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The Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry has been charged


The first shipment of shale gas to the UK


arrives at Grangemouth but can't dock because


These people are queuing to get on the patients'


I will say that they are very non-compassionate. All the trying to


do is register. What are we supposed to do?


We look at the impact of Scotland's GP crisis.


Also on the programme, the Queen visits Ballater to see how


it's recovering from the severe floods earlier this year.


And the Olympic champion Callum Skinner says he's


released his medical records to prove he's a clean athlete.


Police have charged the Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry


Ms McGarry has been under investigation after the Women


for Independence campaign group reported discrepancies


The MP stood down from the SNP group at Westminster last year but always


A report will now go to the Procurator Fiscal.


Our political editor Brian Taylor has more details.


Natalie McGarry, Scottish National party, 24,000... Cheering. Triumph,


Natalie McGarry ousted Margaret Curran of Labour in Glasgow East at


the UK general election. It was part of a clean sweep for the SNP in


the UK general election. It was part Glasgow. Natalie McGarry was at


Nicola Sturgeon's side to celebrate that success. And the sense of


uplift continued when McGarry made her maiden speech in the House of


Commons. I am privileged to be here, serving the people of Glasgow East.


I was swept here on a tide of optimism. That tide seemed to turn


when concerns were raised about funding within the campaign group


Women for Independence. Natalie McGarry was a leading member. As


Women for Independence. Natalie those concerns emerged, Miss McGarry


resigned the whip in December last year, determined, she said, to clear


her name. Although no longer part of the SNP she has remained the Glasgow


East MP. She even more her wedding dress for a Commons photo shoot of


female MPs after having her marriage blessed in a historic chapel at


Westminster. Enquiries continued and her solicitor said his client


attended the police station this morning on a voluntary basis. He


said following an interview the MP was charged with several alleged


offences including embezzlement of funds, breach of trust, and an


offence under the Scottish independence referendum act 2013.


That is the statute which set out the rules for the referendum of


2014. It is understood the charges against Natalie McGarry relate both


to women for independence and to the SNP Glasgow regional Association.


From the outset the MP has stressed her innocence.


The first shipment of shale gas has arrived in Scotland from the USA.


It was destined for the Ineos refinery at Grangemouth,


but the tanker carrying it was unable to dock


The company says the shale gas, produced using the controversial


fracking technique, will replace dwindling North Sea supplies.


Fracking isn't currently taking place in Scotland,


while studies take place to examine the potential impact of the process.


Environmental groups are criticising the shipment.


Here's our environment correspondent, Kevin Keane.


A new dawn breaks over the North Sea. And a traditional water solute


welcomes the first shipment of shale gas to the UK. On the tip of the


bow, a lone piper heralds the arrival of this controversial


delivery. The petrochemical giant receiving it says it is necessary


for jobs. It's cost effective today, and looking forward it will take


some time to develop the shale gas industry in the UK. When that comes


that's going to be a benefit. In the meantime we will secure jobs to get


the business running. Ships come and go along the Firth of Forth but this


one was always going to attract attention. And this is the iconic


scene it's all about. 27,500 cubic metres of shale gas about to


disappear under the Forth Bridge on its way to Grangemouth. The


controversial shipment was meant to arrive at the quayside with a


fanfare, but high winds meant it didn't stop. When it's finally


off-loaded, the eating will be fed into the many miles of pipes here,


ultimately coming out as small plastic pellets Manufacturing. A


Scottish minister was there to greet the sheet -- no Scottish minister


was there to greet the chip today, they are keeping their distance


while the policy on fracking is considered. It is important that we


have a moratorium in place while we in Scotland understand the science


behind the proposed technology. It's not for the UK Government to tell


the Scottish Government what to do on this issue. We are clear on our


policy position in the rest of the UK. We believe there is significant


economic benefit that can come from fracking, but in Scotland it is a


matter for the Scottish Government. In the States shale gas has boosted


the economy but not without controversy. Seismic tremors and


water pollution among the issues some have felt. No fracking! No


fracking! Here protesters gathered, albeit in small numbers, to reflect


those concerns. The impacts of fracking are devastating wherever it


happens, and the refrain of the global anti-fracking movement is not


here, not anywhere. For now the shale gas ship remains anchored in


the first. It will make a fresh attempt to dog on tonight's high


tide. More than quarter of the jobs


supported by Britain's oil and gas That's according to


the industry's own figures. With the sharp fall in the price


of oil, spending and new investment So that's left the question,


will the North Sea industry be ready to grow again when this


downturn is over? Here's our business and economy


editor, Douglas Fraser. The past two years have brought


a big financial storm With the oil price well under half


of its level until 2014, firms have The cost of producing the average


barrel of oil is down The numbers directly employed have


fallen from 42,000 to 34,000 - four in every five of them


based in Scotland. But it's the supply chain and those


who benefit from its spending that The total number supported


by the oil and gas industry down from 450,000 two years ago,


to 330,000 this year - nearly two out of every five


of that total in Scotland. Those lower costs should


help to make more projects But firms are reducing the number


of projects in their business plans. And exploration is down to only six


wells sunk so far this year. So for every barrel newly


discovered, four are being extracted If you don't have the investment,


you don't have the exploration, you don't have to development, it


obviously leads into a drop in production in coming years. So we


think we'll see production continuing to go up because of


previous investment and efficiency improvements but it's the question


of what then after those years, we've gone through those years.


