.


The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has accused the SNP


and the Conservatives of campaiging on "fear, not hope" in his speech


Willie Rennie said the Lib Dems needed to be "progressive,


Our political correspondent David Porter is in Brighton.


They're not the party of government they were two years ago -


do the Lib Dems seem up for the fight?


No, they are not and I think that is part of the reason that the language


we are hearing from Willie Rennie. He is keen like other senior Liberal


Democrats to get a hearing for his views, over the last couple of


years, with the UK General Election and Holyrood elections, it is fair


to say that the Liberal Democrats are feeling pretty marginalised at


the moment. They only have one Scottish Liberal Democrat MP in


Westminster and five MS peas and to that end, Willie Rennie is saying


that his party will be progressive and outward looking and optimistic.


Willie Rennie is acutely aware that in political times, the only show in


town at the moment is Brexit and the reaction to that, hence the comments


he has been making today. He has accused both the SNP and the Tories


are trying to make party political advantage of that EU referendum,


almost three months ago now. It is a dismal scene that has been visited


upon us by the Conservatives and the SNP. Stalled investment, uncertain


future for EU citizens, divided families, split communities,


economic instability, tensions between the nations of the UK. This


is the work of the terrible twins of divisive politics.


And I believe the former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown


Yes he has, three months on sense that EU referendum, he has been


thinking about what it will mean for the UK and also Scotland and whether


it remains part of the UK. In his words, he believes that three months


on, the prospects for the union are in his words less dire than they


were directly after that referendum and he says that he believes that


any moves for a second independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon will, in


his words, try to play things long, but he says that if Britain does not


stay part of the single market, he believes that that will strengthen


Nicola Sturgeon's hands in any call for a second referendum in Scotland.


Looking at what will happen in Westminster, he says depending on


the way the Brexit negotiations go, he thinks the Prime Minister could


be tempted to call an early UK General Election, perhaps as early


as May next year. Thank you. And we will be bringing you further


reports with the other Scottish political leaders


as their conferences happen over A report has found that some


of Glasgow's iconic Red Road flats withstood a blast demolition last


year because they were built An inquiry was ordered after two


of the blocks remained partially standing following


the operation last October. It said the contractor, Safedem,


had identified discrepancies between the construction records


and the size of the steel The report concluded that Safedem


had followed good practice and had been "reasonable"


to "err on the safe side". A massive transport ship


is preparing to head for Lewis to move the stricken oil rig


Transocean Winner. The heavy lifting vessel the Hawk


is due to transport the structure The rig ran aground on the island


last month after it broke It's been controversial from


the start but Aberdeen City Council has announced what it hopes to do


with the 500 year old Campaigners had been fighting


to save the historic building as a controversial office and retail


development is built around it. Now there are plans to create


a museum about the people Kevin Keane has been


given a guided tour. Quietly hunkering down in the middle


of this building site, Provost Skene House holes half a millennium of


history. Inside, little has changed since the builders moved in next


door, but plans are being hatched to create a new museum here, to the


Aberdonians who made their mark on the world. What we want to do is try


and turn it into a Who's Who from Aberdeen, people who went out into


the big world and made a huge difference and that can be through


science or through food or music, sport... It is about connecting the


relevance of them to people who live in Aberdeen and visit today. The


city 's affections for this building span the decades and centuries, the


late Queen mother visited in 1953 to mark a previous refurbishment. This


time almost ?2 million will be used to make it attractive to a


21st-century visitor. But there have been protests about the effect


Marshall Square will have on Provost Skene House as it nestles between


the tall structures. You use the word nestle and I would say the word


entombed. I think that this is not sympathetic. We have never had a


very good view of Provost Skene House since the 1960s, but it was


certainly not the density we are seen at the moment which really


distracts from the area. Plans are now being drawn up about which


Aberdeen notables will feature in these historic rooms and how the


16th and 21st-century 's can sit comfortably together. It does not


look great in the middle of a building site but will it look


impressive when it is finished? At will. We will have baronial gardens


around, I historical arch, you will be able to see on the ground floor,


glass buildings and the thing that will catch your eye, the gardens.


