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Back from the brink - the country's last major steelworks


re-opens almost a year after being threatened with closure.


Scotland honours its olympic and paralympic medallists


Stranded on a cargo ship off Singapore for a month -


now a group of Scottish merchant navy cadets are heading home.


It was worrying and scary for families at home.


The SFA drops charges against both Hibs and Rangers over damage caused


And Paw, Maw, the Bairn and Granpaw as you've never seen them before -


the Broons come off the page and take to the stage.


Scotland's last major steelworks, the Dalzell mill in Motherwell,


has been officially reopened by the First Minister.


It closed down last year, along with the nearby Clydebridge


But under new ownership, there are renewed hopes,


Our Business and Economy Editor, Douglas Fraser, reports:


Scotland's steel town where the Rolling Sly again. A warm welcome


today for the return of Dalzell's funding. The deal was brokered by


the Scottish Government. The significance of this for Scottish


industry, Manufacturing, is really important and can't be


overestimated. There are already 100 people back working here, and plans


that Liberty have for the future will hopefully see that workforce


doubled over the next 18 months, so this is not just hanging on to an


old industry, this is about reimagining the steel industry for


the future and giving it a new lease of life. These slabs have been made


in England and Russia. They are destined for construction and


offshore energy, but they could be destined for construction and


used for much more. There are real skill jobs here, symbolic of the


Lanarkshire make -- the Lanarkshire steel-making past. The partner plan


of Clydebridge has yet to be revealed. It depends on finding


customers and at the right price. It depends on finding customers


and at the right price. It is not going to get... There is


no light at the end of the tunnel for the steel industry. In the UK


industry there is an opportunity to serve the needs of the domestic


market. Speaking of opportunity, that return of jobs to Dalzell was


not expected by those recently laid off. You don't know if you're going


to be kept on, and that's it. Luckily, I was one of the ones to be


kept on. Unfinished business, basically. Just get on with it, see


where it takes us. The nearby Ravenscraig site has little on it


apart from the local college. I left Motherwell because there were no


opportunities. Now they are bringing more back to this sort of area. The


people in our generation, I think it would build up a lot more


opportunity for new jobs and stuff and giving people more experience


and staff to get into different traits like the steelworks. Batter


and hard-pressed, Lanarkshire itself has been through the mill. For now,


at least, a brighter future. -- batter and hard-pressed.


The Scottish Government has been defeated at Holyrood


in a row over health service provision in Scotland.


A Labour motion noting widespread concern about proposals


to downgrade local services -- like maternity at the Vale of Leven,


trauma orthopaedics at Monklands hospital and the cleft palate


service at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children -- was carried.


We can now cross live to the Scottish Parliament, where


our Political Editor Brian Taylor's been monitoring developments.


Brian, what was Labour's argument here?


Nothing riles local communities more than the faintest hint of a threat


to hospital services. Politicians get worried. This is Labour


gathering people from various health services across Scotland who are


concerned about the provision of those services, gathering them


outside Parliament before taking it to a vote in the chamber this


afternoon. They have pulled together a whole series of issues where


services are being questioned, when they are being reviewed, and they


have demanded that ministers call in all these service provision from


various health board and reject these changes out right.


What happens now that ministers have been defeated?