Just before the oil price plummeted, the offshore industry was seeing


As a result of that, we're now seeing output rise, a bit.


That's after steep falls from the peak, 16 years ago.


That's expected to level off soon and to fall unless those stranded


reserves are brought on-stream and new fields are found.


As for the tax take, ?330 billion has been paid to the UK


But because there's now very little profit, the tax on profits


Scottish Labour is to get new powers to set its own policy and send


a representative to the party's UK Executive.


The measures were agreed at the party's conference


in Liverpool, despite claims part of the package was undemocratic.


From Liverpool, here's our political correspondent Nick Eardley.


A vote she hopes will help Scottish Labour on the road to recovery. But


a victory that didn't come easy. One that brought the party's power


struggle to the fore. After days of wrangling, a final heated row over


whether Mr Dale should get a seat on the UK executive. The package going


forth will gerrymander the NEC and allow for the decision made at the


weekend to be vetoed. That contested by Ms Dugdale's allies. An


opportunity to close the door on our allies who make the accusation that


Scottish Labour cannot talk for Scotland. A challenge that


ultimately ended in failure. Resolution one on NEC will changes


was carried. This is about more than who has a say on which body within


the Labour Party. The Scottish party spent years trying to fend off


claims that it's controlled by London. And after days of wrangling


here in Liverpool, this is a victory for cosier Dugdale. She's got the


autonomy she craves and she has more of a say on what happens UK wide. It


delighted Ms Dugdale says she'll take the seat on the executive


herself. It's the biggest change to how the Labour Party organises


itself in a generation and it's been a long time coming. How do you


persuade the country to vote for you? I understand to a lot of people


this might seem like nasal gave in, internal to the Labour Party, but it


is clear that the Labour Party speaks up for Scotland and put


Scotland's first. Tomorrow this man will be beating the drum for his


policies, but how closely will that be echoed by the Scottish party?


A bin lorry driver has admitted causing the death of an 80-year-old


Scott Hamilton reversed a Stirling Council recycling lorry


into a mobility scooter used by Peter Wills.


At the High Court in Stirling, the 44-year-old was banned


from driving immediately and will be sentenced in October.


The offence carries a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment.


Do we have a crisis in keeping doctors in general practice?


It's a question Holyrood's Health and Sport Committee


Since June 2014, more than 100 GPs have left the service.


That's left more than one in four practices with vacancies for GPs.


Doctors say spending on GP services has fallen over the past ten years


Well, the Health Secretary set out to MSPs her vision


Our social affairs correspondent Reevel Alderson has been


It Tuesday this GP surgery in Edinburgh offers a handful of places


on its patient list. Each week dozens are turned away. I think it's


quite degrading a wee bit, making people have to queue to sign up.


When really you should be able to walk in when you want to register.


It's the third unsuccessful attempt to join the practice for this


partially sighted woman. I will say they are very uncompassionate. All


we are trying to is register. What are we supposed to do? So is it a GP


crisis? Doctors leaders say the shortage of GPs is affecting the


wider NHS. It will mean more pressure on hospital services,


particularly accident and emergency. It means it's increasingly difficult


for patients to register with practice. We are beginning to see a


situation where lack of GPs mean there may not be a GP available


outside of hours. The Royal College of General practitioners has


launched a campaign to persuade more medical students like these at


Aberdeen University to join the medical students like these at


profession, emphasising its not second-best to working in hospital.


I don't really know what it is about community medicine, it's something


you have to be passionate about to want to do. I suppose you'd probably


get to know your patients are a lot better in community medicine but I


don't know. I liked the idea that you get to do a bit of everything


and build a community, build up a relationship with your patients,


follow progress. People, families, stuff like that. The GP crisis is


especially Knute Imro areas like Shetland. Here patients can be seen


by an advanced nurse practitioner who can diagnose, prescribe and


treat them without them seeing a surgery. It cuts down my costs,


obviously, and probably, I would think, cuts down on the National


Health Service costs. Because Chris, our community nurse, can come along


and check me at his convenience and our community nurse, can come along


mind. It's part of a new approach to government has developed to free up


GP time which is also seen as beneficial for patients. It's about


the choice and a better environment to be seen in. I see the patients in


their own homes which is a safe and friendly environment. The other


option is for them to go and visit their GPs. If we see them in their


own home it frees up GP time. It is all about cost and feasibility.