The aim is to have the refurbished museum finished and ready for when


the Square reopens in less than one year.


Accusations of homophobic language have been made after a satirical Rap


song was performed on Sunday at an Independence convention.


The all-female group Whatshirface impersonated female


Scottish political leaders - and one of them the Tory leader


This was the sketch that was performed at the Scottish


independence convention on Sunday, singers representing the female


political leaders of Scotland struck the stage, making political jokes


and innuendo. What has caused controversy is that the Ruth


Davidson character is introduced and was the term offensive? An MP was at


the event and call the hilarious social media but Annie Wells who is


also gay, disagreed and has written to her asking her to apologise.


There is no way, we are trying to educate and have inclusive


education, yet we have got a member of Parliament saying that that was


OK, it was hilarious and it was just satire. It certainly was not. Ruth


Davidson recently announced that she was engaged to her partner, Jennifer


Wilson, but she has made jokes about lesbians as well. The Labour and


Green Party also have gay leaders but Stonewall Scotland says


homophobic language can still be heard in the classrooms in Scotland


and workplaces. Not everyone thinks that language leads to


discrimination. There is a real problem that we have lost the


distinction between words and actions. There is a difference


between people saying things are cracking crude jokes and people


being violent and we should get back to


recognising there is a great difference and one does not directly


lead to the other. Joanna Cherry has issued a response to the criticism


saying, I thought the performance yesterday as a satirical comedy


sketch written by lesbian women and performed by lesbian women which


mark representatives of all political parties including the SNP.


In that context, I do not believe that was intended to be offensive,


but I do understand why some find it to be. She says she regrets the


offence that was caused and will continue to champion gay rights.


John McManus, reporting Scotland. You're watching BBC


Reporting Scotland. Scotrail and the RMT agree on a deal


to end the dispute over driver And still to come...Rangers suspend


Joey Barton for three weeks following a training


ground argument. A small number of children


from the Angus area have been quarantined in hospital


as investigations continue NHS Tayside says they're


being treated within a dedicated area of Ninewells


hospital in Dundee. Some of the children are confirmed


to have the infection while others The health board says it can't


disclose the number of cases A vigil will be held


outside the central mosque in Edinburgh following an attack


on the building yesterday. Police are investigating a hate


crime in which an object was thrown The vigil has been called


by Edinburgh United Against Fascism, and will feature speeches from local


councillors and a minute's Scottish Paralympians


are on their way home from Rio after helping to ensure these


Paralympics were a great success Paralympics GB surpassed their medal


tally from London 4 years ago and the Scots competing in the GB


team did likewise. Our reporter Jane


lewis joins us now. Thank you, the Paralympics came to


an end overnight with a closing ceremony at the Myra, stadium


marking the end of 11 days of action across 22 sports. Paralympics GB won


147 medals, including 64 goals -- The Paralympics in Rio came


to an end overnight, with the closing ceremony


at the Maracana Stadium, marking the end of 11 days


of action across 22 sports. Paralympics GB won 147 medals -


including 64 golds - making these Paralympics their most


successful since Seoul, 1988. And the Scots competing


for Paralympics GB played their part Scottish Para athletes won


17 medals - five Gold, eight Silver and fourBronze,


across five sports. Visually impaired sprinter


Libby Clegg had a great Games - she was crowned


a double-Paralympic Champion, while 16 year old Maria Lyle from


Dunbar won three medals and swimmer Andrew Mullen also bagged


a hat-trick of medals. While tennis player Gordon Reid won


Paralympic Gold in the singles Andy Murray has always been a big


inspiration of Reid's and that there is a photo of him from London,


from 2012, his gold medal, the last when you see just before you enter


the court. I glanced at that every day before I had a match. He


inspires me. He is an incredible athlete. A true professional. And


obviously comes from the same part of the world as me. It is amazing,


obviously comes from the same part what he did, a real honour for me to


be able to emulate his success on the court.