They have indeed. The Labour motion went through. I think you could see


They have indeed. The Labour motion the exasperation on the face of the


Health Secretary. She accused Labour of cynically trying to get round the


due process where the independent Scottish Callaghan soul -- Scottish


health Council is involved in these decisions. I think she will look at


those indeed tell, report back to Parliament. One final thought, a


reminder to the SNP yet they needed that they are a minority here in


Scotland. Scotland's Chief Constable has


revealed that new allegations have been raised about members


of the controversial police The allegations, made


in the past three months, are of attempting to pervert


the course of justice Phil Gormley has told


Holyrood's Justice Committee the They arise from the investigation


into the murder in 2005 of the prostitute


Emma Caldwell. Scottish athletes who competed


for Britain in the Rio Olympics and Paralympics have spent the day


in Edinburgh taking part in a series Our sports reporter Jane Lewis has


been there too and we can It has been a deal cheering and


taking photos here and Paratore at the Scottish athletes competing in


the Olympics and Paralympics have gathered here in the capital to


celebrate their success in Rio. It is the finally back in what has been


a long but successful they are celebrations, hence the red carpet


at this award ceremony this evening. It follows a day when young athletes


have been inspired and athletes pressure on Rio had been meeting and


greeting the public. Ladies and gentlemen, your Olympic and


Paralympic heroes. Scottish athletes delivered in Rio in both the


Olympics and Paralympics. Today, that success was celebrated. It is


epic. Lets make some noise... Festival Square in Edinburgh and a


chance for members of the public to meet there he wrote in the lead. You


are in a bubble in Rio and you don't realise the impact of his having at


home. It feels like being at Heathrow Airport with people


clapping. A really cool day. Diana is a great achievement and you see


your team mates doing well but you don't realise how much it means the


people back home. It is great issue of what we did at 18. Everyone is so


excited and hopefully that will carry over people get involved in


sport. The Scots equalled their best ever games at the Olympics, with 13


medals. 17 were won by Scots at the ever games at the Olympics, with 13


Paralympics. An impressive collection worth celebrating. They


were chatting to us. When you watch it, you never release even, up


close, it is great. You know what they are like and you get to deal


that maybe you will be like that one day. Earlier, photographs with


sporting stars were also the order of the day. At the new national


performance centre, there was also a focus on inspiring the next


generation. We get to chat to the kids, interact with them. It is


important for them and for us to see the welcome back we are getting, CD


medals and chat to us. I was inspired by watching Chris Floyd at


a kid will stop it is good to get involved, so the mortgage you get


involved, the better. Tips all round from top Olympians and Paralympians.


The games may be over, but the legacy might just live on. We are on


the red carpet at head tonight's awards. We are joined by a a double


medallist, Gordon Reid. Gordon, taught me through today. How has it


been? We started off by meeting some local kids and helping them try out


some sports. When you are in Rio, I guess you don't get an idea of how


much everyone supports the games. Not so today. They greeted us on the


stage. Even going through the crowds afterwards and signing autographs, a


lot of people will be they stayed up all night to watch. It is


unbelievable. Well done to you. Baby, let me turn to you, a silver


medal proudly round your neck, and quite right, too. -- David let me


turn to you. We have had so much support from back home, it has been


great to come here and say thanks for all the support. They are all


keen to shake your hand and get a photograph taken. We talk about the


end of the games, but I guess your thoughts are going towards the next


games in Tokyo. Are you thinking about that and training for that?


Definitely. It moves on and you are always looking for what is next. I


would have liked to get more out of the games than I did, but it was


fantastic to win a medal. Thank you very much for joining us. Proudly


wearing their medals, and quite right, too. The award ceremony is


just about to get underway. A tanker carrying shale gas


from the US has finally docked in Grangemouth after being delayed


by 24 hours because of high winds. The Ineos Insight spent the night


at anchor in the Firth of Forth when the skipper decided


it was unsafe to attempt A container ship wither cadets from


a Scottish college on board has finally got that Singapore after


being stranded at sea for a month. The trainees had been stuck on the


vessel in the South China Sea since its owners filed for bankruptcy.


After weeks of waiting, the Hanjin ship finally docked at eight o'clock


this morning. Its cargo was quickly off-loaded, followed closely behind


by the four young cadets from Scotland, who are flying home this


evening after becoming caught up in this saga at sea. When we first


heard it, it was very worrying and a scary time. Our families didn't know


anything either. The cadets who had been studying at the city of Glasgow


anything either. The cadets who had College became stranded when ports


around the world refused entry to all ships belonging to the Hanjin's


parent company when it collapsed with multi-million pound debt.


Meanwhile, confusion and anxiety rained on board, as well as fears of


running out of food. By the time the company took the decision to send


the ship to Singapore, we had nine days of food left. It took six days


the ship to Singapore, we had nine ago from Sri Lanka to Singapore.


There was three days of leeway there. Actually, it could have ended


worse than it did. During that voyage, we ran out of Resch fruit


and vegetables, eggs, flour to make bread, so we were already well into


running out of things. The ordeal ended when the Singapore High Court


granted the South Korean shipping giant a temporary reprieve, much to


the relief of family back in Scotland. It was a worry for me,


because being a mother, I wanted to be able to protect and help them to


stop being so far away, you felt useless. I am getting excited. The


cadets are due back in London overnight, from where brewery will


fly back to the Highlands with the drama of the past month behind him.


