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Staying in their Highland home, the Brain Family,


facing deportation from the UK, have been granted leave


It was wonderful to be able it pick him up from school this afternoon.


We had to collect him early, before the bell went, to tell him we are


staying here now. We'll speak to the


Brain family live. A social worker involved in the case


of the murdered toddler Liam Fee is found guilty of misconduct by a


professional watchdog. A survey of the nation's health


finds almost a quarter of young Those figures also show


little change in levels of exercise - despite a promise


that the Commonwealth Games And the future of tennis -


Andy Murray says a lasting legacy for


the sport in Scotland. The Australian family,


facing deportation from the UK, have been granted leave


to remain in the Highlands. Gregg and Kathryn Brain


and their son failed to meet a deadline to qualify for a new visa


and were told to leave over But the couple have now


found work which meets The brain family face a more


uncertain future this evening, after being told the leave the UK six


weeks ago, they've now found work which means they can fulfil a dream


and stay in the Highlands. Overwhelmed with emotion. I can't


describe how I feel. Seven months now we have been without work and,


you know, struggling and fight through this whole process. Gregg


Gregg Brain came here to study at the university of the Highland and


Islands on a student veesia. They understood they be able to stay and


work here after she completed the course, but immigration schools


changed making that more difficult. Now she has secured a new museum


curator's post with a national hotel chain, which meets Home Office


requirement, giving them leave to remain in the UK. We have a


sponsorship on board. They speeded a sponsorship for this particular


position but the position meets all the criteria for the Home Office. We


feel like we have been guided. We followed the path that needed to


happen. We quite often found, in our lives, that we get reminded that


things for us happen, not just in the 11th hour but the 59th minute,


just to remind us that it is not entirely us. After a high-profile


campaign was launched for them to stay, the Home Office argued that it


gave the family a number of extension, allowing them time to


secure a job which would meet immigration rules. But their local


MP says lessons must be learned from the way they were treated All this


grief and all effort that so many people had to put in place over the


last few months was unnecessary. I think it really demonstrates that


ultimately, we need control of immigration policy here in Scotland,


so we can make decision based on our own needs and own criteria and I


look forward to the situation that no-one else has to go through the


kind of thing that the family have gone through over the course of the


next few months. After months of living in temporary accommodation,


the family are now looking for a permanent home but they have one


final hoop to jump through, at the permanent home but they have one


request of their young son, Laclin. What do you want in the back yard? A


trampoline. And we can speak to


Gregg and Kathryn Brain Greg this has been a long


and exhausting process for you - what life lessons have you learned


having lived through all this? The importance of persistence. Yes.


You must be feeling very happy tonight. Relieved as well. What are


your thoughts on what you have gone through and the way that the Home


Office handled the case? ? Look, we are absolutely elated that we have


got this leave to remain now. So I'm feeling elation that we are able to


stay. I'm feeling furious that we have had to go through all of this


to get to this point when we were proimsed a two-year visa after


Katherine's studies when we first arrived. Mostly I'm feeling


gratitude for the support we have had. The MP, to our lar, to


fulfilled his brief and presented an application that would give the Home


Office no option but say yes and the support we have had from the


community, be that Ding skas ball, the Highlands, Scotland and all of


the UK. . We have had cards from as far afield from Essex, giving us


messages of support. So to all of those people thank you very much.


All that of political support, the media attention your case received,


Kathryn, how much do you think that helped your case to stand out. You


are not alone, lots of other people aren't as lucky as you have been. I


don't know if there is a lot of luck in it. It was a lot of hard work


from so many people. But one thing our coverage of our situation has


brought forward, as so many other families that are in similar fights


with the Home Office, for legitimate cases, they are completely


legitimate in their application, that are struggling with trying to


meet the Home Office criteria, which, you know, it may suit some


parts of the country but not all parts of the country, so a regional


policy is what is really needed. As a family you can start planning


ahead to the future. What are your hopes now, apart from the


trampoline? Well, yes, he definitely wants that trampoline.


Well, the immediate plans, the plans we have had in place for a couple of


weeks now s I'm graduating with my degree. I actually have to hand my


degree back to the university so they can give it to me formally at


Orkney at the Cathedral. I'm so looking forward to that. And an


anniversary. And we have been married 25 years next week, so we


are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary up there as well by


renewing our vows or receiving a blessing at the St Magnus Cathedral


while we are there. If not on the Friday, most likely on Saturday if


we can arrangement but we have to get them in place yet.


Congratulations on that and thank you for joining us this evening.