Nurses, pharmacists and other specialists are being recruited to


work in GP practices, which the government says is part of an


increased investment in primary care.


You're watching BBC Reporting Scotland.


Police have charged the Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry


And still to come, Celtic's Champions League opponents


Manchester City limber up ahead of tomorrow's match.


The Queen has been meeting people in the Aberdeenshire town


of Ballater whose homes and businesses were hit by severe


Our reporter Andrew Anderson is in the town tonight.


Can tell you it's a blustery old night here in Ballater, but nothing


like it was when Storm Frank hit here back in December. That will


live long in the memory of many people here, memories they've been


sharing today with the Queen. A neighbour has come to call by


Royal Appointment. First stop, the Ballater butchers, one of the


businesses badly hit by last December's storm. The Queen listened


intently. Many in this town have stories to tell of the day the


waters came taking their homes and businesses. We were flooded out. We


were closed ford 13 weeks. As other businesses go, 13 weeks was a short


period of time. We pushed hard to get up and running again. The Queen


met the owners of a gift shop, they had only opened weeks before the


floodwaters came. We had only opened weeks before the


back to the roof and rebuild it. She was interested to hear about that


back to the roof and rebuild it. She and the process we went through to


do that. She went on to ask about how the business was trading now.


Had the visitors been coming to see Ballater and visit the shop. The


homes and businesses were devastated when the River Dee burst its banks,


Storm Frank won't are forgotten here for a while. The community rallied


around, everyone lending a hand. As winter approaches, images like this


will be playing on the mind of some in this community. Where the Queen


walked today, braving a chilly autumnal wind, was under several


feet of water in the days after Christmas last year. A short


distance away they are building up the defences to help protect


Ballater in years to come. This is where the nightmare had begun. The


town's golf course. It's been a long road back for them, too. We had a


Task Force put together quickly from the members. They appeared every


morning with barrels, rakes, everything, chainsaws and set about


the task of clearing up the mess. The Queen met representatives from


the emergency services and the The Queen met representatives from


council who played their part in protecting property and, more


importantly, lives. Elected residents of Ballater will be hoping


Christmas is quieter this year. Ballater was one of a number of


communities across Scotland that found themselves flooded out at the


turn of the year. We are being warned to expect more weather like


that in the years ahead. A Committee on Climate Change today called on


the Scottish Government to urgently review how well prepared the country


is for extreme weather. The Government's response is that it has


ambitions plans in place to ensure Scotland is protected from flooding


in the years ahead. Thank you very much.


The sister of a man accused of the murder of a restaurant worker


in North Lanarkshire almost 20 years ago has told the High Court


in Glasgow that he claimed to have got away with "the perfect murder".


Margaret Chisholm was giving evidence at the trial


He denies fatally stabbing Surgit Singh Chhokar in Overtown,


in North Lanarkshire, in November 1998.


The father of a vulnerable 16-year-old boy who went missing


from his home in Clydebank has made a direct appeal


Scott Diver hasn't been seen since the 17th of September


If you see this, please get in touch. You are in the in trouble. We


want to know you are OK and have you home safe. All your family ares ming


you especially your dad and family from Isle of Man. I ask anyone who


might be helping him to stay safe away from home will remind you he


does require medication. A look now at other stories


from across the country. Fears have been expressed


about the future of the Highland's main development agency,


Highlands and Islands Enterprise. There's speculation


the organisation's role is to be reviewed and that it could be merged


with Scottish Enterprise It's a bad idea. I don't think


centralisation works in every situation. We have fought for local


jobs and initiatives. I think it would be a mistake going back having


a faceless bureaucratic body. The maker of Irn Bru,


AG Barr, is shedding a tenth of its workforce as it


re-structures its business. The Cumbernauld-based drinks-maker


suffered a fall in revenue They say they faced tough


competition from rivals and poor weather in the early


summer subdued sales. Police investigating the murder


of the Aberdeenshire pensioner, Brian McKandie, say they've had


an "encouraging" response The 67-year-old was beaten to death


in a brutal attack at his home Detectives say they've been given


"a number of lines Almost half of Scots say


they're not religious. Figures from the Scottish


Household Survey - which provides a snapshot


of life in Scotland - show a 10% increase in the number


of people who report not having An animal welfare charity says up


to 4% of stray and abandoned dogs The Dogs Trust is urging owners


to ensure they keep details The annual 'Kirking of the Court'