One of his first priorities is set to be getting a haircut. You're


watching BBC Reporting Scotland. Did a's top story: Back from the brink -


Scotland's last major steelworks has reopened. Still to come: Edinburgh


Rugby's head coach resigns after a poor start to the season.


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has used the closing address


to his party's conference in Liverpool to put activists


he failed to mention the Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale once.


From Liverpool here's our political correspondent, David Porter.


These four lads did not do at all badly from being associated with


Liverpool. Whether Labour like it or not, Jeremy Corbyn is very much


their lead singer. He is not looking for pop immortality, but supporters


would be delighted if some of the Stardust rubbed off on him as well.


We are the largest political party in Western Europe, with over 500,000


members, campaigning in every community in Britain. More people


have joined our party in the last 20 months than in the previous 20


years. The worst few direct references to Scotland, and


tellingly, no mention of Kezia Dugdale. Instead, a mention of


Scotland's largest council. Glasgow has introduced flexible workplaces


for start-up companies. It is a proud labour record, and each and


every Labour councillor deserves our heartfelt thanks for the work they


do and the difficulties they endure in doing it.


An appeal for unity. He put his party on an election footing,


quoting Bill Shankly. The socialism I believe in is everybody working


for the same goal and everyone having a share in the rewards. That


is how I see football, and that is how I see the light. A traditional


end to the conference with a rendition of the red flag. As


delegates leave Liverpool, they know that much still needs to be


reasonable. -- that needs to be resolved.


A Scottish FA judicial panel has dropped all charges


against Hibernian and Rangers relating to crowd trouble


Our sports Reporter Jonathan Sutherland joins me


Is it fair to say the clubs have escaped Scot free for the actions


As long as the clubs can demonstrate that they are taking steps to insure


safety and good conduct, there is no mechanism, that would mean clubs


would be liable to ensure good conduct of the fans, but this was


emphatically rejected by Scottish clubs. It may seem odd that there is


no disciplinary sanction for the event, but that is a matter for the


clubs to deal with, there is limited output for strict liability, that is


the end of the matter, Hibs have welcomed the outcome, and they have


also paid damage to the Hampden Park H, and thus far there has been no


response from Rangers. -- Hampden pitch.


Celtic play Manchester City tonight in their second group game


hoping to put behind them their 7-0 thrashing by Barcelona.


Our senior football reporter Chris McLaughlin is at Celtic Park.


It is a match that has been billed as the Battle of Britain, two huge


sides who have never faced each other in European competition, what


will happen this evening? Joining me to discuss that, former Celtic


goalkeeper, Pat Bonner, this is a huge game for Celtic, they must take


something if they have any chance of getting through. Yes, to get through


there must take something, but the next two games, against Borussia


Moenchengladbach, those will be the ones that they are looking to. This


is about saving face, get back after the disappointment against


Barcelona, in the faces of Manchester City here tonight, they


are an exceptional team, going so well. In the Premier League down in


England. Tonight is about getting in about them on a wet, bleak Glasgow


night, and I expect them to perform. In your position, Craig Gordon


starts, would that have been your choice? I'm delighted to see him


back but I have always said, you have got to be ready to come back


and tonight is going to be a big display, expected from Craig Gordon.


He has to perform, the pressure is on him, it is about making saves


tonight, it is not about building the game from the back. But Craig


can do that, we have seen it in the past, in the other European games


over the last couple of years, he has performed heroically, and


tonight is into be one of those nights. He can answer a few


questions tonight. I will let you go for your radio duties, a huge night


for Celtic, as Pat has said, it is a damp and dreek night in Glasgow.


Manchester City are certainly the favourites.


Edinburgh Rugby's head coach has resigned after a poor start to the


season. Alan Solomons stepping down after three defeats in their opening


four pro12 league matches. Our reporter Brian Mclaughlin joins us


now from Murrayfield stadium where Edinburgh play their home matches.


How big a surprise is this news? As you say, three defeats in the


opening four games, really no surprise that he has stepped down.