A social worker involved in the case of the murdered Fife toddler,


A watchdog found Lesley Bate guilty of 12 charges involving


It said her misconduct amounted to neglect.


But it also criticised her employer and some of the witnesses


Panel members heard five days of evidence and today delivered their


judgment on Lesley Bate. She stayed away. The charges against her ran it


five pages. She was found guilty in all but one. 12 charges, involving


15 children over a three-year period. Some of them were thought to


be the a risk of physical and sexual abuse. One of those children was


Liam Fee. A child minder first raised concerns with her social work


in January 2013. Liam has a massive bruise on his forehead. A month


later, further concerns about a neck injury. More than a year later, Liam


was murdered by his mother and her partner. Lesley Bate had visited


Liam's home after the first injury. His mother said Liam had fallen out


of his cot. Miss Bate accepted that. She then failed to follow up on the


later concerns. None of this will surprise this who feared from Liam's


safety and tried to get him help. The whole community is completely


knocked by this. The worst part is that a lot of people were speaking


up and obviously we weren't taken seriously enough. The Scottish


social services Council panel found Lesley Bate left Liam Fee and other


children at risk of actual or potential harm and that her "serious


misconduct" amounted to neglect. Fife Council says it has every


confidence in the potentiallyism and Fife Council says it has every


integrity of the staff who gave evidence but tonight there are calls


for a wider review. It is very clear there was no joined-up working and


the communication seems to have been extremely poor throughout this case


and we have to make sure there are no others who were allowed to slip


through the net. Whether or not the authorities could have done more to


stop the murders is now being investigated by a case review. Fife


Council declined to be interviewed today. In a statement it said the


Lesley Bate case did not reflect current practice or the high


standards of professionalism it expects from its social work staff.


Almost a quarter of young women in Scotland have reported


they've self-harmed, according to a comprehensive survey


It also found 8% have attempted suicide.


The figures in the Scottish Health Survey further highlight the link


between poor health and anxiety, with deprivation.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Reevel Alderson reports.


How do we feel about ourselves? The annual health survey highlights


changes in personal well-being among Scots. The results show the levels


of anxiety and depression being felt, and surprisingly, those in the


most deprived areas, are more likely to suffer symptoms. 9% of film


self-harmed in the past year. The figure for men was 6%. But among


young women the figure was 23%, almost one-quarter. For young men


approximates more worryingly is the attempted suicide attempts. Mental


health charities say they are not surprised. They say they have


health charities say they are not received an increase number of calls


from young people seeking help. We know that from the research and


evidence we have been looking at over the last few weeks, that young


women and body image is a real issue. So there is a lot going on in


young people's lives and, therefore, the increase in self-harm,


particularly with young women, is a way that they can start to perhaps


control situations themselves. The health survey also reveals an


increase in the number of people using electronic cigarettes, vaping,


and a further decline in those smoke, although it shows one in five


still smokes. It also shows fewer children are exposed to second-hand


smoke in the home. From heart disease, obesity and departmental


health, the survey's same to provide the Government with the information


needed to tackle the health problems. - obesity and dental


health. We need this to be able to provide a whole picture of the


nation's health and how it has changed over time. Certainly, what


we are able to see, on measures like smoking, for example, is there has


been a long-term decline. Clearly information campaigns aren't enough.


Only one in five Scots meets the recommendation of five portions of


fresh fruit and veg a day. The same level as 13 years ago.


Today's health figures also show there's been almost no change


in levels of physical activity in Scotland.


A quarter of all children and a third of adults are failing


to meet activity guidelines set by the Scottish Government.


This despite a promise that the Commonwealth Games


would inspire people to become more active.