ceremony has taken The procession of judges and Law


Lords from the Court of Session to St Giles Cathedral


marks the official start The Olympic champion,


Callum Skinner, says he has released his medical records


to prove he's a clean athlete. The Edinburgh cyclist has been


talking about his frustration after his medical files


were made public by hackers. Speaking to BBC Scotland,


in his first broadcast interview since events unfolded two weeks ago,


he says he has nothing COMMENTATOR: The Olympic Champion,


again, Callum Inner brings it home for Britain. He is now having to


explain himself. This is why. The 24-year-old had his medical data


stolen from Wada, the world Anti-Doping Agency, by a group of


Russian hackers calling themselves the Fancy K bears. They published


documents showing he had taken banned substances on two occasions,


but with permission. For me, who has a chronic condition like asthma, it


is means occasionally you have to take medication for the benefit of


your health. These certificates aren't signed off by a team doctor,


it's a collaboration between the team doctor and the governing


bodies. So your team doctor recommends medication and it's


signed off by two independent doctors. The TUE mentioned allow


athletes to use a substance on the banned list for medical reasons.


Skinner released his own set of medical records highlighting the


treatment he received from a young age for his asthma. I understand


where the sceptics are coming from. It went out with people willing to


interpret it as they wish. I'm just having an opportunity to present it


in the way that I want to present it and hopefully people will see


medication was required. It was reasonable and a history of it in


the past with the NHS. He will be hoping those leaked details are also


now in the past. Jane Lewis, Reporting Scotland.


The Celtic manager, Brendan Rodgers, has revealed that Craig Gordon


will start in goal in tomorrow night's Champions League qualifier


Celtic will be determined to put on a better show after their 7-0


defeat away to Barcelona in the first Group game.


Here's our senior football reporter, Chris McLaughlin.


The they day before a huge game and a manager with a lottenen os had


yous mind. No goal keeping dilemma though. This goal for Kilmarnock at


the weekend did little to damage Celtic, who scored six in reply. It


injured the manager's number one. He isn't 100% obviously after the


weekend. He has trained and worked with the team. There is no need for


us to take any risk in a game like here when I've got an outstanding


goalkeeper beside him. Craig will play. He will play in a side looking


to make amends for a 7-0 thrashing in Spain two weeks ago. We have to


get that out of mind early doors. Believe that we are good enough to


be in the competition. Good enough to get something at home, especially


in front of those fans when they are supporting us. It's incredible, to


be perfectly honest, in Champions League nights. It's where this club


deserves to be. It's where their opponents believe they deserve to


be, Manchester City's multi pound players have their sights on winning


the competition. The opposing side would choose to trien here, but


Manchester City trained at home this morning. It's a squad bursting with


confidence because, if they win here tomorrow evening, they set a club


record of 11 con sective wins at the start of a season. For Celtic,


Barcelona was tough, but in the Champions League they huge matches


just keep coming. Let's get the weather forecast now,


and Christopher Blanchett is here. Hi. Thank you very much. If I could


sum up the weather over the next few days with one ward, the word would


be, "windy." Low pressure sweeping eastwards to the north of Scotland,


high winds and spells of rain. There will be Blursery showers by the end


of the week. Tonight will be windy, generally dry, bar the far


north-west where we will hold on to a feed of showers throughout the


night. Elsewhere it will be fairly dry. A mild night, temperatures in


towns and cities 10-13 Celsius. By dawn tomorrow the showers and winds


both easing down. To start tomorrow it's relatively calm. It's


relatively dry, a few morning showers, some morning brightness,


but it doesn't last because change afoot after that dry start we will


see a spell of wet weather arriving. It's edging in from the south-west


arriving around lunchtime. Wet during the middle part of the day as


the rain sweeps northwards. Heaviest in the west across south facing


hills. It will move through quickly. Mid afternoon it will be dry again.


18-19 Celsius. Cloudy, mist and murk at times over the hills. Heavy rain


to the western isles, north-west coast, far north and Auckney and


towards Shetland. Where we have the rain, the wind will be strongest.


The rest of the afternoon into the evening the warm front edging up to


Shetland. Cold front pushing in from the west. Another spell of wet


weather towards the evening time. The winds will strengthen. They will


be very strong as we head through towards Thursday. A Met Office


yellow be aware early warning in force for the strength of the winds.


Gale to severe gale force gusts widely. Some disruption likely, not


only on the ferries, potentially the bridges at times times as well.


Blustery showers with the winds. A cool feel. Sunshine in the mix too.


Very windy. That is the forecast. Thank you very much.


Now, a reminder of tonight's main news.


Police have charged the Glasgow East MP, Natalie McGarry,


The MP stood down from the SNP group at Westminster last year,


The company which operates the Alton Towers theme park has been


fined ?5 million for last year's roller-coaster crash,


which resulted in two young women having legs amputated.


I'll be back with the headlines at 8.00pm and the late bulletin just


Until then, from everyone on the team - right


across the country - have a very good evening.


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