There has been mumblings about the future of Alan Solomons around


Murrayfield over the past few weeks. Three years in charge, Edinburgh are


a club, basically their target is a top four position, with that


comes... top four position, with that


Play-offs, in the three seasons Alan Solomons has been in charge, two


eighths places and 1 ninth place. He has released a short statement


through Scottish Rugby union, he says he feels he is leaving


Edinburgh in a stronger position than they were when he arrived at


the club. That has been backed up by the Scottish Rugby union chief


executive, Mark Dodgson, he has said that he has stabilised the club over


the past few years, but it is no more for Alan Solomons, he is on his


way, and the acting head coach, Duncan Hodge, will take over


way, and the acting head coach, immediately. Some other breaking


way, and the acting head coach, news, in Edinburgh Rugby, Scotland's


other pro 1210, Glasgow Warriors. A special general meeting has been


called by Scottish Rugby union, they are looking to change the rules and


regulations that would allow both Edinburgh and Glasgow to bring


private funding, reason they are doing this is to try to improve the


clubs, put them on a closer level with some of the clubs in England.


And in France. You get much better funding there. As it stands, it


takes around ?10 million to fund these two clubs, Scottish Rugby


union are looking to bring in some fresh money into the game. Thank you


very much. They've been entertaining Scottish


families for 80 years. Now Scotland's most famous family,


the Broons, will take to the stage


for the first time. Paw, Maw, the Bairn and Granpaw,


not to mention their Glebe Street home and the But 'n' Ben


all feature in the show, Our arts correspondent,


Pauline McLean reports. VOICEOVER: How do you encapsulate 80


years of this into a stage show that is so close to people's hearts, I


think? That is the challenge for the team running Scotland's most famous


cartoon family from Page to stage. We wanted to create a world where


they could be anarchic, playing with the set, because they are a crazy,


wonderful, chaotic lovable family, the Broons. Over the past few weeks,


the show has been taking shape. Here we are now, week two, of rehearsals,


and I am slowly morphing from me, into him. Blood! Among the height of


drama in the story, a lost cow, there is no shortage of actors


wanting to take part. Really, it is like waiting for Godot, because the


same thing happens over and over, variations on a theme of something


going wrong. And with days to go, they are all looking the part, but


do the Broons. Sound like -- do the Broons sound like the Broons?


Ahriman somebody coming to me in a supermarket in Glasgow and saying,


you are that that speaks like the supermarket in Glasgow and saying,


Broons! She grew up with the Broons and says that it is vital that they


are the family that everyone knows and loves. There was a lot that I


could relate to, as well. There were six of us in my house, and it was a


small house, compared to the Broons, but that busy house. Doors opening,


doors closing. Somebody always up to something. The show opens in Perth


later this week, before touring Scotland, and who knows, if


successful, the world. STUDIO: Time for the weather


forecast. A stormy spell of weather to come


tonight and tomorrow, we have the yellow be aware warning in force


from the Met office for the strength of the wind, all courtesy of this


deep area of low pressure, pushing to the north of the country.


Tonight, some heavy rain to go with it, particularly across the far


north, the cold front sweeping in across the mainland, clearing across


to be followed by squally showers, as the wind whips up. 70 to 75 mph,


elsewhere, widely, 50 to 60 mph, feeling gusty for eastern Scotland,


for the commute tomorrow morning, gusts around those figures, and we


are likely to see some disruption, not only on the ferries but


restrictions on the bridges, potential for branches being brought


down, debris on the road, that kind of thing, extra time needed for


journeys in the morning, and waves around the coastline, with some


overtopping, especially on causeways, and shower still with us,


really quite squally in nature, some sunshine with them but with us


throughout the day. Wind easing down, certainly by lunchtime, we


have lost the warning, remains fairly blustery. By mid-afternoon,


quite a cool feel, compared with today, 13, 14 Celsius, shower still


with us. Certainly to end the afternoon and into the evening, a


line of fairly heavy showers affecting the central belt in


particular, real soggy end to the day. Looking ahead towards Friday,


generally a calmer day, wind is lighter, some sunshine around, if


you showers, becoming less -- becoming confined to the north-west,


cool feeling, 12 or 13 Celsius. The weekend, some showery outbreaks of


rainfall central and southern areas. Brighter and drier further north,


wind much lighter. Sunday, will be the pick of the two days, especially


if you have outdoor plans, dry and bright, spells of sunshine, light


wind, highs of 13, 14 degrees. A reminder of tonight's main news:


Scotland's last major steelworks, the Dalziel Mill, has been


officially reopened by the First Minister.


I'll be back with the headlines at 8,


and the late bulletin just after the ten o'clock news.


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