Scottish Paralympians are on their way home from Rio


after helping to ensure these Paralympics were a great success


Like Gordon Reid, the majority of the Scots on Paralymics GB


are on world class programmes run by UK Sport so were entitled


to a share of the funding from that body in the build up to Rio.


Over the 4 years leading to Rio - UK Sport invested just


over ?70 million pounds in to Paralympic Sports -


a forty three per cent rise in funding from the previous 4 year


Or as each of those athletes will receive a competition awards and


Dickie you put that together, it allows each of them to be full-time


athletes. Our job in Scotland is to produce that pathway to allow the


next generation of talent is to get into those programmes and we have


invested ?60 million in the same cycle to add to the UK total and


take things forward. Unlike UK Sport,


Sportscotland integrate that ?60 million funding


you heard mentioned there across Olympic


and Paralympics sports. They say after the success of both


Games in Rio from a Scottish point of view, the next step is to carry


out a review as they look to setting their funding


for the next four years. Thank you. And now for a look at


other stories across the country. MSPs are to challenge the government


about the... It comes as Scotland prepares to set up its own social


security framework and are taking on extra welfare powers from


Westminster. Restorers working on the reconstruction of the


fire-damaged Glasgow School of art have been given access to Charles


Rennie Mackintosh's original plans in their new home at the Kelvin


Hall. This in a document is proving vital for rebuilding work. We are


seeing them thinking out loud on these drawings. There are pencil


marks, crossings out, and we are seeing things that he thought about,


and maybe thought were not a good idea. For us it is essential because


we have to get under the skin of that man to understand exactly what


was in his head when he was designing that building. The stars


of the musical five guys named Moe have helped launch plans for


Edinburgh's Christmas celebrations. Attractions will be commented by new


additions in the West End and George Street. 10,000 free tickets will be


given to children for the ice rink, which is returning to St Andrews


Square. It is about what it says of the city at this time of year. We


are up there in terms of Christmas and Hogmanay, up there with London


and Rio de Janeiro. And we want to maintain that because we are proud


of it. The world's leading experts on canals are gathering in the east


this week. Delegates will discuss how canals can be used as a tool in


urban regeneration as well as the opportunities available for


sustainable tourism. The Countess of Wessex is cycling a 450 mile palace


to palace right, starting from Holyrood house to Buckingham Palace.


Prince Phillip and her husband, the Earl of Wessex, waved to the


Countess off as she began her bike ride in support of the 60th


anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.


Rangers have suspended their footballer Joey


It follows a training ground dispute with his teammates


and his manager last week, and a meeting this morning at Ibrox.


The 34 year old came to Glasgow this summer,


in one of Scottish football's most high profile transfers.


Here's our senior football reporter, Chris McLaughlin.


The usual procession of sports cars at the Rangers training ground this


morning, but one was missing. A few miles south, Joey Barton was in a


meeting here to discuss his future after being told to stay away


following a heated training ground argument last week. Minutes after he


emerged, a club statement reading: that could be interesting in itself.


The midfielder releases a book on Thursday. The title, no nonsense. He


has a number of TV and radio commitments in the next 48 hours to


promote it. Ferguson! It's brilliant! More than likely the end


of the road, according to one former captain. Rangers probably knew what


they were getting with joy when they signed him. In terms of him being


suspended for three weeks, I am surprised at that. I don't know what


is going to happen after it. It looks to me that maybe his Rangers


career is over now. Mark Warburton bought a Joey Barton in the summer


to add experience but also to send a message out to Scottish football


that after years of turmoil here, Rangers could still attract the big


names. Some said it was a bold move, others that it was a gamble. No


matter who is right and who is wrong, weeks after arriving here,


Joey Barton's future at this club looks increasingly in doubt.


One of Scotland's Olympic gold medallists has had his


stolen medical files made public by hackers.


The cyclist Callum Skinner, who won gold and silver in Rio,


is among numerous athletes to have their records posted


It says he was granted an exemption to use the banned substance


There's no suggestion Skinner has been involved in any wrongdoing.