This is the sort of cheap and cheerful activity that can encourage


healthy habits. We are stuck inside like all day and then just to get


fresh air and run is good. I think it is really fun. It helps you get


healthy and fit. The daily mile has been adopted by schools up and down


the country. But it didn't have any been adopted by schools up and down


connection to the Commonwealth Games. Glasgow 2014 clearly was


popular. A catalyst for regeneration in the East End of the city. It


helped create a wave of elite athletes, with more success in Rio,


but when it comes to mass participation in sport, we don't


appear to be getting the message - begging the question: Why did


politicians say it will? Inactivity is the second-biggest killer in


Scotland and the Government has set targets to combat it. It is falling


far short of this. Activity levels remain stagnant. Obesity levels are


poor. In fact, there's been no significant rise in children


participating in sport since 2008. That was before the Olympics and the


comop wealth Games came along. - Commonwealth Games. I don't accept


that. I think the Games have been an important part in ensuring sport and


physical activity remain high on the agenda. The whole investment in PE


and getting 10% of schools doing two hours and two periods of PE to 98%


of schools was a legacy from the Commonwealth Games. One-third of the


population is enactive. Researchers say to change that will require


population is enactive. Researchers cultural shift Sport is probably not


the first option for those people. We probably need to look how we can


get them active through active living, through cycling, walk,


gardening, those activities rather than sfort itself. And this is the


sort of thing. - sport itself. And this is the sort of thing, walking


groups, big benefits It keeps them in touch physically. It improves


groups, big benefits It keeps them mobility and balance and we are all


very sociable. There is lofts talk, sometimes far too much and less


concentration. The attitudinal shift, it appears, to get the nation


active, will not come about by hosting a big sporting event.


And there will be more on that story on Scotland 2016 tonigh.


So we have fewer smokers and less binge drinking but what have the


Scots got against fruit and veg. Our already-poor die vets failed to


improve over the past decade. So is it time it take tough action? We'll


discuss on BBC Two Scotland tonight at 10.30pm.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


The Brains, an Australian family facing deportation,


have been granted leave to remain in the Highlands,


The Scottish FA is investigating claims that the Rangers' player,


Joey Barton, broke its gambling rules by betting on a match.


Police are investigating a rape at a bus stop


The serious sexual assault was reported to have


happened in Lothian Road, near St John's Church and opposite


the Waldorf Astoria hotel in the early hours of the morning.


The RMT Union say they are recommending members accept a deal


with Scotrail that should mean the end of strike action


It means both drivers and conductors will operate train doors.


Thousands of passengers were caught up in the summer strikes.


It bass 123 days of misery for rail passengers. Thousands were delayed


Ascot rail services were cancelled across the network. The RMT's


decision to recommend a new deal to its members means services will


probably now get back on track. The union says the role of train guards


has been saved. For them, it's a victory. What we've managed to


achieve and what we've actually managed to deliver is safe trains.


We've now delivered the guard will be on the train and the guard will


be in fully operational control of the doors. That, in RMT's strong


opinion, constitutes safe Scottish trains. At the heart of this dispute


was the question of who opens and closes the train doors. ScotRail


wanted drivers to do that on new rolling stock. The RMT said that was


a safety issue. So, has ScotRail had to back down? When you are in these


negotiations you don't always get what you really wanted. I think the


fact that we had the conversations the discussion was all part of a


process. Will customers end up paying more? No. That's an


unequivocal message ScotRail believe the new deal is a Winton situation


for everyone. New rolling stock will be fitted with door controls for


conductors. It's not known how much it will add to the cost, but


ScotRail will have to bear them. The heavy lifting ship due to remove


the Transocean Winner oil rig, after it ran aground on Lewis last


month, is due to arrive on site The ship offloaded a rig


in the Cromarty Firth and set off Our reporter, Angus


Macdonald, has more. Later this evening the heavy lift


ship is expected to come into Broad Bay behind me a mile away from the


rig which lies at anchor and has lain there for the past few weeks.