A man from Orkney is gearing up to tackle his 100th ultra marathon.


William Sishel, who's in his sixties, was inspired to take


up the sport after he found he had just too much left in the tank


If successful, he'll join a very small group of people worldwide


Meet the man who found a marathon simply too short. 20 years since his


first ultramarathon, this weekends William Sishel will be looking to


complete his hundredth. During that time he has tackled everything from


40 kilometres all the way up to the world's longest certified race, some


3100 miles. The oldest man ever to complete it, he put that down as his


biggest challenge to overcome. I went to areas where men had never


been before. The demands of the event, you have to start at 6am


every morning and finish at midnight. You can go home early if


you want but it leaves you less time to do the distance. It is on an open


street circuit in Queens in New York. It was noisy, and I was


homesick. This one here is from the world's hottest ultramarathon. 135


miles. Taking up the sport at 40, William has amassed 18 wins and 183


records. All from a space on the small -- a small island in Orkney.


This weekend, the fight is against the 24-hour road race in


Switzerland, a century insight. In total, William has run a staggering


20,000 miles in races. Add that to a further 57,000 in training and it is


the equivalent of going around the world three times. During that


period he has gone through 150 pairs of socks and 65 pairs of trainers.


Yet despite the fact he is approaching pensionable age, there


was no sign of retirement for the 62-year-old. Absolutely not. I don't


wake up every morning and look at my birth certificate. I am fighting fit


and loving every minute of it. Why would I want to retire I am doing


well at it. Now here's Graham Stewart


with details of Scotland 2016. The dream will never dies says Alex


Salmond but to years on from the referendum, are the prospects for


Scottish independence any brighter? Will we be asked to vote a second


time and if so, how soon? The debate is over on BBC Two at 10:30pm.


Now, a new list of names has been published by the met office.


It includes Penelope, Malcolm, Wilbert and Fleur,


and not forgetting Dorothy and Angus too.


They're the names to be used for storms when they happen this winter.


I notice my name is not there. They are all suggestions by members of


the public, actually. And they compiled these lists, and that is


what we have got for this winter. 11 named storms last winter. Thankfully


no signs of our first one yet. They are only named when the impact is


deemed severe enough. But you are right, now Christopher Aurora, but


there was a Jackie on there. It is pretty settled weather across the


country at the moment. Here is the satellite picture from earlier. The


cloud bubbling up through the course of the day. This was what we


cloud bubbling up through the course Ullapool, picture from a weather


watcher. Tonight it is dry and the cloud tends to melt away, to give


long, clear spells. The wind is generally light away from the West


Coast, with temperatures in towns or cities nine or 10 degrees. Tomorrow,


there is a weather front out in the Atlantic but it will stay there for


most. Another dry and bright day for many. Early mist patches will


quickly lift and cloud will bubble up during the course of the day.


Still bright or sunny spells to be had. By mid-afternoon, we are


looking at temperatures of 15 or 16 with light winds. For most, it is a


dry day with decent spells of sunshine on offer. The rest of the


afternoon, into the evening, and the showers in the North West will merge


to give a longer spell of rain. That is the start of the next system


arriving as we had overnight towards Wednesday. On the pressure charts,


we can see that rain edging its way in, giving us a spell of wet and


windy weather through the Hebrides come Wednesday. Elsewhere, dry and


British. Cloudier than today or tomorrow. -- dry and bright. Later,


that wet weather will dry inland, bringing a spell of rain for all. It


will be gone by Thursday to bring a dry and bright day. Breezy from the


south with a number of showers in the West. Looking ahead towards the


end of the week, weather systems arriving off the Atlantic. An


unsettled scene. Breezy and windy at times. Also, quite wet as we start


the weekend. That is the forecast. I'll be back with the headlines at 8


and the late bulletin just


Join Jackie Bird for the latest news headlines, and Glenn Campbell for a special debate with voters quizzing both sides on what the EU referendum means for Scotland.

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