Then preparations begin in earnest to float the rig onto the heavy lift


ship so it can be taken away. A lot of preparation has to go on before


then. Timbers have to be laid on the deck of the ship and also airbags


have to be put onto the rig to raise it higher in the water so it will


float over the submerged deck of the hawk. All of this is going to take


time and it's going to mean very precise work. It will also mean they


will have to have very good weather. I spoke earlier to the Secretary of


State's representative, Huw Shaw, who reckoned they might be able to


do this weekend. 'S difficult to predict. Our best guess at the


moment is looking into the weekend and Sunday is looking more


favourable than Saturday at the moment. We are starting to think


along that line. That could change on a daily basis. It could come


forward or it may be pushed back. The Scottish FA is investigating


claims that the Rangers player, Joey Barton, broke its gambling


rules by betting on a recent match. The SFA prevents players


from betting on any football games. Here to explain more


is our senior football Chris, what exactly


is being investigated? Well, the allegation, Laura, is that


Joey Barton, who round Rangers in the summer, placed a bet on Celtic's


recent Champions League match against Barcelona at the Nou camp, a


game the Spanish side won 7-1. A one-off bet. As you say, football


players are not allowed to bet on football matches. That's all in a


bid to try and combat match-fixing. Investigations on this are at a very


early stage. The club are saying absolutely nothing. On this, at the


moment, Joey Barton himself is saying nothing. What kind of


punishment could he be looking at if he's found guilty? Usually, in this


type of scenario, it's a suspension, a two match suspension for this type


of offence, a one-off betting offence. This is a strange one with


regards to Joey Barton because at the moment he's currently serving a


three week suspension from Rangers. He is a controversial figure. He had


a heated exchange with team-mates and his manager at the training


ground following their defeat to Celtic a few weeks ago. At this


stage, in terms of the betting, there will be some kind of charge


issued, the big question is - will he be around in Scotland to serve


any you pension on any ban that comes his way? What happens next,


Chris? Throw into the mix that Joey Barton has a book to launch on


Thursday No None since it is titled. He gave interviews in it he says


perhaps he regrets joining Rangers. Something that will not go down with


the fans. There are those I believe in a position of power at Rangers


that believe that Joey Barton's time at the club is up. That he is


finished at Ibrox Stadium. It looks like, at some point in the next few


weeks, Joey Barton and Rangers will part company. That could make this


whole betting scenario irrelevant. Chris, thank you very much.


Andy Murray has told BBC Scotland it's time for the tennis authorities


to deliver a lasting legacy for the sport in this country.


The Olympic and Wimbledon Champion says he welcomes ambitious plans


to build 10 new indoor facilities in Scotland over


He was also quizzed by local schoolchildren in Stirling


about his language on court - and mum Judy taken


He's used to making a big entrance, instead of Centre Court, he was


centre of attention for youngsters in Stirling hoping to inspire the


next generation and keen to make sure that plans to turn the Murray


brothers success into new facilities are actually delivered and delivered


soon. Me and Jamie won't be playing forever. I've made got three, four


more years playing at the top level. The more facilities, especially


indoors facilities, the better. In Scotland the weather isn't great


here and it can be expensive to play. As well indoors, too. More


indoor facilities the better and hopefully they follow-through on


that promise. Tennis Scotland has an ambitious plan to create facilities


like this the length and breadth of the country. They want two new


facilities every year for the next five years to have a network right


across Scotland. Music to the ears of someone who has been calling for


just that for quite some time. They can get started in school with the


mini version of the game. It has to be able to translate into the full


game. We need out door public courts that are are free hopefully and more


game. We need out door public courts indoor courts to make it a 12 months


of the year sport. Two new careers may also have been launched today.


How much better were the girls' questions than mine? Much, much,


much better. They were good. What does your mum think about you


swearing on court? I learnt it from her, actually! I think she


understands, but would prefer if I didn't. I would prefer if I didn't


as well. I just sometimes find it hard to control my emotions. You


sense the only thing that would wipe the smile off Andy Murray's face


given the size of his trophy cabinet would be a failure to build any


lasting legacy. Hi's in trouble, I think!


Now, it's time for the weather with Kirsteen.


It's been a fine day across much of the country with some brightness and


sunshine around. Particularly so in the north-east this afternoon. Clear


blue skies for many, thank you to one of our weather watchers in


Inverness for this picture. This evening and tonight little by wait


way of change. We hold on to settled and largely dry conditions. A few


showers continuing to pepper the western isles and across sket land


during the night. Otherwise dry, clear spells allowing temperatures


in sheltered rule rural areas to fall to six or seven Celsius. For


the most part we hold up into double figures. Winds will be light to


moderate elsewhere. We dawn on a dry and bright note for many of uses


with spells of sunshine around, too. However, as we go through the course


of the day, cloud will tend to increase in the west and by


afternoon that will be followed by some outbreaks of rain and strong


otherly winds for western coastal areas. Tomorrow afternoon then we


will see a few showers developing across the likes of the Borders in


towards the Edinburgh area. A lot of dry, bright weather with spells of


sunshine. For western coastal areas, up towards the north-west highlands,


Skye and the western isles a cloudy and wet afternoon with brisk winds.


We will hold on to dry conditions, sunshine around and temperatures


peaking around 17 or 18 Celsius. Towards evening the showers become


that bit heavier and more frequent in the east and the south-east and


all the while this batch of rain in the west continues to track its way


eastwards. By Thursday morning that clears the northern isles quickly.


Behind it a lot of dry, bright weather with sunshine and a


scattering of showers developing to the north-west and a breezy day


around the coasts again. By Friday, after a decent start, rain and


strengthening winds moving in. That hes a the forecast. Laura.


We'll be back with headlines at 8.00pm and the late bulletin just


Until then, from everyone on the team - right


across the country - have a very good evening.


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